AN: Aloha! I know I should be writing the next chapter of Merging Souls and Earths. But I wrote this instead because I felt sorry for the time remnant in Flash Season 2 Race Of His Life.

Now you may not know this, but time remnants are the original version of a time traveler who's timeline becomes abandoned because their past self makes different choices then the original. Since the past version didn't do what the original version did, the original becomes a time remnant because their timeline has been replaced.

So the original Barry willingly became a time remnant and sacrificed himself to save the multiverse! I mean, How could I not write a one-shot about him!

So, without further ado...

ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ If at first you don't succeed... Skydiving is not for you.

Pain. All he could feel was burning, excruciating,pain. And then nothing...

As Barry regained consciousness he was instantly made aware of an ache in his, everything. ...But, Dead people, speedster or not, don't 'ache'. Which means...

Barry's eyes snapped open and he moved to sit up hurriedly. The ache that woke him receding as he looked around the familiar walls of the med bay. The sight made him smile, Until he realized something was wrong. He had died, There was no doubt of that. One doesn't ever forget the feeling of being incinerated by pure energy. Then why-

"Well for starters your a time remnant Flash..." Barry could've got whiplash he turned so fast at the snarky voice of Leonard Snart. But, it wasn't Snart. He was in-

"The Speedforce?" Barry asked in a panicked confusion.

"The one and only" The Speedforce answered with a nod.

"Am I..." Barry asked already knowing the answer.

"Dead? Afraid so." The Speedforce answered solemnly.

"Then why am I here?" Barry asked frustrated. Of course his last conversation would be with Leonard Snart. The Speedforce had the worst sense of humor. At least it's a step up from Zoom.

"Always a little slow for a speedster Flash..." The Speedforce smirked "You saved the entire multiverse, infinite universes that are now and ever will be. You even saved us. And for that we are grateful." The Speedforce answered with gratitude.

Barry was speechless. He had saved THE Speedforce!

"And to show our thanks," The Speedforce continued. "We are giving you a second chance at life..." The Speedforce revealed with a smile.

Hoped bloomed in his chest, He was going to see his family again!

"But," Uh Oh... Barry's face fell. There was always a 'But'.

The Speedforce continued, ignoring his downcast expression. "Since you became a time remnant, Your past self is still alive. And it breaks our rules to have 2 Barry Allens in the same universe." The Speedforce said sympathetically.

"Then where will I go?" Barry asked in defeat.

"Where do you want to go?" The Speedforce asked already knowing the answer.

Where did he want to go? He was trapped out of all he had ever known. He could go to an earth with his parents... No, His parents had died. Then where? He had never been anywhere but-

Oh. The image of a certain blonde kryptonian came to mind. There. He wanted to go there. Where he had met the most beautiful and kind person in his life. The place he almost abandoned two worlds for.

"Earth 38 it is then." The Speed Speedforce said. And everything turned white.

ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ Pandas are living proof that you can be fat by just eating salad.

Earth 38:

Everyone had left Kara walked over to the balcony to thinking over recent events. She had saved the world. J'onn was reinstated as the Director of the DEO. She was promoted at Catco. She was with all her family and friends. Everything was perfect.

...Except, Kara knew something was missing, Or rather someone. She knew she should be happy, ecstatic even. But still... Things with James wouldn't work, And the only other man she had ever been romantically interested in lived on another earth. And it wasn't like he was just gonna appear in her apart-.

Kara's train of thought was derailed when all the lights started to flicker before a cloud of energy started to form swirling in the middle of the room. Kara stared into the swirling energy wondering what it was. It reminded her of the breach she had thrown Barry into...

Flashes of lightning were dancing around in the middle. Like the eye of a lightning storm.

Then with a final intense flash of lightning it all dissipated, And standing before her was the Flash.

To say Kara was surprised would be an understatement. It was if the universe had brought her thoughts to life. When he turned and smiled at her, as if he hadn't just appeared out of a miniature lightning storm in her living room.

"Barry!" She exclaimed as she hurried over to give him a hug.

"Kara!" Barry exclaimed returning the hug before she pulled back.

"What happened? Didn't you get home? Do you wanna try combining speeds again? Maybe it'll work this time?" Kara rambled concerned.

"No, No, Kara I got home." Barry reassured her with a smile.

"Okay. Then why are you here? Not that I mind! I'm just curious." Kara asked, confused when his face fell.

"I can't go back." Barry answered solomnly.

"What do you mean you can't? We can try again-" Kara began.

"I died!" Barry exclaimed pained.

"W-What?" Kara asked hoping she misheard.

"I died..." Barry repeated as he slumped into the couch, Kara wordlessly sat beside him.

And so Barry recounted everything that had happened in the last couple days. How Zoom killed Henry, How Zoom had challenged him to a race that would decide the fate of the multiverse. How he had accepted, How his team betrayed him by locking him up. How he became a time remnant... And how he died to save the multiverse.

By the time Barry was finished Kara could only embrace him and hope it gave him some semblance of comfort. And it did, More than she knew.

"Barry I'm so sorry! ...At-At least you still have me..." Kara trailed off as she pulled back shyly.

"Well as long as I'm with you... Everything will be just fine." Barry said smiling. To which Kara blushed.

"Well... Even though the circumstances suck, I'm glad your here..." Kara admitted softly.

"Well I was dying to see you!" Barry joked and they started laughing.

"But seriously, It's good to see you Kara..." Barry paused, knowing what he wanted to say but afraid to voice it.

"Barry/Kara I-" They both began at the same time, Kara giggled.

"You first." She said.

"Kara, When I was running on the magnetar, The moment I realized I was going to have to die, I remembered all of my regrets. But the one that stood out the most? Was that I would never get to see you again... Never get to tell you how I feel." Barry admited looking into her eyes.

"...And how do you feel?" Kara asked nervously.

"I feel like I'm falling in love with you..." Barry professed before looking away fearing her reaction.

"Well then who's gonna catch me?" Kara asked to which Barry turn to her in confusion.

"Because I'm falling in love with you..." Kara explained with a bright smile.

Barry was so surprised he briefly wondered if he was dreaming...

But when he felt Kara's lips on his, he sure this was real. And in that moment Barry realized, he was glad that he became...

The Time Remnant.