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The Other Side of the Story

Chapter 1: The Hogwarts Express

Hermione didn't want to admit it but she was terrified. She had spent the past month eagerly reading every word over and over again in her new text books trying to learn as much as possible about her new world. But she still felt like an imposter and was sure that at any moment someone would point to her and say, 'hang on a second, you're not meant to be here!' She was sitting on the train looking out the window as the country side rushed passed. She had dressed in her new school robes immediately after boarding the train and was holding tightly onto her wand, as if to prove to anyone who wished to challenge her that she was in the right place.

The door to her carriage screeched as it was pulled open and a boy about her age looked in curiously.

'My friends are pigging out at the lunch trolley already. I told them I'd wait for them in here. I thought it was empty.'

Hermione shook her head quickly, 'no but you are welcome to stay. I'm Hermione Granger. First year.' She held out her hand, realised it had her wand in it already and blushed, fumbling to put her wand away and shake the boy's hand. He chuckled but shook her hand politely and then slid the door closed behind him. He wasn't dressed in his Hogwarts robes yet, but was in expensive looking black pants and a dark grey shirt. His hair was so blonde it was almost white, and as he turned around he caught her staring at him which made his eyes glint in amusement.

'I'm assuming not Slytherin,' he said as he sat down across from her.

Hermione had read all about the houses and sorting process of course, so this question shocked her. 'How do you know what house you will be in already? Should I have done something to pick? I thought we didn't find out until we got to the school?'

The boy smirked. 'Definitely not Slytherin. If you were you'd know. Everyone in my family has been Slytherin. I mean, I suppose Ravenclaw would be ok. What house are your parents in then?'

Hermione could feel herself starting to blush. One minute in to this conversation and once again she felt like an imposter. She was saved from answering when the door slid open again and two short, but enormous boys pushed in, both carrying armfuls of sweets and empty wrappers.

'Draco, the trolley witch walks down the corridor so we can get more when she comes past,' said the first, his mouth full of some sort of pastry.

Draco raised an eyebrow. 'Great,' he drawled, clearly unimpressed with the sight of the food being shoved into his friends' mouths at a great speed. He caught Hermione's eyes and pulled a face. She giggled.

'This is Hermione Granger,' he introduced. Neither boy stopped eating to shake her hand but both nodded as Draco pointed them out in turn, 'Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle. And I'm Draco Malfoy'. He seemed to stress his surname as though waiting for her to impressed.

Hermione nodded quickly. She felt a sense of calm washing over her. The two newcomers weren't impressing her much, but she felt relieved to know there was at least one person she could talk to when they arrived at the school. She wanted to get off the topic of sorting and houses however, so she asked, 'what subject are you most looking forward to?'

'My godfather teaches potions, and I've always been best at it with my tutor. But obviously I haven't been allowed to learn how to make really cool potions yet, just boring stuff like cleaning tonics. What about you?'

'I can't wait to learn more charms. I've been practising the simple ones at the start of the textbook, but I can't wait to try more!'

Draco nodded, 'my father told me transfiguration is really difficult. And history of magic is just a total snore.'

Hermione leaned forward eagerly, desperate to know more. 'Do you know about any of the other teachers then? Apart from your godfather?'

Just then the door slid open and a boy looked in, his eyes filled with tears. 'Has anyone seen my pet toad? I've lost him already. My nan is going to kill me!'

Draco snorted, 'who brings a toad to school when you are allowed to bring an owl?'

Hermione looked up frowning with a pang of surprise. Maybe her new friend wasn't quite as kind as she had hoped. She jumped up immediately. 'I'll help you find him.'

Draco looked disappointed as she stepped past him to leave the carriage. 'I'll see you later then,' he said. 'Make sure you ask to be sorted into Slytherin.' He winked.

Hermione felt a weird jump in her stomach when he winked at her. She didn't reply but waved goodbye and followed the crying boy out into the train corridor.

Hermione and the boy (he had introduced himself as Neville) wandered through the train. She didn't like to say anything to upset the him but she was feeling quite disheartened. They had gone into every compartment and there was no sign of Trevor the toad. As they walked back to the start, they heard loud yells and bangs coming from a few doors ahead. Hermione quickened her steps when she saw Draco and his two friends burst out and run ahead of them up to their seats, one of them clutching his hand.

Hermione looked in the door they had come from. 'What's going on in here?' she asked stopping in her tracks when she saw the ground covered in food and a rat struggling trying to escape from his owner. Two boys she had met earlier ignored her, continuing to complain to each other about Draco's family. She was shocked by what they were saying. The Malfoy family had been followers of you-know-who? She had read that a lot of you-know-who's followers had come from Slytherin house, and Draco had been proud to tell her he came from a family of Slytherins so it did made sense. She just didn't think she would have met a dark wizard in the form of an 11 year old on her first day.

