In the Library

Jenkins sighed. "Now I really DO wish I had manage to talk to Arthur before he disappeared. It seems what he and Rowan got into was much more than just a few ground skirmishes to distract an opposing force."

Cassandra nodded thoughtfully. "And we ALL forgot to ask if the angels ever found out who Metatron was talking about when he said "HE" told them God had condemned him."

"Maybe they didn't now" Ezekiel mused. "Or maybe they didn't think we needed to know."

"Probably the latter" Stone said quietly. He started re-arranging the chairs around the table, running the events they had just heard about through his mind. "Wonder what happened to Michael's student – what was his name again? Alex?"

"Poor Michael" Cassandra's voice dripped with sympathy. "He seemed so sad."

"Blames himself for his brothers losing their kids" Stone replied gruffly. "I guess he figures God did this to punish them for … something. Not sure what."

Flynn stared off into space, his mind a whirl of unanswered questions. "Maybe we should hear the story from Arthur and Rowan's side of this story."

"We sort of did" Baird pointed out calmly. "Personally, I'd like to know what really happened to Seraphiel on that battlefield. I can't imagine eternal soldiers like the Archangels just leaving a man behind."

"I can" Stone growled. "Pretty obvious Michael didn't like Seraphiel's being close to Rowan. Maybe he didn't intentionally mean to leave him behind. Probably did think his brother angel was dead and gone – but he sure didn't seem broke up about not looking for him."

"I wish there were a way to get a message to Arthur and see what he knows about this" Jenkins said, staring at the mess of books and papers still on the table. "Maybe if Cassandra were to send a message to the House of Refuge…"

"Maybe its Caretaker will forward along our message to Ro." Cassandra's voice filled with enthusiasm. "I'm sure he would if I asked. And then we can all meet there and hear the parts of the story the angels didn't fill in – like battle stuff for Eva and maybe some fun stuff for the rest of us."

"Fun stuff? Red, what exactly do you define as "fun stuff?" They went into a war zone, after all, not like they were spending a weekend at Mardi Gras." Baird smiled at the young librarian's enthusiasm, even if it was a tad naïve.

"Speaking of Mardi Gras – and New Orleans – maybe Ro's friend that you met there can send a message to her. That witch, Marie Laveau?" Flynn's voice brimmed with enthusiasm. "And while we're at it maybe we can talk to Ms. Laveau about magical artifacts that she might become aware of that she can warn us about!"

"Flynn" Baird sighed. "Sometimes you really don't have a clue, do you?"

In New Orleans

Marie Laveau stirred her cooking pot, watching the events in the library unfold on its watery surface. "Ma Cherie" she called out musically. "They have gone from the Great Library."

A graceful figure in a clingy sheath glided out of the shadows. "Hmmm… took them long enough." Rowan, Queen of Fae and Lady of the Moon, glanced over her friend's shoulder at the magical urn. "I'm betting the Librarian's still have questions."

Marie shrugged. "They do. They are Librarians – gathering knowledge is part of their DNA."

Rowan snickered. "You really are acclimating to modern times if you can use the term DNA with a straight face." She waved a finger over the pot, dissipating the picture. "So, now we have a choice. The angels know we survived the battle and the Librarians know there is more to the story than they have already been told. Do we get everyone in a room and hash it all out? Or do we hope that everyone gets bored and moves on to shinier things?"

"I think" the beautiful Creole witch replied with a smile. "That you have already made up your mind on what needs to be done."

Rowan smiled. "Yes – I suppose I have. Tell me, old friend, what do you say to attending a Halloween party with the Devil?"

"I say you should probably warn him first that his guests might not all be to his taste – and then sit back and watch the fun begin." The sound of feminine laughter floated out into the French Quarter as the sun set over another beautiful New Orleans day.

Notes: part 2 ends - but part three begins. And since Halloween is right around the corner (sort of) seems like a good jumping off place for the next chapter.