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Chapter 5 Jealousy

Humphrey ran through the timberlands full speed effortlessly flipping and jumping over fallen trees not looking back for a second. He's never the type to be a coward running away from danger but he respects Kate and wants to follow her orders. It can be his first time being apart of a pack that so far shown great interest in taking him in as family and he doesn't want to ruin that. By far Kate and Lilly both have taken a special hit in his lonely heart unlike no one ever has after the departure of his family. When Humphrey was separated from his family at a very young age, his brothers and sisters all promised each other they'll never join a pack. But now that Humphrey was on his own half his life it has been a difficult promise. Every pack that's tempting to take him in with a lifetime of food and shelter was disposed when he disrespectfully declined. Humphrey was always the sensitive quiet shy omega who didn't communicate very much or interact with others as a pup. Humans thought he was sick pup that was born without any emotion after running many test on his nervous system. One day he heard humans overtalking about his health problems debating if he could even survive on his own in the wild. Also that he has a better chance being adopted for people of blindness to help attend aid, or spending his whole life at the institute. That ticked Humphrey the wrong way and he began to communicate and be interactive a lot more than often. He would play, create games, and wrestle with his brothers and sisters seeking dominance over all of them.

But the humans knew something was oddly insignificant about pup Humphrey. He grew much much bigger than his siblings faster than any wolf pup recorded. By six months old Humphrey was nearly 90 pounds and stood 5'1 when he stood on his hind legs. Humans found it dangerous that he was growing so big very fast and had no choice but to release all the pups early before their time into the wild. They feared that Humphrey's instincts would take control over his litter and the other non-family pups and basically bullying everyone because of his size. When Humphrey was released his gained everything he ever did on his own and never received a rub on his back. He emotionally motivated himself to stay strong for his brothers and sisters and put his body through a intense workout. Every time his mind screamed for him to quit, he would say to himself that his siblings would do the same for him. Humphrey was a few seconds away from the den Kate and him are supposed to be sharing. Then Lilly came running in front of him cutting off his route to the den.

"Lilly it isn't safe you should report to your den" Humphrey ordered sternly and Lilly put on the biggest fake show.

"Hu-Humphrey I'm...I'm scared...I seen...I-I dead-and.. there's..blood…" Lilly said emotionally traumatized with tears forming in her eyes unable to speak proper english.

"Come with me I'll protect you" Humphrey said wisely leading the way until Lilly spoke up.

"Actually H-Humphrey my den is safer it's well hidden too you should follow me" Lilly said in a shaky voice and Humphrey thought about it before nodding.

"Okay lead the way" Humphrey said and Lilly nodded before taking off with him side by side.

Within a few minutes Lilly ran up to her den that has vines blocking the entrance with dozens of flowers hanging on them. They both ran into her den and was greeted by the pleasant smell of flowers that were decorated all over in her den. Humphrey instantly began to believe Lilly has some type of fetish for flowers because it was a tad bit too much. After the duo caught their breath Humphrey continued to admire her decent size den that was actually amazing. Of course other than the overproduction of flowers, it was honestly a pretty good looking den.

"Okay we should be safe here..I made this place well hidden for a time like this" Lilly said with a cherry smile on her white furred muzzle. It was a small silence as Humphrey walked around admiring her work.

"I can see why...wow Lilly this is a nice den you have" Humphrey said looking around with a smirk before back at her.

"Thank you it took me forever to get it like this" Lilly said smiling widely wagging her tail timidly.

"If I'm not I'll be the first to say all your hard work paid off this is amazing" Humphrey said purely amazed and from the corner of his eyes he seen water.

"Is that...water leaking from the den walls?" Humphrey asked she have a inden drinking puddle.

"Yeah the creek runs through here that's one of the reasons I wanted this to be my home it's very lovely isn't it?" Lilly giggled and Humphrey nodded.

"In fact it is indeed...I wouldn't see any reason to ever leave this den other than fresh air or food" Humphrey joked chuckling receiving small cute giggles from Lilly.

"That's all I ever leave for anyways" Lilly said sitting on her hind legs smirking folding her tail around herself.

"How come you're a nice funny girl I'm sure you have fr-fri-...how you say it again hmm...oh yeah friends right?" Humphrey asked whilst wandering around the den seeming to be exploring. Lilly pinned her ears back and held her head down.

