Chapter 3

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Tony and Ziva's world warps into nothing but blackness as thunder roils from outside.

The power had gone out- leaving both agents in pitch darkness together.

Tony's mind reels with what just happened before him. His movie was gone and so was his meager chance at getting to swipe a touch at his partner's alluring hips. He had not been expecting for the power to just abruptly cut into his world.

A stillness briskly falls upon the two as Tony begins blinking vigorously, as if attempting to regain his sight, but this renders useless. "Uhh... This is a problem. I can't see." He finally breaks the silence and gives a scoffing laugh to himself on the matter.

Ziva on the other hand, turns her head in the direction her partner was last seen in. She feels herself frown at him. She knew that this would happen. She knew that there was a possibility of the power going out- and it did; which made the situation all the more frustrating.

"Happy we tried finishing movie night, Tony?" The Israeli crosses her arms through the darkness and exhales exasperatedly. Tony only shifts from where he sits. "Oh, so this is my fault now?" He couldn't believe what she was trying to infer.

"No! I did not mean that!" Comes her sharp response. "I just..." She trails off with another exhale as more thunder roils angrily from outside. She tenses and inches towards the direction Tony is in.

The Senior Agent notices her immediate change and casually complies. He reaches for her in turn.

The two try to find each other's eyes through the darkness next but they fail as more lightning suddenly lights up the room. For only a split second- they get a glimpse of one another, and then it's back to darkness again.

Finally, without giving any more time to think much about it, the two slowly and spontaneously advance for each other- their arms reaching for the other and wrapping around one another naturally and without hesitation. Both of them had been wanting the same thing.

Tony feels for Ziva and embraces her close to him while trying to wait for his eyes to adjust to the new confounding darkness. His mind is at a loss for thoughts as more lightning penetrates the room like a flashlight. Everything had ended so fast... One minute he's reaching for her enthralling hips, and then the next- the lights shut off.

Ziva on the other hand, is already feeling at Tony's chest- her eyes steadying and her face hardly distinguishable from the blackened darkness now. She feels a wave of slight gratitude wash over her at Tony's embrace for her. She liked being closer to him... It already made the situation less awful and bleak.

She glances back towards the direction of the windows next as violent winds begin picking up again- their howls sounding almost like a whistling pack of wolves.

"I cannot believe this has happened..." Comes the voice of the peeved woman through the bleak vision of nothingness.

Tony tries to regain his senses while still clutching Ziva to his body- his eyes darting in the direction of the T.V. while he feels her hands grasp at his shirt. He clears his throat coarsely. "I Uhh... Well, the storm must be... that bad, I guess." replies the man with overflowing curiosity. Now he seriously appreciated his decision in staying with Ziva for the night. He couldn't believe the storm had escalated so badly already...

Normally power outages were rare.

There comes a grunt from the woman within his arms next and he attempts to find her eyes again.

"I knew we should not have chosen to watch our movie during a storm... This was bound to happen." She scoffs out irritably.

Tony only smirks. He then goes to feel for her head before running a hand through her curly hair in reply. He hated that Top Gun's debut had been ruined. He had really been looking forward to it.

Nothing was going as planned for tonight... And it was all because of this wretched storm.

Perhaps Ziva is right. Perhaps movies aren't meant to be watched during storms. Tony thinks to himself sourly.

"Tony, this is not the time to play with my hair." Ziva abruptly barks out rashly- with a small retreat from his gesture. Tony only reaches for her as if wanting to continue though. "Aww, come on Zi... I know you like it." He grins smugly before adding, "Besides! I can't even see you. What else are we going to do for now?"

At this remark, Ziva puckers her lips ponderously before making an effort to get off of the couch. "Well, for starters, I am going to go try and find us some flashlights or a candle for-" But before the woman can even finish her sentence, she suddenly trips and squarely falls forward and onto Tony.

What the-! DiNozzo's mind reels as he tries to comprehend what is happening.

He lets out a grunt to the unexpected move as the woman collides into him- her hands instinctively going to his pelvis for balance.

"Oh!" Ziva feels instant heat rush to her cheeks from her horrible mistake and she cusses in Hebrew. "I am... so sorry." She adds briskly before going to regain herself.

