Chapter 13: Faux Lead


Last time...

"Do you think we should share what happened in the forest with Odd?", Ulrich asked.

"Maybe.", Yumi said.

"What happened in the forest?", Kagome asked.

"If we told you, you would blow a casket.", Ulrich said and shuddered for emphasis.

"Wait! Hold on! Don't you dare mention what happened!", Inuyasha shouted as he became disturbed by the memory of it, "I have had enough sit commands today!"

"Inuyasha...", Kagome sang.

"Kagome no! It's too disturbing for you to know!", Inuyasha said.

"How disturbing?", Kagome asked.

"Enough for me to eat dirt! Literally!", Inuyasha said.

"Okay then... I am not going to ask.", Kagome said.


In Jeremie and Inuyasha's dorm...

Not a cat.

Not a dog.

Not a sound.

Not a movement.

For once, Jeremie was sleeping in his own bed. He slept soundly in his bed, snuggled up in his blankets. On the floor, Inuyasha was sleeping like he normally does, leaning against a wall, holding his sword close in case someone or something tries to attack as he slept.

Suddenly, Jeremie's computer started to beep as calculations were made by themselves. Inuyasha woke up slightly at the sounds, and excused them as nothing. He went back to sleep and continued his dream of beating up Sesshomaru by using Shippo as a hammer.

How wrong Inuyasha was. The files that were downloaded from the calculations was no ordinary files. They were files from the government with the title 'TOP SECRET' in big bold letters on them. The roommates had no idea these files were downloading in the background.

In Odd and Ulrich's dorm...




Odd and Ulrich woke up to the annoying sounds. Odd got out of bed, disturbing Kiwi's sleep.

"Can't a guy sleep in peace around here?", Ulrich muttered as he was half awake, half asleep.

"Sorry, it's Jean-Pierre...", Odd said opening a drawer and taking out his Tamagotchi, "Looks like he's hungry."

Ulrich tossed towards the wall, trying to get comfortable in his bed again.

"What a ridiculous name for a Tamagotchi... Jean-Pierre...", Ulrich muttered in annoyance how Odd named a TOY after the PRINCIPAL.

"Don't you pay attention to him, my little coochy-coo! He's pretty cool, huh?", Odd asked as he cuddled the toy briefly before setting it next to his bed.

Odd climbed back into bed and went back to sleep with Kiwi snuggled up to him.

Next morning...




No. It wasn't the Tamagotchi again. It was the alarm clock going off this time.

Ulrich stretched and yawned in his bed as he came back to the waking world from his slumber. Odd was too waking up as well. His hand moved to the bedside to find that his Tamagotchi was not there.

"I don't believe it!", Odd said and shot right out of bed and began to crawl around his bed.

Ulrich cracked an eye open, wondering what got Odd so worked up this time.

"I DON'T BELIEVE IT!", Odd screamed as he tossed some of the stra items that were laying around.

"What is it, Odd?", Ulrich asked.

"Jean-Pierre has disappeared!", Odd said frantically.

"Maybe he went out looking for someone who'd give him a better name.", Ulrich slightly joked.

"You stole Jean-Pierre Ulrich! I want him back!", Odd said.

"Hey, are you out of your mind?! I don't want your dumb plastic Jean-Pierre!", Ulrich said in annoyance.

"Then if... It wasn't you, then he had to have been kidnapped!", Odd said.

Ulrich sighed, he did not want to deal with this at this time in the morning.

"I sure hope your piggy bank's full so you can pay the ransom!", Ulrich said.

Odd began to shake Ulrich vigorously. Ulrich was definitely not in the mood to deal with his hyperactive roommate and the missing Tamagotchi.

"You don't understand! If we don't find him in time, he could starve! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?", Odd said.

Ulrich got up and removed the hyperactive roommate.

"First, we are going to go get breakfast, okay?", Ulrich asked.

In the Principal's Office...

Mr. Delmas was working on some paper work when he heard a knock on the door.

"Yes?", Mr. Delmas asked.

The door flew open to reveal two men in black suits. They were not very friendly from the looks of it.

"Jean-Pierre?", The Agents asked.

"I am.", Mr. Delmas said, confused by the agents' visitation.

"It seems, Jean-Pierre, you're interested in non-enriched uranium...", Agent A said.

"WHAT?!", Mr. Delmas asked in utter confusion.