"Uh no I...don't have friends...all I ever hang out with is my family no one wants to friend a pathetic omega" Lilly said feeling the tears welled up in her big lavender eyes. Humphrey walked in front of her lifting her head with his paw staring in her eyes.

"I meant what I said when I laid eyes on you in your parents den Lilly...you are very unique I've never seen anyone remotely close to resemble..and you know what I could be your friend screw them other wolves they're missing out on a really good wolf" Humphrey said with a kind smile and Lilly smiled back less insecure.

"Thanks Humphrey that means a lot to me...you're a really sweet guy" Lilly said happily that she feels special to someone for once.

"You're very welcome" Humphrey said while still admiring her den. He couldn't get over the fact of how amazing it looks in the day. The way the sun beams compliments the vines and reflect off the flowers makes the den seem heavenly. Humphrey always wanted to expand his creativity among his surroundings but never had the chance to do it. Lilly giggled from how much he likes inspecting her den and said.

"You know Humphrey..I wouldn't mind your company more often" Lilly said with a cheesy smirk raising suspense.

"What do you mean by that?" Humphrey asked unsure turning to her.

"I mean..like..um...if you would want to stay here with me on your journey hunting for our pack I wouldn't mind if you crash here" Lilly said half loving and timidly hoping he'll turn down living with Kate.

"That's very kind of you Lilly but Kate already has me covered thanks anyways" Humphrey said continuing to tour himself around and smelling one of the flowers.

"Fuck I hate her so much" Lilly cursed under her breath with an angry look but her expression changed when Humphrey turned to her again.

"What was that?" Humphrey asked hearing little muffles of words.

"I uhh...it's okay if you're comfortable with Kate's den I'm happy..but you can stop by anytime you like" Lilly said putting on a fake smile unsatisfied knowing he's staying in Kate's place instead of hers.

"Great...you mind if I?" Humphrey asked referring a drink from Lilly's homemade den water fountain.

"No not at all go head" Lilly said smirking at him and he smiled back before taking slow licks of the surprisingly refreshing water. Lilly walked closer to him before sitting on her hind legs urging to ask a question that's been on her mind lately.

"So Humphrey can I ask you something?" Lilly asked curious to know this and Humphrey rose his head up licking his muzzle.

"What do you have to tell me?" Humphrey asked with a smile that Lilly is beginning to love about him.

"How do you feel about Kate?" Lilly asked hoping he'll say something awful about his relation with her evil older sister.

"Kate's cool she seems very energetic and straight forward..sometimes demanding but I like her she's very nice" Humphrey said keeping it simple and sweet.

"Do you like her or do you LIKE LIKE her?" Lilly asked reallying wanting to know and Humphrey rolled his eyes sitting down on his hind legs.

"And why do you want to know so bad?" Humphrey teased and Lilly was dumbfounded.

"It-It uh was a random question...and just so you know Kate's a very strange wolf" Lilly said swaying her tail across the cool dirt.

"She seems normal to me how is she strange exactly?" Humphrey asked with a raised brow and Lilly began to slowly walk closer to him.

"Well...Kate's been lurking males in our pack and had many relations with them...next thing you know they're running away from her kicking and screaming" Lilly explained with a prejudice smile sitting in front of him.

"So basically you're calling Kate a slut?" Humphrey questioned and Lilly looked upwards thinking about it before coming up with an answer.

"Yep definitely totally" Lilly said nodding rapidly.

"Haha ok good to know but Kate and I aren't having any relations like that it'll be weird...she's my best friend I think you call it" Humphrey said chuckling to Lilly exposing her sister. Lilly heart sunk and felt like Kate's claws pierced through her chest.

"You guys are what!" Lilly shouted in disbelief centimeters away from touching noses. She realized how close she was to him and instantly began to blush backing away regaining her composure.

"Uhh I mean...that's-that's great how close you two became so fast" Lilly said with a blank stare growling on her last word.

"Yeah I've learned a lot from her...such a nice slutty girl apparently" Humphrey said chuckling before letting out a big yawn. Rethinking his opinion about Kate after what Lilly said about her.

