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Lindsey shot her husband a quick smile as she stood up to help her best friend clear the table. It only took a few minutes before she and Melissa had the dishes stacked in the sink and the leftovers wrapped up in the fridge.

"Linds, can you grab the cheesecake?" Melissa asked, grabbing dessert plates and new forks out of a drawer.

"Yeah of course," Lindsey replied, grabbing the plate and setting it in the middle of the table before taking a seat beside her husband.

Melissa did the same, sneaking a smile at her husband. "So, Scott and I have some news... We're pregnant!"

Lindsey shrieked, forgetting all about the dessert as she jumped up from the table to hug her best friend. "That's amazing, Mel!"

The two men chuckled at their wives excitement, standing as well when they separated. Scott wrapped an arm his wife, already getting emotional and wiping tears from her eyes.

Lindsey looked again at her husband, who shrugged.

"Might as well just pull the trigger babe," Gavin said, shooting her wink.

Melissa looked up, confused. "What?"

Lindsey's smile grew wider, exclaiming, "We're pregnant too!"

"I will literally kill you if you get those pickles anywhere near my face."

Lindsey sighed, knowing how serious her best friend was. "Sorry girl. I'm the same way with yogurt. Of course it's the one thing Gavin eats every morning."

The two women were seated on the outdoor patio of their favorite café for lunch, their sandwiches and chips just having been set down.

"Have you been throwing up a lot?" Lindsey asked.

Melissa shook her head, answering, "Thankfully no, it hasn't been that bad. You?"

Lindsey groaned, "Every fucking morning. Sometimes I wonder if this little one hates me already."

"Aw, sweetie that's not true. I'm sure he's just doing his thing in there," Mel sympathized.

"If that's true already, I'm worry he'll be quite the handful when he finally makes his appearance." Lindsey paused, before asking, "Do you really think it's a boy?"

Mel grinned and nodded, "Yes! Can I also just say that I love we both decided to be surprised. It's gonna be so amazing. Scott is sure we're having a boy... though what does he know. I swear it's a girl, and since our pregnancies have been almost completely opposite... I think you're having a boy."

"I can't wait. Can you imagine if I have a boy and you have a girl and they grow up and get married?" Lindsey asked, catching on to her friend's enthusiasm. "We'd be family for real."

Melissa laughed, "That'd be amazing, even though we're family no matter what."

They both teared up at her words before laughing it off, blaming pregnancy hormones.

"We're ridiculous sometimes," Lindsey muttered, her attention drawn to the sandwich in front of her. "God, I'm fucking starving."

Mel nodded in agreement, already reaching for her sandwich.

Melissa waddled carefully over to the couch, dropping onto it with a sigh of relief. Lindsey followed her, one hand placed strategically on her hip.

"I'm fucking huge," Melissa groaned, running her fingers through her hair.

Lindsey rolled her eyes, countering, "If you're huge, I'm a whale. I've got at least ten pounds on you."

"It's not a competition," Melissa sighed, continuing after a moment, "But you're definitely right about that."

"Bitch," Lindsey shot back, zero heat in her tone. "I haven't seen my feet in a week now. I hate it."

Mel nodded understandingly. "It'll all be worth it when that little guy is here and is the most adorable thing you've ever seen. How has Gavin been through it all?"

"Amazing, of course," Lindsey said, sounding irritated. "He's got the easy job though, right? He's not creating a human or gaining forty pounds or unable to put on any shoes that aren't slip-ons."

"Scott's been the same way, always so helpful and getting me all the random foods I crave in the middle of the night," Mel said, shifting slightly on the couch. "I thought that was total bullshit, you know? The cravings? The other night, I ate an entire bag of Doritos dipped in ketchup... which should be disgusting but it was literally the best thing ever."

Lindsey grimaced at the thought, replying, "It still sounds disgusting to me, but I can't judge. Last week we ran out of peanut butter to spread on jalapenos and I flipped my shit until Gavin ran out to the store."

Mel hummed thoughtfully, "Might have to try that. She's been having me eat spicy foods the past few weeks and that actually sounds pretty good."

"Oh girl... you have to try it. Life changing."

"I didn't think it was possible for me to get any bigger, yet here we are," Lindsey complained, easing back into the rocking chair in her friend's nursery. "This is adorable, by the way," she added, gesturing around the room.

Mel grinned, looking from the changing table to the crib to the adorable little dresser in the corner. "I know... Scott did an amazing job in here, right down to the double rocking chairs for when you visit," she said, moving to ease down into the seat beside her.

