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1. Lara Jean

Peter walks into school, eyes searching for Gen already, excited to start senior year. He sees the back of her head, petite and blonde, standing around the corner talking to someone. He plans on creeping up on her as he walks towards her slowly and surprises her from behind.

"Hey, babe."

"Oh! Hi," she replies, clearly surprised as she takes a moment to look at him.

"How you doing?

"I'm good. How are you?"


And then, he sees her.

Lara Jean.

He hasn't really spoken to her in a long time; had almost forgotten that they'd been friends until Gen told him that Lara Jean and her weren't friends anymore. He's always wondered what had happened between them; Gen didn't like to talk about it, so he never pressed. Whatever it was, was probably terrible because Gen is always waiting for an opportunity to talk her down.

So far, Lara Jean has given it back to her in his measure. It's always infuriated Gen.

"So I was just complimenting Lara Jean on her government-issued boots," Gen says in a tone that tells him she was clearly doing the opposite.

When Gen says that, his eyes shoot for a quick peek at her shoes. He thinks they're hot, but doesn't say so because he really doesn't want to start his first day of senior year fighting with Gen.

Lara Jean doesn't look the least bit fazed but exchanges a knowing look with Chris instead, a small amused smile on her face. He senses Gen's body tensing slightly before she says, "Come on, I see someone we need to say hi to. Bye…"

He lingers for a second, watching Gen walk away and clears his throat nervously, seeing that Lara Jean and Chris still look amused.

"She just stopped drinking caffeine for some diet," he says, and feels really stupid. But it was something he did, trying to defend Gen, so it was almost habit. Neither of the girls' expression changes. "I think she's in withdrawal," he finishes lamely.

"Are you sure she just doesn't have a chemical imbalance?" she chuckles.

He's a little taken aback at her audacity, because even his friends, who he knew for a fact didn't like Gen very much, would never say that to him. He doesn't appreciate the tone she's taken and wants to defend his girlfriend more but she's still looking at him with a small smirk.

Instead, he says, "Right…" and backs away and starts to leave.

He peeks over his shoulder to see that her and Chris are walking arm in arm.

She's kind of cute, he thinks, before Gen's voice cuts off his thought and he forgets about it.

"Peter!" she calls, and he shakes his head at himself and looks at Gen with a smile before hurriedly catching up with her.

As he walks with Gen through the schools, she is quiet and immersed in her phone. He knows it's something he should be bothered about, but as he thinks back, there really isn't anything he's done that he should be worried about. So he brushes it off as nothing, and indulges Gen, loyally following her and greeting everyone politely.

During lunch, he's talking to his friends when he spots Gen talking in hushed whispers to Emily and Gen looks really nervous. He's only spotted her from where he was sitting because he's seated on the table, a leg propped up on the hopes everything is okay, and when he catches her eyes, she looks away immediately, worrying her lower lip.

He starts to frown as he goes back to talking with his friends and is beginning to worry a little bit when Gen comes back. She sits on the bench, leaning into his leg, elbow propped up on his knee. When he looks at her questioningly, she simply smiles and shrugs, like nothing's wrong. He takes her metaphorical word for it.

They're all immersed in conversation when from the corner of his eye, he sees Lara Jean. She's standing in the middle of the cafeteria, looking at her phone nervously before making a face at it and looking around. He catches her eye for the briefest of second, but she seems to look straight through him as her gaze wandered across the room.

He realizes that she's looking for a place to sit, and for the briefest of seconds, considers calling her over to join them. He changes his mind as quickly; he knows it's a bad idea. He starts to turn his attention back to Gen, when he catches the sight of Lara Jean walking out of the cafeteria determinedly, without having had her lunch.

At the end of lunch hour, he's waiting outside the cafeteria for Gen to catch up when he sees her again, on the bleachers with... Josh Sanderson?

They're sitting in silence next to each other, sharing earphones; he's reading a book and she's munching on what he assumes are carrots, bobbing her head lightly to the music. Josh says something to her, leaning to show her something in her book and there's a little frown on her face before it loosens into a laugh.

When Gen comes back, and they head to class, Lara Jean still hasn't moved. He almost calls out to both of them that lunch hour was nearly over, but Gen starts to talk about her summer and he diverts his attention to her. They walk to class together, him nodding along to everything Gen was saying.

They just about take their seats when Lara Jean enters the class, out of breath, and panting. She stands in the doorway, breathing deeply, hands on her knees, before standing straight and tightening her ponytail. She walks over to the last seat in the corner by the window, and throws her bag into the seat in front of her for Chris, he assumes. As he watches he realizes he's being some what of a creep, and it baffles him as to why she keeps drawing his attention today.

She spaces out while staring outside the window, daydreaming through the entire class. Once in a while, her brows knit into the tiniest of frowns, and she shakes her head at herself. It's amusing to watch.

He wonders what she's thinking about.

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