"I just wanted to warn you Humphrey I didn't want-want you to fall victim to her trap" Lilly said sternly with a concerning look.

"Trust me we have nothing going on so there's nothing to worry about" Humphrey said lying on his belly a respectable distance from Lilly.

"Good" Lilly said smiling laying down herself and a curious question hit Humphrey.

"Why does everyone care for me so much?...this is the first pack that ignores the fact that I'm a stranger apart from your parents maybe" Humphrey said not understanding why mostly everyone is so friendly to him.

"Believe it or not all of us...well almost all of us..has a caring heart for other wolves including strangers if they're not seen as a threat" Lilly explained with the innocent delicate tone.

"Hm I guess that makes sense...it feels good to not be tied up to a tree to starve to death and be spit on by passing wolves" Humphrey said chuckling at his crude humor and Lilly eyes widened.

"Is that what happened to you that's horrible" Lilly said feeling bad for anyone who had to go through that type of experience.

"Yeah it was tough but now you can see my point of why this whole...trusting a stranger thing is new to me" Humphrey said and Lilly nodded understanding what he meant.

"Well you won't have to worry about that here there's hardly any crime and when there is it's never cruel unusual punishment...at the worst it'll be banishment because we don't torture or kill anyone" Lilly said with a innocent smile.

"Nice...if I would've ran into you guys pack earlier in my life it could've saved me some scars" Humphrey said chuckling again at his odd crude humor. Lilly's eyes instantly began scanning his incredibly sexy body covered in a few scars. Those big luscious muscles was beginning to hypnotize her while her tongue nearly slipped out her muzzle. Humphrey began to take notice of her staring and Lilly quickly shook off her trance with a question.

"Uh how did you get that one?" Lilly asked randomly, motioning to the biggest one across his chest. Humphrey gazed down at the one she was talking about then back at her with a small smile.

"That one came from a human stabbing me with a sharp object called a knife" Humphrey said and Lilly gasped amazed.

"How did you survive?" Lilly asked curious to know.

"A group of humans found me bleeding out unconscious and patched me up" Humphrey said confusing the fuck out of Lilly.

"But why didn't you say one stab you?...why would more help you suddenly?" Lilly asked with a slight head tilt.

"Not all humans are bad..some are actually caring and nice" Humphrey said smiling widely wandering back to his human caretakers and how bad he misses them.

"Why did the bad human stab you?" Lilly asked feening for more about his story of a scar. Humphrey's smile immediately faded drifting off back to that day.

"The human was abusing my sisters because they wouldn't let me go after he forced me away from them...I tried to fight him off to break us all free to live out our lives together but I wasn't no match for his tools..after he stabbed me all I can remember is my sisters and brothers shouting my name before I blacked out...next time I woke up I was in a different institute then set free after a few weeks of healing" Humphrey explained staring at the den walls with a blank expression.

"That's so sad I'm sorry Humphrey...no one should ever have to go through that I know you're probably devastated" Lilly said willing to support him if she has to.

"I've learned to cope and live with it but at least I'm not dead...someday I might actually run into my family again" Humphrey said smiling to himself.

"That's the spirit there's always a bright side to something bad as I always say" Lilly said showing off her precious smile.

"Right indeed...thanks for actually caring it means much to me" Humphrey said smiling at her and she giggled.

"That's what friends are for silly" Lilly said cutely, scotting closer to Humphrey which made him feel a little uncomfortable. But the feeling evaporated when a group of alpha's ran past the den. This caught both of their attentions and Lilly moved even closer to Humphrey rubbing against his side acting as if she's scared. She could feel his defined muscles and softness of his fur that could put a girl to sleep at night. Lilly tried the best to compose herself from getting wet but Humphrey is just too hot for her.

"Don't worry I don't think they seen us" Humphrey said calming her fright by rubbing tails. She blushed and a small gasp escaped Lilly that he did that but she didn't complain about it.

"I don't think they'll be able to take you anyway even if they tried" Lilly said smiling widely staring in his icy eyes. Wanting to connect lips with Humphrey sooo bad marking him hers FOREVER. What made matters worse is that his lips already look very soft and extremely kissable.

"Right...I say we lay low for a while before we leave just to be sure it's safe" Humphrey said breaking the stare gazing back out the den through the vines.