Later in the cafeteria...

Everyone, minus Yumi was there. Odd was still in a slight foul mood due to his missing Tamagotchi.

"Jean-Pierre's not any old Tamagotchi virtual pet! He's only a few months old, he's very fragile! Would you abandon a helpless baby, Jeremy?", Odd said.

"If he was just plastic I sure would!", Jeremie said.

Kagome looked at Odd in slight concern.

"Don't you think you're obsessing over a little too much? Jean-Pierre's just a toy.", Kagome said.

"Not you too! I thought you would understand the most!", Odd said.

Inuyasha face palmed.

'What has become of the human race? First they obsess over killing demons, then they start killing each other, and now they baby things that aren't even ALIVE!', Inuyasha thought.

"This is just pathetic!", Inuyasha said crossing his arms.

"We have to look for him right now!", Odd said, "Surely Inuyasha's nose could help us!"

"What am I?! Your faithful terrier?!", Inuyasha growled as he steamed, "Wanting me to sniff out something that isn't even alive and has the value of crap?! You are seriously ticking me off!"

Inuyasha got up and left the cafeteria.

"Inuyasha!", Kagome shouted, not very amused with how rude Inuyasha was being.

Kagome went after Inuyasha, leaving Aelita, Odd, Jeremie, and Ulrich in the cafeteria.

In the Principal's Office...

"Wait a minute! What do you want?! I haven't done ANYTHING!", Mr. Delmas said.

"Do you have an affinity for bombs, especially the long range one? Like anthrax and other things of that nature?", Agent B asked sternly as he came forward.

"I AM A SCHOOL PRINCIPAL!", Mr. Delmas said as he went further back.

"Okay. We believe you.", Agent B said fixing his sunglasses.

"What is going on? Who are you?", Mr. Delmas asked.

"We belong to an ultra high security division of the secret service. The president himself has no idea that we exist.", Agent A said.

"Even we, have no idea who we really are.", Agent B said.

"But then-", Mr. Delmas said but was cut off.

"SILENCE! Listen carefully.", Agent A said, "Last night a mainframe of a large arms manufacture was hacked. Two documents of two different highly sensitive and secret natures were taken."

"There so happens the hacker left a trail. That trail led us here. More specifically, to this number.", Agent B said handing a card with numbers on it, "Whose number is it?"

Mr. Delmas studied the card for a brief moment and was shocked by it.

Mr. Delmas led the two agents to Jeremie and Inuyasha's dorm, with help of Jim.

"This room is occupied by Jeremie and Inuyasha.", Mr. Delmas said.

The two agents inspected the room. One agent found a box that read 'For: Inuyasha From: Odd'. In the box was a bunch of squeaky toys. It confused the agents greatly but Mr. Delmas dismissed the squeaky toys as something that was part of one another of Odd's numerous pranks. The next thing to check out was Jeremie's computer. The agents became even more confused.

"There's something wrong here.", Agent A said, "They couldn't have hacked into the network with that! They have to have an advanced computer of its kind that can not be bought commercially."

"The question is: how did they get their hands on it? Who are their contacts? Which terrorist cell are they working for?", Agent B said.

"Right, we'll keep this Jeremie Belpois and Inuyasha under tight surveillance. Microphones, cameras, we're gonna watch them. They don't know it, but we're gonna use them to break this group.", Agent A said.

"But our Jeremie Belpois and Inuyasha terrorists? I can't believe that... Especially with how disrespectful and coarse Inuyasha is! In any event though, let me assure you gentlemen of my personal and total co-operation!", Mr. Delmas said.

At that moment, Jim decided it was time to butt in.

"You know I might be able to help! I never told you this sir, but I was a secret service agent for a couple of years there.", Jim said.

"You were?!", Mr. Delmas asked.

"Yes, that's absolutely right, but I'd rather not talk about it...", Jim said.

"If you want to help, set up the equipment. That way, we might take you off the suspect list.", Agent B said.

Jim saluted with a broad smile.

In the school yard...

Jeremie, Kagome, Inuyasha, Aelita, and Ulrich were gathered around the bench that Odd was sitting at. All trying, not in Inuyasha's case, to figure out what happened to Jean-Pierre that Tamagotchi.

"So when did you see Jean-Pierre for the last time?", Jeremie asked.

"For the hundredth time, he was lying next to my bed!", Odd said getting a bit annoyed.

