An: Consider this a Test fic, Ideaguy suggested and considered that i should create Naruto x Origa Discordia x Hachishaku-sama, by combining both elements from my two current popular fics Uzumaki Hachishaku-sama and Uzumaki Naruto dark elf Queen's Harbinger. So i thought why not try this? I'll give it a shot though i hope you like the idea do enjoy the first chapter.

Chapter 1: The Birth of Origashaku-sama.

The Kyuubi was a nine tailed demon fox, which had the power to destroy mountains with a single swipe of it's tail could smash through the trees just as easily as one could Breath and fueled with rage to destroy everything in it's path.

Right now The village hidden in the leaf was standing in it's way

its Shinobi stood in it's way

and the Yondaime Hokage of the leaf was in it's way on top of a toad with a child in his arms.

The Giant demon Fox Roared

" Forgive me for what i must do Naruto, forgive me" Said the Yondaime as he kissed his son's forehead before preparing the seals for his son to carry a burden.

Unknown to the Yondaime he failed to notice a woman in the shadows, as the said woman was watching the battle with Interest, The Woman's name was Origa of Discordia the Mistress of Darkness and Dark Elf Queen of Eostia.

Now why was the Dark elf queen here in this world when she should be in hers ruling her kingdom?

While she was in her kingdom she felt a disturbance and it was calling her plus she sensed alot of power that was also calling her, she needed to check it out and see what exactly made her come here to this dimension, the disturbance she felt led her here to this exact location.

(Shrine Temple in Fire Country)

On the Night of the Kyuubi attack was a Priest Shrine temple that held lots of treasures, Historical data, Scrolls, You name it on that fateful night earthquakes were rumbling from Konoha the leaf village to the capital of fire country, The Kyuubi was attacking the leaf village as it's Shinobi were trying to defend it.

inside the temple various objects were shaking due to the earthquakes as some stuff fell off shelves like pots, vases and small statues, The temple was looking a mess as paintings fell down with scrolls falling off the bookcase, Only thing that was still standing was a pedestal, that was holding something on top of it and what was iit holding was a 30 inch Jizo seal statue as you could see writing with a warning by saying:

' Don't touch! Very dangerous entity sealed inside!'

Now what was so dangerous about this Jizo seal statue? and what was it containing?

With one more earthquake the Pedestal tilted and with a slow motion the Jizo seal Statue fell off and fell onto the ground broken in half.

Once the Statue fell apart a rather tall shadowed figure manifested itself out the broken statue looming over it's broken prison.

" Po po po po Po Po Po Po" chanted a masculine voice the shadowed being was doing as it Smiled creepily stretching out it's long arms and long slender legs as it began to spoke.

" I ... am FREE! I am free from the confines of that accused prison those monks sealed me in!" The Shadowed figure said in a female voice as she looked around her surroundings seeing that she was in a temple of some sort by the looks of it she grinned coldly turning to her direction.

She Sensed alot of Yokai chakra! and it was coming from Konoha, for 50 years she had been sealed away during the 2nd Shinobi war! and now that Yokai chakra was attracting her! she needed it because the Jizo seal held her in for so long that she was getting thirsty for Yokai power! she walked up towards a wall and punched it making a big hole as she floated in the air taking to the dark sky as she flew to where konoha was, her Dark Blue eyes saw a giant fox destroying a village she grinned sensing it's anger, its rage! it's magnificent amount of Yokai chakra she was on her way to that Giant fox And try to absorb some of its Chakra to replenish her stamina and power.

(Outskirts of Konoha)

" Intriguing... this demonic nine tailed fox is, Such hatred and power i Can feel... if only I could use my powers to influence the beast and have it serve my monster army" Thought Origa who was still watching with Interest seeing the blonde haired man in a coat summon something that she herself could not cross if she had great power.

Besides it wasn't like the Shinigami wanted her soul soon judging by the way things were going with the boy,

The Spirit, made her way to her destination following the fox as she floated up in the air watching as she Widened her eyes seeing a Blonde haired man summon the shinigami

It wasn't long before the Kyuubi in all it's might fell to the strong grip of the death god pulling it into the body of the baby boy which shocked Origa, Seeing the man make seals along the child's body, in doing so the Shinigami left with it's prize, a man's body was now souless for that very same reason falling dead as the child cried.