"I wouldn't mind staying in here with you until next spring..I already feel safe with my one and only friend by my side" Lilly said rubbing her head against his neck lovingly. This shocked Humphrey from the unexpected affection and he didn't know how to react only smile.

Humphrey couldn't deny Lilly is a extremely cute wolf and the affection she gives reminds him of his human caretakers. Even though they back stabbed Humphrey releasing him because of his size, he still misses them dearly including his siblings. Lilly has began to grow on him and the more memories they share together the more she starts to become apart of him. Humphrey wanted to ignore this feeling he's beginning to have for Lilly over the fact it's out of his character. After he's been on his own half his life all he ever knows is selfishness and what's good to survive. Humphrey is afraid of a change and the fact Lilly's being so attaching is making it worse. He moved away from her a few centimeters creating space between them getting a confused stare until he spoke up.

"Hey um..to pass time how about we play a game?"Humphrey asked and Lilly's tail went a mile a minute as her face lit up.

"Ooo I love games what do you have in mind?" Lilly asked squealing with excitement unable to stand in one place.

Kate's P.O.V.

After the emergency howl rung out I feared for my families and packs lives but most importantly Humphrey's. I'm sure he can handle himself because after all he's a alpha lone wolf. I just don't want to take the chance of a ambush getting him or both of us killed in the process. I ran blazing speed to my parents den for orders like we were trained in alpha school while the packs rushed into their dens for safety. It wasn't long before I was joined running alongside my alpha peers reporting to our parents den also. In little time all of us came running in my parents den who seemed like they were ready for this attack. My dad was giving orders to the alpha's that were there before I arrived and turned to me.

"Dad what's going on?...why are we being attacked?" I asked walking up to him with fear written on my face in bold letters.

"I-I don't know yet...I've sent out groups of alpha's to scope out areas for anyone unidentified as a member" Dad said pacing around thinking hard about something.

"We have had a lot of sightings of the Eastern pack in our territory maybe it's them" I said adding my comment into the mysterious attackers.

"Can't be..I've talked to their leader Tony which is a good friend of mine not long ago and we made a agreement" Dad said shaking off my remarks.

"What if he lied?" I asked of the possibility which had him shook.

"Winston honey I never trusted him in the first place..I wouldn't be surprised if he did betrayed us" Mom said with a mean mugging glare.

"Let's not jump to any conclusions here I've known Tony for a long time he wouldn't attack without notifying me he's no coward" Dad said with confidence Tony isn't the suspect of declaring war.

"So dad what do you want me to do?" I asked sitting up proudly ready to honor my pack a serious duty. This is what I trained for now it's my responsibility to protect our homeland.

"Uhh just stay put Kate until the alpha's return with any sightings" Dad said sitting on his hind legs next to my mom that seemed worried.

"Um o-okay then" I said in disbelief sitting down myself feeling useless that my own dad didn't give me any orders to protect the pack like the others.

My mind then randomly began to drift off into a daze about the hunkiest wolf in the pack and if he's safe right now. Sure I barely know Humphrey at all and we're already best friends but I really do care for him. I learned growing up all I needed to know about trusting someone or not and I trust and have utmost respect for him. Humphrey seems like he just wants to be accepted and fit in on something in his life. He could use a little more communication skills and understandment he's not on his own anymore. Humphrey has been out there on his own for so long that he haven't had anyone to share his emotions with and made him seem very sluggish. Poor Humphrey didn't even know what friendship meant and the true meaning behind it. That's why I am here for him I'm a great teacher and in return maybe he can help me be a more skilled alpha. Recently my crush grew stronger into something I can't explain accurately after I got to know him better and he saved me from potentially being raped. It takes a brave caring guy to do such a thing and afterwards teach a type of defense fighting move to avoid rape. For the few times we spent together I can sense he is a lovable wolf and has the most sweetest side every girl wants in a mate.

