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Chapter 1 The Alpha

The beautiful horizon shined brightly giving off the sweet smell of morning flowers while the birds set up homes in trees after a long winter. What was once a dark cold forest came alive with various of animals to enjoy the warm weather. Thickets of snow melted off trees and mountains exposing how beautiful nature really is in the springtime. Freezing lakes and rivers thawed out to the blazing sun warning all creatures to take a sip of the slightly cold refreshing water. Meanwhile honey bees were spreading pollen to dozens of flowers in the meadows of playing pup foxes as their mother watched over them with a smile. This were the perfect time for pups to come outside of their dens and explore the world after being snuggled up in their parents warmth all winter. Fresh green grass finally revealed itself after being pounded underneath heavy snow for herbivores to feast. More specifically grazing caribou, deer, and young fawns who are being born at this moment. Not far away a lone wolf has woken from his slumber on a empty stomach. Most of winter the lone wolf has had trouble savaging food and ran into multiple packs territories trying to steal pry. This wolf has been caught hostage many times but always manage to escape unharmed. The lone wolf is the most wanted by packs in all of Canada for thieving and trespassing. The food he stole wasn't enough to fill him up but it was enough to survive.

There was a herd of grazing caribou a few feet below him and the lone wolf can taste the blood of his prey already. The wolf licked his muzzled and inched his way down crouching low to the fresh tall grass proceeding to hunt. What he didn't know was a group of alphas from a pack was eyeing the same hunt as him. When the lone wolf was close enough, he pounced on the prey scaring the herd towards the pack. Effortlessly the lone wolf took the caribou he targeted down but created a huge commotion of a running herd. The group of alphas were running for their lives in the opposite direction of being killed panicky whimpering for help. A tan-ish well-trained alpha impressively tried to save them flipping through the air on tree branches sliding across the canyon walls dodging every obstacle in the way. The lone wolf watched every move the wolf did and was quite impressed by this alpha. The tan-ish wolf ran along aside the pack and leaped at a broken log shattering it into a huge piece giving them temporary cover. The herd of caribou hopped over the log the alphas was protecting themselves underneath but it wasn't lasting long. Hooves on the caribou was slapping across the log breaking it slowly with each hit.

"...*sigh*... I'm gonna have to save them aren't I?" The wolf said looking over his fresh kill before back at them. Suddenly a loud whimper occurred from the distance of the group of alphas.

"I guess I am.." The lone wolf said running full speed to the pack of alphas.

The lone wolf ran across the canyon showing off his moves himself flipping multiple times and dodging obstacles in his way. When he was close enough he leaped on the caribous back one by one landing a perfect front flip onto the log the wolves were hiding under. The lone wolf let out a loud powerful deep growl snarling at the caribou scaring them to run around. After a while the herd all ran passed them and the alphas was out of dangers way. The lone wolf hopped off the log and sturnly walked back to his kill like he didn't just saved some wolves lives. The group of alphas flipped over the log revealing themselves coughing wildly to the dirt of smoke that was kicked up from the herd. They wondered who was this mysterious wolf that saved them with probably the most deepest growl they've ever heard. When the smoke cleared the group of alphas seen a grey-ish furred wolf walking away calmly.

"Look there he his!...that wolf ruined our hunt!" A alpha said snarling at him.

"Who are you and what are you doing in our territory!?" The female tan-ish wolf said growling. The lone wolf didn't respond and kept walking by his business without a care in the world.

"Hey I said who are you and what are you doing in our territory?!" The female tan-ish wolf repeated running and proceeding to pounce on the lone wolf. The wolf effortlessly countered the attack standing up on his hind legs flipping the she-wolf to the ground awkwardly bending her paw back in submission. She whimpered cowardly and immediately regret her decision trying to attack the wolf.

"That's how you treat the wolf that just saved your sorry asses?...I'm hungry just like you are and there's this big thing called survival and a wolf's gotta eat" The lone wolf said sternly gazing in her amber eyes that showed pure fear.

"Please s-stop.." The tan-ish wolf whimpered out from the pain begging for mercy.

"Let her go!" A alpha said leaping at the lone wolf and he countered the attack bending his paw backwards also. He coward down in pure fear and whimpered loudly from the pain it brought him. The other group of alphas ran towards him and he smirked widely.

"Well this is about to be fun" The lone wolf said smirking widely.

