On Earth, Vice Principal Kirk was getting out some government files. "Isoclotes Justinimo," he said, "Commonly known as, "Captain Justice" leader of the Resistance, The Galactic Federations Pentangle unit form years 5000 to 5087, now currently captain of the cruise, "Sly Star One".

"Sir" Spock said, "Are you sure we should be interviewing Sly Star One's captain."

"Miss. Solo was the one who stopped the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions show" Kirk answered.

In an interview room, they came into the room where Captain Justice was looking around. "James Tiberius Kirk," he said, "I remember your grandfather, "Tiberius" really well. The leader of the Earth Division of The Galactic Federation. After all, I'm 2000 years old, in Pentangle years."

"Captain?" Kirk said, "One time you were in The Sacul Galaxy for an investigation of a smuggling ring. You brought your first mate, "Jantrice Lounlèvr," now known as "Jantrice Rook" and the senior butler in Athenia's Royal Court, "Chamberlain" to record what happened.

"That's right" Captain Justice replied, "I knew that if Chamberlain told you what happened back then, he'll just freak out about it."

"Here are the files we recently got from The Resistance," Spock said as he showed the holographic files of the 3 rescued rebels.

Jyn Erso, daughter of an imperial scientist. Formerly a thief who leads the Rogue One operation.

Cassian Andor, an Alliance Intelligence officer with high field experience.

and finally, Bodhi Rook, a former Imperial pilot with high technical and piloting skills.

"Now," VP Kirk said, "We're going to record this for government access."

"Alright then Lieutenant" Captain Justice replied as he took a deep breath., "It all started 55 years ago, Earth Time I was summoned to King and Queen Mystos of Athenia. I brought Jantrice with me for company."