All I knew is that I wanted his attention focused on me and ME ONLY. I want to be the girl he talks to when he's hurt, laugh around with if he's bored, or cuddle up with for warmth through the long windy nights. After I laid eyes on Humphrey it was like love at first sight, it was only right I make him mine. Those big hunky muscles, musky scent, masculine fur, and dreamy icy blues eyes would make any girl melt. I can already see our future married cuddling and kissing in a den while our litter of pups wrestle in the meadows. Nobody can show him the purest form of love better than myself and actually mean it. I just need two weeks and I'll have Humphrey obsessed with me and prove to anyone that's trying to steal him. Whenever I'm with him I could tell he likes me by the way he stares. Lilly I think has tried to kiss him twice and thankfully he rejected her so that must mean he can have the hearts for someone else. Hopefully that someone goes by the name of Kate. The alphas came running back in the den corrupting my thoughts panting before speaking.

"Sir...we haven't spotted any unidentified wolves or creatures within our territorial limit..I'll say it was a false howl" Hutch said informatively.

"False war howl ehh?...I hope whoever howled knows it's a pack crime and could obtain banishment" Dad said making some of the alpha's gulp.

"But who would do such a thing?" I asked thinking long and hard and nothing hit me.

"Well one of the alpha's was near the sound of the howl and found the scent of Lilly near it" Hutch continued receiving gasps from everyone.

"Lilly could be in trouble what if she was wolf napped?" Mom asked feeling the tears forming in her eyes. Even though I'm starting to hate her, she's still my sister and I love her dearly. I felt bad for Lilly if she was wolf napped and didn't want to imagine the possible tortures. But then I actually remembered seeing her not long ago before the war howl rung out.

"No that can't be right because I seen her after I was talking to Humphrey then a few seconds later the howl happened" Kate said trying to piece this together.

"Okay when exactly was the last time you seen her?" Dad asked sternly to find my sister walking closer to me.

"She was in my den talking to the new guy before I asked him to teach me one of his hunting techniques..after that not too long the howl happe-...wait...that clever omega" Kate growled to herself angrily that Lilly set her up to possibly sneak Humphrey back.

"What omega?..Kate what are you talking about?" Mom asked clueless to what I'm getting at.

"Our pack is in no harm and I think I know who did this...I'll go have a serious talk with them" I said with an angry glare dashing off out my parents den leaving dirt behind.

"Don't be too friendly dear make sure you shove their intestines where the sun don't shine!" Mom shouted dearly out to me.

"Oh I wish I could" I mumbled to myself pacing to Lilly's den.

Back to Humphrey and Lilly…

Humphrey and Lilly was laughing as they finished up playing a game called paw hots. Surprisingly to Lilly Humphrey has a omega side she didn't know was there. Unlike all of the alphas who was too responsable AKA (cool) to play unmature omega games Humphrey was different in a good way. For somebody who don't talk much and been alone for almost 7 months, he has a very good goofy and playful vibe. At times he could be kind of dull and sluggish but when you enter his playful side he's really amusing to be around. Now that she knows that Lilly had to claim Humphrey hers FOREVER. Lilly felt after all maybe he was the perfect mate for her and she won't let anyone take him. Not only is Humphrey a smart alpha who knows how to survive and protect her, he also has a gooey sweet heart. And she can't forget to mention his playful side that perfectly compliments Lilly personality. The list can go on and on to why her crush for him is starting to grow but all she knows is that she wants his entire attention on her and ONLY her.

"I won again haha I beat you at your own game!" Lilly teased and Humphrey chuckled rolling his eyes.

"No way I call cheats" Humphrey said denying he lost making Lilly giggle.

"Oh just face it I owned you" Lilly teased again smirking wagging her tail a mile a minute.

"Okay you're pushing it" Humphrey said chuckling playfully and Lilly created a evil grin on her face.

"What are you going to do about it big bad wolf?" Lilly teased with a half smirk and Humphrey growled playfully.

"That's it you're gonna pay now" Humphrey said playfully tackling Lilly and together they barrel rolled out her den laughing. Once the duo reached the bottom, somehow Lilly managed to come out on top.

"Ha!..would you look at that I beat you again" Lilly said giggling hovering over Humphrey pinning his shoulders down. Humphrey tried to counter her and move on top but even more surprisingly Lilly is pretty strong to contain him.

"Woah you're a strong omega aren't you?" Humphrey asked chuckling and she nodded with a giggle.

"I get it from my mom" Lilly said laughing a bit before freezing in his icy blue eyes. Humphrey admired Lilly while the sunlight gleemed on her pure white fur literally making her seem like an angel.

