"Cara! You are not dead!" Zedd shouted of joy when he saw Cara appear through the forest at their camp.

Richard and Kahlan ran at her while Zedd followed behind.

"We thought we lost you. It would have been a disaster," Richard said seriously. He put his hands on Cara's arms and hold her a little to let her feel that he was happy.

"Richard, I have sworn to serve you. I cannot die just like that."

Kahlan embraced both Richard and Cara and felt a bit emotional. Zedd started to smile looking at the group happy together.

"What happened? We were so worried." Kahlan turned to Cara. "We thought Rahl captured you when you disappeared in that night."

"No. It was Denna. Her lesser Mord-Siths knocked me unconscious on that forest path where I was supposed to come to you. They took me to her site."

"Denna!" Zedd's and Richard's eyes opened wider and Richard shivered slightly. "And you survived! What did that devil of a woman do to you? How did you get out of her hands? Oh you are really brave Cara."

Cara savored Richard's expression - devil of a woman - yes devil of a woman, not bad an expression, I could use that too hah.

"Did she harm you?"

It was Kahlan's turn to look worried at Cara. But she didn't notice any bruises or visible signs of harm on her face except a few smaller bruise-like marks on her neck. Her Mord-Sith costume appeared to be in good shape with no signs of cuts from sharp objects or anything. In fact, in this late morning sunlight Cara's skin and hair looked especially good and her appearance was like a knight returning from a battlefield.

"You look great Cara," Kahlan said and touched a bit shyly her arm, feeling relieved and a bit excited. "Doesn't she?" She turned to Richard, who nodded in agreement.

"Mind games, that was it. Denna's mind games and some fight. But I have started to learn her and this time I returned her challenge."

"This is something, Cara, really something!" Zedd started to praise. "You return from one of our biggest enemies and look like almost stronger than how you were before. I start to really believe we will fulfill our quest. I'm so glad you are on our side! We can't lose you."

He turned to Richard and Kahlan.

"Look at this woman my friends. Smiling, happy, relaxed, like nothing special happened, ready for more action!"

Cara smiled at Zedd's words. She loved the wizard. Like nothing happened, right. When she had just gone through some of her most personal experiences as challenged by Denna. Kahlan looked now Cara with a little bit of admiration.

"You are special, Cara. Special like Richard and Zedd. I haven't met a person like you before, especially a Mord-Sith. You are indeed..." Kahlan searched the word "...you are..."

"...amazing?" Cara quipped and turned her smiling green eyes to Kahlan, who got a bit warm on her cheeks.

"Aahhh hahahh Cara!" Zedd loved her quick remarks and cracked at this reply. He laughed loudly which caught Richard and Kahlan, who started to laugh as well.

Now they all knew that Cara was back, unchanged or even better than before!