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The Pretty Guardians Go To Hogwarts

What Came Before? What Happens Now?

What Came Before:

If you want the full story: Please read Let Her Fall In Love With Me. I wrote this to better express how Mamoru might react if he found out first... and to better develop his character and introduce some new elements to the Sailor Moon world.

Set shortly after Venus enters the scene, Mamoru discovers Usagi is Sailor Moon, and quickly realizes she is the Moon Princess, and that he is the Moon Prince. He overhears several conversations, including one where Usagi admits to feelings for Mamoru. There is a hint of foreshadowing of what could happen (AN: What happed in the manga/crystal), and he decides that in order to protect Usagi, he wants to train her in self-defense, but instead has a conversation with Luna about Soul-Bonds. Realizing this could protect both of them he agrees, and Usagi, already having figured some of it out, is willing.

The Shittenou receive their memories, though they had already been having dreams (Like Usagi and Mamoru's) and some of them had even started noticing the Inner Senshi they were married to in their past lives. They all come together at the Crown Arcade, (Motoki and Reika find out) and the Prince and Princess, with memories and abilities fully restored, heal them. It is a painful process. They make it so that nether they, nor the Senshi, can ever be turned evil again.

However, the loss of the Dark Generals (Shitennou) creates a vacuum and a new terror, (seven demons called the Amanojaku) is unleashed. These beings have the ability to push people into fulfilling their darkest desires, and the Senshi and Shitennou, (feeling a bit compelled) all on the same night, complete their own Soul-Bonds.

The Senshi and Shitennou, and the Prince and the Princess, begin fighting against these new creatures. The demons, thankfully, are unable to turn Soul-Mates against each other, and learning the legend of the Amanojaku, they prepare to fight. (AN: I was really proud of finding this myth, but you have to read to learn all about it). Queen Beryl appears, and Pluto, knowing she will die, jumps in to save Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen, but is in turn saved when a new character arrives on scene! They go back to the arcade and everything is great...

Note: All of this took place in SIX DAYS. All the learning, fighting, etc. There has been only two weeks(ish) between then and the beginning of this story...

What Happens Now?:

Set in Harry Potter's third year at Hogwarts (You might just learn something we never learned in either world), you might meet Buckbeak, and Sirius, Lupin and several others. Harry and Usagi are not in the same grade, but they do take some courses together.

Though they heroes are all different ages they take their classes together, with a few exceptions. Certain things from the Sailor Moon world can not be used at Hogwarts (like the communicator) so some skills must be learned to counterbalance it.

We will be meeting all three of my new characters (the Sun Knight has been seen before) and one character who has a few surprise differences in store for you. There will be laughter and tears, and everything in between. What will happen when the Weasley twins meet the prankster and the joker of the Shitennou? Who will Usagi identify the most with? What will Mamoru do when he learns Usagi has been cursed? What is the problem between Malfoy and Kunzite?

Note: I am not changing anything that happened in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban... simply adding more to it. So, unfortunately, yes, Harry still falls off his broom (and it still gets destroyed by the Whomping Willow). but there are many weird avenues this story will take

In keeping with J.K. Rowling's wishes this story will not contain LEMONS though I do strongly hint at them... and if people ask I can be convinced to write a separate piece for all the lemons in this story... I've already been asked for the train...

Please enjoy, and please, please review. I generally post as soon as I finish a chapter, so if you see something I need to fix, please let me know, and I will go back and edit it later!

Author's Note (11/20/18): I am rewriting this story! I know, I know. I haven't even finished it... but as I was re-reading it today so I could finish it, I realized there were things that needed to be added... and characters I really wanted to include that I hadn't yet... so yeah.