Seeing his Master scurry away into the debris of a collapsed portion of the wooden building, Archer only sighed.

Archer wasn't Archer's true name, but instead a designation of a certain class he was summoned into based on a magic ritual created to materialize what was called the Holy Grail. Seven Masters would summon seven Servants from the Throne of Heroes, a location existing outside of the world and its very time axis; preserving within it, the legends of Heroes of time immemorial; Legends long lost in the world of Remnant and spoken of only in myth and folklore.

In regards to the ritual of the Holy Grail itself, the seven Masters and seven Servants would fight in a type of Battle Royal in which the last one standing would obtain the golden chalice with the ability and sheer magical power to grant any one desire. Masters would supply their magical energy or prana, and Servants making use of that, would unleash their unique skills and abilities to gain an advantage over the others. In which case, of the seven Servant classes involved, the Archer class, his class, was best known for projectile proficiency and Independent Action; a skill allowing the Archer class Servants to be near-totally independent of their Masters. In fact, it was the class known to be able to survive the longest even without a supply of magical energy from their Masters. Therefore, there was a danger in summoning Archer class Servants for Masters depending on personality.

Fortunately, he wasn't a very difficult kind of Archer.

His true name was Shirou Emiya, a fairly recent Hero to enter the throngs of the Throne of Heroes, but even then, due to the obscurity of his heroics, he was simply known as the Nameless Hero.

Hair the colour of red, and skin a bronze tan, he stood strongly at six-feet tall and wore a crimson mantle shrouding a black skin-tight underarmour with matching pants.

Thinking of the lack of information in his head about the situation, he already understood that his current summoning was far different from what he was expecting. He was a Heroic Spirit, a hero who had accumulated great deeds in life and became an object of worship after death. Summoned, he was expecting to be involved in what seemed to be another Holy Grail War, yet clearly nothing seemed right about the situation.

From the moment he was summoned, the Holy Grail should have had at least provided him with enough information about the current era to allow him to get a better understanding of it. This basic procedure was used to even out the playing field and reduce the differences in knowledge between olden Servants of a bygone era, and the newer Servants of a more recent era. In any case, the fact that he understanding nothing of the current world left him at a loss for answers, more so when the first inhabitant he saw upon arrival was a soulless monster.

His gaze shifted, his attention drawn towards the fading body of the creature he had killed upon his summons.

It was dissolving fast, the blood, muscle, and bone that comprised its shadow-like body breaking down into ember like pieces that sizzled before being snuffed out in a pallid odourless smoke.

His bronze coloured eyes watched on silently until the entire thing was no more than a vague imprint on the ground that at least proved its existence.

Scratching at the back of his head, he was already frowning by the time his keen senses picked up the fact that he wasn't alone with the child that had left towards the debris moments earlier.

The sounds of growling and clicking were originating from outside the building, the scraping of claws against wood echoing out in the silence.

Wordlessly, he peaked out through an open window of the building to see two more of the very same creatures he had just dealt with using the swords still in his hands prowling outside. Judging from the fact that one slash was enough to kill based on his own experience, then perhaps it might have had been overkill to be using Kanshou and Bakuya, the swords held in his palms, in the first place.

The two swords were known as Noble Phantasms, powerful armaments using the ingenuity and creativity of Humans at their core; embodiments of the ultimate mysteries of a Hero. However, the meaning of Noble Phantasms was somewhat different in regards to him as none reflected his ultimate mystery as the Nameless Hero.

A breath left his mouth while he contemplated.

In the end though, caution won out when dealing with the unknown. Even though using Kanshou and Bakuya may be more magically taxing than an ordinary weapon, there was something about the creatures before him that made him instinctually weary. More over, his current Master wasn't exactly lacking in reserves based on the sheer amount he determined that she may not know she possessed. Then again, his current master was no more than a little child. He wouldn't be surprised if milk and cookies was her favourite snack.

He shook his head as his thoughts reached such irrelevant topics.

The time to think was over. Instead, he would find his own answers after dealing with the two before him.

His arms positioned themselves in a throwing motion, one crossing over the other, Kanshou a blade of black, and Bakuya, one of white gripped loosely.

In the next moment, he whipped the two swords forward in an arc that sailed across the air.