The group of alphas circled him growling and snarling before engaging to tear him into shreds. The lone wolf released the paws of his hostages and threw them aside into large rocks. He was toying around with the group of alphas as they tried to tear him apart only to clown themselves. The lone wolf dodged every attack countering them creatively making them hurt and hit themselves. Soon enough the pack heard the growling and ran over to see what was happening. They were surprised to see a unknown wolf defending himself against five grown trained alphas not getting scratched. He was flipping around them and dodging attacks making fools out of the alphas as they fought their hearts out. The pack leader was stunned by this wolf capabilities and decided to stop the fight.

"ENOUGH!" He shouted from the top of the canyon and the alphas stopped attacking him.

"Aww come on this was actually fun" The lone wolf pouted while the group of alphas caught their breath.

"Who are you?" He questioned sternly as more wolves walked up behind him to check out the commotion.

"I'm just a wolf on a mission for food I don't want any trouble" The lone wolf said firmly.

"You're trespassing in our territory so you have nothing but trouble..we don't take trespassing too kind here" He said with a serious glare and more alphas hopped down circling him.

"Wow 1 versus 14 this is totally fair" The lone wolf said backing away growling deeply ready to defend himself if he has to.

"Dad stop!...let's question him first before we go into anything serious he could be innocent" The female tan-ish wolf said.

"Kate..you know the rules" He said sternly.

"But he saved our lives..please dad" Kate said with a serious look and he thought about it for a second before nodding.

"Alright you're coming with us for questioning...alphas escort him to my den...and if you try anything I won't hesitate to kill you myself" He said with a glare before turning around and walking away.

"Why not I don't have anything better to do" The lone wolf said as a wolf pushed him forward from behind.

"Get moving" He said trying to play tough after what he did to his paw.

"Hey push me again and I'll break your paw next time" The lone wolf said staring into his soul making him coward down.

The alphas lead him to the main den surrounding him in case he tried to attack or escape. Moments later they were deep into their territory walking in the feeding grounds. All the passing wolves seen a muscular wolf surrounded by alphas being escorted to somewhere and began to gossip. Most of the she-wolves stopped what they were doing to stare at this new lone wolf with dreamy looks. Drool were hanging from the muzzles of lustful she-wolves while their tails wagged rapidly. Even she-wolves who already had mates with pups of their own was craving over this new extremely attractive unknown wolf. The lone wolf noticed the craving wolves and could smell the heat from them rather quickly. Nothing out of the ordinary to him, girls has always found him cute from the start of being hand raised by humans. He decided to tease them to see what happens and gave the passing she-wolves of omegas a lustful wink. All of them passed out with dreamy looks except a pure white wolf with a bang covering her lavender eye. She seemed amazed and froze on the spot in awe of him with a wagging tail fanning herself. He chuckled to himself and turned his attention back to where he was walking. After a few more minutes of walking they all walked up the slope into a big den that can hold up to 20 wolves. They escorted the lone wolf inside and the leader walked over to his tan-ish furred mate nuzzling her nose.

"We have a trespasser who disturbed today's hunt we're taking him in for questioning" He explained sitting next to his mate.

"He should know we don't take trespassers friendly here" She said growling at the lone wolf making the other alphas back away but he stood wisely.

"Like I said before I don't want any trouble I didn't know this was your territory" The lone wolf said sternly.

"Lies...there's markings everywhere" He said becoming slightly angry.

"I might've missed them I apologise sir...I've been hungry all winter I seen a opportunity and I took it" The lone wolf said firmly unfazed. Before the pack leaders could say anything Kate walked up to him curious.

"Who are you?" Kate asked with a slight swaying tail.

"I go by many names" The lone wolf said.

"We're all listening" Kate said calmly sitting down curious to know more about him. Soon enough everyone attention was on the lone wolf waiting for him to respond.

"Okay...my names Humphrey and I'm a lone wolf from Alaska raised by humans just searching for food like any other wolf in this world" Humphrey said giving into defeat receiving small gust of gasps.

"Oh you're from Alaska?..I know some good wolves there..but that's hundreds of miles away from here and the fact you survived that long through winter is impressive" He said smirking he came all this way down to Jasper Canada.

"I started the journey as a young pup and now here I am months later an adult still chasing after my own tail" Humphrey explained causing small laughter from the pack leaders.

