Chapter 10

current harem standings

Naruto x Hinata, Tenten, Satsuki, Serena (Arc-V), Anna (Zexal), Blair (Gx), Samui, Mana (Dark Magician Girl), Alexis Rhodes, Ruri Kurosaki (Arc-V), Asana Matsuba (Sevens), Akiza (5d's)

Strong maybe

Julia, Yuzu (Arc-V), Romin Kirishima, Luna (5d's), Luna (Zexal), Yubel, Cathy (Zexal), Shizuka (Naruto) Fu (Naruto) Aoi Zizan, Emma Bessho, Ayu (older), Kisara (Spirit of The Blue-Eyes) Rio Kamashiro, Gloria Tyler, Grace Tyler,


Natsuko, Sasame Fuma, Isaribi, Ino, Temari, Yugito, Ranze,

Potential Part-Time Lovers

Yoko Sakaki Adachi Mimi (Looks Fourteen Years old instead of 11), Tsume Inuzuka, Kaguya Otsutuki.


4 years had passed by and Naruto's skills had improved greatly under the three legendary duelists.

He had trained harder than he had ever trained before, Yugi had been a kind and caring mentor teaching him any strategies and how to better use a Magician deck. Dark Magician had shown him the various spells and arts that he could make use of in real life such as healing magic, elemental control, and illusions.

Meanwhile with Joey, his form of training was to strengthen Naruto's body having him face off with the many warrior type monsters such as Guilford the swordmaster, Gladiator Beasts, Brotherhood of the fire fists, and others teaching in the ways of many forms of combat swordsmanship, martial arts, and survival combat, while having to go through strength and speed training.

But out of all his mentors Kaiba had made it his goal to put the poor boy through hell on earth, running a hoard of rampaging beasts. Trying to evade missiles from the A-Z Machine army, swimming through a pool with ferocious Shark monsters. After that it came to having to fight the likes of his dragons using only his instincts meaning he had to be blindfolded while dealing with dragons, at first he would face small dragons such as Armed Dragon Lv 3 and Baby Dragon, then larger human sized ones like the Draguntes, then the titanic class dragons in other words his Blue-Eyes. This had taken the greatest amount of time to get through avoiding many of their long range attacks and tail swipes.

Naruto was currently resting by a tree with several smaller monsters laying beside him a bright light soon shined forth and Naruto looked up to see his masters had reappeared.

"Hello Yugi, what's up?" Naruto asked not even opening his eyes.

"Hello Naruto." Yugi greeted with a smile, over the past few years, the legendary heroes. Yugi and Joey along with there spirits had come to greatly enjoy Naruto's company. And despite not being open about it Kaiba felt that same way feeling a sense of pride in his pupil. The three young men all knew all to well what Naruto had gone through all having come from broken homes, and disgraceful relatives. Yugi and Joey with their father's, Kaiba with his family relatives stealing his parents money and leaving him and Mokuba to an orphanage before being adopted by Gozuburo Kaiba who made their life hell.

"We just came to wish you the bust of luck in your time attending the Konoha Academy." Yugi said with Naruto smiling.

"Thanks for that master, for everything you've done for me. All of you." Naruto said giving a respectful bow to his three mentors, he felt a hand gently rubbing his head and looked up to see Yugi smiling at him.

"You've grown so much these last 4 years Naruto and I know you'll do us proud." Yugi said

"That's right kiddo, you've got what it takes become an even stronger duelist than us." Joey said

"Don't get cocky thou kid, trust me that will lead you down a very harsh path." Kaiba said.

Naruto felt warms tears of joy flowing down his cheeks nodding his head as a bright light shined around him. When it faded Naruto found himself within a deep cave littered with several notes and drawings laying around his secret workshop. Naruto stepped out of the cave stretching his arms as he looked up to the sun.

"So the first step in my journey begins now." Naruto said as he took hold of his deck.


