Here is chapter 7. One more chapter.

Chapter: 7- Court and witness came forward

Maggie came out of the room after she put Templeton to bed she looked at Hannibal sitting at the table, picking on his foods. She knew he's worry about the custody and so it she. She's attracted to him and she also hope that B.A. and Murdock come back with the witness and quick before Mr. Becker take Templeton back to his hometown.

Maggie watch Hannibal teach his son how to feed himself except making a mess of himself, but he will evidently learn learn how to feed himself without making a mess.

Maggie heard a knock on the door and she went to answer the door and saw Mark, Hannibal's foreman.

"What can I do for you, Mark? Maggie asked.

"Lawyer wanted me to tell you guys to meet him in the morning talking about the kidnapping of the boy," Mark answered.

"Okay, thanks for telling us."

"You're welcome ma'am." Mark left the house to heads back to the lodge to get some sleep.

Maggie closed the door and walks back to her soon to be husband, "Do you just heard what Mark says?"

"Yes I heard," Hannibal replied. "What am I going to do? I'm not going to lose him to Mr. Becker."

"You won't. Just have faith that B.A. and Murdock find the witness."

"I know and we needs to find out what's happened to his mother," Hannibal said. "I will have faith that Murdock and B.A. find the witness and bring her back and she must saw something happened to his mother.

"I agree and let's go get ready and heading to town," Maggie answered.

Hannibal walked outside and heads towards the lodge to get ready, while Maggie get clean up and get ready. She got Templeton Ready and then walk out of the house and saw Hannibal hook up the wagon and then head towards the town and they keep the kid.

They walked into the courthouse, saw Mr. Becker sat with the defense attorney they walked over to the Prosecutor and sat down beside him. Maggie looks over at Mr. Becker and she swore she saw a smirk looks on his face and thinking what he's thinking that he's think he will win the case.

"All rise!" Bailiff said.

They got up and the judge walked out of his office and sat down behind the pew.

"You may sit down," Judge said. "What do we got?"

Bailiff hands the paper to the judge, "Smith vs. Becker custody case."

Judge asked Defense Attorney, "Calls the witness."

"I called Hannibal Smith," Defense Attorney said.

Hannibal walked up to the chair and sat down. Defense Attorney walked up to Hannibal.

"Templeton is your son, right?" Attorney asked.


"How do you know he is your son?"

"Samantha wrote me a letter to tell me I got a son."

"How you know Samantha?" He asked. "You're engage to Maggie."

Hannibal told the lawyer, he met Samantha four years ago before he met Maggie.

"That will make Templeton three years old, it's that right?"


"Where is she and why she's not here?"

He told him that he doesn't know where she is and he also told the lawyer the last time he saw her is in New York and then he has no idea where is she now. Lawyer asked Hannibal, why Mr. Becker take you to court if he want Templeton back. He told the lawyer that he has no idea why he took him to court unless Samantha never told Mr. Becker that he is not the father of her son.

Before he walked back to his table, "Do you know anybody that can prove it to you that you're the father?"



"Templeton's nanny."

Mr. Becker's face turn white as a ghost and he forgot about the nanny he should got rid of her like he did Samantha.

"Where is she?" Lawyer asked.

"I don't know where she is," Hannibal explained. "I sent Murdock and B.A. out to find her."

"You think she will tell us what's happened to Samantha and prove that you're the father."

"I hope so."

"I got no further question." Lawyer walked back to the table and sat down on the chair.

"What about you, Counsellor? Judge asked.

"I got no further question your honor," Attorney replied.

"Let go to recess and come back in here for an hours."

Hannibal and his fiancé walked outside, Mr. Becker walked outside, looked over at Hannibal and Maggie and got big smirk on his face and then walked over to Hannibal and Maggie.

"Where's Templeton?" Mr. Becker asked.

"He's at friends of our and that's all you needs you to know." Hannibal don't trust him. "And you can walked back where you at."

"Okay be that way, I'm trying to be friendly." He walked back where he at until he heard the bailiff.

They all walked back inside the courthouse and sat down and waiting for the results what judge is going to says.

Judge walked out of the room and sat down and read the results about who will get custody of the toddler.

He is about to give the verdict who will get custody of Templeton 'till three people walks in.

"You're not going to give Templeton to Mr. Becker, are you?" Former nanny asked.

Judge looks up everyone turns around and saw three people. Mr. Becker was in shocked to see Templeton's former nanny and he knew he should have paid her to disappears without a trace or should he said, dead like he did with Samantha.