Chapter 1: Arrival

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Mrs. Higurashi held an envelope in her hand. She opened it to reveal a letter. Not just any letter, but a letter about Kagome's schooling and academics and the fact they have been down the toilet.

"Oh my...", Mrs. Higurashi said.

At that moment, Mrs. Higurashi heard two familiar voices.

"Awww come on Kagome! Why did you drag me here?!"

"Because, I wanted to invite you over! It's a courteous thing to do you know!"


They were at it again, as Sota has always said. Inuyasha and Kagome always bickered like a married couple and everyone knew it would continue forever.

"Kagome, honey.", Mrs. Higurashi called.

"Yes mom. Need something?", Kagome said as she came over to her mom.

"I got a letter in the mail and the school system is demanding that you get your schooling somewhere else.", Mrs. Higurashi said.

"Where exactly?", Kagome asked nervously.

"In France.", Mrs. Higurashi said and handed the letter to Kagome.


Kagome was now blushing as she was thinking about being with Inuyasha, despite the whole mess they were in. At that moment, Inuyasha dashed into the room with Tessaiga drawn.

"What's wrong Kagome?! I heard you screaming!", Inuyasha said ready to hack his sword at anything that was causing Kagome terror.

"I have bad news...", Kagome said.

"What?! Is it that you can't sense Jewel Shards anymore?", Inuyasha asked.

"No, idiot! I am being forced to go to another country by my school!", Kagome said.

"Another what?", Inuyasha asked.

"Another land.", Kagome said, hopefully getting the message across.


At that moment, Mrs. Higurashi backed away a bit from the once more arguing couple.

"I CAN'T!", Kagome shouted.

"YOU CAN'T OR YOU DON'T WANT TO?!", Inuyasha shouted back.


Inuyasha tried to think of a come back, but ultimately failed.

"What can I do?! I can't clone myself to be here and in the Feudal Era!", Kagome sobbed.

"Kagome, you could use a small vacation. All that stress from fighting all the time isn't good for you.", Mrs. Higurashi assured.


That moment at a beach in the Feudal Era.. .

Naraku was lounging in the sun with Kanna tending to him as he laid in the sun, getting a tan.

"Why didn't I think of this sooner?", Naraku asked.

Back at the shrine...

"I KNOW! I am between a rock in a hard place!", Kagome shouted, "I don't want my mom and grandpa to go to jail because of me! And I don't want Naraku to win!"

"Isn't there someone you can talk to who maybe able to help?", Mrs. Higurashi asked.

Kagome thought a bit. There was one person who has helped her in situations similar in some ways before.

"Inuyasha, are you thinking what I'm thinking?", Kagome asked.

"If I was, then I would know what goes on in that head of yours a long time ago.", Inuyasha said.

Kagome mentally face palmed.

'Note to self, make sure Inuyasha gets a better idea of figurative language...', Kagome thought.

"Let's just go...", Kagome sighed and dragged Inuyasha to the well.

"Oh one more thing, I kinda signed you both up!", Mrs. Higurashi called out, making Inuyasha groan.

Once Kagome and Inuyasha arrived in the village, they went to Kaede to address the issue, to which Kaede was able understand, thankfully.

"So, do you think you will be able to help Miroku, Sango, and Shippo until we can get back?", Kagome asked.

"I think I can help ye. And since the land ye are going to speaks another language, the best I can do is make something for ye.", Kaede said and pulled out two sets of beads.

The beads were both a pale brown with a few beads that took the shape of kanji that was in the word 'language'. Kaede started a chant, causing the beads to glow and form two separate necklaces. Kaede placed the necklaces on them, causing them to glow briefly.

"There. The necklaces should help ye speak and read any language not of this land.", Kaede said.

"Thanks Lady Kaede. Hopefully we can visit some time.", Kagome said.

"Farewell children.", Kaede said looking on sadly as Kagome and Inuyasha left for the well.

"By the way Inuyasha, you better behave on the plane.", Kagome warned.

"What the heck is a plane?", Inuyasha asked.

A few hours later...

Kagome couldn't help but stifle a few snickers as Inuyasha gawked at the animals being dragged into the cargo space and baggage areas in cages.

"Stop that Inuyasha, you are not going in that part of the plane, trust me.", Kagome giggled.

"You better not be lying.", Inuyasha said and they boarded the plane with all the other people.

And let's say from there, Inuyasha was rather, jumpy about the plane experience. Not to mention getting used to feeling his bandana covered ears 'popping'. The poor guy was complaining and arguing with Kagome the whole way that the duo got A LOT of hateful glares for their disruptions.

Twelve hours and thirty-six minutes later...

