Supernatural Boys

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Author's Note: These two fandoms are two of my favorites, so this crossover was going to happen eventually. Now this takes place in Supernatural somewhere after 5x08, but I don't know if I'll go into specifics besides that at this point. This story will eventually have slash but I haven't decided on the pairings so feel free to give your input! Also, I've never written Supernatural characters before, so I hope this is an alright first attempt.

Chapter 1: The Trickster Angel Strikes Again

Another state, another case, and another dumpy motel the glorious life of a hunter Sam ruefully thinks as he sits alone in said dumpy motel room and searches his laptop for clues regarding their latest case while Dean once again does the legwork.

It was supposed to be a quick and easy salt and burn but for the life of him he couldn't figure out what the spirit was attached to, so they could burn it. The body was cremated, and they burnt the guy's favorite baseball card, his wedding ring even though Sam was pretty sure given the state of his marriage that the spirit wasn't attached to the ring, but Dean insisted they be thorough.

His apartment was clean and so that had them having to track down his personal possessions which had been sold off by his wife in a yard sale last week. He had to be missing something but what?

Double checking all the facts of the case wasn't getting him anywhere fast, so Sam stood up and stretched before deciding he needed a break. A walk to help clear his head a bit.

It turned out the walk wouldn't be a peaceful one as the moment he left the room he was clubbed over the head and knocked out cold.

Dean had been calling Sam since before he found the so-called lucky pair of underwear and burnt them, not the most disgusting thing he's had to deal with, but it still left him wanting to wash his hands again.

That was not the issue though, Sam wasn't answering and that usually meant something bad. The case was over but that didn't help the older Winchesters frayed nerves because it was always, always something. For once he'd like it to be the normal forgot to charge it or dropped in the toilet but that was never the case, the brothers didn't do normal.

So, Dean booked it back to the hotel to find nothing unusual except for Sam not being there where he should've been. Searching the room, he finds his brother's laptop sitting at the side table so that meant that he didn't take it to some café to grab a bite while looking for clues.

His bag was there with all of his clothes, his cellphone was missing so either he had it with him or some else had it along with his brother. It was wonderful how his mind jumped right to Sam being kidnapped but it was a very big possibility given all their enemies.

"Cas! Casti- oh right," He grabs his cell phone and dials the angel and waits for three rings before the angel picks up, "Dean."

"Sam's missing and he's not answering his phone." Dean says in the way of a greeting, the angel on the other side of the line nods before recalling that he needs to speak, "Where are you?"

Before Dean can answer the cell phone lets out a loud shrill noise and he pulls it away from his face, "What the hell?" He stares at his phone as it's battery sign suddenly flashes and then the phone dies.

"Okay, not normal."

Just then the tv flickers on and a familiar face is on it, "Oh come on didn't we just deal with you!?" Dean says only to be gifted with a laugh in response, "You missed me just admit it I bring fun and entertainment wherever I go."

Dean scoffs but then demands, "Where's Sam?"

"Why Dean what makes you think I had anything to do with Sammy boy's mysterious disappearance?" Dean doesn't look convinced so the angel on the screen sighs, "Alright, alright," He raises his hands and smiles charmingly or it would be if Dean didn't know the trickster as well as he did, "I may have had a slight and I do mean slight involvement with that but come on you guys need a break I could tell and that's why Sam's having a nice time away from reality at the moment."

"Where is he?" Dean moves threateningly towards the tv set, "Well right about now I'd say he's at a certain graveyard facing off against a certain trio of witches."

"What!?" Dean hated witches and this angel sent his brother somewhere to deal with a coven of them alone? "Oh, chillax they're not real." Dean's glare doesn't let up, "Not real... you mean you sent him into the tv again?"

"Nah into a film Hocus Pocus to be exact." He says flippantly.

Dean was slightly peeved to have missed that but mostly he was tired of these stupid games, "You already pulled this one on us what are you running out of tricks?"

"Never! Besides your favorite angel interrupted it last time so a do-over was called for but… maybe you're right it's getting a tad redundant." Without warning a dirty Sam appeared before him, "Wh-Dean?"

"Sam!" He exclaims but before either can say or do anything more Gabriel speaks again, "How was the vacation, Sammy?" The man in question spins around to face the grinning face on the screen, "What you!?"

"Yup me," Sam glares but the angel doesn't seem cowed by it not surprising given he's an angel and currently inside of a television set on that both Sam and Dean looked seconds away from smashing, so the trickster angel speaks before they can.

"Dean was right I can't be rehashing old tricks so how about a spin on an old one, instead of bringing you boys to TV land I'll bring some of it to you." Sam has had it at that point and unplugs the tv but it, of course, doesn't do anything but make the archangel laugh.

"Come on Sammy it's not that easy." He taunts.

"How about this then?" Dean says before knocking the set down and smashing it with his foot, for a minute the two stare at the broken tv and then each other wondering if it's over before Gabriel's voice echoes around them, "The hotel manager isn't going to be happy about that."

"What's the deal huh? Why are you messing with us?" Sam asks exasperatedly.

"Why? Because I need some entertainment in my life before the end of the world and if nothing else the two of you always provide it."