"You know that you're quite beautiful when the sun shines on you like that" Humphrey said turning her cheeks burning red. Anytime he compliments Lilly she becomes even more gooey inside. It makes her want to say and do things she would never do in a millions years to him.

"Thanks that's very sweet of you to say...no guy has ever talked to me as sweet as you do" Lilly said timidly before sneaking a small kiss on his nose. Humphrey eyes widened kind of surprised she did that even though he could see it coming.

"S-Sorry Humphrey I didn't mean to do that I don't know what came over me" Lilly said apologetically hoping he doesn't hate her now and didn't ruin anything between them early.

"Haha it's okay Lilly I didn't mind" Humphrey said chuckling from her nervous embarrassment.

"So did-did you like that?" Lilly asked shyly, honestly wanting the kiss to be on the lips this time. Humphrey thought about it for a quick second and didn't know what to say.

"Um….I don't know...yes?" Humphrey said in a tone of a question. His response made Lilly's heart flutter and once again she had no control over her body.

"How about we try it on the lips this time?" Lilly asked softly burning her cheeks off, slowly closing her eyes leaning in for a wet kiss before he could even answer.

"Uh I...Lilly I don't think that's a good idea" Humphrey said nervously gulping wanting to avoid her puckering soft lips.

Kate came popping out the bushes right on time to see them in the wrong position disturbing Lilly's attempted kiss. She growled to herself and wanted to rip Lilly to shreds. Kate thought why can't she just leave Humphrey alone he's so not her type. Knowing her she would never give up what she wants and it's bad enough as a pup she practically got everything because she was the 'baby'. Lilly is an OMEGA and he's an ALPHA for crying out loud she wouldn't be able to handle him anyway. Lilly is very fragile and shy at times, why do she think she could become mates with a guy who's a dominant lone wolf?...In Kate's mind she tackled Lilly and clawed her face off with a bloody grin as she yelled in pain with every swipe. But in reality she tackled Lilly and pinned her down growling in her face.

"Kate what are you doing get off?!...Humphrey help me she's gone mad!" Lilly shouted in fear playing the innocent card again.

"It was you who did the war howl now you have the entire pack scared shitless!" Kate yelled in her face avoiding the real reason she was upset with her.

"I don't know what you are talking about…*struggling to breath*... Kate you're hurting me" Lilly said putting on a show pretending she's being abused by her sister. Humphrey easily separated the two while Kate barked and snarled at her. Lilly clinched on to Humphrey with a prejudice smile behind his back.

"Hey hey hey what's going on?" Humphrey asked standing in between them to protect Lilly in case Kate try to fight her again.

"Lilly is what's going on...she did a false war howl and needs to have a visit with our parents" Kate said smirking but this didn't faze Lilly. Humphrey turned his attention to Lilly who fixed her face as sad, confused, and hurt.

"Is this true Lilly?" Humphrey asked staring in her teary lavender eyes.

"No of course not Kate just targeted the wrong wolf I'm your sister to the same parents I wouldn't do that to my own pack are you sick?" Lilly asked Kate in the most upright innocent tone you can get from her. Kate had enough with her outstanding acting and playing so innocent all the damn time.

"You're lying!" Kate yelled impressively flying over Humphrey tackling Lilly again and had a long episode of stumbling down a steep hill. Humphrey chased after the sisters but he wasn't going to get there in time before Kate had a little talk with her. Kate seeked dominance on top of Lilly at the bottom and snarled in her face.

"Get off of me Kate your little gemic is over he can't hear us down here so there's no need to continue the show" Lilly said trying to shove Kate to the side to no prevail.

"My little gemic?!..you called a fake war howl just to steal Humphrey from me!" Kate shouted angrily in her face.

"It worked beautifully didn't it?..beside I didn't steal him he chooses me he only sees you as a friend" Lilly said with a evil grin and Kate growled deeply.

"No he doesn't how do you explain we almost kissed and you keep fucking up the moment?" Kate asked seriously becoming frustrated with a intense tone on the last few words.

"I can say the same to you but I actually stole a kiss and it felt great" Lilly teased poking her tongue out at Kate childishly. This is not the Lilly Kate is familiar with at all, she's turned into a entire bitch.

