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Saitama stared patiently his coffee maker waiting for the coffee to brew and serve all while in deep thought.

"What are the chances of a Monster fighting a Girl said Girl crashes through my store window breaks my tables and chairs" Saitama turns his head to look at his clock on the wall.


Tears poured through his eyes, it was still early a ding Saitama grabs two cups and filled them with around he sees his shop now barren, he had to throw away the broken furniture and the glass that was lying around. Luckily for him a topaz-eyed girl helped him with it.

She was sweeping the floor with a broom getting rid of any dust that could have been there cause of her fall.

"Hey, come get some coffee" seeing her stop and look at him timidly he couldn't help but regret having let out his bloodlust on her, grandpa would always say that if he had a middle name it would have most likely been Overkill.

"Look i ain't going to bite 'kay, so join me. "She walked up to the counter and sat at on one of the stools his counter had grabbing the cup in silence.

"So what's your name?" She looked at the man in front of her unsure if she should give her name.

"My name is Saitama, owner of this Cafe and I'm 25, see it's easy." His name was Saitama?

"My name is Genos and I'm 18 no profession." No profession huh, so she wasn't a Hero from the Hero Association.

That just made things easier.

"Do you mind telling me why you were facing that monster if you're not a Hero" Seeing how her eyes harden didn't really bother him much.

"Why do you want to know? "he couldn't help but raise a brow at her tone.

"Perhaps the fact that you're not a Hero meaning that the association won't pay for the damages that you've caused here. So, the only thing that's avoiding me to rip your arms and legs is my generosity 'kay" seeing her gulp made him think if he'd overdone it, again.

"I was chasing that monster down, because of its connection with a certain group." Damm she hates monsters doesn't she.

"It?" Her brow tensed in confusion.

"Yes, do you have a problem with my classification" Huh she seems to not lose her bravado, great traits for a fighter.

"Whatever, so what's the name of the group you're hunting down."

Genos stared at the man in front of her, why was he so interested?

"Why do you want to know, my business isn't your business" His eye stared at her impassively as if he were bored.

" Because I'm bored, besides my statement earlier still holds up so answer." Yes, him saying that he was going to rip off her extremities.

"It's called the House of Evolution led by a scientist which expertise lies in the biological field. He enhances creatures and turns them into living weapons for his own use" Having said this Saitama was stared at her and at the same time not her almost lost in thought.

Genos couldn't help but be unnerved he's been staring at her for five minutes, she could feel a pressure fall over her almost as if judging her.

"Do you know his location right now" His question startled her, was he in league with?

"No, I don't know his headquarters location. I was hunting that mosquito monster in to interrogate once she was weakened." She felt the pressure in her shoulders again, how could this ordinary civilian do this to her?

" He isn't ordinary, that's for sure he killed that monster with ease while I almost died against it"

Minutes passed he stared, she waited.

"I've made a decision, one you can't refuse. One that could benefit us both." A decision was he even going to give her a choice?

"You'll work here for a period of time during said period we'll wait to be confronted by one of Genus's monsters once that happens I'll interrogate whoever he sends, and we'll go to his base, got it." His last words weren't a question but statement she realized.

"And why are you so confident in him actually sending one of his freaks here and why should I work here?"

Saitama brought his hand up and extended one of his fingers.

"You'll work here to pay the damages you've done with your little fight, probably for a week and half." Little Fight?!

His middle finger rose.

"Second I killed one of Genus's perfect beings, so he'll come here to investigate and when that happens, well you already know"

His reasons were... logical and they could benefit her, but she would have to work for him.

Saitama stood up and took the coffee cups away his back facing her.

"You'll start working tomorrow got it robo-girl, I got a Guest room that's were you'll sleep. So, don't break anything or your stay will increase."

What the hell did he mean by stay? Guest room? Sleep?

"H-Hey I didn't agree to anything" he turned his head at her and a red gleam entered his eye.

"Oh so you're Refusing" Genus responded quickly with a no .

"Good finish cleaning here and close the shop, I'll prepare the room." Walking towards the door towards his home he couldn't help but frown.

"So, you finally appeared Genus"


Sitch handed over a folder to his boss containing all the information over the incident that happened this morning in City Z.

"Sir, here's all the information we could gather about the monster, B-Rank and C-Rank heroes have claimed about killing the monster but none could provide any substantial proof." Yamashita hummed in thought reading over the forensics data that was compiled.

Skimming through the report Yamshita couldn't help but let out a scowl on his face.

The monster was humanoid but held heavy strands of mosquito DNA along with other components that are still unidentified (Research on said components still in process).