The young blond boy jumped across the various rooftops of the village as he made his way over towards the Konoha Academy. Once he arrived he snuck in through one of the windows and made his way through the hallway.

Naruto soon stood in front of his classroom's door, Taking a deep breath, Naruto opened the door to his classroom and made his way inside. He quickly gained the attention of everyone in the room his sis untamed spikey hair and red bangs framing his face caused hearts to appear in eyes of most of the girls in the classroom . The guys were seeing him as a threat to either their manliness or to the hearts of the girls in the classroom.

Minato was giving a speech to the kids and looked towards his estranged son in shock. Like the rest of his family he has been trying to reconcile with son but he would always avoid him. Whenever he tried to offer him training Naruto would send him a scornful making him back off.

A few others looking at Naruto were Hinata, Takeru and Sasuke Uchiha. Both his best friends were relived to see their friend show up given they hadn't seen him around much the past few weeks. Sasuke Uchiha however was looking at the boy with curiosity as their was little he knew about the only son of the Hokage. He had come across the boy training against one of the drones in the training ground area and was surprised by his show of skills he was especially interested by the unique dragon type monsters the blond used having never seen or heard of them.

"Your late young man, class has already started," Iruka Umino the class instructor scolded he knew the boy was the Hokage's son but he didn't intend to show any favoritism in this classroom.

"Sorry about that sense I was doing some last minute tweaks on my deck, guess I lost track of time." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head with light chuckle.

Iruka looked at the boy with a raised brow and sighed. "Well I can't fault you for that can I. Now please take a seat next to miss Hyuga and will we get ready to start class." Iruka said gesturing towards the back of the class.

Naruto nodded as he made his way up the steps and sat next to his childhood friend as she blushed causing him to chuckle at her shy nature.

"OK everyone quiet down." Iruka said as the class with chattering amongst themselves which grew louder as time went on causing a tick mark to appear on the man's head filling rage build up.

"EVERYONE BE QUIET!" Iruka shouted as his head suddenly expanded in size startling and even terrifying most of the students as the all fell silent.

"Alright now, that everyones settled the Hokage will now address the class." Iruka said stepping aside as Minato walked forward to address the class.

"Greetings everyone, I wish all of you luck as you begin your first steps into the world of dueling, it won't be an easy path but with enough hard work and determination you will all be able to grow and surpass the generations that have come before you." Minato said gazing upon the class his eyes coming to a stop on his son. "Good luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing all of your futures." He finished as he vanished in a yellow flash.

With the exception of Naruto who didn't care much and Takeru who didn't care for flashy moves was in awe at the technique.

Not long after the class soon begun and soon Naruto found himself teetering on the edge of falling asleep given how boring the lesson was, given how it was manly your standard intro into duel monsters which everyone who planned to become a duelist already knew.

As the class started to draw to a close another teacher walked into the room a whispered into his ear earning a nod from Iruka as he looked towards the class.

"Alright everyone we will be having a new special addition to our curriculum. You'll soon be escorted to the new training area set up for academy students, where you will all spar against each other. These spars will be test to gauge your overall skill levels and will take place every two months this will give us a clear view of how you stand and what you've learned. So please follow me." Iruka instructed as everyone shuffled out of their seats.

"This sounds exciting huh Naruto?" Takeru said

"Yeah it gives us a chance to scope out the other students." Naruto said smirking at Takeru. "Don't hold it against me when you lose."

"Ha! Dream on!" Takeru said as the two boys bumped foreheads against each other grinning as Hinata giggled.

The class soon arrived where they were all greeted by their waiting parents. Hinata walked up to her parents bowing respectfully to them which Hinata's mother returned with a warm hug, as Hiashi turned away but not for embarrassment as you might suspect but to his his own paternal smile something he himself felt shamed to do.

