Chapter 5

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The night had been long. The closeness of the two together in bed had been a cautious yet tender undergo. And yet nothing mattered about what others would think or say whether they found out or not. This was different. Tony and Ziva's friendship had really taken firmer roots from this event.

Yes, things were already feeling different.

Tony stirs as he inhales the wonderful scent of his Mossad assassin girl next to him. This awakens him slowly yet completely.

He cracks a small relieving smile to himself before he even opens his eyes up.

It hadn't been a dream. These were the only words his mind was already beginning to think about. He couldn't believe it.

He had literally and successfully slept with his partner in the same bed as of last night. Nothing like this had ever happened before. And the best part of it all? None of it had been fake- none of it had been a daydream or some imaginary vision...

Tony DiNozzo finally opens his eyes with fresh satisfaction already brimming in his chest. Sunlight dappled the room in which he was lying in; its presence already seeming warm and welcoming. The best observation about everything though was that this was his partner's room. And it looked so much better in daylight's hold.

The storm had finally ended- along with the extensively drawn-out night the two co-workers had experienced together.

Even though the storm had been strong and awful, and even though Tony now knew that thunder was a major distaste for his best friend; none of this had seemed to matter when it came time for the two to lay beside each other and sleep. Sleeping with her had been such a rush- an experience of a lifetime. She had actually agreed to let him into her own space. It was such a groundbreaking thought to comprehend.

Of course Tony had gained many great urges for touching on her throughout the night... but his want for simply being there for her was far more overpowering than his own urges for playful pleasure. He had restrained himself and had let her be.

She trusted him. And this is what Tony greatly appreciated and cherished.

It wasn't too often that real women like this actually trusted him for who he was...

From just thinking about the fiery woman, the roused man now blinks the dreary sleep from his eyes and glances to the perfectly sleeping figure within his arms. The dark-haired Israeli was as still as stone and she had her hands lying neatly upon Tony's chest with her head lying just underneath his chin. Yet again, he couldn't believe how close he was to her. She felt outstandingly amazing against his body.

The Senior Agent only smirks and relishes the position he was in at the moment. How did things ever come to this?

How did he ever gain such privileges?

He goes to press his face into his ninja's hair next- her beautiful scent suffocating the life right out of him.

Gosh, how did someone smell so good and sexy? How could someone be so compelling?

Suddenly though, as if right on que, the lovely dark chocolate eyes slowly spring open; their essence instantaneously captivating Tony's attention.

He smiles at her as his friend almost tenses at her ever-so-comfortable position against the man at her side.

"Good morning." Tony simply goes to squeeze her a bit and he remains with his happy smile on his lips.

Ziva David blinks several times at the Senior Agent before her and almost immediately tries to correct her stance. She inches back from him and attempts a small smile. She was obviously taken aback by how close they had been sleeping together...

Tony however only looks at her. Was there something wrong with lying on his chest?

Honestly, he wanted her back in her spot...

"Boker Tov, Tony." Ziva greets at last with sincerity already claiming her eyes. She runs a hand over her already-perfect hair before raising a small eyebrow. "Have you been just... staring at me?" She couldn't help but ask; her curiosity was getting the best of her already.

Tony shrugs and goes to sit up before stopping himself. He didn't want to get up just yet. Not now.

He looks back at her.

"Well, who could blame me, Zi? Maybe I was watching you..." he grins and Ziva casually averts her gaze. It was almost flattering for DiNozzo to admit something like that. She then goes to direct her attention towards the bedroom windows- which now presented a welcoming stream of golden sunlight into the room. She nearly sighs in utter relief at the sight. "The storm has ended at last." She comments.

Tony nods in agreement. "So it seems." He then reaches for his Ninja-girl again- not quite wanting their time together to end. He liked laying with her in bed. Heck, he could do it all day if the world would let him...

"You alright? I.. I mean, I'm just wanting to make sure." He runs a hand along Ziva's arm and she looks to him with slow gratitude.

"Tony. I am completely fine." She pauses, "But... Thank you so much for staying with me last night." She goes to place a light hand along his face and this causes for Tony to nearly lose it. He loved it when she touched him like this.

He tries to regain himself with a chuckle.

"Hey, it was no trouble at all. What are friends for?" He flashes his teeth at her and with this, Ziva slowly inches back to her previous position along his chest- her expression unsure yet willing.

Tony only watches her and places a firm hand on her head. It felt like she were practically his. He couldn't quite grasp the momentum of the occasion.

"Truthfully.. I did enjoy last night with you." The woman speaks again and Tony only agrees with her silently within his head. For him it had been complete bliss.

Ziva then goes to grab at his shirt a bit and only nestles her head further into Tony's large build- her scent still suffocating the man all the while. He didn't want this to end. He liked staying with her overnight- and so, he decided that he would have to do this again.

It's settled.

No more waiting for every Friday to come for movie night.

Whenever thunder would roll or whenever a massive storm would pass through D.C., perhaps this could be his vital excuse for coming to stay with Ziva David; and he would never leave her or make her feel alone. He wanted to be there for her and he would treasure every moment he'd get with her.

Maybe this could really work.

He looks to the woman again and only gains more desire to pull her closer- even though she were practically as close as she could already get. Her hands were still atop his chest and her breathing was soft and peaceful.

For now, there was no playful banter or nonsense between the two. There was only silence and sincerity. This was real.

Movie Night had seriously escalated to a far more greater event- and this event would mark a major chapter in their friendship together. They had gone from attempting to watch Top Gun, to sleeping with each other in the same bed... All because of one storm.

Ziva curls her body inward now; obviously not getting enough of Tony DiNozzo. She feels adoration and passion claim her instantly. She even goes to entwine her lithe legs with his hairy ones. Last night she wouldn't ever have even considered doing these things with him. But for some reason the morning felt different- it felt refreshing. The storm was over and so were the struggles. She smirks to herself and Tony only grins in response. He runs his hands through her thick chocolate locks and exhales; sunlight beginning to reach for their bodies from the windows.

Ziva wasn't ever about to forget what this man had done. She had trusted him with something so personal and now she was relieved she weren't alone with her troubling thoughts. Someone knew. He knew.

"Thank you, Tony. For everything. Toda." She murmurs; the quietness of the morning's aura slowly surrounding them.

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