Find new recruits Thrawn said. Find parahuman recruits Thrawn said. L33T will help you Thrawn said. Lisa was getting pretty annoyed with L33T who now was known as Keeper One to the general public. Like Uber, he kept bitching about how lame it was, but he couldn't come up with another name just like Uber.

Anyways, Lisa decided that L33T could handle today.


"Manuel-" Manuel Luis Miguel Carlos de la Lopez Rosa

"Cape name." L33T interjected before 'Manuel' could go any further. "Idiot." He whispered that part.

"Oh uh, Tequila." Popular alcoholic drink.

"Sooooooo, what can you do?" L33T's annoying high pitch voice said. Currently, they were in one of L33T's old safehouses interviewing several parahumans that he knows, knew, or just found. It was...rather tedious in Lisa's opinion.

Staring at the idiot that they were interviewing, Tequila shuffled from side to side. Dressed in an old pancho and luchador mask, the new cape also had the largest sombrero Lisa had ever seen. Is trying to compensate for something.

"Uh Senor Keepuh, isa rather harda to explain." Said the rather stereotypical hispanic with one of the worst fake accents Lisa had heard in her life. Seriously, who does this guy think he is? Half Mexican, half Chilean. Proud of his heritage. Is regretting his costume decision. Power is-

Oh no.

"May I have a glass of wata?" Tequila said slowly. Worst. Accent. Ever. It took all of Lisa's willpower not to have Flicker teleport him and smack the idiot on the head with her bat. L33T shrugged and threw the man a bottle of water. Ascendancy branded of course.

"Mucho gracias Senor L33Ta." Tequila then downed the entire bottle of water in a handful of gulps. Power has something to do with his name.

This kept getting worse in Lisa's opinion. Pulling a glass cup with ice out of nowhere, Tequila turned around. Then, the sound of a zipper being unzipped, and the sound of water trickling filled the silent room. Lisa slapped her mask covered forehead and sighed.

Tequila then turned around after zipping his pants up again, with a familiar drink in his glass cup. Has the ability to turn the liquids he drinks into other forms by peeing. Used tequila because of his name.

Tequila then approached the table slowly and handed the cup to L33T after Lisa refused it. That was...disgusting and Lisa was more of a pina colada type of girl. L33T stared at the cup before taking it into his small hands.

"Well, you only live once I guess." L33T declared before pulling a straw out of one of his many pockets. With that, L33T took a long sip of the 'beverage' before erupting into a violent cough. The tequila has high levels of alcohol.

"Damn that's some good shit." L33T coughed for a couple more seconds before turning to look at Tequila, and then at Lisa.

"I'd say he's in. I need him in my department." Doesn't want to pay for drinks anymore.

Cheap ass bastard.

Lisa sighed for what felt like the millionth time, and nodded. Mostly to get back at Thrawn who assigned her to this stupid job with 'Keeper One'. Thrawn did say even the most useless of powers could be useful.

Tequila's eyes widened and he grabbed L33T's hand shaking it. Uh…

He needs to wash his hands.

Lisa grinned for the first time since she got here. She was so going to make fun of L33T later.

Lukas King POV

"What are we going to do?"

Lukas felt his eye twitch as he looked up at the middle-aged man sitting across his desk. Rafael was a good guy. He had joined the Dockworkers shortly after Lukas was made supervisor, back when work was still plentiful. Recently though, things have been getting worse for them. Ever since that bitch Hebert threw his support behind that new parahuman, the Ascendancy made their home in the Docks. Lukas cursed Hebert for letting a new gang into the Docks, but there was nothing he could do now.

Currently, the Docks were split between Lukas' loyal dockworkers, and Ascendancy traitor fucks. Lukas would rather kill himself than work for another cape who would throw away their lives like it was nothing. Every once in a while some recruiter would show up to the Western Dock office, and slowly more and more of his boys left. Lukas did not like this. Men and women came here to find honest, hard work, and now many of them were joining the so called 'Dock Militia'.

