This is a new story. It's going back to the Western Day, 1887. Templeton is 2 1/2 years old. Thanks to Peppe1951 help me with the title. I probably do this story once a month if I can. I forgot one more than, Hannibal and Maggie are together, they are not married, just boyfriend and girlfriend. They've been together for one year.

Disclaimer: I don't own The A-Team and Mrs. Baracus and Maggie. They own by Stephen Cannell and Frank Lupo.

Rating: PG

Summary: Hannibal learns he has a son. Murdock and B.A. set out to find him.

Part: 1 - Samantha write a letter to Hannibal

*New York, 1887.*

Samantha carried her two and a half years old son, Templeton in her arms asleep on her shoulder when she walked upstairs. She needs to get out of here, but she can't take her son with her because her husband threatened her, he will kill her if she takes their son and leaves him. The only way she can do, it too contacts Mr. Smith (his real father.) Her husband doesn't know that Temp is not his son, she's already pregnant when she met him. So she writes to Mr. Smith to let him know.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I don't know if you remember me, we use to have a one night stand two and a half years ago.

You and I have a son, his name is Templeton and he's two and a half years old. I'm sure you got married to somebody by now and I'm also married to a horrible man and I can't leave here, because he's watching me every move I make and he also has his hired help to watch me. I know he hurt my son and he denied it. I want you or whoever you get to come to get him real quick and I will let the maid know.


Samantha Becker

Samantha put the letter in the envelope, write her letter on the left side of the envelope and put his address on the bottom of the right side of the envelope and she will let the maid sent the letter when she goes shopping tomorrow morning. She hopes the letter get there in time. She looked down and whisperers to her son.

"Your father will be coming for you, my boy."