Tony however, practically bites his tongue off out of restraint for touching her in return. He feels the same intense urges claim his body again at wanting to touch on her and feel her... Gosh, did he want to feel her.

"D-Don't mention it." He manages to wheeze out. "It's okay Zi..." His voice is breathy and almost shaky and Ziva unfortunately comes to realize what she has started.

She blinks at the sound of his heavy voice and feels her lips curl into a wicked grin...

"No, seriously." She then tauntingly reapplies a hint of pressure towards his pelvic area before she finally removes herself from him. "I am sorry Tony. My mistake."

Anguish and torment gnaws at the male agent from the inside out and he only clenches his jaw at the provocation his Ninja-girl had just given him. He feels his lower half tense up and it drives him completely insane. He wanted more of her...

Dang it, why the heck would she do something like that to me? Doesn't she know what I'm capable of?! His lip quivers as his head churns uncomfortably.

Suddenly though, and without warning, the lights come flickering back to life- and the T.V. turns itself back on with a loud clicking sound. Both of the agents nearly jump with surprise at the lighting... but that's not quite what was on their minds anymore.

As soon as one can see again, Tony immediately comes face to face with his tantalizer; her eyes darkly devious and her face laden with content. She flashes him a playful wink before lowering her gaze towards his abdomen.

"Hmm. Looks like I will not need that flashlight after all." The dark-haired woman gives a small smile before she drags her attention to her now-lit apartment.

Tony simply gives a gruff groan. He sincerely hated it when she played with him like that.

He shifts and straightens up upon the couch- his urges still lightly conflicting him from the recent occurrence with his partner. "Oh. Well, at least we can see again." He practically growls the words towards Ziva's direction but she only ignores this.

"Yes. This is so much better." The Israeli-assassin breathes with newfound satisfaction to her lighting. Tony only nods vaguely before then going to reach for the remote. He turns the T.V. off within one swift motion and then sighs exasperatedly. He rubs a hand along his face. "Gosh. What a night this has turned out to be." he tries to flash a small smile at his partner- and she only raises an unamused eyebrow in response at the notation of their time together.

She almost even grimaces.

"Yes. Movie Night." She exhales. "Such fun."

She then straightens her shirt and grabs Tony's leftover popcorn bowl from the coffee table before heading for the kitchen. Tony simply watches her go as he brings another hand to rub over his stressful face. This was definitely not what he had been expecting for their movie night together. He hadn't expected for things to end up like this.

Now they weren't even going to be able to finish Top Gun off...

On the other hand, back in the kitchen, Ziva rashly places the bowl of leftover popcorn atop of one of the counters before going to run a hand through her messy hair. She enjoyed spending time with Tony- she really did. But she hated that Tony had to be here on a night exactly like this. She hated that one of his favorite movies has gotten ruined- partially because of her.

If it weren't for the dreadful storm- everything would be so much better.

How I wish to restart this night... She thinks to herself incredulously. She enjoyed her movie nights with Tony. But this one wasn't very enjoyable at all...

It sure is memorable though. She almost scoffs to herself at what had just happened back in there. She had literally just fallen on top of Tony DiNozzo... and it was sort of fun.

She almost loosens a smile.

Perhaps things will get better? She tries to reassure herself confidently. Nothing could ever go too bad with a friend like Tony. He didn't even seem that upset over his ruined movie... And this was why she enjoyed and appreciated the man.

Ziva then slowly struts back into the living room where Tony still sat with his legs wide apart and his eyes looking apathetic and almost aggravated.

She pauses at the sight of her troubled partner before suddenly thinking of a way to get his mind off of the movie; if that was what he was even thinking of...

I know what will cheer him up. The perfect price for remission. She almost smirks to herself before she casually strides over towards her slumping movie-buddy; his green eyes hovering lamely over the television screen where one of his favorite movies once played.

He looks up at her as she nears- his eyes suddenly reclaiming life at her appearance.

"Back already?" He flashes his teeth at her with that famous smile of his and Ziva only nods.

"Yes. I... um..." She glances around the apartment next; not quite knowing how to put her next sentence.

Tony only blinks at her; his mind still on the moment she had fallen into him due to the absence of light. Gosh had that riled him up...

