Laying on the side of the road, wrapped in a simple blanket, the young child couldn't be anymore than a week old. Moving her arms, the baby caught the attention of a man who was walking past who saw the young child out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey little one" The man said as he crouched down near the child placing a hand on the child's forehead. Feeling how cold the child was, the man picked her up, "Don't worry you're safe now" He said holding the child close as he made his way to his friends house.

Arriving at his friend's house, Sirius made his way into the house.

"James, Lily" Sirius shouted as he looked down at the baby who seemed to have fallen asleep in his arms.

"What's wrong?" James asked as his eyes feel on the bundle in Sirius arms, "Sirius" He said surprised as his wife appeared who also caught sight of the little baby he was holding.

"Where do you find it?" Lily asked as she looked between the two males.

"The baby was laid at the side of the street with the parents nowhere to be found" He explained looking between the two.

"Here let me take the child" Lily said as she walked over to Sirius as she looked at the child. "It's a girl" She said taking hold of the baby girl, "And she seems rather content in your arms"

"Sirius, you can't keep her, what if the parents try to find her?" James asked looking at his wife and his best friend.

"I doubt it" Sirius said glancing down at the little girl, "how anyone could abandon an innocent little child" Sirius asked, "Call me a fool, but I want to keep her" He said quietly.

"Then me and you will adopt her" Lily said as she looked at her husband to see if he would approve.

"You sure Llly?" Sirius asked

"Of course" She replied, "we'll support you and she'll have a family who will love and protect her"

Listening to Lily, Sirius was shocked to hear her saying those words, "Thank you" He said quietly glancing down at the little girl, "Louise Calypso Lily Potter-Black" He said looking at James and Lily. "That is what I'm calling to call her" He said.

"It sounds beautiful Sirius" Lily said, "And I'll be proud to have her as my daughter" She said as she glanced to James.