"So if someone entered the room, Kiwi would have growled and started barking. Unless it was someone he knew.", Jeremie thought out loud.

At that moment, Yumi had arrived.

"So what's going on?", Yumi asked.

"Jean-Pierre has disappeared.", Aelita said.

"The principal?!", Yumi asked.

"No, the Tamagotchi.", Ulrich, Aelita, Jeremie, Inuyasha, and Kagome corrected.

Jeremie walked up to Odd.

"Let's go see if we can go find some clues in your room.", Jeremie said.

In the boiler room...

The agents were installing several high tech super secret hardware in the boiler room. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Password.", Agent B said.


It was Jim.

"Come in.", Agent A said.

Jim entered the room and closed the door.

"Jim Morales reporting! Audio, video, all mics and cameras discreetly hidden!", Jim said, partly tangled up in left over wires.

"Very good. Let's get this show on the road.", Agent A said.

They got the cameras online. The first camera was in a dorm room and from the looks of it was under a table and didn't have a very good view of whose room it was. The agents frowned in disappointment and had a 'what the heck' look on their faces. They looked at Jim.

'No wonder why he got kicked out of the other division...', The agents thought.

"It's a good thing you weren't a cameraman for a TV station!", Agent B remarked.

"But I did work as a TV cameraman...", Jim said.

Mr. Delmas then spotted something.

"Look! There at camera three!", Mr. Delmas said.

Camera three had a slightly but not much better view than the first camera. They could tell that it was Ulrich and Odd's room. The whole gang enter the room and began looking around. In Inuyasha's case, sit on the floor on Odd's side of the room and give his normal annoyed look.

"What are they doing in Della Robbia and Stern's room at this time of day?! They are suppose to be in the lunch hall!", Jim said.

Suddenly Odd opened the drawer that was on his side of the room and out popped something that NO ONE expected.

"What? Jim, do you mind telling me why there's a dog in my establishment?", Mr. Delmas asked in annoyance.

"I don't know! It's the first time I have seen that mutt!", Jim lied frantically.

Agent A turned on the microphone and the first thing that bombarded the speakers was a lot of barking.

"Where did you put the microphone?", Agent A asked in annoyance.

"Under the bed...", Jim said.

"Well done, right next to a noisy dog!", Agent A said sarcastically.

On the camera, Inuyasha looked at the dog in annoyance.

"Oh shut up, Kiwi! What do you know anyway?!", Inuyasha growled in annoyance, "You are about as dumb as Odd!"

"Hey! I resent that! Kiwi is intelligent!", Odd said and put Kiwi back in the drawer.

Everyone was thrown back by the commentary that was on camera.

"That makes absolutely no sense. It's impossible for humans to understand mongrels!", Agent B said.

"They are leaving the room!", Mr. Delmas said.

The next camera had to have been the camera nominated for 'worst position ever'. It was behind a fire extinguisher. Everyone looked a Jim in even more annoyance.

"I uh, I thought it was a real clever idea to conceal the camera behind that distinguisher... Uh, insignia... I mean, uh, inquisitioner...", Jim said frantically.

"Quiet!", Agent B snapped and turned on the audio for that camera.

"I'm getting more and more worried, this is serious!", Odd said.

"Serious my butt!", Inuyasha snapped, making everyone cringe.

"Yeah, we know: if we don't find Jean-Pierre in the next eight hours, it's the end of the world.", Jeremie said sarcastically.

"Feh! It would really be the end of the world if Naraku or XANA reared their ugly heads in!", Inuyasha grumbled.

"Lighten up Inuyasha! Do you have fleas biting you again?", Kagome asked.

"No! The only flea that bites me enough to make me angry is Myoga!", Inuyasha said in annoyance and scratched his head a bit.

"Did you hear that?! He just said Jean-Pierre, why, that's my name as well!", Mr. Delmas said not bothering about the flea comment.

"Oh yes, we heard him. Is there anything you'd care to tell us?", Agent B said.

"This is completely absurd! I have nothing to do with it!", Mr. Delmas said.

"It's time to turn things up a notch. Jim, I want you to put trackers on the suspects. That way, they'll never be out of our reach. Understand?", Agent A said.

"Yes sir!", Jim saluted.

In the showers...