The Israeli plays with her hands a bit before she finally concocts her words. "S-So... Just to be clear. You are staying with me tonight, yes?" She couldn't help herself. She needed to know this for sure if she were ever going to make up these lost hours with her closest friend.

At this though, Tony gives a bewildering look. "Uhh, yeah? I already told you, I'm not leaving you during a storm like this." He gestures back towards the windows which still had buckets of rain pounding against them. Now that he knew of Ziva's distaste for thunder, he was never going to want to leave her alone during a storm... perhaps ever.

With this, Ziva simply smiles at his choice. She was glad that he was officially going to stay with her... co-workers or not.

"Okay. If that is what you wish." She bites her lip slightly, which Tony only admires from his stand-point.

"I suppose I will need to assign you your sleeping quarters?" Ziva almost grins as Tony immediately gives her a confounding expression at this next topic. "What? I can't sleep with you in your own bed?"

This causes for Ziva to nearly laugh but she restrains herself. "Tony. That is way too far. Besides, we both know that you would not be able to handle it." She touches his nose lightly with her index finger and this only causes for the Italian-American to slump a bit.

He didn't like being told 'no'. Sure, it would be a major step to sleep with her... but he would really try not to touch her!

"...Oh come on! I wouldn't be that bad!" He throws her another look at her with his big green eyes. Hopefully this would get her to budge.

Ziva however only places her hands to her hips. "DiNozzo! No. It is big enough that I am letting you stay." She flashes him one last playful look before heading for a nearby closet. She opens the door to drag out some comfortable blankets before bringing them to Tony's side upon the couch.

He stares at her all the while.

"You may... stay out here. If you would like. You do not have to." She situates the blankets a bit before coming to sit beside her partner at last- her eyes searching his for any disappointment in where he was going to sleep.

However, Tony only looks to her with newfound content in his eyes. He didn't mind where he slept... she was right. At least he was getting to stay with her. He didn't need to be so pushy on her anyhow.

"Thanks, Ziva. This'll actually do nicely." He nods to the couch before going to place a hand on her leg. Ziva only smiles back in return. She was thankful for his quick change of attitude.

"And hey, who says we have to go to bed right now? We're adults... remember?" Tony throws his head back in a short laugh at his joke while Ziva only blinks at him in response. "Actually Tony... it is a little past midnight. I would really like to get some sleep." She didn't want to sound like... oh, how did he put it... a 'kill-joy'? But, she was honestly starting to feel tired from her long night's events.

At this though, the male agent finally concedes with a small exhale. "Ah. I understand." He glances one last time towards the windows of the apartment before looking back to her; a hand scratching his ruffled head.

"You sure you'll be alright? I-I mean... with the thunder and all?" He hated to ask. But he needed to make sure that she would be okay...

He almost winces at her reply.

"Tony! I am NOT afraid of storms! I am telling you!" She nudges him hard in the elbow before getting to her feet again- her eyes hardening on the subject.

Tony only throws his hands up in defense. "Hey! I know! I was only asking! My bad!" He then goes to hurriedly lay down upon the couch; not wanting to anger the Mossad-assassin any further.

Ziva huffs with a roll of her eyes. She then finally heads for her bedroom, her stride rather slow in not wanting to leave her best friend so soon.

But she was tired and they both needed to actually settle down for the night.

She turns to close her bedroom door behind her before she suddenly pauses- her attention being caught by the very same man in her living room. She absent-mindedly leaves a small crack in the door open to watch as Tony begins pulling his shirt off and over his head. He throws it across the back of the couch, his skin bare and alluring, before going to cut off the lights.

Ziva simply smiles to herself before turning for her bed at last. She loved how men slept with their shirts off. It had always been a turn-on for her. Seeing Tony like that though only seemed to add to the sensational emotions...

She was extremely glad that he had decided to stay.

She climbs into the covers and sheets now, her thoughts still on her partner who was just in the room adjacent to hers- but as she settles into the warmth of her pillow, another streak of lightning suddenly lights up the apartment. This instantly causes for Ziva to shift within her bed and she grips at her sheets.

Oh great...

She holds her breath and shuts her eyes; desperately trying not to think of her beloved sister.

She tenses as she waits for the thunder to sound...

Perhaps... Tony could be useful on this night after all.

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