Chapter 31: Plans of War

( Dark Fortress)

Naruto and Chloe indeed returned from meeting the Five makers who are now building his new armor, as they arrive at the plaza and entrance of the dark Fortress. Naruto and Chloe enter inside while Ripper and Riptor exchanged looks at one another as the two raptors decides to get to know one another and since he is the only Male Indoraptor alone with a pack of female Riptors, guess you could say he has a harem of his own to start a new race of Indoraptors they could be lethal and breathe fire from their mouths along with their plasma like claws.

(Throne room)

While the two entered the throne room, Naruto and Chloe did not expect to see Origashaku-Sama sitting on the throne who smiled at them.

"Origashaku-sama/Chan!" Shouted both Naruto and Chloe in unison as they ran over to her on the throne she in turn smiled wide and got up hugging both of the people she loves.

"You're back!" Said Chloe who is excited

"Of course, I've returned to check on how were things going after my absence into the Elemental nations. But mainly to see how the two of you were doing." Origashaku-sama said looking at both her loved ones.

"How are things back in the elemental nations?" Naruto asked looking at his tall wife.

"Everything is fine, just had to take care of some business there." Said Origashaku-sama with a smile.

"So now that you are back what now?" Asked Chloe looking at her Mistress.

"It's time we have a meeting, I want to know of what's been going on since my absence." The 8 foot dark elf queen answered.

"Then let's go to the meeting chamber. Itachi!" Called out Naruto as the man Appeared

"Yes?" He bowed.

"Go gather members of our inner circle and tell them we are going to have a meeting." Naruto spoke with the man nodding.

"At once." Itachi replied as he went to go gather those in the Inner Circle.

Origashaku-sama picked Naruto up, with Chloe following her and her husband since they were the first ones going to the council Chamber.

( 3 minutes later in the Council Chamber)

There Sat Origashaku-sama on a big chair, with Naruto sitting on her lap, Chloe is sitting besides them on the left while Itachi is sitting on the right because he's the First Yokai General. Though he's not the only Yokai General, Zabuza and Haku hold the same rank as Itachi.

Among them were members of the Inner Circle: Zabuza, Haku, Zen-Aku, Reptile, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Scarecrow, Noob Saibot, Maia, Yugito, Nico Robin, Fu and Eviscerator the Xenomorph Tarkatan.

Duo was chosen by Naruto to be the new member of their Inner Circle, that is until he gets back having his suit of armor repaired along with bringing his friends.

"Now, let us begin our meeting, So tell me what has happened during my absence?" Origashaku-sama spoke looking at her members.

"We have managed to capture some of the Princess knights Origashaku-sama." Answered Itachi

"And who did you capture?" She asked as she looked down at Naruto

" First ones we captured was Prim and Alicia, then Claudia. Those were the only three we captured." Naruto said with her smiling lightly.

"Good job. So who are left now?" Origashaku-sama questioned.

"Kaguya, Luu-Luu, Celestine and the alliances she made." Itachi answered seeing her raise a brow

"I see. I trust you have fought some of volt's friends right?" The Dark Elf Yokai hybrid asked

"They have perished. So did Kirryu." Chloe now answered with Origashaku-sama smiling.

"Excellent! Now we can focus on his other cohorts, who should we target?" The Queen asked looking at everyone.

"I say we target the Bastard Prince Kyle." Naruto suggested making look at him.

"And why we should focus on him?" She asked her husband

"Itachi if you please, since you've done some recon on the man." Naruto said with Itachi standing up and began speaking.

"I've had my Crow, to go spy on this man, he is indeed a Bastard, his goal is too Capture princess Nina who is a High Elf and lock her in marriage his plot is still to rape her." Itachi explained with many having looks of disgust for the young man.

"Does he have an army of some sorts to back him up?" Asked Yugito looking at the General who nodded.

"Yes. He does, but not a mass army, he has a army of Orcs under his command, along with another Dark Elf in his ranks I've Discovered." Itachi said with Chloe and Origashaku-sama widening their eyes when he mentioned another dark elf in the ranks of Kyle.

"What is her name Itachi?" Asked his Queen

"Her name is Miria. She works under Kyle." Itachi explained with everyone making murmurs.

"What is Kyle planning when will he make his move upon this Princess Nina?" Naruto questioned.

"I have my Crow still monitoring him. As we speak same for this Princess Nina." Itachi said as everyone went silent for the moment.

"You still have tabs on Celestine and her lot?" Asked Origashaku-sama seeing him nod.

"Of course I've sent every Crow to keep tabs on all of our enemies. As of right now Celestine is getting a legion of the thalmor here in Eostia with this Elenwen." Itachi said with Origashaku-sama frowning

"Do you know when will this legion she's requesting get here?" Asked Sub-Zero

"In Three days from what I last heard but still listening out. Still no sign of this said Legion." Itachi replied

"We obviously have no worries, we have the best dark forces. We have the Shadowkhans, we have these Xenomorphs and their Hive, and our Grand Army the Army of Anubis. What makes you think Celestine or her allies and their armies stand a chance against our forces?" Chloe added in with everyone nodding in agreement knowing she has a point.

"Of course, it makes no difference. Celestine and her feeble alliance can't hope to defeat our impressive army. And during my absence I've been gaining more power to empower our mass army into a greater dark legion than ever before." Origashaku-sama said as she pulled out a scroll and unsealed it and in her hand she has a long Demon sword which is hers now.