The Lyoko Warriors searched high and low. In every cabinet, stall, nook, and cranny. No sign of Odd's Tamagotchi being in the area was found.

"Still nothing.", Aelita said coming out of one of the shower stalls.

"This is a waste of time!", Inuyasha huffed in annoyance.

"Don't say that!", Odd said.

"Inuyasha!", Kagome snapped.

Suddenly the door slammed open. Inuyasha was immediately on guard and was ready to pounce anyone who dared to sneak up on them. Inuyasha was just about to throw a punch when he saw it was Jim. Inuyasha sweat dropped and begun to act innocent.

"Real smooth.", Ulrich said sarcastically.

"Shut up!", Inuyasha snapped.

"What are you doing in here?! All of you out on the double!", Jim snapped.

Everyone left the showers. Jim was now the one trying to look innocent as he slapped both Jeremie and Inuyasha on their backs. Both boys looked at Jim with questioning looks.

"Hey! Is anything the matter, Jim?", Jeremie said.

"Oh those darn mosquitoes!", Jim chuckled, obviously lying.

"In a building? Really?", Inuyasha asked as his ears flattened underneath his bandana in annoyance.

"Just get moving you two!", Jim snapped.

Later at lunch...

Everyone was eating lunch. Odd was still a bit upset over his missing Tamagotchi, which was putting a tiny damper on the mood.

"Just think I'm going to lunch at the same time Jean-Pierre's dying a slow and painful death because he has nothing to eat...", Odd said.

"Life is so tough. And since he's just a piece of plastic with no feelings, he's blaming you for his misery.", Ulrich said.

Odd shot a look at Ulrich. However it was cut short by Jeremie's laptop beeping. Jeremie opened it and began to look at the results of the Superscan.

"XANA's on the attack!", Jeremie said.

"Now of all times?! Doesn't XANA ever take a little lunch break?!", Odd asked.

"No. And we are not going to either. Come on!", Jeremie said.

The Lyoko Warriors got up, dashed out of the cafeteria, and into the school yard, heading for the forest. Unknown to them, Jim was on to them and their 'red hands'.

"Chicken-hawk calling henhouse. The bird has flown the coop. I repeat, flown the coop.", Jim whispered into his headset.

"What kind of gibberish is that? Would you mind speaking normally?", Agent A asked in irritation.

"Uh... Belpois, Inuyasha, and their pals are on the move.", Jim said, correcting himself and began secretly following them.

What Jim was not expecting was the Lyoko Warriors to go down a sewer drain like it was nothing.

"Oh wow, they're going into the sewers! Hey, do you read me?", Jim said.

"Loud and clear."

Jim turned around in surprise to see the two agents standing behind him.

In the lab...

Jeremie began typing in the coordinates for the Ice Sector into the Supercomputer and started up the Virtualization program.

"Transfer Yumi. Transfer Aelita. Transfer Ulrich. Scanner Yumi. Scanner Aelita. Scanner Ulrich. VIRTUALIZATION!", Jeremie said and began programming the vehicles and starting up the Virtualization program again, "Here are your vehicles. The tower is south, southwest."

A few moments later in the Ice Sector...

"Last one there is a rotten egg!", Odd chimed as he hopped on to his Overboard and raced off as the others were getting on their vehicles.

At that moment, Inuyasha and Kagome arrived. Inuyasha was ticked.

"HEY! YOU GUYS JUST HAD TO GET STARTED WITHOUT US!", Inuyasha shouted, "I swear you all tick me off sometimes..."

"Let's just catch up with them.", Kagome said.

"Feh!", Inuyasha grumbled as he picked up Kagome and dashed after Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, and Aelita.

What they weren't expecting was for them to stop. Inuyasha let Kagome down and approached them.

"I thought you guys were heading for the stupid tower without us.", Inuyasha said as if he had sucked on a sour lemon.

"The tower, it's not activated.", Aelita said pointing to the tower, which had a normal, inactive mist surrounding it instead of an active red.

"Einstein, you got an explanation, right?", Odd asked.

"Give me a second... XANA must have found a way mess up the Superscan.", Jeremie said.

"By why would he lure us to Lyoko if there isn't an activated tower?", Yumi asked.

In the lab...

"I don't know and I don't like it. I will bring you all in.", Jeremie said and devirtualized Inuyasha.

Before Jeremie could devirtualize anyone else, the elevator doors opened to reveal the two Agents and Jim.