"Well let me formally introduce ourselves...my name is Winston and this is my mate Eve we're the pack leaders...I'm sure you met my daughter Kate already" Winston said introducing his family then pointing to Kate.

"Yeah I met her we got off on the wrong paw" Humphrey said finding himself staring at the beautiful tan-ish wolf right in front of him.

Humphrey never noticed at first but Kate looks absolutely beautiful to him. Kate had a well fit body with nice hips and curves that most males would go crazy for. She seemed like a young adult who just achieved out of alpha school that started in the fall. It didn't take long for Kate to realize Humphrey was staring at her and blush a cherry red hiding her face with her tail shyly.

"Mom dad what's going on?" A feminine white furred wolf asked stumbling in the den dropping her jaw when she saw Humphrey.

"Right on time...this is our youngest daughter…Lilly this is Humphrey" Winston explained kindly suddenly.

"Oh..hi-hi Humphrey..nice name" Lilly said timidly smirking blushing at her own compliment.

"Thanks you too...I've never seen a pure white wolf with lavender eyes before that's amazing...you're a one of a kind wolf if you ask me" Humphrey said smiling truly amazed by her appearance.

"Thanks Humphrey that's nice of you to say" Lilly said blushing staring in his aqua blue eyes and Kate cleared her throat. Breaking the trance between the two obviously jealous of their little moment.

"Well um anyways...nice to meet you guys...and sorry for getting into the mix of your pack but I have to get moving now" Humphrey said beginning to turn around and walk out the den but was stopped by the guarding alphas.

"Not so fast...you scattered our herds of caribou northern and put us in the risk of sarvation...you owe us" Winston said firmly.

"So you expect me to hunt for a whole pack?" Humphrey asked sarcastically chuckling.

"Yes" Winston simply said and Humphrey smile faded.

"You're joking?" Humphrey asked not believing that's actually what he wants him to do.

"Until you hunt for the pack and successfully bring our caribou back you're stuck here...try to escape and be killed" Eve said snarling at Humphrey.

"Couldn't have said it better myself" Winston said smirking at his mate.

"How would you advise I hunt for a whole fucking pack?" Humphrey asked slightly angry.

"You are going to hunt with our best alphas until I feel like you've done enough" Winston said firmly and Humphrey gazed at the ground in deep thought. Trying to figure out how to talk himself out of this one.

"Yes!" Kate sqeualed with excitement getting the attention of everyone. Kate fixed her expression and quietly cleared her throat blushing slightly.

"I mean..it will be a pleasure working with you Humphrey...after today I can maybe learn a thing or two about hunting from you" Kate explained with a small smile.

"Well dad... since Humphrey's gonna be here for a while can I show him around the pack?" Lilly asked with a cute innocent voice and Kate widen her eyes.

"Of course sweet-"

"No Lilly he needs a alpha to show him around the pack" Kate quickly said standing up walking towards the exit of the den waiting for him to follow.

"Wait wait wait there has to be something else I can do I mean for a whole pack?...that's crazy thinking" Humphrey said still trying to fight his trial.

"Humphrey go with Kate she'll show you around the pack..try anything-"

"...*sigh*...yeah yeah I know be killed heard it all before" Humphrey said standing up to follow Kate who just smirked at Lilly.

"Good boy" Eve said smirking.

"But-But...ughh" Lilly growled pouting in defeat that she asked to show Humphrey around first.

As Kate showed Humphrey around the pack, she couldn't help but admire him and those hunky muscles from time to time. Humphrey's grayish fur glowed in the sunlight exposing the outline of his muscles making Kate almost drool from the sight. He was super attractive and sparkled to her but Kate kept her cool unlike other she-wolves. Humphrey is actually the first guy ever she had her golden eyes glued on in this pack. Kate found it incredibly hot that Humphrey is probably some badass wolf who fought for survival all throughout Canada. But something was missing in Kate's life even though she felt like it was perfect already. Kate had great parents, a loving omega sister, awesome friends, and a healthy career as a full trained alpha. After watching her dad reunite with her mom showing affection after being gone for alpha school, Kate realized she wants someone to love too. Kate felt like Humphrey could be the one for her that can give her what she always wanted which is true love. All of the other males drooled over Kate and tell how hot she is and rarely been called beautiful for once. The fact Humphrey's a dominant lone wolf made matters better in Kate's favor that he might've been through a lot. That could mean Humphrey more likely can protect her as the perfect mate by defining all the scars she noticed on him. Mating season was right around the corner and she knew her heat would drive her nuts for Humphrey. With all the other she-wolves eyes on him including her sisters; Kate knows she needs to make her move on him quick. Then her mind blurred off to how BIG can Humphrey actually be. Just the thought of it made Kate's mouth water of him pounding her with pleasurable thrust. Humphrey bumped Kate harshly killing her dazed thoughts looking at him confused.

