Remember Andre and Seraphiel? Well - they aren't the only Heavenly / supernatural characters interested in Midnight. People are coming in to see about the renovation of the Hotel - and something that might be resurrected because of it.


Best if you read "Comes the Horesman" first - and also "The Other Arthur" from the Librarians fandom so that you understand something of the original characters that are visiting Midnight. Also - have changed up the story line to bring in the events of the series finale. So story will have changed from the last time it was read.

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Chapter 1

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Welcome to Midnight – sort of

Arthur's sapphire blue eyes popped open as the limo hit another pothole. "Does the state of Texas not fund road repair this far out of the metropolises?" he grumbled, shifting in his seat. "I swear at this rate we're going to break an axel." He ran a hand through his dirty blond hair, pushing it back from his face.

"Doubt it" Drogo called back from his spot in the driver's seat. The dark-haired, black-eyed body-guard, driver and man at arms was use to his king's grumbling when someone else was in control of the vehicle. Arthur had control issues on a good day. This wasn't a good day.

"If you wake me one more time to whine about the roads" a silky, feminine voice whispered from the back seat. "I'll make it my mission in life to end yours." Rowan, Arthur's sister / queen straighten in her seat, brushing her long dark hair out of her face. The hours long trip from San Antonio had been annoying at best using human conveyances but having to listen to her brother complain about every bump in the road had left her ready to claw someone's eyes out. Preferably their brother Khan – since he had ducked out of the journey to this small, Texas town with the excuse "been there, done that" – and that someone need to watch over Lucifer, their ex-Prince of Hell quasi-uncle who was having relationship issues in L.A.

"I'm just saying – if the car breaks down we're out in the middle of nowhere, with local mechanics who probably have never worked on European motors like this one. I don't fancy getting stranded." Arthur shifted sideways in his seat, getting a little further away from his sister in case she decided to hit. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, trying not to scratch the wound across this face that was finally healing. Their last encounter with demons from the pit had been a little too close for comfort, leaving him with an injury that, if it were not for his Fae healing abilities, would leave an ugly scar across his handsome face, making him resemble the hero in his favorite online game.

Rowan slapped his hand gently. "Don't scratch. You know what Rafael said about you messing with that."

Arthur shrugged. "It will heal regardless of what I do. And it itches." He rubbed the healing scar again, trying not to run his nails over the new flesh.

"Leave it alone or I'll tell Father" she said with a smile, pulling her most used and most effective intimidation card out of the deck.

"Fine – I'll stop" Arthur grumbled, crossing his arms to keep his hands away from his face. "So – what do we know about this place? What's it called – Midnight, Texas?"

"Khan said he and Seraphiel chased down a run-away angel here just before the Veil shredded" she sighed, surrendering to the idea that sleep was no longer an option. "It's sitting on a ley line near as I can tell, a convergence point that attracts supernatural elements to it." She shifted over, pulling a tablet out of her briefcase and swiping through several documents before she found the one she wanted. "Kind of like the Hellmouth that TV series used to talk about – only real. That door to the dark realm has closed again but you never know with these things. He and Seraphiel mentioned a vampire, a witch and a psychic who were in permanent residence along with their runaway angel."

"What did Zaphiel have to say about the place?" Arthur asked quizzically. "I know he was there to conduct a Tribunal on that other angel."

"Yes – so annoying. I would have liked to have been there." She sighed and handed her tablet off to her sibling. "He didn't have much to say other than it was important to sentence the runaway to time served in the town so he could be there when the veil finally dissolved and Colchanar made a break for it. Recently, they had incidents with dark witches trying to take over and break out of their little antechamber of Hell to spread their influence over the rest of humanity. You remember the story in one of our children's story books about Hypatia and Theophilus?"

"I do" Drogo called back. "Two dark witches – twins if I remember – who were cursed by another witch named Delilah for creating dark magic. Theophilus was betrothed to Delilah but his sister was jealous of losing her brother / lover. Hypatia seduced her brother into having relations with her, both witches were pregnant and all three fell to mutual curses – hence the creation of dark magic. And by the way, have I mentioned you tell Fae children some really gory bedtime stories?"

"Our version of historical tall tales" Rowan replied with a grin. "And sometimes they are pretty accurate."

"Don't tell Lucifer that story" Arthur snorted. "He'll be mortally offended that he doesn't get the credit for any of that."

Rowan sniffed. "It's a stupid story – darkness and light have always existed. Those three just ended up with a better public relations firm for their story than most."