Takeru ran over to his mother and his waiting grandmother. His mother Fuyumi was a woman with turquoise eyes and white shoulder length hair flecked with a few noticeable traces of a crimson aside from the ear length side bangs she sports and the short clump she leaves hanging down her forehead. She wore a white dress shirt with a plain grayish peach-colored cardigan, the sleeves worn rolled up to just below her elbows, along with navy blue jeans. She also sports brown dress shoes and a pair of red-framed rectangular glasses.

Next to him was his grandmother Genaki Homura, Genkai was a rather petite woman standing at a height of 5ft but that was a very deceptive and dangerous trait as Genkai was known as a fierce woman said to even rival the Legendary Tsunade in brute strength.

Takeru's father was former pro duelist turned photographer and traveled around the world snapping pictures of exotic locations as well a noting them down to sell to travel novelists. Takeru had admired his dads adventures nature and made it his goal to travel the world some day as well to face whatever strong opponents he could find and see what lies beyond Konoha or even the Elemental Nations as a whole. His dad usually left for a month then returned home soon after brining gifts and teaching Takeru about what he seen, when ever the traveled he always made sure to keep in touch with his family.

Feeling eyes on him Naruto looked over to see his mother looking at him along with his sister, the blond boy simply turned away walking in the opposite direction.

Kushina felt her heart break as her son simply ignored her as if she wasn't worth the time. But after everything they had done to him she couldn't blame him, she loved her son and wanted to show him just how much but Naruto simply refused to acknowledge them.

"Attention everyone please quiet down." Iruka announced getting everyone's attention as he stepped up to the crowd. "I will now begin announcing the pairings for the match ups, each of the names will be called at random."

'I see so this say you won't be able to prepare for your opponents ahead of time." Naruto said as he leaned back against a nearby tree.

"Okay when I call your name make your way to the center of the field and await my single to begin. For those who aren't aware these test matches will be as such each duelist will start with 2000 Life Points, no Tributes are needed and direct attacks are prohibited save for effects." Iruka announced

"First match will be Choji Akamichi vs Shikamaru Nara!" Iruka announced as the two boys made their way towards the arena.

Naruto decided to sit back and lay against a nearby shaded tree closing his eyes as he took in his surroundings. Naruto closed his eyes as he mediated while training with Yugi he learned a truck called spirit sense an ability that allowed him to sense the dueling aura of those around him he was surprised to find the clan heirs had a much higher level then the average person but that was to be expected given their kekei genkai and training they must have undergone. The two people in particular that seemed to have the highest auras were Sasuke Uchiha and his best friend Takeru.

For as long as he had known him Takeru has always had a strong fighting spirit, when he was young and being picked on by some fan boys of his sister's Taekru stepped in best them all down with his bare hands. Takeru's aura was surrounding him like a blazing flame that never stopped burning brightly.

"Naruto!" A voice shouted causing Naruto to flail his arms in shock and fall backwards and slam his head on the tree.

"Ouch!" Naruto groaned rubbing the back of his head as he looked up to see Mana chuckling. "What the hell Mana!?"

"Sorry I thought you fell asleep, I tried calling you over eight times but you wouldn't snap out of it." Mana said

"Miserable troubling making witch." Naruto said only to notice everyone staring at him causing him to give a nervous chuckle. "Sorry about that don't mind me please continue I promise it won't happen again."

"Next match Takeru Homura vs Kanata Yukimaru." Iruka announced Takeru punched his palm grinning as he made his way into the field.

His opponent Kanata your average student he wore a green shirt with a blue scarf and black shorts with blue sandals with a blue bandana wrapped around his head.

"Alright both of you please set your decks and we may begin." Iruka instructed both boys stepped up to the platforms and set their cards down as a green dome appeared around them.

"I'm fired up and ready to duel!" Takeru said punching his palm

"Get ready cause I ain't gonna lose." Kanata said grinning as he cracked his knuckles.