The monster claws were able to cut Level 3 metal with ease leaving scratches on Level 4. The acid that secreted on her mouth was capable of melting Level 2 metal and left burn marks at Level 3.

Its body was capable of handling several types of damage from pressure to cutting but holds a weakness towards fire.

Oddly enough her arms were ripped apart from her body and her head was crushed almost as if a hand had crushed by pure force.

Reaching inside his jacket for a cigarette, Yamashita lights it up.

"Sitch no Hero below A-Rank is capable of killing that thing so tell them to stop"

"Yes sir"

"Any S-Rank hero that was near City-Z during the attack?" Sitch shook his head negatively.

"Listen Sitch, close this case by saying that an S-Rank hero killed the monster but don't put any names nor any information about the monster's corpse" Sitch was confused with his request but agreed, nonetheless.

Blowing a puff of smoke out of his lips Yamashita decided to inform Sitch of his thoughts.

"Listen, something big is going to happen in the upcoming upcoming months humanity will be tested to its limits and in the end our existence will either prevail or it'll be erased from this plane." Sitch was shaking, his face pale with cold sweat marring his brow. "This is a secret only known by few individuals, I would like for it to stay that way"

"Yes, sir." Yamashita nodded pleased with his response, with a wave he dismissed the big nosed man and turned around to stare at City-A.

The smoke stick died off in his hand all while thinking about his son, and how he must be right now


His grandfather taught him many things while he trained under him, canalizing his energy and focusing it all around his body, how to resist the scorching heat and icily cold just through pure mental effort. A few things he taught him that had nothing to do with his training, women. He could still remember when the old man talked to him about the subject, he was grinning cheekily while drinking some sake.

"Listen Saitama there's going to be a time in which you'll meet beautiful woman but beware, just how a woman can be a delicate flower it can also become a raging beast capable of causing havoc if disturbed" He wished for someone else to have teached him about the fairer sex

Genos was behind the cash register her eyes were glowing angrily, her teeth were letting out sparks due to the friction going on in her mouth. The cup she held had cracks on it already it won't be long until-


Porcelain glass littered the floor, that's the fifth one this morning already. Saitama locked the front door and flip the sign so that anyone nearby could tell it was closed. Walking towards the android Saitama already knew this was going to be a drag to deal with.

"What's up" Be calm and collected don't anger the beast.

Her eyes turned towards him, a glowing topaz greeted his bored pupils. If the android had lasers in eyes she would have surely lasered his head, not that it would do any harm it's just annoying.

"What do you want you fucking dolt" Genos growled out

"What's your problem? This entire week you've been frightening my customers and damaging my silverware, so what's going on." Genos stared in disbelief, angered disbelief. This guy keeps her trapped here working under him serving people coffee and hearing their nagging all while not being able to continue with her investigation on the House of Evolution.

"Well what do you think huh, that I shouldn't be mad, I'm here serving shitty ass coffee while the evil group I was chasing is out there still on the loose and why can't I chase them? cause some dumb-ass retard keeps me here like some glorified idol maid from your pathetic manga." Having finished her outburst Genos couldn't help but shiver.

Saitama was staring, boring his eyes onto he- no through her as if she wasn't there as a predator would stare at an insect, meaningless. Unworthy of its time, did she cross the line? Was he angry with her, was he going to kill her all while only leaving a fading memory into his consciousness.

Tense seconds became minutes he didn't blink, hell she couldn't even know if he was breathing.

~Sigh "Look I know that you don't like being here, but the most likely outcome is that Genus sends someone to look for one of us and if they find you then you'll most likely die and I wont be able to finish my business with him kay" Genos blinked she didn't think about it that way. Maybe he does know what he's doing. He was pulling a booger out of his nose "Yuck maybe not".

Having said his piece Saitama grabbed the remote for his brand new tv, it was a 50-inch flat screen hd tv mounted on the wall accessible to anyone's eyes for his store, turning it on to a news channel.

"The recent Leviathan threat leveled monster that appeared in City B has been taken down through the combined efforts of Static Shock, Captain Mighty and Child Emperor all S-Rank heroes, unfortunately half of the city was destroyed before they could arrive. "The brunette seemed sadden by the fact.

"We mourn the loss of all the innocent lives lost." Genos pursed her lips in thought while staring at the back of Saitama's head. "Why isn't he a Hero?" The man was extremely powerful him defeating that insect monster was proof of it and yet here he was in the middle of the most deserted city that there is managing a coffee shop. "Could he be a villain, a criminal mastermind or perhaps a monster?" She couldn'thelp but clench her fist in frustration. He was there still watching the news absentmindedly.