Inuyasha was so glad that the flight was over. He could never understand how Kagome could brush off such a flight off as nothing. Though the real irony was that Inuyasha has ridden on Kirara when she was flying.

"Let's go find some directions, Inuyasha.", Kagome said.

"I hate being here already...", Inuyasha muttered as Kagome dragged him away once more.

Behind them, a black plume of ominous smoke came out of a frying socket. The smoke took on a familiar eye-like shape and followed them.

Inuyasha forced Kagome to stop and started to sniff the air. He let a small grunt escape his mouth.

"Is there something wrong, Inuyasha?", Kagome asked.

"Get back. I sense something and I don't like it.", Inuyasha said placing a hand on his Tessaiga.

"NOT HERE INUYASHA! We will get in trouble! Just use your claws.", Kagome said loud enough for Inuyasha to hear.

"Fine...", Inuyasha muttered and released his grip from his sword, "ALRIGHT! COME OUT! I KNOW YOU ARE THERE!"

The black, eye shaped smoke made itself known. Inuyasha growled viciously as Kagome clutched her backpack harder.

"IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER!", Inuyasha shouted, attacking the smoke.

Inuyasha's attack went straight through the smoke. The smoke lunged for Inuyasha with malicious.

"INUYASHA! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! QUICK!", Kagome shouted and hoped on to Inuyasha's back.

As if on cue, Inuyasha started running out of the airport faster than a bullet train.

'I hate having to run...', Inuyasha thought.

The smoke still came after them. Some how, it managed to catch up with Inuyasha's speed.

'Dang! What will make that stuff disappear?!', Inuyasha thought.

Suddenly, the smoke started sinking into a nearby unoccupied sports car, possessing it. The sports car came speeding after them, and in the process, breaking the speedometer. Kagome was frightened.


"NOT IN THE EARS, KAGOME! HANG ON TIGHT, I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO FLYING OFF!", Inuyasha shouted back, irritated before whispering, "Women..."

Inuyasha took a large leap into the skies and landed on top of a roof. He continued dashing and jumping from there. However, the sports car was still tailing them from below. Soon there where no more roofs for Inuyasha to jump on to and the sports car was now ramming into the building they were standing on, which was not a very stable one die to age.

"Be careful Kagome. I will go give that thing a piece of my mind!", Inuyasha shouted as he set down Kagome before jumping off the building, gliding to the ground, "HEY YOU! YOU'VE GOT SOME NERVE THINKIN' THAT YOU CAN TRY HURTING US! IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER!"

The attack smashed into the sports car, obliterating it and forcing the smoke out. The smoke entered a large truck that had a sleeping driver in it. The possessed truck barreled right for Inuyasha.

"INUYASHA!", Kagome cried out.

Inuyasha braced himself. He couldn't destroy the truck due to the person inside but he had to mangle up the truck some how. When the truck was only centimeters from slamming into Inuyasha, the truck stopped.

"Huh?", Inuyasha asked in confusion.

That's when Inuyasha saw a bright white glowing bubble start passing over the city.

"WHAT THE HECK?!", Inuyasha shouted.

That is when everything went blank for them both and Kagome forgot the events that had transpired that day. However, Inuyasha's memories weren't completely erased by the strange white dome. That is when the day began again.

Inuyasha woke up to find himself on the plane again and events that had previously happened on the plane happening again. The same people were glaring at Inuyasha like they had before when he was making a scene on the plane.

"Huh?!", Inuyasha asked, "What the heck happened?! Why are we back on the plane?!"

"What are you talking about Inuyasha?", Kagome asked.

"Something weird happened... I don't like it.", Inuyasha said.

"Nothing weird happened.", Kagome said.

"You don't remember?! There was this weird smoke like demon trying to kill us! That's when this white barrier like thing appeared and it's all a blur after that!", Inuyasha said.

"I am pretty sure it was just a dream.", Kagome said.

'Why doesn't she remember anything? None of the other humans seem to notice. Maybe it's because of my demon blood keeping me from forgetting what had happened. At least there is a small amount of relief...', Inuyasha thought.

Inuyasha remained on guard once the plane landed. He sensed nothing once they had passed the same socket. No demonic smoke. Inuyasha frowned.

'Something is obviously not right... Better stay on guard...', Inuyasha thought.

'Inuyasha has been this jumpy since we arrived. What's gotten into him?', Kagome thought.

"Come on Inuyasha, let's go find a taxi, okay?", Kagome asked, hoping to calm down the half demon.

A few hours later at Kadic... Dinner time...

The group was glad the latest XANA attack was once more gone. That left plenty of time to get together and chat a bit, or in Odd's case, joke around.

"That is when the bartender asked, 'why such a long face?'.", Odd said laughing at one of his own really bad jokes.

Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, and Jeremie snickered a bit at the joke.