'Oh no...', Jeremie thought.


"Huh?! What!?", Jeremie asked.

"YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!", Agent A shouted.

"What did I do?!", Jeremie asked as Agent B swatted the headset out of his ear and removed the mini Einstein from the old dentist chair.

Before Agent B could open his mouth, a small pipe slammed into his head. Agent B rubbed his head as his head throbbed from the pipe's impact.


Inuyasha was in the lab now and boy was he ticked off. Anime Veins were pulsing all over his forehead.

"YOU'VE GOT SOME NERVE PICKIN' ON A KID! SO BACK OFF!", Inuyasha shouted as he jumped in front of Jeremie in a defensive position.

Agent A pulled out a taser and tased Inuyasha. Inuyasha managed to resist the voltage induced fatigue. Agent A cranked up the voltage each time Inuyasha resisted to go down. It got to the point were Agent A decided to give up going up slowly and just put the taser on maximum.

YOU... STUPID... SCOUNDRELS...!", Inuyasha said through the pain of the voltage before collapsing.

"It's a good thing they aren't being controlled by XANA.", Jeremie muttered in a whisper.

Jim helped Agent B up. Agent B cradled his head where Inuyasha threw the pipe.

"Now that he's out of commission for a bit. As for what you did, that is for you to tell us. Now, where are the rest of your pals?", Agent A said.

Agent B walked over to the keyboard and pressed a random key, not knowing he just made Odd, on Lyoko, hit his head on the Overboard. Agent B turned away from the monitor, not realizing that a Devirtualization program was launched for Ulrich, who had lost all of his life points. That is when Agent B dragged both Inuyasha and Jeremie out of the lab by force.

Jim went to the hatch and went down it. That is when he saw Ulrich stepping out of a Scanner. Ulrich looked up and was shocked to see Jim once more in the Scanner Room. Not that Jim remembers anyways.

"Hey, Stern! I want you to explain to me what all this UFO equipment is doing here!", Jim shouted.

"Sorry about this Jim, but I have to.", Ulrich said and delivered his strongest kick to Jim's back and knocked him out.

Jim surprisingly, was now sucking his thumb. Ulrich could only blink before dashing to the hatch. He froze before even crawling out. There, right by the Supercomputer, was Agent A messing with the hardware. Ulrich accidentally bumped something, attracting attention. He quickly hid. By the time Agent A turned around, there was nothing there for him to see. Ulrich mentally sighed in relief.

'That was a close one. Too close.', Ulrich thought.

Ulrich took out his cellphone and began dialing Jeremie.

In the boiler room...

Jeremie sat on a stool, looking innocent. Off to his left in the dank boiler room, Agent B had finally finished tying the still knocked out Inuyasha to a chair. Agent B approached Jeremie as the atmosphere grew cold.

Agent B asked Jeremie about hacking. While Jeremie has hacked before, but it was mainly to counter XANA's hacking. Like the time XANA took control of the power to get rid of gravity. Jeremie looked up at the agent with his best innocent eyes.

"I promise you, I never hacked anything.", Jeremie said.

On the table laid Jeremie's confiscated phone. It rang. Jeremie reached out for his cell phone but Agent B was quicker. Agent B hung up the phone and decided to read one of the texts.

"Very interesting! Who is this XANA? The guy who recruited Jean-Pierre?", Agent B asked.

At that moment, Inuyasha returned to the waking world, slightly dazed.

"Huh...? Where am I...?", Inuyasha asked then saw that he was tied up, "WHAT THE HECK?! GRRRRRRRR...!"

Inuyasha began fighting the ropes like an idiot, not even bothering to cut them with his clawed fingernails. Jeremie mentally sighed in disappointment. Eventually, Inuyasha's chair fell backwards from the constant thrashing. Inuyasha growled in anger. Agent B took a look at Inuyasha and mentally face palmed.

"What about you, Inuyasha? You don't even have a known last name. Have YOU hacked anything?", Agent B said in a cold voice.

"I don't know squat about computers other than how to mess with MS Paint.", Inuyasha said harshly.

"Now I will ask you two one more time, who is XANA?", Agent B asked harshly.

"Listen to me! You have to let us go back to the factory! Our friends need us!", Jeremie said.

"Yeah, what he said! I still have a few bones to pick!", Inuyasha said.