Maybe she should try to take him out, now that he was distracted. Raising her hand towards his head she couldn't help but shake in fear if this didn't work. Her palms started to sweat, and it wasn't cause of the heat of her flamethrowers. "He's a threat, a threat that could destroy humanity. He could be a monster in human disguise just wanting to use me to gain information on ." Her eyes narrowed her mind already having decided what's the best option here and yet her hand was shaking scratch that her entire arm was.

Saitama couldn't help but sweat internally, sure he knew that women could get quite vicious if they're angered but he didn't think that having a flamethrower behind his head was even right, hell more like overkill. His shop couldn't handle the damage they could, maybe he should apologize to her its been a week already turning his head to face the steaming hand a small projectile entered his field of view.

Before she could blast him, a rock passed by her shocking from her thoughts and turning the burners off. Looking behind her, she sees a giant hole in window glass now scattered on the floor an anguished whine coming behind her most likely Saitama.

Saitama was cradling the now flickering tv tears streaming down his face, it flickered for a second until it went dark with a puff of smoke coming out of it. He brought to his face pressing his face onto the cracked screen "Who would destroy his brand new tv, it costed him money dammit." Saitama yelled in anguish to the heavens on how he lost money.

Genos stared in confusion, yet she was amused with his whole gimmick.


Mantis stared at the whole it left on the glass window, waiting for their target to appear. sent the whole team to capture his next test subject meaning that failure wasn't an option for them. With him were two other genetically modified animals Slug and Frog.

Slug had a face that in lack of better terms was dopey, drool was leaking from his ugly lips and seemed to not be there. He was pink with purple dots which made working with it even worse. He was psychic or at least that's said.

Frog was just a frog nothing different from other frogs in appearance, Frog's combat skills were quite impressive with its ability to produce any type of poison in varying degree and being extremely agile and the ability to stick on walls helped with capturing targets.

"Oy, Mantis is this the place where that dude the doctor wants us to capture ~Ribbit"

"It has to be the doctor tracked that man to this location, if the doctor says he's here than he has to be "Slug just stared aimlessly into an abyss that they couldn't see.

Mantis heard a yell coming from inside the shop. Could it be that their target was scared?

"Hey whoever is inside come out here before we go inside to kill ya" They waited for a few seconds until the door opened instead of a man out came a teen girl that was wearing biker shorts and a white jacket.

"What do you monsters want here" Her voice was tense almost as if she were reigning in her anger. Could the target be this girl? Was the doctor's data wrong?

"Were you the one that killed Mosquito Girl last week" Her brow rose up as if surprised.

"No that wasn't me, Saitama killed that thing is that why you're here" Saitama was the man's name huh.

"Yeah were searching for him, if you don't call him out here we won't be throwing another rock we'll go there and kill him." Mantis brought its blades forward letting the light shine on them.

"So, you're the one who broke my tv" Mantis eye's bulged and his entire body tensed, who managed to sneak behind them? Turning his head, he saw their target there with his arms crossed with a red and black patterned button up shirt and a pair of black jeans. But the overwhelming feeling of doom never left. It was suffocating as if the entire world seemed to screech in fear at the presence of this guy.

Hearing two thumps Mantis couldn't help but shake. Turning to his left he saw Slug on the ground with its eye's rolled back and foam coming out of its mouth and to his right Frog was in a similar position except for the kicking of his leg.

A shadow loomed over the side of his face, turning to face their target he sees a …hand?


Genos stared with wide eyes, not because of the monster's death but for the fact that she didn't see Saitama come out of the shop until he spoke. Seeing the man sigh she couldn't help but return to her thoughts earlier. "Could he be a monster?" Before she could ponder further her system alerted her of an incoming threat.

Grabbing the metallic yet furred hand she twists it and aims her thrusters at the enemy, it was a gorilla.

A Cyborg Gorilla

Her eyes glared darkly, she shoved the cyborg away from still keeping aim at it. "Tell me do you know of a cyborg that attacked and destroyed an entire city five years ago, answer me now before I incinerate you" The Gorilla seemed confused yet answered, nonetheless.

"I'm the only Cyborg that the house of evolution has created, nor have I destroyed a city five years ago" Genos growled at the lack of information. "Then you're useless to me and my goals"


Saitama stared from the corners of his eye how a gorilla attacked Genos and how they're now fighting, from the looks of it she won't have a problem with this one. Stepping to his left, he avoids a pair of clawed paws that were aimed at his feet.