Whistling noises echoed out amidst the falling of the leaves in the surrounding forests, and by then it was too late.

Like rotating buzz saws, the two swords stabbed into the two creatures before him individually.

Caught off guard, death was imminent.

By this point, he had already shifted his attention away and back towards the building he was summoned in. In regards to the creatures he had just faced, instinct was telling him that they probably weren't the strongest of whatever monstrosity they were, but this was all the more reason to find answers.

Upon entering the building again after stepping out onto its roof to get a clear shot with Kanshou and Bakuya prior, he didn't move in the direction of his master. Instead, he moved towards the old tome illustrating the very magic circle related to the ritual that had summoned him. Picking it up, he was quick to brows through the faded pages, but could find nothing of relevance aside from the insignia of a floating butterfly left in blue ink at the back of the tome.

His mind got to work with that clue, yet he decided it was better for him not to think about it, more so when he was starting to develop a vague idea of what had happened and who just may have had been inadvertently behind things.

He felt a headache coming on. Still, he suppressed it and decided that now was the time to get to know this new Master of his.

He found her in the rubble, sitting blankly on her but while staring at another girl who was knocked unconscious; a trail of blood streaking down from her temples and a large bruise forming on her right side focused mostly on her arm.

Recalling how his Master had dashed off earlier while calling out a random name, the injured girl by his Master's side was most likely the 'Yang' his Master had called out for.

From the moment he got close, he noticed the way his Master's face turned to him, her cheeks puffy and complexion somewhat pale. She was trembling, the glistening of her eyes more than enough indication that she was close to breaking out in tears again.

"Y-You have to help her."

His Master's voice entered his ears, wobbly and distraught, somewhat high-pitched too.

Then again, his Master didn't have to ask him to do something he was already intent on doing.

He knelt down on a knee, inspecting Yang closely to make sure that she wasn't mortally injured. Considering the build and relative strength of the creatures before, he found it almost illogical how Yang didn't have too serious of an injury. Aside from a few bruises that he knew would take a while to heal and a minor concussion that had knocked Yang out, she would be fine with rest.

"She'll be fine, Master" he said, getting back up onto his feet.

Hearing his words, his Master perked up before nibbling uncertainly on her thumb.

"R-Really?" She asked.

"Yes. She just needs rest."

Hearing his admission, he could literally see the flood of relief that came over his master's face before it scrunched up.

"Who's Master?" She asked confusedly, unsteadily getting up onto her feet while shyly averting her gaze.

It would seem that now that Yang was healed, his Master finally understood that she was talking with a stranger and grew somewhat weary, her fingers twiddling together.

"You are," he replied, crossing his arms and watching his Master intently.

"Me? No!" She denied, shaking her head. "I'm Ruby. Mama's little Rose."

Ruby's voice sounded confident, proud in fact. It was a shame though that it hardly reflected her body's actions. Her head was facing timidly at the floor, her arms by her side as he took note that one of her hands was holding anxiously onto the shirt Yang wore for support.

She was nervous, and he would be a fool not to have had noticed, and in fact, any child would act in such a way in this situation.

Being careful not to startle his little Master, he reached a hand out and patted Ruby's head, the warmth in his touch conveying that he had no intention of harming her; the friendly smile on his face, even more so.

She stiffened at his touch, but gradually she looked up at him, feeling more comfortable after seeing that he meant no harm.

"You're very brave," he complemented, taking his hand back and returning them to a crossed position. "Most children would be scared after seeing such a monster."

Ruby nodded slowly before interjecting in a quiet voice. "Daddy calls them Grimm," she said.


He thought the name appeared a bit odd, however it seemed oddly fitting in regards to those creatures.

"Yes, well, you did well in the face of the Grimm then," he changed his complement, giving off a pleasant atmosphere that allowed Ruby to relax.

Unfortunately, he forgot that he was dealing with a child. The moment Ruby realized that she was out of harm's way and Yang was going to be okay, her attention began to wander as she grew bored. Remembering that she was outside of her playpen, her curiosity was subsequently building despite the fear she had felt earlier. In her mind, as long as everything was okay, then she shouldn't have to worry about it.