"Brilliant stuff," Lindsey agreed. "And these chairs are super comfortable. You chose wisely."

Mel rolled her eyes, knowing full well who the recommendation had come from. "Thanks for passing on the info. A good rocking chair is priceless. Where did Gavin find them again?"

"Who knows. The man is a magician when it comes to finding stuff for the house," Lindsey answered. "When I first saw his apartment when we were dating I wondered if he hadn't figured out he was gay yet. I mean he was hot, dressed well, his apartment was decorated and spotless..."

"Really? You never told me that before," Melissa chuckled. "What changed your mind?"

Lindsey shot her a look. "Best. Sex. Ever. That pretty much cleared it up. Also, he proposed and we got married and he knocked me up, so not much left to that initial theory."

Mel agreed, "Valid. He done good. Both our guys have."

"Scott is great, Mel," Lindsey said sincerely, smiling at her friend. "Thank God they like each other. Oh my God... can you imagine if our kids hate each other?"

"Pfft... we'll raise them better than that. Besides, they're already destined to be soulmates," Melissa joked, though there was a hint of seriousness to her tone. "They'll be best friends no matter what... just like us."

Melissa had never experienced such pain in her entire life, squeezing her husband's hand tightly as he whispered encouraging things in her ear.

"Babe, you're doing great. Almost there," Scott said, wincing at the death grip on his hand.

The doctor between her legs was telling her to push, and she forced through with an animalistic sound she'd never believed could possibly come out of her mouth.

She glared at Scott, panting heavily, "We're never having sex again."

He looked properly alarmed until a nurse murmured if she had a nickel for every time she heard that in the delivery room she'd be a billionaire. Melissa couldn't respond as another contraction hit and the doctor was once again telling her to push and she literally couldn't think about anything except how much she wanted this to be over.

It all happened in a rush, and before she knew it the sound of loud, angry crying filled the room and words of congratulations were being exchanged. Her baby was placed on her chest as the doctor appeared from between her legs.

"Congratulations! It's a girl!"

Melissa broke into a tired smile, looking up at her husband. "I told you so," she sighed, looking down at the tiny, beautiful, angry face with a shock of dark hair. "She's perfect."

Just like that she was gone as Scott cut the cord and the nurses whisked her away to clean her and perform all the necessary checks. Mel frowned but the doctor was back between her legs telling her to push some more and it wasn't computing even though they'd been through all of this many times before. It was enough of a comfort to see Scott hovering over the nurses watching their every move, seeing in his face he was smitten already.

Finally they were alone, with the promise that someone would return within the hour to help them try breastfeeding, and Melissa couldn't hold back the tears as she truly held her daughter for the first time. Scott was perched on the bed beside her with an arm around both of them, whispering to her how amazing she was and how perfect their daughter was and how he couldn't believe they'd made her.

"Have you decided on a name, babe?" Scott asked, knowing they'd discussed two options if it turned out to be a girl.

"Rebecca," Mel whispered, running a finger over her tiny nose before placing a kiss to her head.

"Hun? That's my phone... can you grab it please?" Melissa called, shifting her daughter onto her shoulder and began lightly patting her back.

She heard Scott answer the phone, appearing in the nursery doorway a few minutes later later.

"That was Gavin. He and Lindsey are at the hospital."

Melissa squealed happily, squeezing Beca a little too tightly resulting in a loud cry. Scott shook his head, reaching for his daughter and cradling her carefully in his arms until she settled down.

"Go ahead... I know you want to be there for her."

Melissa shook her head, feeling content watching her husband hold their daughter. "It's their moment. I'm sure she'll call when she's ready for me to visit. Remember how nice that time was for us right after Beca was born?"

He nodded, keeping his eyes on the tiny face in his arms.

They spent the afternoon curled up on the couch watching movies and staring at their daughter until Melissa's phone rang again.


"Mel... she's here." Lindsey's voice was tired, but Melissa could hear the love and adoration that only came from seeing and holding your child for the first time.

"Oh my God, Linds! Congrats! Wait... did you say she?" Mel asked curiously. They'd both been so certain it would be a boy that the female pronoun caught her off guard.

Lindsey chuckled, "Yeah, I said she. Guess she surprised us, huh? But she's so perfect. Gavin's thrilled... and so smitten. It's the cutest thing ever."

Melissa smiled knowingly, having experienced the same thing with Scott. "I'm so happy for you guys! And hey, she doesn't know it yet, but she's already got a best friend. Did you pick a name yet?"

After a moment, Lindsey's voice came through speaker again.

"We named her Chloe."

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