CHAPTER 6. Talking and Loving …. Again.

Harry and Hermione remained in bed the remainder of the day and evening getting used to sharing a bed, sharing their thoughts, sharing their bodies. They made love twice more, gently as both of them were feeling a bit tender and sore, taking their time, learning from each other what they liked. Harry went exploring, using his fingers, lips and tongue all over Hermione's body, bringing her to orgasm time and again, giving himself time to recover before Hermione then set to work on him again, bringing him twice more to climax over and above their two lovemakings. The powerful magicals that they were, particularly Harry, his powers of recovery and stamina were remarkable, Hermione in turn fully able to return his passion and lust. But even they tired eventually, till they were content just to lie in each others arms, even the occasional small talk gradually ceasing and they both fell into a deep sleep.

Harry was the first one to wake this time, just as dawn greeted the morning, the warming charms in the tent that both of them had repeatedly cast had worn off over the nine hours of sleep so the cold slowly but surely had once more penetrated the confines of their temporary but flimsy home. Harry also realised that he was in need of two things; the loo and food. He was famished! He also realised that they had overstayed their welcome at their present location by at least 24 hours, now heading into their third day. Then again, he thought, it was well worth it after what had taken place between himself and Hermione. And a further thought that the chances of being found by Death Eaters or snatcher squads was pretty remote what with the snow storm and bitter cold. But, definitely time to move on and before it got to light.

He stretched out his arm and his hand found Hermione's wand. In no time, multiple spells had warmed the tent, summoned the earlier discarded blankets back to their shared bed, got a pan and water heating without any flame or other heat source and deposited four eggs into the water to cook. Hermione was in such a deep sleep that Harry was able to slide out from beneath her leg and arm that was draped over him, resting her head on the pillow instead of his shoulder. He went to the bathroom and did his necessary functions, brushed his teeth, splashed his face and hair, dragged on his jeans and then returned to the matter of cooking. Grabbing the few other bits of food that were left in their makeshift larder, he decided to put together four boiled egg and bacon sandwiches. He really did not have any other choice…..that was all he had to work with: eggs, bacon and bread.

Then he thought 'With all the charms around this campsite I can't hear a bloody thing from outside. I should check the weather I suppose to see if we can move.' The snow was still falling although the wind seemed to have dropped.

Holding up the cooking to give him time to waken Hermione and for her to come too, he went back to the bed and looked at his girlfriend, lover, love-of-his-life, soulmate; she looked so peaceful and content in her sleep, a small smile on her lips. 'Merlin, I love you so much, Hermione Jean Granger. I don't want us to leave here. It's been perfect. The first time ever in my life that I have been happy and content and now I know what LOVE means. It means you Hermione. Just you!' With a sigh, he knew he had to wake her.

He lent over her, gently brushing her lips with his. He lingered there a few seconds, slowly increasing their lip to lip pressure, bringing a hand up to her face to run fingers along her jawline, the other hand sliding under the bed clothes to a breast then a nipple, running his fingers over it in a gentle caress.

"Hermione. Hermione, love." He whispered. "Hermione, wakey, wakey. Time to rise and shine love." He went back to kissing her, down her cheek, her neck, pulling the cover down slightly to continue down to her shoulder, all the while his hand doing its work under the covers, moving across to her other breast and nipple and then back again, gentle caresses and brushing his fingertips from one breast to the other. He saw the quite smile on Hermione's lips slightly lengthen and felt a small movement as she straightened out under the covers to lie flat on her back. Harry continued to give her light kisses along her jaw and neckline, but his under-the-covers hand wandered away from her breasts and travelled downwards, sliding gently across Hermione's stomach, belly and onwards, lightly tracing his fingers just above her groin and the join of her thigh. He felt the movement as her right leg moved, opening her thigh from its neighbour, effectively giving Harry's wandering hand access to her most sensitive area. He did not shirk from the opportunity, his fingers moving down and brushing over her lower lips, then back up, then down again, repeating the action half a dozen times, then both Hermione's legs moved further apart and he felt her pussy moisten and the lips edging open. He used his free hand to throw off the bed covers, revealing all of Hermione to his gaze. He slid his fingers down between her lips, opening her wide and continued to flutter his fingers up and down just inside her, then moved his thumb into position over her clitoris and then caressed her oh so slowly. Her thighs opened wider. And a sigh, then quiet moan came from Hermione and her eyes opened.

"Oohhhh…huh….huh! I thought I was having the sexiest, wettest dream of my life….but….but…it's real….uuuuuhhhhh….fuck, oh fuck…..don't stop….don't stop…Oh fuck that's good! …" and her head went back and her eyes closed as she savoured what Harry was doing to her. Then, as Harry's finger movements got faster, her totally unexpected morning orgasm hit her.

"HHHHUuuuuuuoooohhhh! Harry….fuck….fuck…Oh Fuck! HAAARRYYYYYYYYYYY!"

As she bucked into his fingers, Harry kept them moving on her clit and inside her, not stopping, keeping her orgasm rolling on. He was seriously turned on himself and his fastened jeans were proving painful, so his free hand being useful once more, he undid the buttons and zip, pushed them down and kicked them free, quickly moved over Hermione and thrust his cock into her, immediately feeling Hermione contracting round him. He began to screw her, that is the only description, screw her with a vengeance.


