Here is chapter 6. Mr. Becker will be at the end.

Hannibal woke up, got his clothes on and then walked out of the bedroom, he saw his fiancé with his son. and sat down on the chair next to Maggie and Templeton.

"How is my boy, Maggie?" Hannibal asked.

"He's doing good," Maggie replied. "He just ate his cereal before you came out of the room?"

"Good boy." Hannibal brush his son's hair away from his face.

"Are you going to find out what's happened to his mother?" Maggie asked.

"Yes, I'm going to find out what happened to her and I will send Murdock and B.A. out there to find the nanny," Hannibal answered.

"You think she know more about what's happened to Samantha."

"The way Murdock and B.A. talk about the nanny. She left in a hurry to get outs of there quickly."

"How you going to do that?"

"I'm not sure yet, but I will figure it out," Hannibal explained. "I got to go to work."

Hannibal got up, kiss his fiancé and pick up his boy and then left the house to get to work. He will figure it out how to tell Murdock and B.A. to find the nanny before it's too late. He got a very bad feeling that Mr. Becker maybe on his way here or he maybe bring his men with him to get his son back.

Hannibal walked inside the barn and saw B.A. and Murdock brushing the horses he walk up to them and they looked up and saw Hannibal standing right front of them.

"What's up, Hannibal?" Murdock asked.

"Murdock, did you says, this woman gave the kid to you and then left?" Hannibal asked.

"Yes, she did. Why?" Murdock confused as he answered.

"Because I got a bad feeling that Mr. Becker and his men maybe on their way here," Hannibal explained.

"Oh, you want us to go find the nanny and bring her back here," B.A. asked.

"Yes, she maybe a witness for this," Hannibal said.

"You think she saw what's happened to Samantha," Murdock asked.

"Yes, she either saw it or Samantha told her. And you guys need to leave real quick and bring her back here," Hannibal said.

"Okay, we will packs up and leave right away," B.A. said.

"Thanks, guys. I owe you one," Hannibal replied.

"Yes you do," Murdock said.

They left the barn to get ready to leave the ranch real quick, few minutes later, they got on the horse and left the ranch to find the nanny before it's too late.

Maggie walked out the house with the foods in her hands and walked up to Hannibal.

"I hope they find her soon before Mr. Becker find him," Maggie said.

"I hope so too," Hannibal replied. "I got a bad feeling he will be coming," as he looked over at Maggie as he hugs her in his arms.

*Meanwhile in town.*

Mr. Becker and his goons arrived in town, they looks around to see if they have a sheriff and saw the sheriff's building they ride up to it and step down from their horses. They tied up the horse rein to the pole and walked in the sheriff's office and then saw no sheriff in the building they wondering if he working or not. Mr. Becker sat down on the chair while his goons standing and looks around the building.

A few minutes later, the sheriff walked inside the building and saw the men waiting for him.

"How can I help you, sir?" Sheriff Smith asked. "And who are you? And what are you doing in my office?"

"I'm sorry, I'm Mr. Becker and this is my men that work for me," Mr. Becker said. "I want to reported my son missing."

"Okay, what's his name?"

"Templeton Becker. He was kidnapped by these two men that came to my house," Mr. Becker explained. "And I want you arrests them when you see them."

"Okay, What are their name?" Sheriff asked.

"I don't know, but I will recognized them when I see them."

"All right, but you can tell me what they looks like," Sheriff Smith explained. "I probably know their name."

"One is a black guy with a Mo-hawk and the other guy wears a weird clothes with a cowboy hat," Mr. Becker said.

"I know them. They are B.A. Baracus and H.M. Murdock and they work for John 'Hannibal' Smith at the farm."

"Let's go get my son." Mr. Becker and the men left the building along with the sheriff to head towards the farm.

*At the farm.*

They finally arrived at the farm. Maggie came out of the house and saw sheriff Smith rode up with the men.

"Hi sheriff, what can I do for you?" Maggie asked.

"Hi Maggie, This is Mr. Becker and his men," Smith replied. "Where's your fiancé?"

"He is down at the cow trail."

"I take it two men are with him," Sheriff said.

"Who?" Maggie asked.

"B.A. Baracus and H.M. Murdock," Sheriff asked.

"They out of town and they won't be back in a weeks. Why?"

"Mr. Becker said, they kidnapped his son, Templeton."

"Why would they do that? Samantha sent my fiancé a letter to let him know he has a son."

"You got a letter?"

"No, Hannibal got it with him. Why don't we wait in the house when he get here."

"All right." They step off their horses and they went inside the house.

"Where is my son?" Mr. Becker asked.

"Templeton is with my fiancé," Maggie answered.

"He's three years old!" Mr. Becker yelled. "He shouldn't be out there!"

"Don't worry, he's not with Hannibal, he's with the chuck wagon," Maggie explained.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Mr. Becker sat back down as he embarrassing himself.

"That's okay. He should be back any minutes now.

Few minutes later, they heard a horses coming in. Maggie got up, looked at the window and saw Hannibal and the men with the wagon.

"He's here." Maggie said. "He will be in here in a few minutes."

Few minutes later after Maggie says that, Hannibal walked in with Templeton.

"Hi Maggie, Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know we have company," Hannibal said.

"Yes, honey, this is Mr. Becker and his men," Maggie explained. "He's here for his son."

Templeton looked around and saw Mr. Becker who beat him and he hugs Hannibal around his neck so tight. Sheriff Smith saw that.

"What's wrong with him?" Sheriff asked.

"Mr. Becker beat him," Maggie said.

"That's a lie!" Mr. Becker yelled.

"Show him his back, honey."

Hannibal show Templeton's back to the sheriff. Sheriff can't believe what he saw.

"Do you have a letter that prove he is your son?" Sheriff asked.

"Yes." Hannibal took out the letter and hands the letter to the sheriff.

He reads the letter and looked at Mr. Becker, "This letter said Templeton is Hannibal's son."

"That don't prove nothing," Mr. Becker said as he smirking.

"I hate to tell you, Mr. Becker," Hannibal explained. "Samantha got a witness."

Mr. Becker wipe the smirk off his face as he got nervous, "Who's the witness?"

"She work for you or should I says, was."

Mr. Becker knew his plans crashing down on him, "I want a lawyer and I'm not say anything."

"Okay, let's get back to town and get yourself a lawyer," Sheriff said as he hand the paper back.

They left the house, got on their horses to heads back to town as Hannibal and Maggie watch them leave.

"I hope B.A. and Murdock get back in time to bring the witness," Maggie said.

"I hope they do, they got to find her first."


Notes: Sheriff Smith is not related to Hannibal Smith. Will B.A. and Murdock find the nanny and bring her to town before Hannibal lose Templeton? Mr. Becker is very powerful man and don't believe him that he will tried get his son back. Hopefully two more chapter.