So… probably if you are reading this is the 2nd choice of reviving my writing career. I have a document of what stories I want to do and what i should probably update someday. I wanted to write something that doesn't involve in univer crosses or an add on to a story. Hell this idea might be already beaten to death. I know I dragging on but lets get this started shall we.(P.s Some characters i will refer to by first name or their hero name.)

"Well isn't this something?" Shota Aizawa said as he watched the two criminals get lowered from the streetlamp. He had gotten a call to pursuit until they lost them. Then they ended up on the street lamp with no eyewitnesses. The police force was about to put them in the car when one of them woke up screaming


"Eraserhead help us restrain him?"

The cloth wrapped around the man body as he look terrified at everyone. Then he passed out again.

"Let me know when they wake up, they may have more information about this vigilante" He asked the officers. They nodded as they took the pair away leaving him to walk home.

As he walked home he decided to play the facts in his head once again. Vigilantes were nothing new to him. Unlicensed heros that took matter of the law in their own hands. They usually take on lower level crimes. This however was different. Not only he had taken on low level criminals he made it on the radar after supposedly destroying a human trafficking ring and dropped the boss at the police station.

He started to hear sounds of a gadget nearby by and found a figure gliding thru the air he did not recognized as he slipped on his goggles. "I just want to go to sleep already." He said grumpily as he used his cloth to climb up the building. He reached to the top and used his cloth to grab the man. As it did it slammed down and brought him closer.

Sure enough there was a man dressed as a bat in front of him He looked strong, costume suited him well. "What are you supposed to be? Some kind of man-bat?"

The man shook his head as he smiled and a humming sound could be heard, then a shock hit Shota hard as the man broke free. "Some electrical quirk or is it his suit?" he wondered as the man then threw 2 pellets at him causing a dense smoke screen to surround him. He used his cloth to clear the air but by then it was too late. He was gone without a trace.


Bruce made it to his makeshift home base semi limping, an abandoned mansion with it being under the radar was a good choice in setting up his base. He sat on his medical table as he set his leg back in place.

"AHHGH" He yelled as he fixed hit leg. with pain flooding his head it was hard to stand. He limped to the computer and ran threw search engines looking for anyone, they had to be here somewhere he wasn't looking hard enough. Frustrated he deiced to rest for a bit so that he can go out with full strength.

Thats a wrap for now. A little tease of what is to come. Next chapter is gonna be a prequel to all this so I hope this story will clear my head. Will this suck? Or is this good IDK. Have a good day. (PS i'm in the process of another story as well. If anyone has played watch dogs 2 and can recommend me to a good summary of it or the characters of it that would be great.)(updated 8-29-18)