Kiki slips into the back of the limo to see a familiar face. "That was bold even for the CIA, Faith." Across from Kiki sits none other than Charlotte Banning. "Thought the CIA was out of the homeland business?" Kiki settles into the seat as the driver sets the car into motion. Charlotte cocks an eye at her companion with a smirk. "Well then, I guess it is a good thing that I am on loan to the FBI." Charlotte winks at Kiki. "Why did you send Eliot?" Kiki's tone is deadly serious. "It was the surest way to affirm your loyalty." Charlotte knows that she was the puppet master with Eliot which Kiki will not appreciate.

Kiki glances out the window for a moment before turning back towards Charlotte. "There is a great deal of talk about loyalty from the bottom to the top. Loyalty from the top down is even more necessary and much less prevalent." Charlotte smiles at the swagger of Katherine. It has always been the stuff of legend and Charlotte has born witness to the rise of this particular legend. Charlotte's words are delivered with respect tinged with a bit of fear. "Aren't you the one who taught me that wars are not won by fighting battles; wars are won by choosing battles. I simple chose a battle." Charlotte and Kiki ride in silence. The destination is known, there is no need for conversation. Charlotte is going to give Katherine a bit of space.

Vance looks on as Eliot begins to pace. "Damn. Charlotte played me and you knew." Eliot announces in Vance's direction. "Eliot, it was the only way. We needed Katherine and you of all people know that you just don't call out one of the Thirteen. Charlotte had no choice." Eliot realizes Charlotte played him. He knows that Vance did not betray him but it feels a lot like betrayal and he is unable to conceal that reaction. Nate interjects into the conversation to cut the growing tension between Vance and Eliot. "Thirteen, like the thirteen, the originals?" Nate walks to the mini bar since this conversation has taken a turn that will require some libation to digest. Sophie is conscious not to reveal her tell and masks her reaction. She knows the story of the Thirteen all too well from personal experience. She knows she is going to have to keep Hardison from digging too deep.

Nate's word have the intended effect in drawing Hardison's attention. "I thought the Thirteen was a urban legend?" Nate tops off the drink as he turns towards the collective to answer Hardison. "Every legend is based in truth, Hardison." Nate circles closer to Eliot. "How long have you known?" Eliot rubs his brow as he does when he is truly troubled. "A long time, but this time, I didn't even think of that angle. How could I have been so..." Eliot stops himself as the sound of the clicks of Hardison's fingers on the keys registers in his brain. Eliot walks over to Hardison and gently shuts the lid of the laptop. With a glance up at Sophie, Eliot asks Hardison to stop. "You won't find anything anyway other than the public narrative or conspiracy theories." The expression on Eliot's face quells any challenge from Hardison as his fingers slide away from the keys. He has never seen a reaction like this manifest in Eliot.

Parker has been silently watching everyone in the room. The history of the Thriteen was a passion of Archie's and it was one he shared with Parker. She knows more about the history of the Thirteen than she cares to reveal right now, she never made the connection with Katherine Constance Collier though it makes complete sense in the right context. Katherine is a reigning member of the Thirteen. Parker is now even more fascinated as to how Eliot landed into the Thirteen. She wants to know how much Eliot knows about the Thirteen. She wants to know if the stories are actually true.

Vance paces toward Eliot. "Eliot, I didn't know until she bailed us out at the embassy. I had suspected but I didn't know until... well." Eliot had a feeling that the Kiki played into Vance's rescue. He knows first hand what she is capable of when she puts her mind to something. "Until?" Eliot squares up to Vance. "Until she showed up on the tarmac." Vance knows that Eliot needs to hear the story. Vance walks over to the mini bar to pour a drink for himself and one for Eliot. Some stories go better with Scotch. Vance offers a glass to Eliot and a chair. Since this is a long story. Vance regales the tale that all of them have seen from the footage. Eliot is not surprised that Katherine did not share the details. There is a side to his wife that is still cloaked in mystery. Eliot is also painfully aware that this is the legacy for his son. Katherine always kept that part of her world at arms length to protect him and their son.

Parker silently walks out of the suite with the distraction of the current conversation. She makes her way to a private spot on the roof of the hotel to call Archie. She has questions and Archie will likely know the answers and information she needs. Not many things impress Parker but finding out that Eliot's wife is one of the Thirteen actually impresses the hell out of her. Parker has a feeling that their adventure is only beginning. As her conversation with Archie progresses, she is thrilled that Archie wants to meet up with them. Parker heard the stories for so long she never imagined that they were real. She thought Archie had made them up but then she remembers the notebook that Archie kept with all of his research into the subject of the Thirteen. Some times the truth sounds stranger than fiction.

Eliot takes his leave from the team. He needs to think and he plans on being at the suite when Katherine arrives. Apparently there some conversations that they need to have. He is trying to shake the waves of guilt that are passing over him. He is better than this. Why didn't he even entertain the possibility that Charlotte and the Senator were setting him up. The only bright side is that Eliot knows that Vance will be safe on Kiki's watch. Now all that he as to worry about is his wife and his friends.