Thankfully, Thrawn's people have kept their distance from the parts of the Docks that still fell under Lukas' control, namely the area that surrounded the area where Lukas' office was located. Surprisingly, no death threats or demands for protection money had come, but Lukas doubted that things would remain the same forever.

"The same thing we always have done old friend." Lukas said with a grimace. Friend, he used to be able to call Hebert that. Back when they both agreed that the Dock Workers would take no part in the gangs conflict.

Rafael nodded stiffly a small bottle of whiskey he had in his pocket.

"Want some Boss?" The tanned offered as he held out the bottle. Lukas simply shook his head.

"Thank you, but I need my wits about me. Can't be too careful with the Empire pushing everyone's buttons more than they usually do." Lukas replied. Ever since that asswhooping the ABB recieved, it seemed that they were biding their time to make another move. So far, they haven't made any movement about moving into the Docks again. Well, even if they tried, the Ascendancy had men patrolling the border of the Docks, never crossing into loyal territory.

Rafael shrugged before taking a long swig from the bottle. Lukas smiled at the man's antics and was about to continue working on his computer when someone bursted into his office.

"Five trucks are on their way here Boss. Johnny said they just drove by the Seventh Warehouse. He said he saw a chimera on the side of the lead truck." Nancy shouted angrily. The ballbuster had joined the dockworkers around the same time Lukas had, and one of the few people he still trusted.

Lukas sighed before grabbing the large crowbar he had under his desk. It seemed that the day had finally arrived. If this was going to end in blood, then Lukas would make sure it would be spilled defending the people under his care.

"Rafael, gather anyone you can find and meet me out front. Nancy, you're with me." Lukas stood up from his chair, and straightened his back so he stood at his full height. Being 7'2 had many advantages and disadvantages, but intimidating people was definitely going to be an advantage at the moment. Rafael nodded before taking another sip of his bottle before running off.

With that, Lukas made his way to the front of the building. Nancy had brought along her trusty hot pink pistol, a weapon that Lukas hoped didn't have to be used. By the time they arrived, a dozen or so loyal dockworkers had gathered. Most were armed with crowbars, old iron pipes, or the occasional old rifle. Lukas smiled at everyone before walking to the front of the crowd.

"I'm here! I'm here now." Rafael came running from the inside of the building with another half dozen. Said man was now sweating and coughing violently. Lukas chuckled softly before turning his attention to the sound of engines getting closer.

Seconds later, the trucks appeared. Like Nancy said, the lead one had a chimera painted onto the side, with the rest having a large A painted on the doorside.

Each truck carried men and women clothed in black and grey. Lukas held his ground as they stopped about twenty feet away from him. Lukas King does not run away. Not anymore. Within seconds, the Ascendancy thugs dismounted and formed up opposite to Lukas' group. Surprisingly, no one came out of the truck with the chimera on it. Lukas glared at each and every traitor. He knew these people. He knew their families.

Suddenly, the crowd parted and a familiar figure walked up to Lukas. Clothed in her white armor and helmet, Thrawn was relatively tall, but compared to Lukas, she was still short. Each step she took was calculated. Lukas could practically feel her confidence radiating from her.

"A pleasure to see you as always Mr. King. I always enjoy our discussions." Thrawn said simply as she stared at Lukas. Thrawn's posture was straight, which made her seem a bit taller, while her hands were behind her back.

"I wish I could say the same. Now speak what you have to say and get out of my docks." Lukas replied firmly. He could feel the tension coming from both of their groups.

"Your docks? I wasn't aware that all of this land belongs to you. Anyways, I am here to give you a warning Mr. King." Thrawn's accented voice was amplified by her helmet. Feeling his hands tighten on his crowbar, Lukas felt his hands begin to sweat.

"Starting today the Ascendancy will no longer be patrolling the Western Docks. I'm sure you approve of this? After all, you have rejected my offers to join us." Thrawn said sadly. "As such, you will no longer have the protection that my men offer you. Of course, my offer will still stand if you decide to change your mind."