Arthur sighed, annoyed. "I really hate when we end up having to clean up after idiotic scenarios like that occur – especially since this one occurred before any of us were born."

Rowan stared out the window, trying not to smile at her brother's aggravated tone. "Point of fact - we didn't clean this one up. The inhabitants of Midnight did. Do you think father knew those old witches? He's always been in tight with the magical community that didn't include the Fae."

"I doubt it" Arthur said with a shrug. "He'd have caved all three of their skulls in for their stupidity. Though what any of that has to do with why the Old Man has sent us to this little backwater town now is anyone's guess."

Rowan shifted in her seat again. "From what my glass has told me – Hypatia found a spell – and a mage – to resurrect her dead brother and revive her desire for ultimate power. Sadly for her it didn't go as well as expected. The Midnighters were able to deal with her nonsense – though not without some casualties. Since we're not bringing our housecarl with us into the town I'm going to assume that whatever we're going to deal with it's not Hypatia and her incestuous relationship."

Drogo laughed. "You know – you two share a bed and pretty much everything else. How was their relationship any different than yours?"

"Rowan's not the jealous type" Arthur grinned. "At least not when it comes to me."

"I am SO the jealous type when it comes to my brother" Rowan protested in amusement. "I don't like sharing you at all – except with Khan. But then we both like to share him."

"TMI! Sorry I mentioned it" Drogo laughed. "So – problem is NOT with dealing with dark witches trying to rise up and smite the mortal world?"

Arthur nodded solemnly. "It would appear not. But just because it appears they have had some success is defending their territory doesn't mean all things are right with the world in that strange little town. Colchanar had brothers – lots of brothers – who would have liked to make a break for it as well and this little incident with the forces of dark magic have raised their profile far too publicly for my comfort. Rowan, you and father said your glass saw the tracks of a demon knight headed in the direction of that town?"

"Yes – part of the legend of those three miscreants. Supposedly when Delilah cut off Theophilus head, his sister/lover Hypatia had their child exile her into a painting with a demon knight forever trying to find and destroy her. That knight, it appears, has escaped his prison and is now wandering around somewhere outside a small town in Texas."

"Which is why we're visiting?" Drogo mused from the front seat. "Two guardians and a dragon – and no backup from the Heavenly realm?"

"Hmmm…" Rowan looked out the window with a frown. "Yes and no. We'll have backup if needed. But first we have to deal with other issues that the inhabitants of the town are not yet aware of. This town and its unusual population are where they are for a reason. They are an outpost, set up to allow mankind in all its diversity to guard itself from the minor darkness while we deal with major issues. They just don't know, at least right now, that those major issues are about to pop up."

"Colchanar was a MINOR issue?" Drogo asked, surprised.

"Well – yes actually he was only a minor demon. I mean really, he never seems to learn from his defeats – just keeps on trying the same old strategies that he thinks should work and being surprised when they don't." Rowan shrugged, unconcerned. "I guess he figures if he waits long enough then mortals won't remember how he was defeated the first time and he'll finally win. Hasn't happened yet."

"So – why not just tell them something is crawling up again to bite them in the ass. They seem to be able to keep everything under control without our help – why interfere?" Drogo asked, swearing slightly to avoid an armadillo trying to cross the road.

"Father told me." Arthur's voice was somber, no trace of his previous mirth visible. "Something that Zaphiel told him, it seems a certain Trickster has been in the town and managed to work his wiles on one of its inhabitants. There is nothing we can do about the deal this person made but…."

"But?" Drogo said, waiting patiently for his master to formulate his thoughts.

"But, we need to make sure that what Zaphiel suspects has actually happened. That a child will be born into this world with no soul – and the powers of a witch. Such a child would be an abomination, with power enough to destroy but no empathy to control its desires. That, on top of a demon knight traipsing through the town has raised the threat level to finally trigger our interference."

"Sadly true" Rowan agreed. "But the first part of this issue we won't be able to deal with until after the child is born – and has had time for its parents to try to put it on the right path, soul or no soul. The child cannot be condemned until it actually does something worthy of a death sentence. We are only here to verify its existence. But the demon knight, on the other hand, well – he's just meat for the slaughter. And I'm ready for a good hunt – how about you, brother mine?" Her smile was as cold as ice, cold as her brother's blue eyes now fixed on the sign they were passing.

Arthur smiled thinly. "I'm always ready for a hunt."

The car continued on its way, its occupants now silent as they passed the sign on the outskirts of town.

"Welcome to Midnight, Texas".