Mystery Inc and The Celestian Alliance were relaxing on the beaches, "After all that dancing," Donna shouted, "We can use a little relaxation on Havana's beach."

"You got that right Babe" Michael replied as he rubbed coconut oil on her back.

"Fred, Daphne" Luis shouted, "Congrats on winning the LADUWS: Havana Nights contest"

"No prob," Daphne said, "I needed to raise money for my fashion company and to promote the business."

"Blake Styles," Emma recalled.

"Michael," Velma asked as she sat down, "Where are your parents, the 2nd place winners of the Let's All Dance Until We're Sick: Havana Nights Contest."

"At the market" Michael answered, "They said they wanted to check out some herbal remedies for the patients at Rosewood hospital."

"And Like, Where's Rocket," Shaggy asked,

"Looking for treasure" Emma answered.

"Caleb and Stacy went with him to make sure he doesn't do anything" Michael continued as he whispered in Shaggy's ear, " Dangerous"

"Right, right" Shaggy whispered, "We don't want the public to find out he's an R-A-C-C-O-O-N"

Meanwhile, Rocket, Caleb, and Stacy were walking around the beach. "Rocket," Caleb said, "Using your metal detector for gold won't get you anything."

"Come on Football Head" Rocket replied, "Since Cass and Jyn won second place, I can find some real treasure on the beach."

As they were looking around, a mysterious water monster came out of the ocean. Rocket tried to fight it off with some blasters, but it didn't work. "Make a Crootaken run for it!" he shouted as they ran off.

In the markets, Rocket, Stacy, and Caleb run pass by the people, warning them of the water monster. Jyn and Cass thought it was another Rocket money trick. That's when the monster really showed up and started terrorizing everyone.

Jyn and Cass took out their blasters and started to fight it, "No blasters" shouted Rocket, "I tried doing it. Follow me to that small cafe."

They ran to the cafe where the monster was following them, "Shut the door" Jyn shouted, "Maybe we can cut it off."

As they did, the monster rushed back onto the beach. The rest of The Celestian Alliance saw the monster and headed to the cafe. "Mom! Dad!" Michael shouted, "Are you alright?"

"We're fine Michael," Cassian replied as Michael hugged them both.

"I sensed that they were in danger from a water monster" Donna whispered to Jyn as he helped her up.

They were wondering what was going on, "I say it's a pirate ghost I say," said a blonde woman with a beautiful necklace, "Names', "Kiki" I own the cafe here. I also know all the ghostly legends of Cuba."

"Which ghost is haunting the place?" Stacy asked.

"Malcolm La Rouge" Kiki answered, "A legend around Cuba. He had a treasure filled with jewels. When locals find out Malcolm was here. They took his jewels, sunk him and his ship with it.

"If he gets the Amulet of Harmony," Donna thought to herself, "They'll know who we are."