Jeremie's laptop then beeped. Jeremie was quick enough to get the laptop and opened it. He paled at the results. A tower was actually active now in the Mountain Sector. This was not some twisted charade of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. This was the real deal.

"Oh no...", Jeremie said in horror.

Agent B snatched the lap top from Jeremie and began to search it and came with fruitless results. There was no signs of hacking.

"Is this some sort of video game?", Agent B asked, wondering if this was all just a waste.

Out of the blue, a strange form of electricity jumped from the laptop to the Agent. Agent B cried in agony as he was being electrocuted. That's when Agent B's conscious was replaced by another... XANA's Spectre's... Mr. Delmas was horrified by the sight of this electromagnetic possession taking place. Jeremie tried to stay calm, despite the fact XANA will be ready to attack him after it finished possessing the Agent.

Inuyasha finally used his brain and cut the ropes clean through with his clawed fingernails.

XANA-Agent B raised his hand and shot electricity at Jeremie. Inuyasha was quick and got Jeremie out of harm's way.

"STOP THIS MADNESS!", Mr. Delmas shouted.

The XANAfied Agent turned around and electrocuted Mr. Delmas, knocking him out.

In the lab...

Ulrich watched in horror and helplessness as XANA's Spectre began possessing Agent A. Agent A screamed as his conscious was invaded by the spectre.

By the time the possession was complete, Jim had entered the room.

"Jim Morales to the report! I apprehended Stern in the room below, but he vanished!", Jim said then noticed the Agent was glaring though his shades, "You want to see for yourself?"

As the Agent and Jim left the room, Ulrich made a dash for the supercomputer. He quickly sat down in the old dentist chair and put in the headset.

"Odd, Kagome, Aelita, Yumi, do you read me?", Ulrich asked.

In the Ice Sector...

Odd was sitting on a frozen rock, playing with the smaller frozen rocks, Yumi was pacing, and Kagome was keeping a look out.

"Ulrich, what's going on? Where's Jeremie?", Aelita asked as she stopped her pacing.

"I have no idea. There's a weirdo in the factory who is possessed by XANA. There has got to be an activated tower somewhere...", Ulrich said.

"In which sector?", Yumi asked.

"How should I know? Did you forget how awful at computers I am?", Ulrich asked in irritation.

"I can help. Let me guide you.", Aelita said.

In the Boiler Room...

Jeremie and Inuyasha dodged a close call from in between two water heaters. XANA-Agent B shot arcs of electricity at the heaters, causing the pipes to rupture on contact. Steam squealed out of the pipes in a deafening manner to Inuyasha, who was covering his sensitive doggie ears.


There went another pipe...

XANA-Agent B stretched his arm at Inuyasha and Jeremie with killer intent. At the last moment for anyone's comfort, they bolted from their spot towards the door. Well more of Inuyasha bolting as he dragged Jeremie by the arm. The XANAfied Agent was lost within a sea of smoke and hot unpressurized fog. He began using his sense of hearing to try locating Inuyasha and Jeremie, however, in the end, he failed to hone in on their location for they had successfully slipped out the door, quieter than a mouse. Well, that was for the exception that the door was slammed shut, the complete opposite of how it was opened.

The XANAfied Agent shot electricity at the door, singeing the door. He had failed to stop them. XANA wasn't gonna be pleased for sure...

On Lyoko in the Ice Sector...

"Okay, the activated tower is, let's see... In the Mountain Sector at... 25 degrees west, 72 degrees south... Wait! Something's not right!", Ulrich said.

Everyone was uneased by the last sentence. This was not helpful. To make matters worse, the Ice Sector had began deleting itself.

"Ulrich, did you press 'delete' or something?", Odd said not liking what he saw.

"I hope not...", Kagome said as tensions rose.

"No! Something is going on in the scanner room and I don't know what!", Ulrich said.

"Ulrich, press 'F9'.", Aelita said calmly.

In the lab...

Ulrich pressed 'F9'. Security camera windows popped up to reveal XANA-Agent A electrocuting the tower for the Supercomputer in one, and the disconnected scanners in another.

"Bad news! XANA's meat puppet is trying to destroy the Supercomputer with you guys on Lyoko! To make matters worse, the scanners are unplugged!", Ulrich said.

"You have to reconnect the scanners and materialize us, quick!", Yumi said.