"Alright I'm taking the first turn!" Takeru shouted as he draws. "First up I'm gonna summon my Evocator Chevalier (1900/900)!"The Monster that appeared was a Warrior, clad in scarlet armor, a cape, and a helmet shaped like a flame wielding a scimitar.

"Next I'll set two cards face down and end my turn." Takeru announced

"Time for my move!" Kanta declared "And I'm gonna go big with my Cyber Dinosaur (2500/1900))!" Kanta announced, the ground beneath them cracked open and emerging from the ground was a large white tyrannosaurus red with metal armored plating it's blue eyes flashed as it let out a thunderous roar.

"Now I'll equip him with Junk Barrage!" Kanata declared as orange aura coated his mechanical dino as it roared again.

"I'll set a card face down, now battle!" Cyber Dinosaurs swung his tail clashing against Chevalier's blade causing it to snap on impact before the flame warrior was sent flying shattering into several particles. (Takeru: 2000-1400)

"And thanks to Junk Barrage you take damage equal to half your monsters attack points!" Kanta announced, suddenly large chunks of debris fell down from the sky striking Takeru (Takeru: 1400-450).

"And that ends my turn." Kanta said

"Okay my turn, I draw!" Takeru shouted as he draws with a stream of flames trailing behind hit.

"I'm gonna start by activating my face down, I activate Lighting Vortex!" Takeru shouted

"That's not gonna help you because I play my face down Mystical Space Typhoon so your spell!" Kanata countered as a strong gust of wind erupted shattering Takeru's spell only for him to smirk confusing his opponent.

"I activate the spell card Halve Shot, with this your monster can't be destroyed in battle but it's attack points are halved!" Takeru declared as his card flipped up firing off a swirling orange and yellow beam draining the mechanical dinosaur (2500-1250/1900).

"So he used Lighting Vortex as a fake out to trick his opponent a clever move." Shino remarked

"Go for it Takeru-san!" Hinata called out to her friend

"If I known Takeru he's got the winning cards in hand right now." Naruto smirked seeing the fire in his friends eyes.

"I play the Majesty of Fire, this lets me special summon a level 5 or higher fire monster from to my hand!" Takeru announced

"Wielding the blazing sword that reduces all foes to ash, raise your blade Phoenix Gearfried (2800/2200)!" A massive pillar of flames erupted from the center of the field as a new warrior slowly emerged from the flames.

"There it is Takeru's ace monster!" Naruto shouted with a grin which caught his mother and sisters attention. All throughout the duels Naruto hadn't shown the slightest bit of interests in any of the matches including Natsuko's but once it came time for Hinata and Takeru's matches Naruto seems to get really anxious and excited.

"Now I'm gonna bring out a second Chevalier (1900/900)!" The burning swordsman appeared raising his sword alongside Gearfried.

"Battle! Gearfried attack his Cyber Dino!" The white/red clade warrior swung down his blade leaving a scorching slash across the large T-rex's chest (Kanata: 2000-450)

"Now Evocator end this!" The large T-Rex roared in pain as the scimitar pierced through its chest crying out in pain (Kanata: 450-0)

"Since he can't perform any direct attacks he made his monster invincible so he can deal his opponent more damage. That was his aim for the very start." Natsuko remarked.

"That's a good strategy to use in matches like these." Satsuki said

"Oh man I can't believe I lost." Kanata groaned punching the ground, he looked up to see Takeru looking down at him. He felt he had come to gloat on his own win when Takeru held up his hand.

"That was a fun match lets duel again some time!" Takeru said with a smile surprising Kanata who smiled too shook his hand earning applause from the spectators for this show of sportsmanship.

"Alright the next match up will be Naruto Uzumaki vs Kiba Inuzuka!" Iruka announced

The heir of the Inuzuka family grinned seeing an easy win having heard rumors about Naruto being the disgrace of the Namikaze family with no training from his parents. He looked over the various girls in the class this was a good chance for him to show them all just how skilled he was and prove himself as the alpha male of the class. Naruto didn't looked the least bit fazed by this.

