Chapter 11

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Beca sighed in relief as she walked beside Chloe through the airport, intent on putting as much distance between them and the four screaming children belonging to three different families that were on their flight home for Christmas. Chloe seemed similarly worn out, running a hand through her hair to push it back from her face.

"Seriously... who needs birth control when you have experiences like that?" Beca grumbled, shifting the strap of her backpack higher up on her shoulder. She didn't blame the parents, kids were just obnoxious little beings.

Chloe gave a soft laugh. "We don't need birth control at all," she reminded her, giving Beca a light nudge with her hip.

Beca smirked, "Oh, I dunno about that... I might be just that good."

"Modest too... really, the whole package."

Beca laughed, grateful for the injection of humor after the painful flight. "We could always test out that theory. Seriously, staying at a hotel was the best decision we made about this holiday."

Chloe went suddenly silent and Beca shot her a look, eyes narrowing quickly. "Chloe Beale, I swear..."

"I'm sorry! My mom freaked when I told her! She insisted we stay at the house..." Chloe seemed apologetic enough, but Beca was still trying to wrap her head around the change in plans.

"Chlo... we agreed on some space! We're already gonna be spending way too much time with the crazies as it is," Beca sighed, taking the turn towards baggage claim.

Chloe laced their fingers together. "I promise there will be boundaries. And we'll have alone time."

Beca shook her head, "It won't matter. I'm not doing... that... at your parent's house. Way too weird."

Chloe rolled her eyes, replying, "Seriously Bec? You can't say sex but you can brag about being good enough at it to get me pregnant?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Beca shrugged, a light flush coloring her cheeks giving away her slight embarrassment. "But I'm still not fooling around with you while your parents sleep two doors over."

"We'll see about that," Chloe murmured, lips suddenly very close to Beca's ear. Leaning back and resuming her normal tone, she added, "Also, don't call our parents crazy. They're just happy for us."

"I wasn't calling our parents crazy, I was calling our mothers crazy," Beca corrected, gesturing in front of them. "With good reason."

Their mothers were a few hundred feet ahead waiting for them with some sort of homemade sign, grinning ear to ear and waving to catch their attention.

Chloe grinned and waved back, tugging Beca's hand to get her to move a little faster. "Come on, Bec. Don't be such a Grinch."

Beca let Chloe walk ahead of her towards their moms, taking the extra seconds to steel herself for the next few days. She finally arrived after Chloe had already hugged both women, getting her own greetings out of the way as quickly as possible.

"We're so happy to see you!" Lindsey said with a smile, her arm wrapped around Chloe's waist making Beca feel slightly jealous.

Melissa nodded in agreement. "Let's get your luggage," she said, tugging Beca back in for another hug.

Beca tried to catch Chloe's eye, but her mother had already spun her away towards the baggage claim displaying their flight in red letters. Thankfully it didn't take long for the suitcases and duffel bags to start circling, grabbing theirs and walking the short distance to the car. Beca opened the door for Chloe, sliding into the backseat beside her and reconnecting their fingers once everyone was buckled in.

It was silent for a moment, before Beca finally asked, "Uh, what house are we going to?"

There was a pause and an exchange of glances in the front seat, before her mom answered her.

"Well Bec, Linds and I were talking... and after I found out that you and Chloe were staying with her and Gavin I proposed a different idea."

Beca glanced nervously at Chloe, who she was relieved to see this time shared her nervous expression.

"And that was..."

Melissa glanced back at her before saying, "Well since you live together now and we never get to see you, we hoped you'd be alright spending the break at home. Both of you."

Beca's eyes widened, knowing Chloe was as much against the idea as she was by the tightened grip on her hand. "Like... separately?"

Lindsey chimed in at a rather obvious poke from Melissa. "I know it's not how you probably envisioned the break, but would it kill you two to spend a little time with your parents? We miss you, and you'll have plenty of time together too."

Beca had also had enough of being the only participant on this side of the issue, shooting Chloe a pointed look to intervene.

Chloe nodded, saying, "Well, that's definitely a different option than we discussed Mom. I'm not sure I like that idea."

"Oh Chlo, you two can sleep together as much as you want when you go home in a week. Five days, even," Lindsey said, her tone becoming slightly more insistent. "Mel didn't like the idea of you both staying with us, and we didn't want to make you switch houses in the middle of the trip."

Beca rolled her eyes, "Seriously... we aren't toys you can just pass around. Chloe and I will just get a hotel like we planned. Problem solved."

