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Batman traveled in the vents of the USJ as he scanned the building for an entry point. He was moving until he found the exit and found himself in a mountain zone. He looked and saw 3 students surrounded by many villians.

He Jumped into a glide as he landed feet first on the thugs and they turned to surround him He moved in between villain to villian as he he struck them down left and right. He threw batarangs to incapacitate the fleeing ones as he turned to the students.

"Is anyone injured?" He asked.

The girl with long black hair shook her head. "No sir, we were ready to defend ourselves if necessary." She said looking down. More villains showed up as the guy looked surprised.

"Oh man they just keep coming." He said as they charged at them.

"Just back me up." He said as he went to work destroying the villains.

The other students nodded as they attempted to support him with their quirks. He noticed the the lead girl making various weapons from her body as she used a staff to keep her distance. The other girl had a shorter staff as he earlobes looked like headphone jacks. She made sonic blasts to knock them back.

The only one lacking was the boy who glowed with electricity as he took the blows and kept dodging attacks one left him open as Batman moved in front of him as contered as the the villain away.

"Don't hold back we need the help." He said as the boy kept moving.

"I can't control my quirk. I could hurt you guys."

"Don't worry about that i can take care of it." Batman said as he moved back and told the girls to get close. The boy understood what was happening as he finally smiled as he glowed brighter.

"1,300,000 VOLTS!" He yelled as lightning swapped to all of the villains as the dust cleared and batman moved back to the boy who was constantly giggling.

"Don't mind him. When he goes all out he is like this afterwards." The sound girl said as Batman nodded.

"You kids did good." He said as he knew he had to get to head of the snake to finish the fight.

Batman rappelled to a rock and climbed up gaining enough speed for another glide. He was in the air and found where what looked like the main threats. One was an orb of purple darkness dressed in a suit and yellow glowing eyes. The other had many hands on him as you could still see his sinister eyes. He descended to them and landed behind them as the jumped back.

"So a secret stage.. How fun. Unfortunately i have to stick to my main quest but…" he rushed the dark knight as he moved to avoid his attacks. "I don't mind getting extra xp." Batman weaved back and forward as the ground crumbled below him as a monster grabbed him and threw him away.

"Tell all might that nomu will have your head!"

Batman looked to see 3 other students show up near the beast as the beast charged them. They leaped away as batman threw explosive batarangs at it making it focus its attention on him. Nomu threw him to the ground and batman knew he was outclassed. He had to buy time for the heros.

Then the entrance blew open as the symbol of peace had arrived. HE smiled as he went to fight Nomu and traded blows with the beast. Other students had arrived to also help. Grabbing the orb villian and nomu getting froze in half. Nomu ripped the lower half of his body and started to regenerate. After that he rushed to the dark villian and all might moved to block the blow.

"Look at this, we both use violence to solve our problem, what kind of symbol of peace would you violence to solve problems. You are nothing more than a symbol of oppression."

"Look who's talking." Batman said. "You think we want to fight, to beat you to a pulp? If i could talk down every psychotic, insane villains i would but it seems violence is to only language you understand, so allow me to speak in your native tongue you villian."

"Well said" all might replied as he squared up with nomu and charged at him delivering many punches.

"So you are able to regenerate but that doesn't mean you cant feel pain. I have to give this my all." He said bringing him to the air and landing many rapid punches.

"To go beyond our limits, PLUS ULTRA!" He screamed with landing a final blow launching nomu out of the USJ.

The villain looked shocked as all might landed and gave a smile. "Come on!" He taunted. As the villian attempted to charge at him.

Suddenly a shot rang out as the villian held his shoulder. Batman looked and saw the student he ran into earlier. With what looked to be many different heros, including midnight. Batman smiled when she recognized him. He saw many heroes as the villain retreated to a portal and all might got on one knee. Bruce could tell the battle was won as he made his way to the exit towards the heros. The hero's moved out of the way as a small creature looked up at him.

"That was some heroics, however believe none of us have even heard of you vigilante."

Batman grunted as the hero's looked at him with concern. "Worry about the students before you do anything to me. They are a good bunch." He said walking away.


A portal opened as tormura and Kurogiri excited as tormura slammed his fist to the ground.

"DAMIT! This wasn't supposed to happen. Nomu is defeated and we lost most of our subornants. I was wrong to think we could win. DAMIT!"

"You were not wrong. Just optimistic."

Tormura looked to the monitor as a dark figure formed. "What happened to nomu? Were you able to recover him?"

"No sir." Kurogiri said with regret. "All Might launched him so far I could not locate him in time."

"We have been weaken a bit but now is no time torn morn. You must recruit a new group made to be efficient. That will get the job done. Tormura, you shall show the world what fear truly is."

Tormura smiled knowing the battle was lost but all this mean new villains are able to join his ranks that were able to get the job done. All to do now is rest.


"Who is this All Might guy think he is? I mean he doesn't even look that great. Poor costume design I will tell you that. I mean he is ripping of superman here. Slap a stupid S on him and no difference whatsoever."

Joker looked concerned as the piles of bodys did not deter him from clutching the magazine from the dead mothers hand. He had been looking for what kind of heros were in a place like this. He might be crazy and insane but not fighting All Might head on is where he drew the line. He had to find this new kryptonite if he wanted to get him out of the picture.


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