Wobbling onto her feet, her arms flailing in an attempt to balance better as she was still affected from her earlier fright, she was just about to explore around when suddenly the world grew larger. Her eyes widened, her limbs dangling towards the ground as she felt the strong arm secured around her stomach shift a little to accommodate her.

"Up you go, little one," Shirou said exasperatedly. "This isn't a place for a child to play in."


Ruby didn't say anything, her expression in a pout as her silver eyes stared directly at him.


Was his only response before quietly hoisting Yang up with the other arm and walking out of the abandoned building with both children in tow. Once outside, he realized that it probably wasn't going to be very efficient if he had to carry both Ruby and Yang in the exact way he was doing. It wasn't that they were heavy; in fact he could hardly even feel their weight, but what mattered was that the positioning wasn't too easy on Yang's injuries.

Frowning, he was quick to notice the wagon Yang had parked beside the building near a growth of fruit-bearing shrubs. It resembled something like raspberry, yet he wasn't quite sure if the food he knew of went by the same name in the place he was summoned. Nonetheless, he deposited Ruby inside the wagon first before then tenderly placing Yang within on her uninjured side.

"Careful, don't move her too much," he gave Ruby a minor warning knowing that if he didn't she may grow too restless and shift around inside the wagon.

"Ok," came Ruby's reply.

He nodded before noticing that there was something in Ruby's hands. It was the very tome that he had left behind after inspecting it for any relevant information. Similarly, it was the same tome that Ruby had used to summon him.

Somehow when he wasn't looking, she must have had picked it up. However, it didn't make any sense unless she could somehow move fast enough in the short timeframe when he had placed her down to pull out the wagon which had gotten stuck in the shrubs. With the way she was currently using the old tome, it looked more like she was reading a picture book than understanding what exactly she was holding. Then again, he already knew that any remnant magical energy in the tome had already been used up. No matter what she did. It would be no more than regular bound parchments to a hardback tome.

At least with her distracted with designs of magic circles, he could take some time to think. Unfortunately, his belief was too naïve when faced with a curious child who quickly grew disinterested in drawings. Instead, she found it prudent to just stare at him.

Lip twitching, he turned his back to her while keeping a steady grip on the wagon's handle.

"Which way did you come from?" He asked.

"There!" Ruby pointed out.

Ascertaining the route Ruby was conveying with an uncertain expression, he understood that he wouldn't be able to rely on her. He sighed, and then decided on a general direction based on the path pointed out, deciding to look for any signs of wheel tracks he could follow. His efforts paid off with his keen eye-sight and he was soon set on following a trail.

It was notably silent as he walked, the only sound coming from the grating of the wheels over the dirt and plants.

One step, then two, he simply continued walking.

However, it wasn't long before a tiny voice spoke out.

"Who you?" Ruby asked.

He paused before considering, the wagon coming to a stop.

"I suppose the situation is different from what I was expecting, so calling me by my class is probably irrelevant at this point," he muttered, his ramblings only causing Ruby to tilt her head.

"Just call me Shirou, a Heroic Spirit," he ended up deciding on.

Ruby fell silent for a moment before furrowing her brow in bewilderment.


"Heroic Spirit," he tried again.



He turned around to look at her, but seeing the baffled expression on Ruby's face, he decided that he would just relent and perhaps explain things better when she was older. For now, there was only one thing he could do, and that was just go along with it.

"Yes," he nodded his head while giving up. "I can be considered a Hero."

"Ah!" Ruby gasped in shock, awe present in her eyes. "So, so you fight against bad guys and evil?"

"Mmhmm," he hummed, deciding to ignore the rest of the gibberish Ruby was speaking of with a wry smile.

Eventually, Ruby relented and he was back to simply pulling the wagon in silence, yet he felt somewhat guilty for the bored expression growing on Ruby's face and decided that he at least had to talk about something. Recalling her adoration for heroes, he began to speak with the tranquility of the woods as the background.

"Have you heard of the Legend of King Arthur? Or how about the Shield of Ulster…"

He began to list different stories at the top of his mind from the numerous histories he knew of; watching the way Ruby was instantly captivated while he spoke in a gentle tone similar to Yang when she read to Ruby. Moreover, he didn't exactly mind speaking of such stories as he saw the actions of the heroes he was speaking of as self motivation.