"Unless you love walking into pine trees I would advise you to pay attention to where you're going" Humphrey said chuckling and Kate laughed nervously walking around the tree beside him.

"Y-Yeah right...well Humphrey I showed you every part of the pack's territory any questions?" Kate asked with a nervous, but heart-warming smile.

"Umm I have a question" Humphrey asked licking his muzzle.

"What is it?" Kate asked staring in his icy blue eyes she's beginning to love.

"Is there a lake or river near?...all the walking has me drained" Humphrey asked clearing his dry throat.

"Of course right this way" Kate said smiling leading the way. Kate smirked to herself and set up a trap for him swaying her hips seeing if it'll catch his attention.

Surely it did and he didn't notice Kate was watching him the whole time giggling to herself. Kate stopped walking and looked back at him with a wide smirk before saying.

"You know it's not nice to stare at my butt Humphrey" Kate said softly giggling with blushing cheeks for putting on a show for him.

"Then why are you teasing me on purpose?" Humphrey asked chuckling and her eyes widen he knew that madly blushing.

"I-I...uh..so-so what made you decide to become a lone wolf?" Kate asked panicky changing the subject continuing the walk as he followed.

"I didn't decide I was abonded" Humphrey said with no emotion in his voice.

"Oh..sorry for asking" Kate asked feeling sympathy for him.

"It's okay I had to grow up eventually" Humphrey said wisely.

"What about the scars?...do they have stories behind them?" Kate asked admiring them as they walked side by side.

"Not really some are from hunting bigger pray like bisons...but this one is from a human stabbing me" Humphrey said camly pointing to the large scar on his chest hidden in his masculine fur and Kate gasped.

"That's horrible" Kate said cringing at the deep scar.

"Don't worry more humans later on snitched me up...not all of them are evil" Humphrey said with a small smirk. It was another small silence until Kate hesitantly spoke up again.

"So obviously you're a alpha right?" Kate asked smiling at him.

"You can say that" Humphrey replied nodding, but not revealing the full truth about his rank.

"Judging by those hunky muscles I'll say it was easy surviving out there alone huh?" Kate asked smirking glancing at his impressive muscles again.

"Definitely not easy surviving alone but it's the stride to live that counts" Humphrey said and she thought about what he said before speaking up again.

"Back in my parents den you said you were raised by humans..what was that like?" Kate asked curious turning to him.

"Not much different from your average everyday family...they showed me love..affection...and took care of me until I was big enough to be released" Humphrey explained.

"So they just let you go?...but why?" Kate asked not understanding.

"We're wild wolves to them...humans and wild wolves don't mix..everyone sees you as a fucking threat" Humphrey said angrily clawing a tree leaving four deep claw marks starling Kate. Humphrey noticed Kate was startled and quickly changed his emotions clearing his throat.

"To make it much simpler wolves are dangerous and seen as a threat to the human speices...they think I would mature and turn against them like some kind of monster" Humphrey explained beginning to walk again with Kate by his side.

"Well I don't see you as a monster I think you're just misunderstood" Kate said giving Humphrey her signature smile. Humphrey was quiet for a good second before speaking up.

"Thanks Kate..I haven't had anyone to talk to for some time and it feels good having company again" Humphrey said smirking at her.

"Anytime" Kate said smiling rubbing her tail across his muzzle making him chuckle.

"If I'm smart enough I'll say you're trying to flirt with me" Humphrey chuckled as she walked ahead of him.

"Maybe I am.." Kate said with a sly smile looking back at him before turning her attention forward again. After a small walk the sound of water flowing was knowledgeable in the distance. Kate lead him all the way to the banks of the lake and sat down.

"There you go feel free to ask anymore questions" Kate offered and he shook his head no.

"I'm fine for now thanks for everything" Humphrey said smirking at her and Kate smiled before standing up then walking away.