"I am not Jeremie!", Ulrich said, under stress, "I can't reconnect anything! The best thing I can do is take care of that vandalist in the basement!"

"Roger that!", Odd chimed.

Ulrich removed the headset and went straight for the elevator. He begun his decent to the beast in the basement.

On Lyoko in the Mountain Sector...

Aelita, Odd, Yumi, and Kagome emerged from a tower, all on the their respective vehicles, with Kagome hitching a ride with Odd on the Overboard. They raced across the sector, being extremely careful not to fall into traps or anything. They already had one close call with Aelita falling off the Overbike, and nearly falling into he Digital Sea.

Eventually, they found the tower. It was indeed active and not some sort of wild goose chase that took place all over Lyoko. Just before they could get close enough to close in on the tower, the Overboard and Overwing disappeared, thus causing the warriors to tumble across the ground a bit. Kagome was dazed for a bit, but she snapped out of it.

"AHHHH!", Odd shouted as he tumbled into a rock before coming to a stop just to pout, "THAT DISAPPEARING ACT WASN'T VERY COOL, YA KNOW!"

Three Megatanks barreled in on the unsuspecting warriors. Aelita used her creativity to make a ramp, thus leading one over the edge of the sector and into the Digital Sea.

"HEY! EVER HEARD OF PLAYING FAIR?!", Odd snapped as he pouted like a little kid.

That's when Odd realized, one of the Megatanks was barreling towards him with killer intent. He fired at the shell then ran like heck.

"OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! I TAKE IT BACK!", Odd shouted in panic as the Megatank tried to run over the poor guy.

Kagome pulled out her bow and an arrow and began to aim at the Megatank that was chasing Odd.

"HIT THE MARK!", Kagome shouted just for the Sacred Arrow to bounce of the outer shell, "Huh!?"

The Megatank slowly turned towards Kagome. If the Megatank could show it, it would have been really ticked off. The Megatank then barreled right towards Kagome. Kagome made a mad dash, trying to prevent getting ran over.

"HIIIIYAAAAAH!", Yumi cried and threw her fans at the second Megatank, hitting the Eye of XANA thus destroying it.

The third Megatank came to a stop and fired horizontally, instead of the normal vertical. Everyone was lucky to have been able to dodge that attack.

"That's new...", Kagome muttered.

The final Megatank opened up vertically and began charging up it's attack. As the circular shaped laser was about to hit Kagome, Aelita stepped in.

"ENERGY FIELD!", Aelita shouted and threw two Energy Fields at the laser, thus shattering it like glass.

This gave Kagome an opening. She pulled out another arrow and took aim. Odd was also aiming at the same time at the same Megatank.



Both attacks slammed into the Eye of XANA, destroying the Megatank.

"My arrow beat your's, Kagome!", Odd said chuckling.

Kagome mentally sighed. She didn't want to get sucked into that kind of contest. Though she had to admit to herself, that her arrow hit first by 1/100 of a millimeter, which was just a bluff. She pulled out another arrow, and got ready to fire at any monsters that try to sneak up on them.

In the factory at the same time...

Ulrich was in at the basement now, where the Supercomputer's main tower was stored. There, XANA-Agent A was firing at the tower in glee. The Agent then spotted Ulrich and groaned in anger. He the fired electricity at Ulrich. Ulrich quickly dodged the lethal blast and picked up a crowbar. He slammed the crowbar into the XANAfied Agent's back. The XANAfied Agent hollered in pain and fell to his knees. Ulrich tried hitting him again but XANA-Agent A did a sweep kick, knocking Ulrich off balance.

Ulrich's grip on the crowbar became nonexistent as it flew out of his hands. He scooted away from the XANAfied Agent, looking for something else to use against him. He then found himself in the elevator. He quickly closed it, to protect himself from the on coming arcs of electricity. At that moment, the hatch above him opened to reveal Inuyasha carrying Jeremie.

Not to far behind was XANA-Agent B. Inuyasha slammed the hatch shut.

"Ulrich!", Jeremie said.

"Jeremie, bad news. The scanners are disconnected.", Ulrich said.

The hatched was forced open by XANA-Agent B, who was very ticked off.

"IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER!", Inuyasha shouted.

The attack slammed into the XANAfied Agent, sending him up into the air and wound up becoming stuck in the ceiling above by the neck. The poor XANAfied Agent squirmed to free himself.