Melissa's eyes were narrowed as she looked back at her daughter. "Bec, that's not necessary. And we know that, of course, we just miss you! Please stay with us?"

"Chlo... you know how much your father and I want to spend time with you while you're home," Lindsey added. "I feel like we've barely spoken since our trip to LA."

Beca sighed at their mothers pouring the guilt on thick, but Chloe cut her off before she could hold firm.

"Okay, fine."

Beca turned her shocked expression towards her girlfriend, whispering, "What are you doing?"

Chloe whispered back, "It'll be fine. It's not even a full week."

Lindsey and Melissa both cheered in the front seat, making Beca feel even worse about the turn of events.

"Don't worry Beca," Lindsey glanced at her in the rearview mirror. "You'll get your girl back in a few days."

Beca rolled over in bed, glancing at the clock that showed it was almost midnight. She'd been tossing for a good forty-five minutes, missing having Chloe's warmth beside her. It was ridiculous really, how long she'd gone sleeping alone only to end up unable to sleep without Chloe wrapped around her. The redhead's cuddling had been borderline unbearable in the beginning, with Beca waking up drenched in sweat wondering if she might spontaneously combust. It had taken an embarrassingly short amount of time to acclimate to Chloe's koala-like tendencies, now finding herself restless without the redhead's arms around her.

"Fuck it," Beca muttered, hopping out of bed and pulling on leggings, a baggy sweater, and the first pair of boots she found in her closet. It was relatively warm for late December, with only a small layer of snow on the ground and the temperature hovering around freezing. She hadn't spent enough time in LA to grow soft yet, and knew it was only a short walk to Chloe's house.

Beca crept downstairs and grabbed her jacket out of the closet, quietly leaving the house. It may not have been freezing but she still wrapped the jacket tighter around her small frame as the cold night air hit her, briskly walking down the street. She easily picked her way through the neighborhood, having done it enough times for the route to be ingrained in her memory forever.

Upon reaching the Beale household, she smiled at the Christmas lights still lit up and the tree shining brightly in the front window. Her smile was short-lived, immediately realizing the rest of the house was dark.

"Fuck," Beca muttered for the second time, realizing in her desire to be quiet she'd left her phone behind. Circling around to the window she was pretty sure was Chloe's, she quickly found a pinecone and chucked it at the window, feeling satisfied when it bounced off with a decently loud 'thwack.'

It was seconds before a light flipped on and the blinds went up revealing the redhead in a tank top and pajama pants. Chloe's face instantly beamed down at her before sliding the window open.

"Hey Romeo," Chloe teased, shivering a bit as the cold air hit her.

Beca rolled her eyes, "Yeah yeah, I'm super romantic. Please let me in before I freeze?"

"Sure thing." Chloe shut the window and was gone.

Beca made her way back through the snow to the front door where Chloe was waiting for her. She gratefully stepped inside and was immediately pulled into a kiss. Chloe was soft and warm and her lips felt like heaven against her own, and Beca immediately went to wrap her arms around the redhead and pull her close.

"Oh my God!" Chloe hissed and jumped backwards away from her. "You're freezing!"

"Shh," Beca whispered back, gently closing the door. "And yes, thank you captain obvious. I just walked here."

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Come on. Let's go to bed. How did you know I couldn't sleep without you?"

Beca swallowed, watching Chloe climb the stairs ahead of her and losing all focus of anything asked of her.



Chloe chuckled and shook her head. "Stop staring at my ass and come to bed."

Beca opened her mouth to deny it, before shrugging and following the redhead into her room. "What can I say... you have a great ass babe."

Chloe gently shut her bedroom door, turning and slipping Beca's jacket off her shoulders. "I know," she murmured, leaning in and kissing Beca again.

This time Chloe went willingly into her arms, leaving Beca breathless when her lips moved along her jaw.

"I couldn't sleep without you. I thought about stealing the car and going to your house. You beat me to it."

Beca smirked, only having a moment to relish that victory before Chloe's lips grazed her pulse point. "Ah... I just... um... fuck, Chlo..."

"Come to bed, Bec." Chloe's voice was low and sultry and made Beca want nothing more than to have her naked beneath her.

Beca hesitated a second, looking around and remembering exactly where they were. "Chlo... it's your parent's house..."

Chloe sighed, "Fine, but still come to bed. I miss sleeping next to you."

Beca smiled, stripping off her sweater and slid under the covers. Chloe didn't hesitate to crawl in beside her, assuming the familiar position of wrapping herself around the brunette and placed a kiss to her shoulder.