It was very peaceful and the scenery looked amazing smothered in natures water creatures. Humphrey lapped up the cold refreshing water for a solid five minutes before he stopped to lick his muzzle dry. He smelled a small stinch on him and began to walk in the lake to wash himself. Humphrey greyish fur planted against his well defined muscles showing all the outlines of his attractive body. There was a small sound of panting near the lake and Humphrey shot his attention to the direction to see panting she-wolves in the distance. Drooling and fanning themselves with their tails as Humphrey bathe himself.

"This is ridiculous no privacy whatsoever" Humphrey mumbled before rubbing the water in dirty spots cleaning himself despite wolves watching.

After Humphrey finished bathing himself he casually walked out the lake shaking himself dry. His fur instantly went back to its natural form but was more shined and groomed. Before Humphrey took a step forward he bumped into a smirking Lilly jumpscaring him.

"Ahh!" Humphrey screamed almost falling back in the lake.

"Hey there" Lilly said cheerfully wagging her tail at the starled Humphrey.

"Umm hey" Humphrey said calming down from his jumpscare walking around her but Lilly ran back in front of him.

"Hey wait wanna hear a joke?" Lilly asked quickly, smiling widely at him.

"Sure I guess..lay it on me" Humphrey said sitting on his hind legs.

"Ok guess what I am?" Lilly asked falling to her back moving her legs rapidly.

"Uhh you have me beat" Humphrey chuckled at the omega.

"I'm a turtle that fallen and can't get up" Lilly exclaimed making Humphrey laugh.

"That was actually a really good impression" Humphrey chuckled and she rolled back over on her paws.

"Hm what about this one?" Lilly asked flopping to the ground pretending to play dead with her tongue out her muzzle.

"You have me beat again" Humphrey said chuckling.

"I'm a turtle that was road killed" Lilly said and Humphrey laughed again.

"Oh I see you're a funny omega...what else can you do?" Humphrey asked chuckling.

"Um..I only tell turtle jokes" Lilly said laying down normal on the cool dirt smiling lovely.

"Wanna see what I can do?" Humphrey asked smirking walking passed her.

"Would my parents approve?" Lilly asked unsure and he stopped walking looking back at her.

"Yeah" Humphrey said smiling and Lilly's face lit up as her tail wagged.

"Okay then" Lilly said cheerfully raising to her paws trotting beside Humphrey.

They walked in silence because of the fact Lilly was too busy checking him out. Lilly grew a strong crush on Humphrey after he winked at her and her friends earlier in the feeding grounds. Lilly's friends told her to keep dreaming because he's an alpha and she's an silly omega and it's never happening. But Lilly believes she has a chance with Humphrey and could change the packs mind. Maybe they'll uplift the law or something for Lilly to be with him. So far Humphrey hasn't called her hot yet marking him officially different from other males. Lilly never had a eye out for any guy in this pack because they all was desperate for her looks and not the heart. Humphrey on the other paw was seeming not to show interest of disrespecting Lilly as a young lady. Lilly knows she better make a move quick and claim him before another she-wolf does. Most importantly Kate CANNOT have Humphrey for herself. It's a matter of time before she steals his heart and Lilly won't allow that to happen. Of course Lilly loves her sister and would die to protect Kate, but Humphrey can be the guy she always dreamed about. Lilly was currupted out her thoughts when she heard a loud snapping of a old tree.

"What are you doing?" Lilly asked puzzled.

"You'll see" Humphrey and smirking snapping off a tree log. Humphrey licked his paw and put it to the air testing the wind.

"Great the wind is blowing away from us" Humphrey said smirking flopping the wooden plank down walking inside of it sitting down.

"Humphrey what is this for?" Lilly asked clueless to what he's doing.

"Ever went log sledding?" Humphrey asked smirking and she shook her head no.

"No what is that?" Lilly asked curious with a wagging tail.

"Is when you ride a log down a steep hill...it's tons of fun" Humphrey exclamied and her face lit up.

"Ok I'm in" Lilly said excitedly walking in behind him sitting down.

"I thought you'd love the idea...hold onto my waist" Humphrey said smirking back at her.

"W-Why should I do that?" Lilly asked timidly.

"So you won't go flying off silly" Humphrey said and she nodded wrapping her arms around him blushing. Lilly loved the feeling of his fur, it was so soft and warm. She could also feel those big hunky muscles making her wet and moan quietly.