"Heh you must be pretty strong if you're able to dodge Dragon Claws grapple" Turning towards the voice Saitama sees a giant lion monster that seemed to be in a wrestler's outfit, how dumb.

"The name is Beast King and I am the physical peak of animal evolution directly from the genius mind of himself " All of this was said while the beast was puffing out his chest while jabbing his thumb at his chest, how boring.

The Beast King started to send an extremely slow barrage at him all while screaming in what seemed to be physical effort, lame.

"You see these claws?" Two long white pointy nails were in front of his eyes. "With these I can pierce though your tiny head with ease killing you in an instant "Staring at this monster he couldn't help but feel annoyed the damm thing was pointing its disgusting nails at his eyes talk about anti-hygienic.

"Give up now and surrender so that I can take you with the doc- "Saitama lifted his palm at the beast.

"What are you doin-"Guts and blood exploded from the monster, all of the former Beast King turned into mincemeat.

Dragon Claw stared how Beast King was killed, his entire body was shaking shocked on how easily the strongest of the group died. "I've got to get out of here, I can't die here. I must tell the doctor the strength of this man and how he killed Beast King" Dig I got to dig, why am I above the ground? Why can't I dig. "Hey, stop moving" Dragon Claw stopped moving, he was holding him by his head.

"If you don't want me to kill you tell me were Genus's HQ is at and I'll let you live understood" The little thing nodded at him fearfully.


Armored Gorilla laid on the wall with his right arm missing and liters of blood covering him and the floor, while staring at the android with his working eye. "You may have defeated me but I'm not the strongest member of the group, Beast King a lot more stronger than me he will end you and take that man back to ." Before he could continue he was interrupted.

"You mean that lion monster that I killed over there" Turning his sight towards the newcomer he sees him pointing his finger where on the ground was blood and organs the only thing that he could identify from the pile were a few pieces of golden fur that could only belong to Beast King.

"Ill tell you anything you want if you spare my life" The gorilla yelled with a squeakier and smoother voice. The two couldn't help but wonder what happened to the gorilla's robotic voice.

"I only sound like that so that I can sound cool." That makes sense


Slamming his fist down Genus couldn't help but scream in frustration, all of his plans were going down the drain ruined not by the Hero Association or even that rouge experiment of his. But by two complete strangers that came out of nowhere.

"What should we do now?"

"Judging by their speed they will be here in a matter of 45 minutes"

"I think we should consider a way to get rid of them" Behind him there was three men that looked exactly like him arguing about the current problem.

Genus couldn't help but remember his youth, the days where he would enjoy the simple things of his life, how easy it was. The fame, the awards, the money. He is the leading scientist in genetics and biology, no other has been able to replicate even his smallest deeds. Christs Sake he was 156 years old, eternal youth was just another stepping stone to his goals.

And yet it all going to be gone like dust in the wind, there was just one option left. There was only one thing left capable of keeping his goals alive.

"Prepare to release Carnage Kabuto" the entire room went quiet, the three clones of him were silent in shock.

"We can't release him, he's still too unstable"

"He'll kill you first instead of helping"

"Maybe he's right Kabuto might be our only option" Their opinions were drowned in his thoughts it was already decided.

"Tell every single clone that we must release Kabuto and convince to fight these intruders" This was his last stand.


Saitama was running alongside Genos, having gotten the information from the mole rat and having it confirmed again by the gorilla made him feel a bit excited. Knowing the scientist, he always saves the best for last. Now if only Genos would calm down, the girl was literally spewing flames from her hands.

If she keeps getting angry, she'll destroy the entire facility at this rate. Getting close to her he taps her shoulder while telling her to stop. Stopping in the middle of a field Saitama felt a glare on him "Already?" Staring at her he gets serious.

"What's with the fireworks Robo-Girl, can you not burn the whole forest on the way" Yep make it look like you don't care about her whole furious attitude just that your worried about the trees.

"Its none of your business, so let's get on with it" Before she could move again Saitama said.

"No" She doesn't know why she stopped or why that she couldn't yell at him. He wanted to know and for some reason she felt compelled to say the truth.

He waited there standing looking at her, waiting for her to let it out. She swallowed the lump on her throat.

"Five years ago, a Cyborg attacked my city, it destroyed everything. No one was left alive from its onslaught my whole family was dead. We weren't rich, but we had what we needed and love lots of love for each other, my father, my mother, my brother and sister all dead in an instant before my eyes and that fucking thing just stared at me." Her eyes were glowing red, steam came out of her causing a red mist to linger in the field.