"So what news do you have Jeremie?", Ulrich asked, "Is it about the anti-virus for Aelita?"

"I still have a lot of work to do for that, but the news I have to share is that is just as important.", Jeremie said.

"What is so important?", Yumi asked.

"Me and Jeremie are scheduled to get new roommates.", Aelita said.

"Which means we have to be extra careful in our own rooms to not let anything about Lyoko to slip. I hope that our roommates won't be too much of a hassle...", Jeremie said.

"Wow. That pretty much makes me and Ulrich's room the only safe haven for almost any small talk about Lyoko.", Odd said.

"At least you don't have to explain to him why you are talking to a computer screen.", Ulrich said remembering the days before Aelita set foot on Earth.

"Oh that reminds me. If they do happen to find out about Lyoko without us knowing or something supernatural makes it impossible to erase their memories via Return to The Past, what should we do?", Odd said.

"Odd, I think you have been watching too many horror movies.", Ulrich said.

"But however, Odd does bring up a valid point.", Aelita said, "What if it turns out we are too late to use a Return to The Past to make them forget about Lyoko?"

"Then we will have to make them swear an oath that they would never tell a soul.", Jeremie said.

"What if they prove helpful like being able to give XANA a run for his money?", Odd asked, "What will do? Have an initiation for them? If we do, I got some left over costume stuff hidden away under my bed."

"You collect costume parts?", Ulrich asked.

"Yeah and some of them are pretty hilarious.", Odd said.

"If it's the chicken-lizard-donkey costume that Kiwi peed on, then I feel sorry for who ever has to wear it.", Ulrich said.

"An initiation could be a good idea, depending on what we do and what will prove their loyalty.", Jeremie said.

"I am sure Odd's costume idea won't really prove loyalty because from what I have seen in some of his pictures of some of the costumes, they are really ridiculous. I bet just as ridiculous as your avatar on Lyoko, Jeremie.", Yumi said.

The whole table except Jeremie laughed at the memory of Jeremie fighting a bunch of Mega Tanks in the most ridiculous Lyoko avatar ever. His avatar, much to his embarrassment, looked similar to Peter Pan.

"Ha ha very funny...", Jeremie deadpanned.

At that moment, Principal Delmas entered the cafeteria with two teens and Jim following from behind.

"Can I have your attention students?", Principal Delmas asked.

The entire cafeteria went silent. Well mostly silent.

"Hey, Einstein! Is that your new roommate? Man you are so lucky if that turns out to be a cute chick!", Odd whispered pointing to a white haired teen who was wearing really old fashioned red robes.

Jeremie gave Odd a look, knowing what Odd was thinking. Odd was most definitely thinking of ways to flirt with the kid who he thought was a girl.

"Don't get your hopes up Odd, I think that's a boy.", Yumi whispered.

Odd wasn't paying attention to Yumi's warning because he was sorting through his flirting cards, making sure they weren't his joke cards.

"Okay, students, we have two new exchange students from Japan. Can you tell the students your names and a bit about yourself?", Principal Delmas said.

The black haired girl stepped up first.

"My name is Kagome Higurashi. I like being with my friends.", The girl said.

The white haired teen looked a bit puzzled at Kagome's words. Jeremie caught the sight gesture of the teen's confusion.

"Go on, it's your turn.", Principal Delmas said, "No need to be shy."

"What the heck?! Who are ya callin' shy old hag?!", The teen asked annoyed and crossed his arms in the over sized sleeves of his robes.

That's when Odd's hopes of the white haired teen being a girl were crushed. Many kids were shocked by the teen's bad attitude.

"Show a little more respect when you are talking to the principal young man! Now introduce yourself!", Jim shouted at the teen.

"FEH!", The teen grunted before turning to the kids, "My name is Inuyasha, and don't get in my way. You'll regret it..."

Jeremie did a face fault into the desk and groaned in agony as Principal Delmas and Jim left the cafeteria.

"So that's your roommate. I hope he doesn't give you a hard time.", Yumi whispered.

"Same here, Jeremie. Maybe you can help him adjust here.", Aelita said.

"I guess so but what confuses me is the fact his body language said that he was confused when Kagome was introducing herself.", Jeremie said, "It's like he never set foot into a school before."

"He must have been home schooled. By the way, at least I have a chance at getting dibs on Kagome.", Odd said as he got up and started walking towards Kagome, "Hey babe!"

"Who are you?", Kagome asked.

"The name's Odd Della Robbia! You my friend are really cute! It's like you dropped out of heaven!", Odd said as he held out his hand to Kagome with a large cheesy grin, "Want to go out some time?"

"Uhhhh...", Kagome started, just for Inuyasha to butt in.