Before the Shinigami could leave he cast a glance at the 8 foot tall woman as she looked back at him unfazed as the Shinigami finally vanished away he was aware of what the 8 feet tall woman was and knew of her history as he regarding what she did years ago he said nothing and just vanished leaving her Alone.

Origa who was in the shadows caught this and wondered what the shinigami saw in his direction, guess she wasn't exactly alone as she thought narrowing her eyes she began to walk out the shadows heading towards the crying baby boy Origa knelt down examining the child to find faint whisker like birth marks on his face, Origa suspected this was a side affect of seeing such sealing, which would mean the instant the humans knew of the Fox's current existence they would realize the fox is still alive in this child.

Origa realized what this could also mean, the Humans would lash out calling for the child's death, if such a thing happened the Child would never reach his own potential and power, They would keep him weak and stunt his growth in power.

She wasn't going to allow that. she wasn't going to let the Humans waste such potential.

Picking up the crying baby, remembering his name, her ears twitched when she heard a creepy chant she looked up and looked in shock at what was before her.

"Po... po... po... po... PO!" Chanted The tall Woman glaring at Origa Discordia.

Origa couldn't describe what she was seeing... she saw a very tall woman in front of her, she is much taller than she is! why is this woman so abnormally big!

"Who or what are you?" Whispered Origa Discordia glaring at The tall woman holding her scepter.

The tall woman focused her attention on the newborn baby boy crying ignoring Origa's question she reached out her long arm to take him from Origa only to be blasted by a energy blast from Origa's scepter as it sent her into a tree

Origa narrowed her eyes looking at the tall woman who had the appearance of wearing a white morning dress and straw hat before her eyes widened at seeing the tall woman get back up looking completely unscathed.

Origa didn't understand... that blast she casted would have killed anyone and yet this woman isn't harmed or damaged!

"I'm going to ask again! who are you!?" Demanded Origa still holding the crying Naruto while aiming her scepter at The tall lady.

" I am... Hachishaku-sama... you are?" Hachishaku-sama now asked looking at the dark elf Queen with slight interest as she could see this woman before her had power within her dark power and it was attracting her but she was thirsty for Yokai chakra that was sealed into the boy.

Origa could only stare, something was off about this woman... or was she Even a woman. Origa detected lots of power and evil energy into this woman

"I am Origa Discordia, Dark elf Queen of Eostia, What are you?" Origa introduced but asked again wanting to know exactly what she is.

"I am a Yokai..." She answered creepily staring at origa then stared towards Naruto in Origa's arms.

"So that explains it! she's a demon!" Origa thought but soon leaped away when she saw Hachishaku-sama's hair turned into barbed hooks and attempted to attack her.

"Give me the boy... and I'll let you live..." Hachishaku-sama spoke

Origa narrowed her eyes there was no way in hell she was giving up this boy who has a demon fox contained within him.

"Never!" Origa spat before putting Naruto down and used her scepter to blast Hachishaku-sama again only for the 8 foot tall woman to dash at her in speed and caught Origa in a choke hold pinning the dark elf Queen against a tree.

Origa gagged as she was being choked by Hachishaku-sama, she used her free hand to blast lighting at Hachishaku-sama's face which made the tall woman drop Origa who got her scepter and blasted Hachishaku-sama with dark fire.

Hachishaku-sama looked murderous as she extended her nails into claws and lunged at Origa in a attempt to claw and rip apart the dark elf Queen.

Origa dodged a few of Hachishaku-sama's claw strikes as the dark elf woman used a ice spell to freeze Hachishaku-sama in solid ice.

Origa stared seeing the ice starting to crack and that Hachishaku-sama was breaking free.

"Oh no you don't!" Origa Said narrowing her eyes as she snapped her fingers causing the ice to shatter and evaporate into nothingness

With a sigh of relief she finally defeated the tall woman as she hurried over to where Naruto was as she used her sleep spell to put him to sleep before she could grab him she froze feeling a shiver down her spine she turned her head slowly and saw Hachishaku-sama towering over her.

