AN: Aloha! Inspired by Kryptonian Potato's book of one-shots, I have also decided to write one. This will be the first of many short stories about Karry.

WARNING: Reading this story may cause joy.


E1: CCPD: Crime Lab:

A group of 3 new meta-humans had been wreaking havoc in Central City, Always at the same time and in different areas. Barry had to use all of his CCPD vacation days so he could focus on catching them. Of course this meant once he was done 'Vacationing,' He had loads of paperwork that had gotten backed up. His first day back Singh had ordered him to do paperwork for the entire day.

After 3 hours he filled out paper by paper, file by file. Barry could finally take his lunch break and go for some much needed Big Belly Burger before going back to it.

Once back in his lab, Barry had looked at the massive pile of paperwork he had left, then to the small pile of paperwork he had done in the 3 hours…

"UGH!" Barry groaned,. "This is going to take days!" He exclaimed slouching in defeat.

"...Unless…" He said straightening with a smile.

In a Flash all the paperwork was done and stacked neatly in boxes.

Looking at his work with pride he grabbed his jacket and went to tell Singh he was done. Barry walked to the captain's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Singh said. Upon seeing who it was he looked at Barry irritated. "Allen, Aren't you supposed to be doing paperwork?"

"Oh I'm done." Barry answered nervously, With all of the all nighters he had to pull to catch those metas, He was ready for a break. 'Maybe I'll see what Kara's up to…' He thought happily.

"Not with all that paperwork your not." Singh deadpanned.

"But I-" Barry started to protest.

"Barry, You'd have to be the Flash to get all that paperwork done so soon."

"No!" Barry exclaimed in panic. "I-I meant 'I'm done' with my lunch break." Barry tried to play it off. Singh merely looked annoyed.

"You came here to tell me you were done with your lunch break?" he asked.

"W-Well, Yeah…" Barry trailed off hoping he'd buy it.

"Get back to work Allen!" Singh ordered frustrated.

Barry hastily left the Captain's office and went to his lab.

Barry had a problem, he was supposed to be doing paperwork for the next 4 hours. He would have to stay in here for the rest of the day. Which meant he wouldn't be able to go see Kara today.

Kara… Just thinking about her made him smile. His visits to her earth were getting more frequent. Usually on a Wednesday he'd go see her and they'd hang out for hours. Sometimes stop the occasional criminal that was stupid enough to commit crime in her city. It was now his favorite time of the week… She was his favorite person. He loved her…

...Wait… WHAT?!

Okay! that's enough thinking about Kara.

For the next 3 hours Barry distracted himself with everything he could think of to not think of Kara. Until he had played and beaten all the games on his phone, read all the Fanfiction stories he had saved, and even cleaned his lab. Anything to not think about his feelings for Kara.

But he couldn't.

So finally he sat down with a sigh. He pulled out a piece of paper and began to write. All the things he wished he could tell her. He wrote all the things he was to afraid to tell her. And when he was done he folded up the paper and stuck it in the bottom drawer to never be read…

Having finally put his feelings to words, Barry felt better. Glancing at the clock, There was still 30 minutes before he could go home. So he got up and started bringing the files down to storage.


E1: Central City: Sidewalk:

Barry had told Kara about his Flash troubles and about all the paperwork he'd have once he went back to work. So Kara decided it would be nice to come to earth one and surprise him and bring him some coffee.

So here she was two Flash coffees in hand leaving CC Jitters and heading for the Precinct. Upon arrival Kara waved to Joe and went to the crime lab. Once inside though she realized Barry wasn't there.

So she put his coffee on his desk and sat down to wait. Once comfortably seated Kara looked around Barry's lab and noticed how clean it was. She looked at the desk and realized it was the only thing that wasn't organized. So while Kara waited for Barry she started organizing his desk and putting things in drawers. But the bottom drawer was empty save for a lone folded up piece of paper.

Curious she picked it up and unfolded it before realizing it was a letter, To her! Surprised she started to read it.

Dear Kara.

Even though you may never read this, I have to tell you how I feel.

About a wonderful person, You, The girl of steel.

Your smile is the best part of my day,

And your beautiful in every way.

Your brave, and your funny.

Your personality is stunning.

Your strong,and your smart.

Your have such a pure heart.

Your laugh brightens the multiverse.

And without you it'd be so much worse.

When I'm with you nothing else matters.

Everytime I leave you I only get sadder.

We're 'Superfriends', but I wish we were more.

These feelings for you I just can't ignore…

This affection I tried to bury deep.

Keeps me awake at night, I just can't sleep.

Kara, If only you knew.

I've fallen in love with you….

Your 'Superfriend' Barry.

Back to Barry:

It had taken forever to file all the paperwork, there was so much he had to use a hand dolly! But finally he was done. He was heading for the door when Joe called jogging up to him.

"Barry! Hey, Before you go, someone's here for you, they're waiting in your lab." He said before leaving himself.

'Who would come see me at work?' Barry thought confused it was probably to do with the upcoming hearing he had to testify in. And so Barry tiredly went to his lab in hoping it wouldn't take long. "Will this take long? Cause I've had a long week." Barry asked before realizing 3 things: 1. Nobody from the courthouse was in his lab, But Kara. 2. She was standing frozen staring at a piece of paper. And 3. It was the letter he had wrote but never intended to deliver.

He was screwed. Now she would know how he felt and reject him. Their friendship would be over.

"Kara, I…" Barry started but trailed off when she turned to him seemingly just noticing him.

"...Do you mean this?" She whispered still looking at the poem.

He can't deny it. She's caught him. It's over. Swallowing the lump in his throat. "...Yes." He said staring at his shoes, not seeing the smile that slowly spread across her face.

"I love you too!" She yelled as she crossed the room and hugged him happily.

"Wha?" Barry asked looking up, not believing what was happening. Kara, Loved him too?

Kara broke the embrace and held his face. "I love you too." She said quietly. And to show him she pulled his head down and gave him a passionate kiss.

Finally believing he wasn't passed out in the storage room. Barry rapped his hands around her waist and kissed her back.

As they stood there in Barry's lab at CCPD. Barry sure was glad he wrote that poem…

The End.

AN: Until next time fellow Zor-Allen Lovers! ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