Since Louise had received her Hogwarts letter, the weeks seemed to fly by. In order to accommodate, Louise being in the UK, the Mikaelson's had purchased a nice looking property near London and it was there where Louise was now and where she had been for the past week.

Laying in bed, Louise was reading one of the few books in which she had to purchase for her time at Hogwarts. All of her books, robes and equipment were all packed away in the trunk and the book in which she should have been reading, should have been packed ready. She was reading Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

Walking into Louise's bedroom, Freya let a small smile come on her face as she noticed the lamp still on and Louise asleep while a book was resting on her front. It was clearly evident that Louise had fallen asleep while reading the book. This had been becoming a regular occurrence over the past week.

"Louise" Freya called softly but when she got no response, she went closer and gently nudged Louise. "Louise" She said again. Getting no response, Freya shook her head in disbelief. The late nights of reading had clearly caught up with Louise.

"Louise Mikaelson" Freya said sternly as she saw Louise moving her arms over her head, "Oh no you don't" She said, "It's time to wake up."

Groaning, Louise turned over as all she wanted to do was sleep.

"Louise Calypso Lily Mikaelson" Freya said sternly as she watched Louise as she sat up in bed.

"I'm up" She said as she ran a hand through her hair, "And you know I don't like being called Calypso" She said quietly making his distaste in the name evident.

"Well if you had woke up when I tried. I wouldn't have needed to use it"

"Fine ok,.how long before we set of?

"Half an hour" Freya replied, "you can eat breakfast on the way"

Platform 9¾. That was a strange platform as it didn't seem to exist but yet Louise had managed to find her way onto the platform and yet now she was looking up at red train with a platform sign saying 'Hogwarts Express.'

The platform was busy with other families and watching their children board the train while their luggage was being loaded onto the train. Turning to Freya, Louise swallowed hardly. Now the time came to leave, Louise didn't want to go.

"Freya" Louise said quietly, "I don't want to go"

"Why?" Freya asked.

"I don't know. Guess its nerves" Louise replied as she noticed Elijah reaching them.

"You'll be fine, Louise" Elijah said as Louise turned to the train, "Keep in touch"
"I will do" Louise said softly as she hugged Elijah and then Freya before turning and boarding the train.

Not being able to find an empty compartment, Louise came across one which had 2 boys sitting in. one had ginger hair and had freckles on his face and while the other had black hair and wore glasses.

"Mind if I join you" Louise asked as she looked to the two boys.

"No of course not" The boy with black hair answered as he motioned for Louise to take a seat.

Sitting down, she looked to the boys, "I'm Louise Mikaelson"

"Mikaelson" the ginger hair boy said, "As in the very old family Mikaelson" He enquired, "I'm Ron Weasley"

"Yes" Louise replied, "Although they took me in and raised me as one of thier own" She explained, "Nice to meet you Ron" Louise said as she looked at the other boy, "And you are?"

"You haven't heard of Harry Potter?" Ron asked surprised as Louise wore a puzzled look on her face.

"No I haven't. Until recently I've been living in America" She said as she looked to the boy. "Nice to meet you Harry"

"Nice to meet you too Louise" Harry said.

During the train journey to Hogwarts, Louise, Harry and Ron seemed to get on rather well and before they knew it, a bushy haired girl had arrived in the doorway of the compartment,

"Have any of you seen a toad?" She asked, "A boy called Neville has lost one"
The three replied with them saying that they hadn't seen a toad but the last words from the girl made them realise that it was time that they should change into their robes.

Having gotten changed into the Hogwarts uniform, Louise was wearing a black skirt, white shirt with the Hogwarts tie, a grey cardigan, black shoes and the cloak.