As he pulled the wagon, he ended up telling story after story, and it wasn't until an hour later that he decided it was time to come to a stop, his eyes peering intently at an individual he had seen approaching in the distance. From the anxious expression on the man's relatively young face, it wasn't hard to conclude why the man would be so hurried.

The wagon came to a stop, Ruby looking up at him as he finished telling the tale of the Nibelungenlied.

"More?" Ruby asked expectantly, a shine in her eyes.

"Maybe some other time," he said. "For now, it's best if I go. I might get attacked by accident if I stay any longer."

It was hard to predict the actions of a distressed individual.


Ruby didn't understand right away, yet was shocked when she noticed him dematerializing into particles of glowing yellow dust. Before she could even voice out her surprise, someone else appeared in front of her that immediately pulled her into a tight embrace.

"U-Uncle Qrow?" she stuttered out.

The man holding onto her currently had his black hair disheveled and clothes all wrinkled as if he had just come from drinking. The faded pants he wore felt rough and the buttons on his grey dress shirt were digging into her skin. Moreover, there was a heavy smell of alcohol. She quickly plugged her nose with a hand before squirming.

"Mama said drinking bad. You smell," she complained.

Yet even as she tried to protest, Qrow was too busy checking her over before sighing in relief.

"You're okay," he sighed out, before his breath caught in his throat when he noticed Yang in the wagon. "W-What happened?"

Ruby frowned before lowering her head. "Grimm," she said.

She could almost see the way every fiber of Qrow's body seemed to tense after she had spoken. No words needed to be explained to understand. If Yang was attacked by Grimm, then how was it possible that Ruby was uninjured?

Qrow's expression grew somber.

"How long ago did this happen?" Qrow asked.

Ruby raised a finger in response. "One hour," she said.

Qrow grew silent in contemplation, dull red-eyes flashing with a deep intelligence.

"I need you to tell me everything that happened," Qrow spoke.

Ruby then nodded her head and began to recount the days events. From the time Yang had brought her out of the house and wheeled her in the wagon, to the events of the abandoned building. The subject of particular notice was when Ruby mentioned her saviour, Qrow's expression growing pensive.

"Someone saved you?" Qrow clarified.

Ruby nodded her head. "He was a Hero from the story books!" She said excitedly.

"Then he was a Huntsman. I'll have to give him my gratitude."

Qrow brought a hand under his chin, trying to recall any Huntsman stationed near Patch, but realizing that there were none. An off chance then? It didn't matter. What did was that whichever Huntsman it was, they just saved Tai Xiao long from another tragedy, and that was more than enough for Qrow who couldn't accept the recent news Ozpin had conveyed to him.

"No, he wasn't a Huntsman. He was a Hero," Ruby argued. "He told me so!"

"Oh, really? I don't suppose he came out of a book too."

Ruby's eyes widened in surprise while Qrow placed a hand over his face.

"This is why you can't believe everything you hear," Qrow lectured.

"But he did come out from a book. Here. This one!"

Ruby pushed the old tome she had gotten from the abandoned building up for Qrow to see. Other than the fact that it had magic circles, there was nothing else of note from it.

"Yeah, you're right. I definitely believe you," Qrow said while tussling Ruby's hair with a hand. Thereafter, his attention shifted to Yang, knowing that this wasn't the time to remain where they were.

Qrow sighed before placing Ruby back in the wagon, ignoring the petulant expression on her face as she understood that he didn't actually believe her from the tone of his voice.

The Heroes spoken of in Remnant's myths and folklore weren't real anyway, at least to some extent from what Ozpin had hinted to him. But there were some things that were just too difficult to believe. They were more likely just made up by the ancient humans as a way to cope. After all, weapons that could blow up mountains or set the world on fire without Dust was impossible.

And yet, from the betrayed look of expectation Ruby was staring at him with, it was evident to Qrow that Ruby truly believed in such things.

He couldn't help but sigh once again, more so when he considered just how close Yang had gotten to having both herself and Ruby killed.

No matter what, he would have to thank the Huntsman that had saved his nieces, but nevertheless, one thing was clear for Qrow at the moment while reluctantly watching Ruby making faces at him.

Taiyang was probably going to have it rough for the next couple of years.

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