"So, what your gonna zap out some scary film monsters for us to fight?" Dean asks.

"Hm I could, or I could zap out as you say some characters from a movie that you can't kill." He laughs.

"What do you mean can't kill?" Dean didn't believe him if it existed you could kill it.

"Just what I said I'll pick a movie hmm let's say The Lost Boys and voila four vampires for you boys to deal with only you can't kill them because that's against the rules, oh but they can kill you so do be careful."

"What do you mean against the rules?" Dean calls out angrily, "What happens if we break the rules?" Sam asks but he gets another mirthful laugh, "Do it and find out if you're curious." The voice fades slightly as the words die off but Sam calls out again, "Wait how do we send them back?"

No response.

"Great… so indestructible movie vampires." Dean mutters before glaring at Sam, "Why do I have to deal with vampire dudes and you got the hot witches?" Sam raised an eyebrow like 'really that's what you're focusing on?'

"You hate witches." Sam instead remains him, "Yeah well I hate vampires too." Is his comeback before he looks around warily, "Where are they anyway?"

Sam was also wondering, "…Maybe he was just messing with us?"

Dean looks disbelievingly at him, "More like he dropped them somewhere around town and we have to go find them."

Sam then realizes something, "It's the middle of the day."

Dean looks at the window that suddenly had all of his younger brother's attention, "Thanks I wasn't aware of that."

Sam shakes off the sarcasm, "They vampires."

"Your point?" Dean said not on the same page.

"The Lost Boys has pretty stereotypical vampires which means they'll turn to dust if they are out in the sunlight." Sam explains, "Oh yeah… man, it's been forever since I've seen that film, how many vampires were there again?"

The younger Winchester looks thoughtful before replying, "Four no wait, five if you count that character at the end's reveal but then there were half vampires too… so I'm not sure who he plans on sending our way four or five but maybe more."

"Great… well if we have until nightfall go take a bath you're covered in cemetery dirt and who knows what else." Sam looks down at his clothes before looking back at his brother, "Nothing new there." Dean can't disagree with that assessment.

As Sam makes his way to the bathroom Dean calls out, "So you got to see them perform 'I Put A Spell On You' live how was it?" His younger brother shakes his head, "It was a spell Dean I was doing my best not to listen."

"Oh, right I knew that."

They were prowling the boardwalk as usual even after being told to leave by the security guard as it was easy enough to avoid him and his overweight self once they left the carousel behind them.

"So, we've got time to kill before closing, any ideas?" David asks his boys as they all know what they've got planned for after the place shuts down for the night. Dwayne shrugs as his eyes watch their surroundings with mild interest but really, he's on the lookout for the security guard.

"We could grab a quick snack on the go." Marko says eyeing a girl that walks by, David smirks and shakes his head, "Don't get greedy." Then he glances back at the other blonde, "Any ideas Paul?"

The vampire in question stops, "Actually yeah I have an idea or two."

David rolls his eyes as he sees what caught the other's attention, "The bumper cars, really?" Paul doesn't defend his choice instead he walks up to the wall and calmly says, "Watch this." Marko then gets competitive and joins in before long their mind games have the people riding the bumper cars all seeing things that weren't there and jumping out of their cars only to get hit by and hurt by the other people driving their cars still.

Paul and Marko's fun gets cut short though when Dwayne tells them security has been called but they're too into their game to care so David has to order them away. Once that is accomplished the two start arguing over who won, the scoring scale varied depending on the type of game, this time it was on who caused the most injuries.

Paul won but Marko said if it was a contest of who made their humans scream the most he'd have won, and no one could argue about that as the youngest looking vampire was certainly the most terrifyingly creative of them all.

The group gets on their bikes and drives back to their cave to store their bikes before flying back to their destination, first on the menu a certain uppity security guard then next a couple that had been asking for it for a while now.

Only the boys never reached where they were headed as one minute the four of them were flying and the next they were on standing on solid ground dumbfoundedly in what looked to be a cheap hotel room with peeling wallpaper and a broken tv, "Shit!" A voice cries out surprised getting the confused vampires' attention and instantly they see a tall brunette man who was pointing a gun in their direction, "Dean!" He calls out not taking his eyes away from them.

They're not concerned about the gun being pointed at them but they are all understandably unsettled about how they ended up here but other than Paul's confused face the others were better off at hiding it.

Water stops running from close by and then they hear some rustling and a door opens to the side of Marko who leans away as another man who is only half dressed with damp hair exists what they now know to be the bathroom and he too has a gun drawn, "Who brings a gun to the bathroom?" Paul asks voicing Marko's thoughts as well.

David and Dwayne are silently observing them and the strange situation.

Dean, however, doesn't recall the movie that well, so his first words upon getting a good look at them are, "They're so eighties!"

Sam's eyes shoot over to his brothers for a split second and Dean knows that look even from the corner of his eyes it's the, 'really Dean' one, "What they do." He states not taking his specialized wooden bullets gun off of the confused vampires.

The sun had just barely set minutes before, so Sam had been taken by surprise at their sudden appearance but no more than the vampires as they knew even less about what was going on then the two humans before them.

It was going to be a long night.

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