In the alleyway

Seraphiel's head jerked up, one hand suddenly clutching his arm. "Mo chailín!" he growled, flexing his massive wings as he leapt into the air. "Someone has hurt my girl." He streaked away, leaving his younger sibling to gawk at his ascent into the sky.

Joe instinctively spread his own wings as he launched into the air beside his brother. "The Knight?" he called out, trying desperately to catch up with the older angel. Not an easy feat as the older angel's wingspan was longer and wider - and the Seraph was making use of his superior strength to span the short space between himself and his student.

Seraphiel did not reply, tucking wings in as he turned to suddenly dive into the open area where the church and its associated burial grounds were located. He streaked heedlessly through a wall of flame that had cut off the church from the rest of town, landing just feet from Bobo and Manny, roughly shoving Fiji out of his way as he found his feet. Drogo, his dragon form again hidden by his veil, dived to one side to avoid being run down by the agitated celestial. "Cad atá ar siúl anseo?" he yelled out, pulling his curved Seraphim blade from its sheath. "What is happening here? Dragon – where is your Queen?"

"I'm over here" Rowan's voice called out from the cemetary fence. The young Fae royal was seated with her back to the rickety wood planks, cradling her arm gingerly against her ribs. "Móraí, stop him! My brother will kill that useless fuck if you don't!"

Joe, landing just short of the flames, turned in time to see Walker's body come flying over his head and land face-first in the dirt in front of him. The Hunter struggled weakly to get to his feet – only to be stopped by a pair of black leather boots landing beside him. Boots belonging to Arthur, the enraged King of Fae. The Lord of the Sidhe was shedding fire like leaves, rivers of flames rolling off his hands as he made a grab for the prone human body in front of him. "Say hello to uncle Lucifer's subjects" he growled, pulling Walker up by his hair. "You'll be speaking to them in Hell very soon." The smell of burning flesh permeated the air along with the human's screams of pain.

"You fool!" Joe muttered, trying to find a way to pull the human back before the Phoenix continued burnt him to a crisp. "I TOLD you not to interfere with them." He grabbed Walker's jacket and tried to pull him away only to be slapped back by the enraged young King. Arthur's spirit animal, the Phoenix, reared up from over the King's shoulder, screaming in rage and aiming a river of fire at the angel trying to deprive them of their prey. Joe tumbled backwards, jacket on fire with his hands still clutching the human's shoulders. He rolled over and over trying to beat out the flames covering both himself and Walker until he came to a stop, still clinging to the shivering form in his arms. The Fae King snarled, stalking forward to rip the man from the protection of his angelic companion.

The young dragon rolled up from where he had landed and ran towards his shield brother. "He saw my true form" Drogo said miserably, jumping up and grabbing his king's arm in a futile attempt to pull him away. "Arthur – STOP! You know that Humans don't deal well with seeing dragons! This was an accident! He didn't mean to hurt her!" He stumbled back as his King surged forward, fighting his way out of his dragon's grasp.

"I don't give a rats ass why he did what he did" the Firebird snarled, using his magic to push off his manservant. "He attacked us for no reason! He hurt my Queen – my Heart! I will not be appeased by his whining about his fears!" The flames closed in on Arthur, forming a fiery sort of armor around him, protecting him from the human and angel scrambling backwards away from him.

"Stop it Arthur! This was on me" Rowan called out, pained and slightly exasperated. "I should have told you I suspected we were being followed before Drogo started to shed his veil. Maybe if I had you could have…" She slapped at her mentor's hands as the old Seraphim pulled her sleeve back to see the damage. "Stop that! Leave it be – it will heal just fine without you making things worse. Stop!"

Fiji steadied herself with help from Mannie. She could feel a cold sort of power rising up from the depths of her core, forming a powerful wave of magic at the tips of her fingers. "BoBo" she whispered, holding her hands out in front of her. "I'm not sure what's happening! I'm not doing this!" She stared in horror down at her fingers as they started to form mystical symbols in the air.

Bobo grabbed her shoulders and gave her a quick shake. "Stop! He'll target you and the baby if you attack him!" He wrapped his arms around his partner, praying that he could stop her instinctive attempt to protect the hunter before the older angel noticed her actions.

Fiji drew in a deep breath, feeling the coldness of this strange magic grow as the Phoenix swept all opposition from his path. "I can't stop this!" she whispered, trying frantically to center herself and keep this magic from erupting towards the armored man looming over her friends

"You'd better find a way" Manny whispered. "Because if you let loose on that guy he might just return the favor - and I don't think any of us will survive the attack."

Back by the fence, Serphiel jerked Rowan's sleeve open, ignoring her attempts stop him. He was relieved to see whatever had happened was only a flesh wound, something the girl would quickly heal from given time. Glancing sideways he finally took notice of tableau in front of him – and at the human witch who was about to make the biggest mistake of her life by bringing her magic to bear on Phoenix. "Arthur! Get your feathery ass over here and tend to your sister. NOW!"

Arthur turned at the sound of the Seraphim's voice, unable to shake off the power in his command. "But…!"

"Don't argue with me boyo! I told you not to start a war without me and I meant it. Now get your ass over here and bind up her arm before things get any worse!"

Rowan't voice cut through the tension like a hot knife through butter. "I think things just got worse" she said, waving her uninjured arm behind the Midnighters. Bobo turned slowly, to see the armored form of the Demon Knight, sword in hand, stalking towards them.