"Ready?" Humphrey asked picking up a nearby stick.

"Yeah" Lilly replied with a smirk.


"Wait you sure this is safe?" Lilly asked worriedly after looking down the deep hill covered with various of dangers.

"...1!" Humphrey yelled out pushing the stick sending them full speed down the hill.

Lilly screamed out in fear but it soon turned into excitement when they did a flip off of a rock landing it perfect. Humphrey was swaying down the hill dodging all the possible dangers that can possibly kill them effortlessly. Lilly was having the time of her life feeling the wind blow in her face while her tongue dangled out her mouth. This is the most fun she had since she was a pup playing with her friends. She also couldn't believe Humphrey was acting like a omega when he's clearly a alpha. Lilly knew maybe there's some untold stories Humphrey hasn't told about.

"Woohoo this is so fun!" Lilly exclaimed over the wind.

"I told ya so!...here comes the best part!" Humphrey shot back at her spending up the sled aiming for the hug rock that sloped upwards.

"Wait Humphrey a turtle!" Lilly exclaimed pointing at the slow turtle walking across the path.

Humphrey panicky turned the sled harshly sending them both flying out down the hill into the beautiful meadow of flowers. They both tumbled down the hill until at the bottom nearly landing in the lake. Lilly dizzily tried to stand up but her hair was too far over her eyes and she clumsily almost fell into the lake until Humphrey caught her. By him doing so their noses touch and both of them had widen eyes. Humphrey pulled Lilly into the clearing away from the lake and she curled up in a ball, hiding in the tall green grass seeming embarrassed.

"S-Sorry..I-I..didn't mean to do that I couldn't see where I was heading" Lilly said innocently blushing cherry red which was very noticeable. Humphrey chuckled at her remarks and said.

"Maybe this would help some" Humphrey said using his muzzle to tuck her hair away from her big lavender eyes.

"Woah" Humphrey said amazed from her eyes.

"Woah..what?" Lilly asked curiously fluttering her eyelids a few times, adjusting to the brightness of both her eyes being revealed.

"Your eyes...they're beautiful together when one is not hidden" Humphrey said charmingly making her blush avoiding eye contact.

"Oh..thanks you're so sweet..no guy has ever told me that" Lilly said timidly once she gathered up the courage to talk again. Lilly had no control of her body and felt herself leaning forward slowly closing her eyes. Humphrey was confused at first but soon caught on and took a step back.

"Lilly!...can I have a talk with you for a second?...it's important" Kate said ruining the moment and Lilly instantly stopped what she was doing.

"Umm give me a second Humphrey" Lilly replied with a small smile before walking over to her sister.

"Take your time" Humphrey said watching her leave then gazing off in the distance at the lake.

"Ahh perfect...alone again" Humphrey said walking to the lake lapping up more water. When the sisters were out of Humphrey's range, Kate stopped walking and shot Lilly an angry expression.

"Lilly what do you think you're doing?" Kate asked upset.

"What are you talking about?" Lilly asked playing the innocent card strolling her eyes around.

"You know exactly what I am talking about...I seen him first so back off" Kate said seriously.

"What makes you so special to have him?...besides I think he likes me way more anyway" Lilly said blowing her hair away from her lavender eyes remembering what Humphrey told her.

"Well Humphrey finds me way more attractive he couldn't resist not looking at me" Kate said seductively posing her well-fit body with a smile.

"So you're gonna be his alpha slut?...should've known you like him for his looks" Lilly said rolling her eyes and Kate growled.

"No I don't...I like him for him...yeah he's a hunky alpha but he seems really nice..and..I want to get to know him better so I'll know if he's the one for me" Kate choked up defending herself.

"I think he's the one for me more than you Kate" Lilly exclaimed smiling to herself.

"But you're an omega..Humphrey would think twice before considering you as a mate" Kate shot back with a glare.

"That doesn't mean anything I can still win over his heart before my slutty sister does" Lilly said angrily growling taking it offensive.

"Okay we'll see who he likes the most then...but I have the advantage because afterall he's helping us hunt for the pack" Kate said smirking running her tail across Lilly's muzzle teasing her. Walking back to Humphrey with a big grin on her face.

"Oh you're so on Kate...Humphrey will be mine" Lilly said smirking at the challenge to win over the hunky alpha.

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