Ron, the taller boy in the carriage turned to her and asked quite rudely if they could help her. She sighed and reminded them to put their robes on as they were about to arrive and then flounced off, trying not to show her hurt feelings. Neville had disappeared, clearly looking desperately for his toad elsewhere, and so Hermione walked slowly back to the compartment where her trunk was stored.

Draco looked up as she slid the door open. She was relieved to see he was alone, though a little wary after what she had just heard. She gave him a quick smile and went to get her trunk and leave. Draco's eyes narrowed in confusion at her sudden standoffishness.

'Crabbe and Goyle aren't here, they've gone to see if there is a healer on board'.

'Oh.' Hermione didn't know what else to say.

'You can sit down if you want, we aren't going to arrive for another 10 minutes or so. Plenty of time.'

She hesitated, unsure whether to believe the gossip of others, but still not quite ready to be comfortable around this boy just in case. He seemed harmless enough, and was smiling at her. And besides, the boys she had heard the rumours from had just been rude and horrible to her anyway so why should she trust them. She sat down across from him.

There was a bit of an awkward silence as neither of them knew what to say. Draco finally broke it, 'you asked me about teachers before.'

Hermione nodded.

'Well, I know some. Professor Snape is my godfather like I said and teaches potions. He is strict but really knows what he is doing. And Flitwick does charms, McGonagall teaches transfiguration and Sprout is the herbology professor. The defence against the dark arts subject is a joke I've been told, and there is a new teacher for that anyway and Sinistra does astronomy. Then there is Madam Hooch who will teach us flying, not that I need it. I've been playing Quidditch since before I could walk. I can't believe they don't let first years on the team.'

Hermione was filing all this information away eagerly. She couldn't wait to get started.

'Professor Snape is the Slytherin head of house, so there is a chance he might be your head of house too.' Draco said, looking at her carefully. When she avoided his eye he nodded. 'Your parents were Gryffindors weren't they?'

Hermione looked at him, questioningly.

'That's why you didn't answer me before when I asked what house they were in. I was hoping you might be in Slytherin with me.'

'My parents weren't in anything, they aren't magic.'

Draco's eyebrows shot way up. He seemed stunned. 'But you said you had done charms? You lied to me!'

'No I did not! I have done charms in my bedroom, as soon as I got my textbooks I started practising!' Hermione replied, annoyed at the accusation.

Draco looked disbelieving, 'how could you do spells if you are a muggle. I've been being tutored since I was 4 and I have only just been allowed to learn some spells. How could you expect me to believe that a muggle would be doing magic already?'

Hermione felt tears burning in her eyes. This is what she had been afraid of. This is why she would need to work harder than everyone else to ensure they all knew she deserved her place in this world.

Draco, noticing her tears, started back-peddling. 'I've just never met a muggle, or a muggle born before. I didn't think you could do magic'.

'Well I don't think I've ever met a witch or wizard before I found out so I guess we are even,' Hermione threw back. She couldn't help showing off slightly, using her wand to remove the dust from her trunk, much to Draco's surprise, as she walked out the door to the main corridor. She was a little ashamed to admit to herself that she was a bit sad when Draco didn't follow her.

When the first years left the train and were led to a group of boats, Hermione watched Draco and his two friends climb into one leaving an empty seat. Draco looked around and caught her eye, but as he raised his eyebrow almost as a challenge, a dark-haired girl climbed in after him. Was it wishful thinking or had Draco looked disappointed. Hermione sighed. It's not like she would have followed him and his friends, so she couldn't understand why she felt annoyed at the girl now sitting beside Goyle. She turned and followed Neville into the boat with Ron and Harry instead.

At the sorting ceremony when her name was called, Hermione caught Draco's eye clearly as she sat on the stool and pulled the hat onto her head. A voice appeared almost as if it was whispering directly into her ear.

Hmmm. This is an interesting one. I can see you would do well in Ravenclaw. You have the brains. Or your fate is destined for greatness and Gryffindor will guide you there. But you also have Slytherin in your mind. Why would that be? You are resourceful, but I don't see a lot of other Slytherin traits in you. Is it your wish to go to Slytherin?

Hermione didn't know if the hat could hear her thoughts or was expecting her to answer but she stayed silent.

You seem unsure, your mind is not made up. I think the best path for you is the one that will lead you to your full potential. Yes? Alright, let's say


The last world was yelled out to the entire hall. Hermione took off the hat and walked with slightly shaking knees to the table decorated with red and gold. As she passed Draco he gave her a sad smile and mouthed, 'pity'. She couldn't help but hope that he might come and join her. She didn't know why. He hadn't been particularly nice to her yet, so why was she so intrigued by him? Her breath caught in her throat when the professor called Draco's name, but the second it touched his head the hat yelled out SLYTHERIN. Hermione looked down to hide her face. Oh well. It was probably for the best if what she had heard about his family was true.

That night in bed, Hermione dreamed about silver and green, and a boy with white blonde hair.