"You proved my point you don't deserve him if you're forcing kisses you perverted omega" Kate said strangling her and it was Lilly's turn to growl. Lilly effortlessly flipped her over and now was on top shocking Kate.

"Kate you lure him in with your body and I'm the perverted one?!..it's sad that you're using him just for sex and I actually love him for himself!" Lilly yelled upset not realizing what she said and Kate froze at her response.

"Wait...did you say you love him?" Kate asked making sure she heard right and Lilly froze herself now realizing she said that. Lilly decided to play along with it anyway even though she's not sure.

"Yes you already know this and you still go after him and disturb our moments together..now back off Humphrey wants me last warning" Lilly growled in her face and Kate was taken back by her unexpected aggressiveness. Kate let out a long sigh realizing they're both acting like a couple of pups right now.

"Lilly me and Humphrey have way much more in common than you do and I feel something inside for him...now tell the truth..do you REALLY feel something for Humphrey?" Kate asked in a more relaxed soothing tone and Lilly calmed down herself and said.

"First off we have much more in common than you think and..um...I-I yes kinda..I could..I wouldn't know for sure because I never get the chance to find out" Lilly explained slightly upset.

"Well Lilly you're just crushing that's not love..I feel something inside everytime I'm with him like we're supposed to be together" Kate explained hoping she'll understand.

"Are you saying you love him?" Lilly asked and Kate cheeks burned once she realized technically that's how she explained it.

"I guess so..after I laid eyes on him for the first time all I knew is that I want to be with him forever" Kate said smiling to herself and Lilly didn't seem to be happy about that.

"Oh please Kate there's no such thing as love on first sight and keep dreaming because he's going to be mine first" Lilly said starting to become back angry from the thought of Humphrey and Kate being mates. Kate shook her head disappointed and said.

"Lilly do you hear yourself are we really about to ruin our family bound over a guy?" Kate asked trying to put some sense into her but Lilly wasn't hearing it.

"I don't want it to be that way but you're giving me no choice..it isn't fair Kate you get all the attention from cute boys I like and they shrug me off because I'm an omega or what everyone calls me a PUP as if I'm too young to date" Lilly said letting out all her pent up emotions about her sister.

"I would see why because you're kinda acting like one right now" Kate shot at her and Lilly growled.

"You're going to know what it feels like to be turned down by someone you like when he's running off with your sister" Lilly said with a big grin trying to get under Kate's skin.

"So this is the tension Humphrey was talking about" Kate said knowing she might lose her friendship with her sister over a hunky guy. But at the same time Kate doesn't and can't let someone like Humphrey go.

"Who fault is that though?...all you had to do is leave him alone with me but noooo you have to go and get all slutty with him" Lilly fired back harshly and Kate had enough with Lilly calling her a slut. Kate slapped Lilly leaving four small cuts and she dramatically fell off of Kate to the ground crying. Humphrey came running down the hill to see Lilly on the ground crying with bloody cuts. Kate couldn't believe she put paws on her sister in a harmful way.

"Lilly I-I...sorry I don't know why I did that" Kate said shocked herself raising back on all fours as Lilly pretended to be more hurt than she really was.

"Kate did you just slap your sister?" Humphrey questioned running up to Lilly to make sure she's okay.


"Yes she slapped me-me H-Humphrey...I don't understand I thought she-she loved me but a-a-apparently not she's so c-cold blooded" Lilly sobbed lunging into Humphrey's chest crying her eyes out. Humphrey hugged her tightly rubbing her back comforting Lilly the best he could. Kate pinned her ears back and felt the guilt punch her stomach in.

"Humphrey I can explain-"

"Just don't Kate...Lilly hasn't done anything wrong she's innocent...shame on you for hurting your own sister who loves you...come on Lilly let me get you cleaned up" Humphrey said turning to Lilly who nodded sadly with a fist full of tears streaming down her cheeks. Humphrey guided her up the hill side by side but when he wasn't paying attention, Lilly turned around smirking at Kate evilly. Kate growled at this and mumbled to herself.

"I tried to be nice and reason with you but since you want it to be this way...so be it" Kate said glaring at Lilly with fire in her squinched eyes willing to die fighting for Humphrey's love.


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