"Thank you," Chloe whispered.

"For what?" Beca replied, confused.

"For not making me sleep alone... even though I know you couldn't sleep either."

Beca's lips curled up in a hint of a smile. "I couldn't sleep without you... and I didn't want to."

It felt like only minutes later someone was knocking on the door and telling Chloe it was time to get up. Beca's eyes shot open, meeting Chloe's already spread wide in panic.

"Chlo! Breakfast is in ten and don't forget we're going last minute Christmas shopping today!"

Chloe ran her fingers through her hair, her expression revealing exactly how much she didn't want to do either of those things.

"Okay Mom! I'll be down in a minute."

There was a pause, and Beca relaxed a bit thinking they'd escaped discovery.

"Good morning, Beca. You're welcome to join us for both!"

Beca woke to fingertips trailing pleasantly over the bare skin of her shoulder, tracing the lines of the flowers before dipping lower down her back to the equalizer bars. She slowly turned her head to the side to look at Chloe, the redhead's soft smile making her break into one of her own.

"Merry Christmas, Bec," Chloe murmured, leaning in and kissing her.

Beca let out a disappointed sigh when she pulled back far too soon, pushing her own hair behind her ear. "Merry Christmas, Chlo."

Chloe hummed thoughtfully, looking around the room. "If someone had told you last year that this Christmas you'd wake up with me in your bed, would you have believed it?"

Beca chuckled, "Fuck no. But you're not just in my bed... you're naked in my bed."

The reminder of how they spent Christmas Eve brought an adorable blush to Chloe's cheeks, and Beca smirked at her reaction. Chloe shook her head, moving her fingers to pinch Beca's side.


"You're so annoying sometimes, did you know?" Chloe said, her body sliding closer to Beca's betraying her words.

Beca nodded. "Yes, you tell me that once a week or so," she agreed, letting her hand slide over Chloe's hip and pull her closer.

"As long as you're aware," Chloe teased, leaning in for another kiss.

Beca let out a happy sigh, never growing tired of the feeling of Chloe's lips against hers. They fit together so well, and the teasing aspect of their relationship was one of her favorite parts. She liked that they weren't too serious about their past, not feeling like they had years of hatred and harsh words to apologize or make up for. That they were growing more comfortable around each other with each passing day, making up for that lost time from their childhood years.

"This hasn't actually been that bad," Beca said, laying back against her pillow. "The sneaking around is actually kinda fun, even if we haven't fooled anyone."

Chloe laughed, "The look on your face that first morning when my mom called us out... I can't believe you came back the next night."

Beca rolled her eyes, "It was mortifying. But after all that effort on the first night I wasn't going to sleep alone. Plus, it was worth it for the grief you got from my mom about not being romantic enough to throw a pinecone at my window in the middle of the night."

"I should have known that would be her reaction," Chloe sighed. "The guilt trips the two of them are capable of are truly impressive. Let's not do that to our kids."

Beca froze, her eyebrows raising at Chloe's words thrown out there so naturally. Chloe seemed to realize a moment later, her brow furrowing as she slowly propped herself up on an elbow. Beca knew a million things should be running through her head right now, most of them screaming at her to run away at how fast that conversation took a turn for the future, but she was paralyzed picturing a mini Chloe looking up at her with the same bright blue eyes. It didn't scare her how much she wanted it, though it probably should have, and realized she wanted it with Chloe.


Beca refocused her gaze on the redhead, feeling her heart tighten as she looked up at Chloe framed by the early morning light sneaking in through her window. It was one of those cliche moments where she wished she could snap a picture and keep the image forever, the words leaving her lips without a second thought.

"I love you."

It was Chloe's turn to freeze, eyes widening as she clearly wasn't expecting that from Beca.

"I... Chlo, I..." Beca fumbled for the right words, not ready for Chloe to finish processing at interrupt her by surging forward.

Beca barely had time to register what was happening before Chloe's lips were on hers, the redhead's body pressing her firmly into the bed. She hadn't said it back, but the passion and emotion Chloe was pouring into the kiss was more than enough for Beca to know her girlfriend felt the same way. Chloe slowly ended the kiss, pulling back when Beca's lips chased her for more.

Chloe smiled and kissed her again, murmuring, "I love you too, Bec."