"It left me there, to watch. To see the death that surrounded me, my family's blood and ashes to watch how worthless I was. It left me broken inside, found me she helped me get back on my feet. She helped me become strong so that one day" Genos felt her heart beat erratically, her muscles tensed and shifted. She felt a darkness over come her mind. She wanted to scream, to fight, to kill.

"SO THAT I COULD KILL WHOEVER DID THIS TO ME AND THOSE THAT STAND IN MY WAY" She wanted to kill this man to blast him away into oblivion. How dare he make her remember those awful memories, he'll pay, he'll

A pair of arms wrapped around her.

Her head felt a chest and the sound of a heart beating from within.

A hand in her hair caressing her head

She wanted to cry, and she did

She wrapped her arms around him while sobbing into his shirt, it hurt. It hurt so much

Saitama just hold her ashamed, he felt ashamed. He knew that he's been getting numb and that everyday it was a constant struggle to not just become a faceless man with no emotions, a statue.

Even with how numb he felt, he was selfish. If only his own desires wouldn't just rise up to control than he wouldn't be numb. If only he was able to become stronger where it counted than perhaps Genos wouldn't be like this.


Genus couldn't help but tremble in fear, everything was going to shit. Out of his 345 clones only 20 remained and here he was with them facing the gigantic monster known as Carnage Kabuto. All of his clones were trembling aiming their weapons at him, all while the blasted thing laughed.

"Hahaha So how's it been going eh? Not too bad I hope, after all I've been searching for ya. Is this the real you or are you just another clone?" His mind was telling him to say no that he wasn't the original, maybe that way he wouldn't kill you in an instant.

"You're the real one aren't you ~huh" Genus's eyes widened in fear how did he know. Kabuto grinned.

"Heh your wondering how I knew well that's because I can smell the fear coming out of you unlike your clones" Dammit how why the hell didn't he just got rid of him and sampled his DNA.

"Well since you released me I'll give you 10 seconds to tell me what you want to say after that well, I'm actually quite famished" He opened his mouth letting out a long tongue to wet his lips.

"I released you so that you can take care of an intruder that's coming over" Kabuto's demeanor changed he seemed giddy almost anxious.

"Well let's get going then" Kabuto grabbed him and started to walk before it started to rumble. He was confused while Kabuto seemed to smile.

"Well it seems like you weren't lying Doctor, I'll take care of them "Kabuto ran so fast that Genus started to feel pain from the pressure it didn't take long to find the intruders they were in the training room.

Kabuto saw two people a man and a woman. "Which one is the strongest" Knowing how bloodthirsty he can be, he told him quickly that the man.

"Then you don't need the other one, right" Kabuto dropped the doctor and sent a punch towards the android.

Saitama and Genos stared at the huge brown monster that was heading towards them.

"Ill deal with him, stay back Saitama" Before she could even react the monster was on her already, with a punch ready to kill her, before it could Saitama pulled her away by the scruff of her jacket.


An entire crater was formed right where she was at the monster was so fast that her system couldn't even warn her. Kabuto stared at Saitama with a grin.

"Your pretty strong right, stop protecting her and fight me" Genus couldn't help but grin everything was going according to plan. At this right Kabuto was going to get rid of them and he could finally escape.


Green blood fell all over him. "What the" Carnage Kabuto was no more.


Saitama stared at the monster that was spouting nonsense, all he did was blow off its arm when it tried to punch him now it was turning purple. If it weren't for the fact that Genos could die with one attack from this beast than perhaps he would have tested its might.

With the flick of a finger the monsters chest blew up.

Now that its dead he walked towards Genus, he saw how the now covered with blood doctor was in shock. Grabbing him, he grabs a memory and a tablet that he had. Walking back towards Genos he shows her the memory and tablet. "We got what need now, lets go" Genos nodded dumbly after all he killed that thing with air pressure.

Walking back to the entrance Genos sees that the sun was setting, and Saitama was waiting for her with memory and tablet in hand, he handed it to her while staring at her questionably.

"Are you okay?" His voice was comforting for some reason.

"Yeah thanks, for helping me and for saving my life twice" Saitama just shrugged

They stood there for a minute or two she wanted to ask him, how. How was he so powerful, how could she achieve that power. But she couldn't.

"Sai-"Saitama stopped her he just rose his hand and that was all.

"Genos do you want to be my Disciple" Genos just stared at him in wonder, it was almost as if he could read the mind.

"Yes, Sensei"

He smiled

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