Both boys stepped up to the platforms and set their cards down as a green dome appeared around them.

"Let's duel!" Both boys shouted

"Alphas first!" Kiba announced as he draws. "I summon out Assault Dog (1200/800) in attack mode!"

"I end my turn, now let's see what you've got Namikaze disgrace." Kiba taunted earning a glare from Hinata, the Homura Family, Kushina and his own family.

"Then it's my turn, I draw." Naruto announced as he draws. "I summon Black Fang Magician (1700/800) in attack mode!" A blot of thunder struck down from the sky as a new monster appeared in front of Naruto.

A muscular man with green hair and eyes wearing a purple wizard hat with a black, purple and green wizard outfit and purple armor pieces and wielding a black and purple spear staff.

"Next I'll play the spell Pot of Greed, and draw two cards. Next I'll set a card face down." Naruto finished. "Now Black Fang attack Assault Dog!" Black Fang twirled his spear thrusting it into the body of the armored dog as it shattered (Kiba: 2000-1500)

"I end my turn." Naruto said

"Jokes on you loser cause when Assault Dog's destroyed I'm able to special summon more from my deck!" Kiba announced as two more hounds appeared on his field (1200/800)

"That was a pretty good move on Kiba's part he sacrificed one monster to increase the number of monsters on his field." Iruka remarked

"Now I'm gonna overlay my two level 4 Assault Dogs!" Kiba shouted, a red vortex appeared drawing in both monsters as orange energy.

"I Xyz Summon! Say hello to my Sumo King Dog (2600/2100)!" A large black-and-orange canine, a white rope wrapped around its neck followed by four black legs with gold spike collars, red-and-gold fabrics draped over a black body.

Several of the students looked on shocked and amazed by the sight of the Xyz monster as very few of the students were capable of performing the extra deck summonings

"Now I'll activate the spell Riryoku, so now I can halve your Magician's attack points and add them to my Sumo King!" The large hound roared as golden energy surrounded him while Black Fang groaned as his dropped (1700-850/800), (2600-3450/2100).

"Now wipe out that sorry excuse for a magician!" Kiba ordered, the large hound jumped into ready to blame his foot down on Black Fang.

"I activate my face down!" Naruto announced

"Not gonna happen loser! I can use an Ovelray unite to stop and destroy your trap!" Kiba shouted only for Naruto to smirk.

"Then it's good for me that it's not a trap card, I activate the Quick Play spell, Gravity Lash!" Naruto shouted as his spell revealed causing a powerful blast of gravity to shake the field as Sumo King fell to his knees (3450-1350/2100)

"What the hell!?" Kiba shouted

"Gravity Lash drains your monsters attack points equal to it's defence points so I don't think you'll be winning as easy as you'd hoped." Naruto said while Kiba grit his teeth in anger.

"So what I'll still smash your monster!" Kiba shouted as his large dog pressed on stomping down on Naruto's monster like a bug (Naruto: 2000-1500)

"Looks like now we're both tied up again." Naruto said

"Don't feel two cocky loser I'll set a trap face down." Kiba said as he ended his turn.

"I'll draw then, next I'll activate Graceful Charity, now I can draw three new cards as long as I discard two." Naruto announced. "Now I'll play Double Summon which lets me summon out two monsters this turn. I'll summon White Wing Magician (1600/1400) and Iris Magician (1500/1000)!"

A young man with black hair with red and green highlights in a pony tail in a red wizard hat, he had red and green eyes and wearing armored red wizard robes with blue and green gems with a red cape and wielding a red sword, and a young girl with short pink hair in a blue and white with green crystal wizard hat wearing a blue and white armored dress with green crystal wings, black leggings blue heels and welding a green and white wand.

"What good are those two gonna do my Dog King's still stronger." Kiba said confidently while Naruto simply held up his hand.