Beca felt the explosion of warmth run through her body stretching all the way to the tips of her toes, the feeling of joy and happiness unlike anything she'd experienced before. Sure she'd had happy moments in her life, but nothing compared to hearing those words echoed back at her. Beca felt Chloe take her hands, lacing their fingers together and leaning down to kiss her again. She allowed herself to enjoy the feeling of Chloe's lips on hers, before becoming distracted by her fingertips brushing against the ring on Chloe's left hand.

Guiding Chloe back to sit comfortably over her hips, Beca shifted her gaze to the ring.

"I can take it off Bec," Chloe said, an easy smile gracing her face. "I know we'll get there one day."

Beca studied her for a moment, and seeing nothing but happiness and contentment in Chloe's expression made up her mind.

"Or you could keep it on."

Chloe's eyes widened for the second time in the span of about five minutes, her gaze not leaving Beca's.

"I know it's been fast, but I love you. There's no one else I can see myself with, no one else I want to picture a future with. I'm not in a rush to get married or anything... but when that day comes I want it to be you. The last time I asked you it wasn't real, so... how about it Chlo... will you marry me? For real this time?"

Chloe's hand had come up to cover her mouth about halfway through her speech, but Beca's eyes were focused on the way her eyes were shining with tears and the smile that was stretching beyond her fingertips.

"Yes," Chloe whispered, nodding as she leaned forward and placed her hand beside Beca's shoulder for balance. "Yes," she repeated, and Beca leaned up to meet her in a kiss, sliding both arms around her back.

After a moment Beca let her body drop back to the bed, her grin stretching from ear to ear. "We're getting married... for real."

Chloe nodded looking down at her, seeming to come to some sort of realization. "Oh my God, I can't believe you asked me to marry you while we're naked in bed."

Beca wondered how she'd completely stopped paying attention to that small detail, her eyes immediately dropping to Chloe's breasts. "Honestly, I think it's a bit genius," she replied, leaning up to trail her lips over Chloe's collarbone. "Makes celebrating much... much easier."

"Okay, enough. We're thrilled you're engaged and so happy together. It won't even be 12 hours. You can make it."

Beca immediately stepped back from the inappropriate way she had Chloe pressed against the wall next to the front door. They'd agreed to spend the last night of their trip in their separate homes, and what started as an innocent kiss while their parents lingered in the kitchen had turned into a full on groping session in the hallway. While she'd grown more comfortable showing affection around their parents during the trip, Beca still wasn't interested in putting on a show in front of Chloe's father.

Chloe looked as disappointed as Beca felt when she pushed away from the wall, dropping one last kiss on Beca's lips before whispering, "I'll see you in the morning."

The goodbye's went fairly quickly after that, and soon Beca found herself curled up on the couch opposite her mom holding a cup of hot chocolate.

Melissa studied her for a moment before saying, "You look happy Bec. I don't think I've seen you this happy before."

"I am happy," Beca shrugged, gently blowing at the steam coming off her mug. "I like LA, work is good, and things with Chloe are... awesome." She let her thoughts turn to the crazy journey she and Chloe had been on over the past months, still in a little bit of disbelief at how far they'd come.

"Hmm... but?"

Beca glanced at her mom, not understanding the question. "But what?"

Melissa didn't answer for a moment, finally saying, "It was just your expression, I guess. Like you were holding something back. I must have imagined it."

Beca gave her a small smile, wondering how her mom was still able to read her so well. Maybe she never stopped, but it was just as unsettling as ever.

"It's still creepy when you do that."

"You'll understand someday, when you and Chloe have kids of your own."

It was the second time in as many days that the thought of her and Chloe having kids ran through her mind, though this time it was less jarring as the idea had already taken hold. Beca nodded, mumbling, "Yeah, I'm sure you're right."

"I usually am," Melissa quipped, shooting her a wink before sipping from her mug.

Beca hummed, thinking for a minute before coming to a decision. "I have to tell you something."

"I know. I figured you'd fess up when you were ready."

After a long pause where Beca tried to organize her thoughts into some sort of coherent story, she finally just gave up.

"Chloe and I aren't friends."

Melissa's expression turned confused, setting her mug down on the coffee table before giving Beca her full attention. "What?"

Beca corrected herself immediately, "Weren't. Sorry... Chloe and I weren't friends. Growing up... like ever. We couldn't stand each other. When you and Lindsey visited us in LA, I had plans to move out after you left."

Beca glanced up from her mug to see her mom's stunned expression, trying to process what she was saying.

"I don't... Beca, are you serious? All those years?"

