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Earth, a planet filled with green and blue life. A planet where any living being can live and enjoy it's vast resources. There were many kinds of animals here yet a very interesting species lives here.

Humans or as we have dubbed ourselves Humanity.

We are the most inteligent creatures here on earth with unlimited posibilitys just waiting to be used.

We've done so many things during our existence. We used to live in caves and hunt for our food, now we live in home made of metal and concrete with various luxuries that in the past didn't exist with no longer having to hunt for our food. Now we just walk a few block towards the nearest market for our food.

We've evolved in ways our ancestors couldn't even imagine and as of few year ago humanity went through another faze of evolution that nobody notice.

Only a few humans went through this faze by either developing their body's or by the genes their were born with.

They have a few names that were given to them by the scientific community but we society dub them as


They're existence has dated back as of 60 years ago with no actual proof of these individuals having powers or even existing.

But as of 30 years ago a group of scientist led by a few famous indivuduals like Profesor Malhiec, Dr. Bofoi, Profesor Eduards and Dr. Kendricks. Thanks to them it became public knowledge of the existence of these beings.

At first society doubted the existence of said being's buy there doubts ceased when another species came to the light.


These creatures are being's made of evil intention that have no remorse for any of their actions. They started to appear once Heros were brought to the light. These Monsters rampaged through cities killing hundreds of people and bringing fear to the world.

But there were Heros out there that realized just what they had to do. Stand up and fight this threat, some Heros had powers that varied from a small increase in physical ability to powers that no-one could have even imagine about.

Although the existance of Heros have been proven since so many years it wasn't until three years ago that our association the Hero Association reunited heros to fight any threat that would arise to threaten humanity.

" So if isn't rude to ask,how was the association created."

A 50 year old man was currently in a studio being interviewed about the organaization he lead.

He had a nice patch of ageing gray hair, small brown eyes with a very anormal nose that was the size of plum while wearing a grey suit with matching grey pants and a black tie.

"Three years ago one of our most supportive contributers son was attacked by a murderous crab monster be would have surely died if it weren't for a hero suddenly appearing to kill that monster blasting him away to pieces. The father was able to witness this and decide to help with the creation of an Association that was dedicated to fight these monsters. A few weeks later and the Hero Association was born."

"Wow and who was the one that killed the crab monster ?"

let out a small smile.

"While our number one hero of course S-Rank Class 1 Blast." Applause could be heard through out the studio.

Slowly moving away from the image of the studio there was a tv and a man watching it.

He was wearing a pair of black shorts with white tee on his upper body. He had spikey black hair that shined abit, while his face...well twitching.

"What the Fuck ?" confusion was laced through those words that were uttered after all he can still remember killing a crab monster three years ago.

Did they really name him the S-Rank 1 hero Blast just cause he killed a weak ass crab ?

He couldn't help but let out a groan of annoyance after all if people find out who he is they'll start asking for his help in the association and that was something he doesn't wants.

This man's name is Saitama he was 25 years old owner of a pretty popular store here in city Z and is also the most powerful being of Earth.

A being that doesn't want nothing to do with Heros.

As you can probably guess this Saitama doesn't want to be called Hero who knows why ?Read and ReviewCiao