"Feh!", Inuyasha muttered as he grabbed both Ulrich and Jeremie and leaped back up the level where the lab was.

At that moment in the scanner room, Jim woke up in fury and tackled XANA-Agent A.

"WHO'S BOSS NOW?!", Jim shouted just to be knocked out by an equally ticked off XANA-Agent A again.

In the Mountain Sector...

A new set of Megatanks barreled in. Things were looking pretty grim.

"I think I now have a great dislike for these over-sized bowling balls!", Kagome said as she destroyed another Megatank.

Odd ran on all fours towards a Megatank, at the same time, the Megatank side rolled, revealing the Digital Sea. Odd screamed in fright.

"ODD!", Yumi yelled as she dashed for the ledge.

Yumi began to use her Telekinesis, bringing Odd back up to safety at the last second. Odd was slightly hyperventilating, but was alright.

Aelita dodged another fire from a Megatank. She fired another Energy Field, hitting the Eye of XANA, destroying it.

"We have to get to that tower quickly!", Yumi said.

At that moment, a sneaky Megatank decided to fire at Yumi. Odd took the blow. Yumi turned around to see Odd smile weakly.

"Can't have you killed. Your boyfriend, Ulrich, wouldn't like that.", Odd joked.

"Shut up, Odd.", Yumi said blushing a bit.

Aelita made a mad dash for the tower and entered it.

In the lab...

XANA-Agent A was now free of the ceiling at shot electricity at Ulrich. Ulrich held up a mirror to defend everyone and ended up shattering it.

"Oh no... Seven years of bad luck!", Ulrich said to himself.

"I have no idea what that means but what does it have to do with right now?!", Inuyasha snapped.

XANA-Agent B then entered the room from the hatch in the ground. Both cornered Jeremie, Ulrich, and Inuyasha. They readied to electrocute the trio. Inuyasha quickly wrapped his haori around the two, hoping it was enough to stop electricity, since it could protect the wearer from fire and explosions.

In the tower...

Aelita walked to the center of the tower and began her ascension to the top floor. Once she got to the top, the tower's main interface popped up. She put her hand on it.




"Tower deactivated...", Aelita said as the surrounding interfaces that lined the wall fell downwards into the data tube.

In the lab...

The XANAfied Agent fell to the ground, unconscious. That was a close one.

At that moment, Jim entered the lab, slightly dazed. That was when Jeremie got back to the monitor and began typing. Jim started asking a bunch of questions as Jeremie worked on getting the Return to the Past functional.

"Honestly I haven't got the slightest idea of what this junk is used for! What did you say it was for?", Jim said.

"We didn't say anything at all.", Ulrich said.

"The Supercomputer has been badly damaged. I hope this works...", Jeremie said.

"Hope what'll work again?", Jim asked.

"Why bother asking? You won't even remember.", Inuyasha said.

"RETURN TO THE PAST NOW!", Jeremie said and activated the program.

In Ulrich and Odd's dorm...

"OH NO! NOT AGAIN!", Odd cried.

Odd started frantically searching for his Tamagotchi.

"Lost Jean-Pierre again, Odd?", Ulrich asked.

"Except this time, I will know the culprit!", Odd said smirking as he puled out what he was searching for, a video camera.

Later in the school yard...

"Now we're gonna see who Jean-Pierre's kidnapper was!", Odd said and pressed play.

Everyone leaned in on the tiny screen. The screen showed Ulrich picking up the Tamagotchi.

"It was…it was you, Ulrich?!", Odd asked in shock then turned back to the video camera's screen for another surprise, Jeremie, Aelita, and Kagome were in on it "You're all a bunch of traitors! The only ones I can really trust is Yumi and Inuyasha from now on!"

"Ummm Odd. It was my idea.", Yumi said.

"I was the one who voted for smashing the darn thing.", Inuyasha said.

"Which is why we didn't let you in on the idea, Inuyasha...", Kagome said.

Odd was shocked.

"No! You guys too?! But what do you all have against my Jean-Pierre?", Odd asked.

"We did it for your own good, and ours. Because you were starting to get hooked on him.", Ulrich said.

"Relax Odd, Jean-Pierre is just fine! Believe me, he couldn't be in better hands!", Yumi said.

Little did they know, Hiroki got a game over and threw the Tamagotchi into the street, just for it to get ran over.