"PO!" Hachishaku-sama yelled with her scary expression and tackled Origa on the ground knocking the scepter out the dark elf queen's hand. The tall woman overshadowed herself into her spirit form and went inside of Origa Discordia.

Origa had a horrified expression as she screamed with her eyes glowing red and she was glowing.

"AAAAAAAHH!" Screamed Origa with her body on fire and that a swirl of darkness and Yokai chakra surrounded her, her body was reforming as she screamed much louder as she was completely consumed and swallowed by a mixture of Yokai Chakra and her dark magic.

"No! NOOOO!" Were her last words as her whole body changed and her visage.

The Darkness and Yokai chakra vanished off of Origa who is completely naked.. she slightly cracked opened her eyes which were blurry as she struggled to stand as she noticed something was completely off about her.

The first thing she noticed that she felt very tall and that her breasts were very heavy. her vision gotten better as she looked at how long her dark skinned arms were as they were slender like.

She ran to the nearest pond to get a good look at her appearance.

Widening her eyes in shock she saw everything was off about her body she was very tall, same height as Hachishaku-sama! her breasts were heavy and large, her thighs and hips were round and plump... everything about her body was big! Even her ass.

She noticed she still has her dark skin, her hair was still long that it reached down to her ankles.

Her eyes.. were different, her right eye was Amber colored and her left eye was dark blue.

looking down at her nails they were sharp and long.

Then it hit Origa, her and Hachishaku-sama merged as one! meaning Hachishaku-sama attempted to Possess her and gain control over her body and mind but because of Origa's will and the dark magic within her caused a chain reaction against Hachishaku-sama's spirit that tried to enter into Origa's body.

"Po..." Was her first words as she clamped her mouth in shock, her voice is much higher and doubled meaning she has Hachishaku-sama's voice mixed with her voice.

Grasping her head, she felt the memories of Hachishaku-sama awaken within her mind! her memories of Eostia and her ruling were shared with Hachishaku-sama's memories.

Origa now looked towards The sleeping baby Naruto, as she reached for him and felt him glow red with Yokai chakra as it seeped into her feeling her strength and ghost physical form increase.

Origa grinned a ear to ear smile staring at the sleeping boy.

"You will do Naruto Uzumaki..." She spoke as her long elf ears twitched hearing something else coming her way as she cradled Naruto in her arms and took him.

She wasn't sure where to go... maybe she could try opening a portal to head back to Eostia but her mind for some reason told her to stay here.. like she has to connect with this world

She waved off the thought of returning to her world and decided to vanished away with Naruto in her arms.

She didn't know how did this merging feels.. but one thing for sure it felt Amazing to her.

She wasn't Origa Discordia anymore or Hachishaku-sama... she wasn't just two different people...

She was One Entity that would put the Yokai and demons to shame. A Monster that kills children... a dark elf Queen with a goal of ruling all.. fused into a New Entity.

Now sitting in a cave deep in the forest currently breast feeding Young Naruto who was suckling on her nipple.

"Po... po... po... po..." She chanted caressing baby Naruto who was drinking milk from her.

Looking down at the boy with a smile, the boy reminded her of Chloe.

Smiling at what she could do with this boy now that his parents are presumably dead. She could raise him all to herself and make him her new subordinate and future mate.

Realizing she has no people that would serve her and that her faithful servant Chloe are out of her reach meaning her title of Dark Queen is in shambles.

A new fate has arisen.

A new different path she is now walking on..

She now walks down the path of Yokai and Mistress of Darkness.

And Naruto Uzumaki her Future subordinate and mate will remain at her side.

Smiling as she rested her back against the wall with Naruto still sucking on her breast.

Her name...?

What was her name now since she has fused?

Grinning a creepy smile Origa had finally spoken..

"The Elemental nations will know my name as Origashaku-sama." Spoken

Origashaku-sama with a sadistic grin.

To be continued.

An: And there we have it! lets see how good will this new story get. since i basically fused the elements of both popular stories of mine into one! everything will be entirely different!

But will need more work and development.

This story is called Uzumaki Origashaku-sama.