"What do you think you're doing?!", Inuyasha snarled and was about to bare his teeth at Odd.

"INUYASHA!", Kagome shouted, "Don't make me say it!"

Inuyasha then instantly shut his mouth and coward a bit.

"Rats! Looks like you got first dibs on her.", Odd said.

"Huh?", Inuyasha asked, "What do you mean by that squirt?"

'Better than being called scrawny...', Odd thought.

"I am saying you two are dating.", Odd said.

"WHAT?!", Kagome shouted while Inuyasha looked even more confused, "We aren't dating! We are just friends!"

"Looks like the sweat is selling it. Don't worry, soon you will be letting everyone know as if it were a big international headline.", Odd said walking back to his table.

"So how did it go?", Aelita asked.

"Let's say Inuyasha is really touchy about Kagome. But the weird thing is, Kagome threatened him about saying something. It doesn't end there, Inuyasha has no idea what a date is! Can't you believe it?", Odd said, "Thank goodness he didn't call me scrawny."

"Something very peculiar is going on with that guy... At least I will be able to find out what it is. Hopefully by tomorrow morning.", Jeremie said.

"Also let's hope that XANA can stay quiet.", Ulrich said, "Unlike a certain mutt-"


It was Inuyasha, and something had offended him apparently.

"S-I-T INUYASHA!", Kagome shouted at him.

'Weird... Something tells me that the word 'sit' is the word that Kagome used as a threat. But why?', Jeremie thought.

"I am going to my room for the night. See you guys in the morning.", Jeremie said.

"See ya Einstein!", Odd said.

"Good night Jeremie!", Aelita said.

Jeremie walked up to Inuyasha. He looked at Inuyasha to see that he was eating with very little manners. In fact, he made Odd look like HE HAD manners.

'No comment...', Jeremie thought.

"Ummm... Inuyasha?", Jeremie asked.

"What squirt?", Inuyasha asked a bit irritated.

"I am Jeremie Belpois. I will be your roommate.", Jeremie said.

"What's a roommate?", Inuyasha asked.

"A roommate is someone who occupies the same room with you in order to save up space for other students and allow more room for other's.", Jeremie said, "Almost everyone here has a roommate, well except for Sissy, Principal Delmas's daughter. I formerly didn't have a roommate."

"Okay...", Inuyasha said confused by the idea a bit.

"Want me to show you to the room we will be sharing?", Jeremie asked, "Or do you think you can find it on your own?"

"You think I can't find my way around here?!", Inuyasha asked irritated.

"I didn't exactly say that...", Jeremie said.

"You better have not...", Inuyasha growled.

"See you in the room then.", Jeremie said and walked away.

After dinner, Inuyasha was in fact a bit lost in the building. Tracking Jeremie's scent not only prove to be a hassle, but also a big attention grabber. Inuyasha effectively ignored the attention he was grabbing from sniffing the ground though.

'Dang! He's been all over the place! I can't pin point his scent!', Inuyasha thought.


Jim was snapping at him... Again...

"What do you think you are doing on the ground?!", Jim asked angrily, "You are suppose to be in your dorm room right now!"

"Shut up! I have been trying to find it!", Inuyasha snapped back.

"Oh really? I am sure crawling all over the floor like a mutt was really helpful!", Jim said sarcastically, ticking off Inuyasha further.

"I AM NOT A MUTT!", Inuyasha yelled.

"Then stop acting like it! If you need help finding your dorm, then just ask someone next time!", Jim said and dragged a reluctant and still steaming Inuyasha down the hall, "I would also clean up that attitude or by tomorrow you will get a nice punishment in my class."

Inuyasha only growled in response with his ears flattened underneath the bandana. Eventually Jim came to a stop in front of a room.

"Here's the dorm room that you will be sharing with Belpois. Breakfast starts at seven AM, and dinner's at seven PM. It's against the rules to be in your room between eight AM and four-thirty PM. You can ask Belpois about the rest of the rules, that is if he can remember them all.", Jim said sternly and walked away, "Now good night."

Inuyasha opened the dorm room's door. The room was a mess, but Inuyasha didn't care. There were a few things he didn't even recognize. He saw Jeremie in front of what Inuyasha was silently calling a 'strange box'. The 'strange box' had dozens of strange characters floating in it with some weird looking pictures. Inuyasha peeked over Jeremie's shoulders from different angles, trying to figure out what he was doing.

"That is really helpful Inuyasha...", Jeremie said sarcastically.

"What are you doing?", Inuyasha asked, with his eyes narrowed a bit.

"Uhhhh... A project for Computer Class.", Jeremie said, obviously lying.

"How can you do a 'project' with a box?", Inuyasha asked.

Jeremie could only blink at Inuyasha's choice of words.