He lasted five minutes only, five minutes of rapid hard thrusting that had Hermione Granger howling as her orgasms backed up into each other every half minute or so until she peaked after three of them and her orgasm stayed there, not diminishing at all as he ravished her hard.

Eventually, Harry's deep breathing matched her shorter sharper breaths, his groans of pleasure matched hers, then a much louder, longer groan mingled with her howls of painful pleasure as he pushed as far as he could into Hermione and climaxed like never before sending streams of his cum into her, pumping and pumping for 30 seconds or more until he was totally spent, dropping down from his straight arm position above her down onto her body. Hermione felt his weight on her but still she was spasming and her head stretched back as her huge orgasm kept rolling on and then slowed then gave her a whole series of smaller mini orgasms causing her shudders to return and diminish, return and diminish, before she eventually began to take longer breaths and settled underneath Harry, both of them completely exhausted.

Not a word, kiss or anything else passed between them for over ten minutes, both of their breaths gradually settling into a slower steadier rhythm as their bodies adjusted to the aftermath of their frenetic lovemaking. Eventually, Hermione moved her arms from her sides onto Harry's hips, resting there a few seconds, then she whispered into Harry's ear'

"Fucking awesome, Mr Potter. Just fucking awesome!"

The referred to Mr Potter moved his head slightly to return her whisper.

"Glad to be of service, Miss Granger. " and he started to move as if to roll off her.

"Don't move Harry. Stay here, on top of me. I want you here a while yet. I…I want to remember all of this, what we have done the last two days. I …. I …I hoped, wished even, that maybe you and I would be like this, be lovers, but maybe a few months or years down the line. Ron somehow, got in the way somewhere, but not anymore. He's gone now. But us Harry, here, in this tent, in the middle of our war against Him, never could I have imagined this. But I wouldn't change what has happened here between us for all the luxury hotels and beds on this earth. This has been right Harry, so right. And I don't want it to end. So just keep lying right where you are, your weight on me. I feel safe here Harry, loved like I have never been loved by anyone before. And by the boy I have loved for …well, it seems like forever. I love you, Harry."

Harry was looking down at her, listening quietly as she spoke. He did not instantly reply when she had finished, letting what she said sink in to his still sex frazzled brain. Then he smiled at her and replied;

"I should have told you during the Tri-wizard tournament how I felt Hermione, but I wasn't sure if what I had to offer was love. I…well, I just didn't know! I didn't do love, or know love, or was even aware of giving or receiving love. The difference between loving you as a friend or more. Then I saw what I thought was a growing ….well something…between you and Ron, I could see Ron fancied you.

So I started to look elsewhere, Cho back then. But my biggest mistake was not telling you how I felt when Ron started dating Lavender Brown. I probably realised then that you were more than a close friend to me but you were heartbroken and hurt and I….I didn't want to take advantage of you feeling so down, so I backed off from saying anything. Then everything happened with Ginny and it was good. But….well, even then, although I have been and still am very fond of her, it still didn't feel right. Ginny wanted to go much further than our kisses and snogging, she even tried to ….well she tried, but I stopped her. I wanted to make love to her so much, but I knew deep down that it would have been wrong when I was pretty certain that I wanted someone else…you!"

Harry paused as he saw the look of astonishment on Hermione's face.

"Harry, that long? All this time and you said nothing, not even hinted! Merlin, you are a noble idiot at times Harry Potter. Noble, and lovely, and thoughtful, and brave and cowardly all at the same time when it comes to females, brave as a Gryffindor Lion every other time! But you have loved me all this time and said nothing."

"Well, I am pretty hopeless that that sort of stuff Hermione. Girls and stuff. Never have been any bloody good."

Hermione gave him a very naughty grin.

"You have been anything but hopeless with this girl Harry. You have been fantastic! I just thank Merlin that you did get to me first. If your powers in bed had got known earlier I would have been in a queue of witches that would have wound round the Hogwarts corridors!"

Harry looked at his now many-times-over lover with that lopsided smile of his and asked:

"That good, eh?"

"Yes Harry, that good. Not that I have anyone to compare you against, but you'll do for me. You fit very nicely thank you!"

"Oh Yeah! What bit fits where exactly?" He asked cheekily.

Even after their exploits together over the previous 24 hours, Hermione giggled and blushed.

"Not THAT BIT fits…..well, it does actually, very nicely indeed! But you just fit…you and me. We just fit Harry. Some things are made to fit together, to be together; salt and pepper, moon and stars, hands and gloves, shoes and socks. They just are Harry…and so are you, made to fit me ….. perfectly."

"I love you Hermione, just like old shoes love their favourite pair of old socks!"

"Oh You! Now shut up and I will too. Just lay on me as you are and keep me warm Harry, keep me safe. Just for now."

"I will, love. For a while. But we have to get going at some point today. We have been here too long."

She sighed. "OK. Today….but just later…..Merlin! Are you getting ha…..Oh yeah! !"

"Oh! Good morning by the way!"