Later, Donna, Michael, Stacy, Caleb, Daphne Animal, and Fred were on the beach, "This is the area where you guys and Cousin Rocket first saw the monster"

"Of course" Stacy replied, "Your cousin has just a crazy behavior for those ray guns."

Meanwhile, Velma, Luis, Emma, and Rocket were in Hotel Oceana interviewing the manager, "Ever since that whole sea monster shenanigan we've been getting stuff other resorts don't get. Disco, fondue, hot tubs, and the new Aquatica show."

Luis saw that the show is closed for repairs, which is suspicious, "Are the water creatures real?" he asked.

"They don't" the manager replied, "It's all illusions and special effects. Brownstone repairs are taking a while for it to repair."

"For how long?" Velma asked.

"About a month and guests are getting tired of waiting." the manager replied.

"Jinkies," Velma said, "Things do take a while, but this has gone too far."

"Maybe I could help out." Rocket suggested.

"No Rocket" replied Emma, "No lasers. We have a feeling the manager might be behind all of this."

Then Emma saw some strange substance by her sandal, which is suspicious.

At the buffet, Shaggy and Scooby were wasting their time eating all the shrimps. "Dear" Alex shouted, "No time to eat all the shrimp. We have to save Havana."

"Sorry, Hon" Shaggy smiled.

"If only the Greys were here!" Cassian complained.

"Like, what's wrong with Cass" Shaggy asked.

"He gets stressed when it comes to nonsense" Jyn replied.

Just then, Kiki came by. "Kiki?" "What are you doing here?"

"Since you guys are the first people to enter my cafe since the incident" Kiki explained, "I'm trying to get my husband, "Grafton" to stop construction at Aquatica, but he'd never listen. Now all that's left is my priceless diamond necklace."

"There, there," said Alex.

The others came in seeing to know if they had any clues. Emma explained to them about the clues they find, which they found really suspicious.

Later that night, The Oceanas were performing when the manager came up to announce limbo time. The Oceanas were about to play, the monster came up. It chased everyone away, but Donna saw something solid at the core of the monster. "Anyone who knows me at heart" shouted Donna, "Come with me."

Mystery Inc, The Celestian Alliance, Kiki, Stacy, and Luis followed her to the new Aquatica area. "Luis grab a net!" shouted Donna.

But as he was about to, the monster grabbed him and Kiki. Luckily, they were freed by 2 lasers. Everyone looked at Rocket but he said, "Don't look at me,"

"Perhaps we could be of assistance" shouted Giselle.

"Giselle" Donna shouted, "Your here."

"We love to capture fake monsters." shouted Orion "After a little trip to the ports of Havana, we could use a little mission."

They both grabbed the net and trapped the solid thing in the monster. Now it was time to unmask the culprit, who was Grafton Brownstone, the husband of Kiki, "Grafton, Honey," she shouted, "What's going on here?"

"Simple Kiki" Velma replied, "He used a suit to control the water in the suit. Thanks to the equipment he borrowed from the Aquatica show. And the only thing why he did it, is that it has something to do with this fake necklace."

"Fake?" shouted Kiki.

Animal took the fake necklace and broke the jewel. "My company's funding was in trouble" Grafton explained, "I sold the real necklace to raise money and I knew that sooner or later you would find out the truth about it."

"And the other jewel thefts was just for cover" Daphne replied.

"I couldn't let you find out," Grafton said to his wife"I was afraid you would leave me."

"Oh honey," Kiki smiled as she kissed "I'll wait for you."

"I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids and those weird Rosewood teenagers!" shouted Grafton as he was taken away.

Later on the beach, Caleb was disappointed that they didn't limbo. To make up for not using lasers, Rocket decided to do limbo themselves.

"I am Groot(How low can you go!)" Groot shouted.

One by one, they limboed their way through. Then it was Scooby's turn, he went really low, popped out of the sand and shouted, "SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!"

The End.