War. When I dreamed all I saw was war. Countless battles in space and on land. I saw huge dagger shaped ships ravage entire planets. I saw the dagger ships go against other much smaller ships in large-scale battles. Dogfights with weird X looking fighters versus fighters similar to H shaped ships. Stuff that would make any sci-fi fan dream about. Soldiers in pristine white armor battling on harsh and unforgiving worlds against a variety of different aliens some seemed near-human, and others not even remotely similar. I smelled their burnt flesh as lasers blasted their way through armor and clothes. I saw diseases that could wipe out the entire human race. Diseases that could turn anyone into a disgusting monster. I also saw the abuse of the non-humans. I saw thousands if not millions of aliens enslaved just for not being human. The lucky ones were treated as some second class citizen. I saw them work on a battle station the size of Earth's moon. A planet killer.

Then, I was standing on the bridge of a gun-metal ship. I stared out at a massive fleet as they bombarded a colorful planet. What were they shooting? 'Bombarding a major rebel base on a uninhabited planet' my mind answered me. Then, I heard someone call out a name, and I turned around and the bridge had suddenly turned to what seems to be some sort of personal quarters. It was decorated with a variety of statues and paintings. At the back were what seemed to be a pair large lizards. I wouldn't have liked to see them alive, but somehow I had? I felt myself walk to what I think is the bathroom. I stared at the mirror, with deep red eyes staring back at me.

Then, I woke up.

I gasped and quickly sat up in my bed. I put my hands on my sweat covered face and dry heaved. I've been having these memories ever since the locker incident and were only getting worse. Somewhere took place out in deep space, others on populated worlds, but the one thing that all of them had in common was the blue-skinned, red eye man. A name popped up into my mind, Grand Admiral Thrawn. My best guess was that I somehow got all of his memories and that he used to be some type of thinker by parahuman standards. I sighed, quickly putting the name at the back of my mind and looked at the clock. Oh, it was time for my run. I quickly got up and changed into a pair of running pants and an oversized hoodie. I stared at myself in my mirror with a grimace, lips still too small, too much of beanpole and my only redeeming feature being my hair. I grabbed my glasses and got out of my room and quietly walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar.

I then walked to the door and quietly opened it, got out, and closed the door behind me silently. I smiled and i began my jog. I started it out slowly before slowly picking up my pace. There were only a handful of people, but that was natural, especially since it was still a little dark out. It was relaxing to do this, especially with everyone at school against me, and trying to suppress these new memories.

It was hard. Sometimes when daydreaming in class I would be reliving his memories. I shuddered at what I saw. I passed several people walking down the streets and a bundle of information popped up in my mind.

I passed a homeless man sitting at the mouth of an alley. Frequent buyer of drugs. Hands shaking. Not cold, is in rebound. ABB kicked him out of his usual begging spot. Doesn't have money and doesn't want to work. I quickly put him out of my mind and kept going. I passed a white woman who kept looking over her shoulder. Is being harassed by the E88. Several men trailing are after her. I quickly jogged to the other side of the road and kept going. I soon arrived at the park. I sat on a bench and drank my water. I took my granola bar out of my pocket, opened it, and took a bite of it.

While chewing, I wondered what I would do. I could become a hero, not the type that could go up to villain and punch him in the face. No, my power was something greater. Suppressing the memories made it painful, what would happen if I stopped and tried to make them my own. Every since the locker I could do things I couldn't before. I noticed things I couldn't before. The smallest detail leading to things that wouldn't seem to connect or be possible. I wipe my forehead of sweat and get up. I, Taylor Hebert, could do great things, but not the girl I was months ago. No, it would take a master of war to make a change. Thrawn was that master and now I have him in my head. After all, he worked to perfect it. I smirked and made my way to the house.

By the time I got home, I had a game plan. I will not make the same mistakes Thrawn did. I opened the door and walked in to my Dad making breakfast.

"Morning dear. How was your jog?" He asked as he cooked some waffles. The sound of sizzling bacon filled the air.

"It was relaxing Dad." I replied. Weird, I haven't seen him this happy since mom died. Let's see if I can read him like I did those other people.

Is in a good mood. Has been awake for a while. Heard me leave. Possibly had a good dream. Wants to change how things are but doesn't know how. Decided to make breakfast before he leaves for work.

I smiled inwardly; I guess my power has more use than I thought it would. This was the first time I experimented with it on purpose. Should I tell Dad that I'm a parahuman? My logical side yes, that it'll be easier to keep the secret. My other side said no, that it'll put Dad in danger.

As I was thinking, I didn't notice that Dad had stopped cooking and was staring at me with his mouth open. I paused my train of thought and spoke.

"Is something wrong Dad?" I spoke keeping my voice calm and level. He paused, as if thinking on what to say.

"Taylor, your eyes are red."