"Yeah we just... I don't know, didn't see eye to eye. On anything," Beca muttered, looking down again. "But we faked it because it made you guys happy... thinking we were best friends like you and Lindsey are."

Melissa still looked dumbfounded, as if she couldn't believe what Beca was saying. "I mean... we knew you grew a little apart in college since you both pursued different interests and activities, but I never imagined..."

Beca cut in, "Because we didn't want you to. We didn't want to burst that bubble for you guys. It wasn't a big deal to us to pretend, especially since it was so important to you guys."

She stopped talking for a minute to let her mom process, sipping quietly at her cocoa until Melissa finally looked at her.

"Okay if all that is true, how do you explain this whole engagement? You two have been inseparable this entire trip... sneaking around to spend the night with each other... halfway to having sex in the hallway thirty minutes ago... I don't understand."

Beca nodded, "Right, well, that's the easy part. When you guys came to visit us, Lindsey was giving Chloe such a hard time about not talking about her life in LA... I don't know I felt bad for her because I knew a little bit about what was going on with her and I was already going to come clean about moving out and us not being friends... but then I couldn't. I couldn't do it, but I'd already said too much and instead I said the first thing that came to my mind... and then I kept going like an idiot and suddenly we were engaged and you two were crying and..."

Beca paused for a minute, one glance at her mom making her realize she was rambling and not making much sense. After a deep breath, she continued, "We figured we had enough practice pretending that we'd just fake it for your visit and then tell you guys at Christmas we broke up and it'd be over... back to the way things were before, but..."

Her mom's confused look had turned knowing, and Beca was grateful she didn't push for the rest of the story.

"But, when we were pretending for you and Lindsey something changed. I can't really explain it, but we started actually talking to each other and listening to each other and it wasn't so fake anymore. That date night we had was kinda our first date, and when we got home I gave her the ring and we admitted that we had feelings for each other."

At the sound of a sniffle Beca looked up from her hands to see her mom wiping at her eye, a soft smile on her face.

"Aw, don't cry mom. It's a story with a happy ending," Beca joked, finally setting her mug down on the coffee table.

"It's one of a kind, that's for sure," Melissa agreed, seemingly still processing. "One last question then... are you actually engaged or still pretending for us, since I don't recall either of you calling it off during this trip."

Beca flushed at the memory of her proposal, shifting awkwardly on the couch. "Well... uh, yesterday morning I asked her again... for real. She said yes."

That started the waterworks all over again, and Beca found herself wrapped in a hug. She grinned and hugged her mom back, finally sitting back and waiting for her thoughts on the whole story.

"I just can't believe it, Bec," Melissa said, shaking her head. "You know, I do remember thinking some things didn't seem right during that trip, but I just figured you were uncomfortable because you weren't planning on telling us yet. Oh my God, we made you go ring shopping!"

Beca laughed, nodding at that memory. "Chloe was mortified the entire time, but it wasn't so bad for me."

Melissa stopped for a moment, shooting her a serious look. "Who was that girl we ran into? The one that recognized Chloe?"

"No one," Beca scoffed. "Some chick that Chloe dated for a bit then broke up with her for her ex. She was a real bi..."

"Beca Mitchell. Language."

Beca rolled her eyes, shutting her mouth to keep from replying. Melissa studied her for another moment before switching topics.

"So who were you dating then? I remember thinking your relationship with Chloe explained why you were acting so strange when it came up."

"I wasn't dating anyone," Beca answered, knowing her face showed her confusion.

Melissa shot her a look, clarifying, "Fine, hooking up with then. Whatever you kids are calling it these days. I know you weren't celibate."

Beca blushed, wanting to discuss her sex life with her mother about as much as she wanted a hole in the head. "I wasn't... oh. I mean, Stacie and I hooked up when I first started at the club, but that was a while before you guys visited and it was just the one time. I was focused on work and getting settled, and working nights doesn't give you a lot of time to meet people unless they're customers... and that's not really my style."

"Stacie..." Melissa hummed, her eyes lighting up when she finally placed the girl. "Oh right, I remember her. Pretty... all legs?"

Beca raised an eyebrow, wondering what the appropriate confirmation was. "The one pouring us shots at the end of the night from behind the bar at my engagement party."

"Yes, I remember her. Very pretty. Are you two still friends?"

"Oh yeah, she's one of my best friends. We hang out with Jesse a lot and watch football and play video games," Beca nodded.

Melissa asked, "And how does Chloe feel about that?"