"I overlay my level 4 Iris and White Wing Magicians!" Naruto called out as a golden galaxy appeared drawing both magicians in purple and green energy dragons.

"Sorcerer who traveled both time and space appear now! Xyz Summon!" Naruto chanted

"Show yourself Startime Magician (2400/1200)!" A new spellcaster descended onto the field twirling his staff as he held it up at Kiba's Sumo King Dog.

A new magician that once more appears to be wearing blue and white jacket with silver metal armor leg is on the right leg with a blue orb, long golden wrist blade is on the right arm while the left wields the golden round guard staff. His hair is also almost golden brown while his mouth is covered by a white mask.

"Whoa! Your brother can Xyz summon?" Ino said looking over at Natsuko who was stunned herself but not by Naruto's xyz summon but by his new monster she had never even heard of some of the monsters Naruto had used in his duel, she wondered where her brother could have obtained these cards.

"Ha! Big deal he's still doesn't have the strength to beat my monster." Kiba taunted

"Yeah but I think this card will help him out, Wonder Wand gives him 500 extra attack points." Naruto said as a new wand appears in Startime Magician's left hand (2400-2900/1200).

"Now Startime Magician attack Sumo Dog King!" Naruto shouted as his magician jumped into the air holding up both his staffs in a X formation ready to strike.

"Not gonna happen cause I play the trap Scrap Iron Scarecrow which puts and end to your attack!" Kiba said, a scarecrow composed of scrap parts appeared blocking Naruto's attack. "Then it resets back on my field."

"It's not over yet cause I play Double or Nothing, since my monsters attack was negated he's able to attack again with twice the strength!" Startime was engulfed by golden aura as he gave out a loud shout (2900-5800/1200)

"5-5800 attack points!?" Kiba shouted as everyone watched on in disbelief but to the far side of the academy Sasuke Uchiha watched the duel with great interest in his eyes.

"Startime Magic attack!" Startime Magician spun his staff forming a large circle before firing off a blast of spiral red and blue energy smashing through Kiba's monster sending the Inuzuka boy falling on his butt. (Kiba:1500-0)

"Alright Naruto!" Takeru shouted with his fist raised in the air while Hinata smiles happy for her friend and crush winning his match.

Shikaku whistled. "Not bad the kid sure showed some skills." He remarked

"Agreed it looked to me like Naruto had control of their match from the start with how easily he countered each of Kiba's attacks." Hiashi remarked

"You and Minato have been teaching your cubs well Kushina." Tsume said nudging her elbow against the red haired woman who seemed stunned by the duel as the others.

"Kushina are you okay?" Mikoto asked her best friend snapping her out of her stupor.

"Y-yes Miko-chan I'm fine I'm just surprised is all." Kushina said with a nervous smile Mikoto could sense something was off with her friend but she didn't want press on the issues.

After the duels concluded the children made their way to their parents congratulating them in there work well done. Kushina was about to call out to Naruto but was ignored as Naruto ran off elsewhere.

"Kaa-sama?" Natsuko looked at her mother's sad expression and frowned clenching her hand into a tight fist.

As Naruto ran he sensed something and turned his head to see Sauske Uchiha leaning against a nearby tree.

"Is there something I can help you with Uchiha-san?" Naruto asked

"I'm not as blind as the rest of these people are, I've seen you duel before and I know your much stronger then you let on." Sasuke said causing Naruto to narrow his eyes. "I don't care whatever reasons you have, just don't hold back when we face each other."

Naruto simply smirked. "If that's what you want then I promise to oblige you if we ever come up against each other." He said walking away.

"Your certainly an interesting person Naruto Namikaze, perhaps you'll be the challenge I've been searching for." Sasuke said as he turned back to meet his family.

"Well Naruto I think you may have just met your Kaiba." Mana said

"Sasuke's good but he's nowhere near that good." Naruto said with a chuckle knowing there was and would only be one Seto Kaiba.

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