Lukas glared at her instead. This was...strange and not what he was expecting. Feeling Nancy tense up next to him, Lukas took a deep breath.

"We don't need your 'protection'. The Dock Workers have always defended ourselves from the gangs. We don't need cape-fuckers like you." Lukas spat on the ground in between them. Thrawn sighed softly before nodding.

"Have it your way then Mr. King." With a snap of her fingers, the traitors began to load their trucks. Feeling Thrawn stare at him, Lukas met her gaze.

"A pleasure as always. I wish you luck in your endeavors." Thrawn turned to leave when Lukas took another step forward. The black armored cape blocked his path.

"Tell Hebert that if I ever see him again, I'll rip his head off." Lukas growled. Thrawn didn't even bother to turn to look at him.

"Mr. King, please don't make promises you can't keep." With that she boarded one of the unmarked trucks with her 'bodyguard' and left.

"Well...I wasn't expecting that." Nancy said as she patted Lukas on the back. To be honest, Lukas wasn't expecting this either. Still, from what he heard, Thrawn was a thinker so who knew what she was planning.

"I didn't either." Lukas turned around to look at his dockworkers. He could feel the anxiety and fear coming from them, but they were a family. They stood together, and with a smile, Lukas walked back into his office.

"Back to work everyone. Just another day at the office." He heard Nancy shout as everyone dispersed.

"Hey Boss." Rafael spoke as he ran up to Lukas' side with his ever present bottle at his side. "I think you need that shot now." Lukas sighed, and then nodded.

Taking a long drink from the bottle, the burning sensation helped to calm Lukas as he went back to work.

As long as Lukas was the supervisor in the Docks, everything would be ok.

Uber POV

"That was some nice acting there. You got Thrawn's walk and manner of standing just right." Cipher One said. Ew, Uber still cringed internally whenever he called himself that.

"Of course I did, I had you to teach me after all." With that, the Thrawn 'imposter' sitting next to Uber slid off her white helmet revealing a mask with a bird on it. "Do you know how tight this uniform is? Well, granted it's not even mine and I needed to copy Thrawn's body type, but these heels in these boots are killing me." Nightswan said grumbling as she also took off her black boots.

"Sure, but you didn't even have to talk." Thrawn didn't want to waste time so she simply pre recorded a conversation onto the spare helmet while she 'worked' on several plans.

"It's pretty amazing how she managed to anticipate King's conversation. Even that part at the end." Uber said as he leaned back casually.

"I guess. She's pretty much an expert when it comes to guessing people's reactions and anticipating their moves." Nightswan said as she adjusted her grey cap on her head.

"Thinker bullshit." Uber said confidently.

"Thinker bullshit." Nightswan said in reply. Of course she would know. "Though I must say, white does look good on me."

Uber snorted and shrugged. "Not my type so I wouldn't know."

Nightswan slapped his armored shoulder softly before activating her communicator. With that, the real Thrawn's form appeared in front of them.

"I take it that the meeting went exactly as planned." Thrawn said simply as her helmet stared at both of them.

"Of course Boss. We should be back at base in about ten minutes." Uber said before Nightswan could open her mouth.

"Excellent. Take the rest of the day off Cipher One. Nightswan, meet me in my office once you return." With that the connection was cut.

"You know what that's all about?" Uber asked his companion. Nightswan shrugged in return.

"Eh I think so. So not your type huh. How about a new recruit with a dramatic fashion sense?" Nightswan said teasingly.

"Shut up." Uber grumbled in return, thankful for the fact that his helmet hid his blush. "Now I wanna shoot something."

"Knowing Thrawn, you'll probably get that wish soon."


Uber shrugged.

"Let me know once we arrive. I need a nap."

Nightswan nodded and began playing bird sounds while Uber drifted off to sleep.

L33T really needed to stop drinking. His singing kept Uber up all night.