Beca shrugged, "Chloe knows. She knows that Stace and I are friends... nothing more. She actually likes Stacie a lot, which I didn't see coming but am certainly not complaining about."

"Good. So does this mean we can start wedding planning?" Melissa sounded satisfied with that answer, and Beca finally realized she was being properly interrogated.

Beca pointed her finger at her mom, saying, "Okay... I see what's going on here now. And we might be engaged, but we're definitely not ready to get married. Just seems stupid to take it back when we love each other. No wedding planning. And no speaking of this to Lindsey. Chloe will tell her when she's ready."

Any protest died with her final words, Beca knowing that her mom wouldn't take that conversation away from Chloe. They sat quietly for a moment, taking the time to process now that everything was out in the open.

"Bec, I want you to know how proud of you I am... and how happy I am for you and Chloe," Melissa finally said. "If that's true, all the hating each other stuff, you both showed some incredible maturity to reach this point. I'm sure it wasn't all sunshine and roses, but I can tell you're both truly happy with each other, and that's all your father and I want for you."

Beca nodded, breaking into a smile at the thought of her fiancé. "I really do love her mom. She's just... she's the one. I remember thinking that I'd just made the biggest mistake of my life that night and how I might be stuck with the consequences forever. It's crazy because now... sometimes I think about what I would have... what we would have missed out on and I'm so thankful."

Melissa smiled back at her, replying, "I think everything happens in our lives for a reason, and It's up to you how to respond. The worst thing you can imagine just might turn out to be a blessing in disguise."

"Yeah... never would have imagined it would be to this extent though," Beca replied with a small laugh.

"Bec... thank you for telling me," Melissa said, her sincere tone taking Beca by surprise. "I'm sorry if it was hard for you over the years, doing so many things and holidays with the Beale's."

Beca hesitated, finally saying, "It's okay mom. Blessing in disguise, remember?"

They got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen to deposit their empty mugs in the sink. Melissa wrapped Beca in another hug, holding on longer than usual before letting her go.

"I love you Bec. You and Chloe make a lovely couple."

Beca smiled. "Thanks mom..."

The sound of her phone ringing interrupted her, pulling it out of her pocket to see Chloe's face on the screen. "Speak of the devil," she joked, showing her mom before swiping to answer it, receiving the knowing look as Melissa left the room.

"Hey Chlo," Beca yawned, making her way through the house to her bedroom.

"Hey Bec. Did I wake you up?"

Beca flopped down on to her bed, the concern in Chloe's voice making her smile. "No, I was actually talking to my mom."

"Really? About what?"

"Uh... well, I... I might have told her the truth," Beca said sheepishly, knowing she probably should have discussed it with Chloe first.

"What?! Why? Now she's going to tell my mom and..."

Beca cut her off quickly, "No, she won't. I told her she needed to let you have that conversation when you were ready."

Chloe stayed quiet for a few seconds. "Okay... that's... okay, that's good. What did she say?"

"She's happy for us. I think she felt bad for all the earlier years, but it's all good now. She asked if we could start wedding planning."

"And you said no..." Chloe trailed off, though Beca could hear the humor in her tone.

"Of course I said no," Beca replied. "Anyways, why aren't you asleep?"

Chloe sighed, "I can't sleep without you. I miss having you next to me."

The softness in Chloe's voice made Beca's heart flutter, suddenly having to fight the urge to sneak out of the house.

"You miss full-body cuddling me like your favorite teddy bear," Beca quipped, trying to lighten the moment.

"Yeah, I do." Chloe's voice held a bit of fight, rising to her challenge.

"You're lucky I love you... I wouldn't risk going into heatstroke every night for just anyone, you know."

Chloe let out a soft chuckle, eventually saying, "Say it again."

Beca thought for a moment. "Say what? I love you?"

"Yeah... but this time like you mean it."

Beca felt that twinge again in her chest as Chloe's voice went soft, wondering when it became her undoing.

"I love you Chlo," she murmured, letting her eyes drift closed.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing you say that."

Beca hummed, "Hmm then I'll never stop. Except in five seconds when I fall asleep. Getting sleepy yet?"

"Yeah, finally. You were right... next time we're staying in a hotel. Together."

Beca smirked, replying, "Say it again."

Chloe huffed on the other end of the phone, and Beca pictured the redhead's spectacular eye roll.

"You were right, Bec."

"I know I'll never get tired of hearing you say that," Beca said, letting the satisfaction creep into her tone on purpose.

"You're insufferable. I'm hanging up."

Beca waited a moment.

"I love you, too."

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