"What weapon is that My lady?" Asked Zabuza as he could feel and detect thick heavy Yokai essence on that sword.

"This? This is a ancient Yokai weapon that those foolish monks have been keeping sealed up while I was in the elemental nations purging them. This Yokai sword is called Sounga, the sword of Death. This weapon is perfect for me, I've read the info on this sword, it's unknown on who forged this sword but rumor has it that it could summon 100 dead souls in one swing, meaning I could summon a mass army of the Undead, the sword chose me as its new wielder due to me becoming a high leveled Yokai." Origashaku-sama answered as she sheathed the sword onto her back, since she had her mace on her left hip.

"So have we come to a decision? Are we going to focus on Volt's friends? Or finish going after the Celestine and her allies?" Said Origashaku-sama with everyone exchanging glances at one another as Naruto himself decided to speak.

"We should focus all of our energy and attention on Volt's friends, Kirryu already been snuffed out, besides if we kill them we won't have to worry about them getting the Allies of Celestine or the elf goddess, we've done them a favor if anything. Besides the point, I say let's give Celestine and her allies a fighting chance they'll have more time to prepare this legion against our forces, they won't stand a chance against our mass dark forces." Naruto said with a smile with everyone now starting to consider the idea and plan.

"Kyle will be the next one to fall. Then we focus on the Orc King Dhrome, next is Ginyol and last but not least Oboro. She's saved for last." Naruto added in.

"Well it seems we've come to a decision. Volt's allies will all perish. Then we go after Celestine and her allies." Origashaku-sama said looking at everyone in her inner Circle.

"This meeting is dismissed. Itachi, I want your crow to keep tabs on this Dark elf who works under Kyle. And keep your eyes on him also I want to know where he is so that we can strike him and his petty forces for the better." Origashaku-sama commanded with him nodding as he and the rest were leaving.

"So Naru-kun what happened to your armor? I heard Itachi told me it was damaged in your battle?" His 8 foot dark elf wife asked.

"It's currently in good hands at the moment, it's being rebuilt and upgraded. The process will only take a Month for it to be finished." Naruto said with Chloe besides him.

"Then once we finish killing Kyle we will postpone our conquest for a month." She said as the three of them had left.

( With Oboro and Co)

"So Kirryu got snuffed out?" Asked Kyle looking at Oboro who nodded as he, King Dhrome and Ginyol were all in their own chamber having a meeting of their own.

"Kirryu has left me in charge of our operation should something happen to him. We will keep doing what we were tasked to do." Oboro spoke with a frown

"Such a loss to see Kirryu killed by this boy. " Commented Ginyol the Demon lord.

"What are we to do should he target us?" Added in King Dhrome

Oboro turned to the three.

"Take him seriously. If you don't, it will be your own downfall. Volt and Kirryu already underestimated him and we should not give the boy a chance." Oboro said with a slight glare.

"We need a plan. That army he has is no joke." Kyle spoke

"Of course. I've already commanded my best genetic engineers to create more monsters and bio weapons to be able to combat his army." Oboro spoke

"Why not we all combine our forces together to fight him and his army. I'm currently getting more demons and Uruk Hai's I've commissioned a sorcerer to make me a legion of Uruk's." Ginyol said with everyone turning towards him

"How many have you requested?" Oboro asked with him smiling.

"12,000 which should be enough to counter the brat and his army." Ginyol replied

"Well in that case, I will give you more Orc Army which are up to 500." Added in King Dhrome seeing that they all will have to work together to take out Naruto and his forces.

"I'll gather a army as fast as I can. I only have but 100 Orcs." Kyle spoke

"Very well. Ginyol, when will this army of yours be finished?" Oboro asked

"The process is still going, it will take but a month" He answered

She frowned but waved it off.

"Very well. This meeting is dismissed, heed my warning if Naruto does come to one of you. Don't be a fool to face him head on we have to stick together now to face him." Oboro said with warning in her tone as the three nodded.

The three had left leaving her to her devices.

She had Decided to go to her lab to plan and think .

( With Celestine)

"I've just received word from my superiors." Elenwen said walking in Celestine's throne

"What did they say?" Celestine asked as her and Kaguya looking at her.

"They will send a legion to us but it's going to take awhile for it to be prepared." Said Elenwen.

"How long?" Celestine asked

"A Month." Was the Ambassador's reply.

"A Month? Must we wait that long? Who knows when will Origa's forces make their next move?" Celestine said with Worry.

"Just have patience Celestine. I promise you they will be here sooner, right now the best we could do is just wait it out a month, try to gather new troops to add to our combined forces.." Elenwen assured with Celestine nodding

"Your right. I just hope Claudia, Prim and Alicia will be okay for a Month.." said Celestine with a sad look.

"Are you certain of this?" Asked Ingrid looking at Murasaki

"Yes, I've heard from Asagi-san that Kirryu is dead." The Blue haired Anti-demon Kunoichi said.

"Know of the culprit who killed him?" Ingrid asked seeing Murasaki look both ways.

"Origa's forces killed him." Was her Answer making the dark skinned beauty widen her eyes.

"Should we bring this attention to Celestine?" Ingrid said seeing Murasaki remain silent for a minute

"We will once Asagi-San and Sakura-San return from getting the Yukikaze Squad." Murasaki said with Ingrid frowning then nodding now concerned about what was said.

To be continued

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