S1, E1: Pilot

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I am an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly with the help of my friends in S.T.A.R. Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me. I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so, I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them.

I am The Flash.

"Expecto Patronum!" Francisco Ramon, also known as Vibe yelled. He was mostly known for his mechanical genius and usually ill-timed comic relief. Being up there on a roof, creating his own lightning storm and being in the middle of it was something which he considered "above his pay grade".

Arcs of lightning came crashing down and slammed into his rod.

"Great Scott!" He continued, relieved that their plan to give Barry Allen, better known as the Flash his powers back was working.

Or, not. He witnessed the telltale sign of Zoom's blue lightning streak down the city.

"Guys," he warned. "Zoom is coming."

"No!" Wells yelled as he angrily mashed some buttons. "Come on, come on…"

Zoom appeared in front of Barry. In his deep, inhuman voice, he chuckled, "Oh, come on Barry. You thought this would work?"

"Releasing chemicals!" Wells yelled, catching Zoom off guard.

"Wait!" Zoom yelled, but it was too late.

The chemicals mixed together with the lightning and formed a beam of energy which absolutely speared through Zoom, causing him to disintegrate.

"Ramon, cut off the lightning!" Wells instructed frantically as he saw the controls become inundated with electricity.

Barry began to yell in pain as the lightning began flooding through his body. He gasped and strained against his bearings- but they were clamped down on him hard.

Up on the roof, Cisco began to curse as the storm wouldn't subside, and neither would the lightning. "I...can't!"

"No!" Iris West, Barry's pseudo sister/ love interest yelled as she watched the man she had feelings for writhe in pain.

Barry began straining and groaning even harder under the lightning, his eyes slumping back into his head.

"How is he alive?" Iris questioned, amazed. "That lightning destroyed Zoom but Barry is just soaking it up!"

"I don't know." Wells said simply. "Hang in there, Barry!"

However, the universe seemed to have different plans for the Flash.

There was a loud tearing noise, and Barry Allen was suddenly gone.

"No!" Joe West cried as he ran towards the contraption that had held Barry up.

"My son…" Henry Allen choked out between sobs. Now he was truly, finally, alone.

Iris turned to Wells, and grabbed his shirt. "You said this would work….you said he'd have his powers back!"

"Hands off me, West." Wells replied, pushing her hands off of him. "I tried my best. We all did. Barry knew the risk he was taking when he was stepping up. He took Zoom down with him, too."

Streams of color flew by Barry at blinding speeds. For what felt like hours on hours, days on days, he was left suspended in the air, all alone to think about his wreck of a life.

He cursed his speed for a few moments. He knew he was being irrational, but Barry felt like ever since he'd become fast his life had taken a turn for the worse.

After Barry woke up from the coma that gave him his speed, he found out Iris fell in love with someone else and then that someone else was killed because of him.

He witnessed his mother die again and lost people due to the farce that some evil megalomaniac from the future had orchestrated.

A year passed, and Barry thought he'd luck out, but nope. It seemed as though he would fare better in the start, what with the city recognizing him as a hero, Cisco working for the CCPD and Caitlin working at a private company, but no.

The singularity he caused opened up a literal other world of problems. As if he didn't have enough already.

Caitlin was kidnapped, Central City was under a reign of terror by Zoom, a speedster who was drawn to their earth for Barry's speed- which he obtained, causing them to take the gamble that ended up sending Barry to wherever he was now.

At least Zoom was dead now, and Barry was, well, wherever he was.

One thing was for certain, though. He could never return.

A tear rolled down Barry's cheek as he swallowed this bitter truth. As long as he remained, Central City would come under attack over and over again.

With Cisco helming the metahuman department at the CCPD, they could catch metas without Barry, and without Barry, no more crazy speedsters would come looking for a fight. It was a true saying- heroes did make their own villains.

No, Barry agreed, it was better this way.

"Take me away," He whispered to the colors. "Just- please. Take me to a place where I can do good."


Barry groaned as he felt the feeling of hot pavement under his face. With another groan, he sat up.

The land around him seemed to be that of a city. There were cars all driving around along with dozens of small cafes and restaurants.

He looked around for a board or something, but caught the side of a passing bus: Metropolis.

Metropolis? He wondered bewilderedly. Metropolis had been destroyed years ago after an earthquake.

Yet, here it was. Clear as day.

Barry deduced that he was possibly on another Earth. Unless this was all some elaborate prank, which the more he looked around, he realized it was not. This was Metropolis.

Looking down, he noticed that he wasn't in his regular Flash costume.

He wasn't even wearing clothes.

Barry yelped slightly, before speeding into the nearest clothes store and walking out in a casual hoodie and jeans.

What he didn't notice was the color of his lightning.

It was pure white.

Unluckily for him, a man named Clark Kent had just happened to be in that very store. And he was confused and a little mad. In his experience, other beings with superpowers had been nothing but enemies to him.

Barry suddenly heard cries of "Superman!" as felt himself get picked up by the hood and blasted into the sky.

The ground underneath him blurred as if he was running, and after a few moments, he was dropped to his feet.

Barry came face to face with a man dressed in a blue suit with a red cape and a red S looking symbol on his chest. He looked Midwestern, with his tanned skin and dark eyes,

"Who are you?" The man demanded. "Which planet are you from?"

"Uh, I'm The Flash." Barry said awkwardly. The man cocked his head to the side, and Barry sighed, before telling the man everything. It may not have been his smartest move, but Barry assumed that this guy was the superhero on this Earth, so he'd help him in the hopes that the man would in turn, help him. Sort of 'scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' kind of thing.

Plus, he'd just picked him up and flew him a few hundred miles like it was nothing, so maybe Barry didn't want to try this mystery man.

"That's...horrible. I'm so sorry. I'm Clark by the way. Clark Kent. People around here call me Superman." Clark explained, briefly mentioning his past and how he was from a different planet that had been destroyed when he was a baby.

Barry took it all in stride. If he could gain the power of super speed from a particle accelerator explosion and a bolt of lightning, Clark could easily be from another planet.

Explaining the multiverse theory was a little harder, but Clark was a bright enough individual. After that, they both began comparing notes, comparing the struggles of being heroes, and even a little bit more of their pasts. Barry guessed that they'd been doing nothing but talking for hours, but it was sort of...refreshing.

"So, basically, you've left everyone you know and love behind to come to a different Earth," Clark summarized. "Of course, your arrival wasn't by choice, but, do you want to stay?"

"My speed only causes problems, Clark." Barry sighed. "I don't want to use it unless I have to. I'm thinking about staying here for the long run."

Clark gazed at Barry for a moment. "Say, Barry, what if I told you that I could get you a job. It'd be stable, well paying, and you could live a city away from me, in National City."

"That would be amazing." Barry said gratefully. "Clark, if there's anything I could ever do to repay"-

"Good, because you will." Clark gave him a smile. "My cousin, Kara, is also from Krypton."

"So she's, what, Superwoman?" Barry asked.

"No, not yet. She's been repressing her powers for years." Clark admitted with a frown. "That's not the point here, however. Whether she accepts it or not, she will follow in my footsteps sometime."

Barry nodded in agreement. "I agree. Based on what you've told me, she seems too stubborn to repress her powers for that long."

Clark's lip curled slightly, as if he was thinking the same about Barry. "Originally, I was going to send my bud Jimmy Olsen down for this reason, but I think you're better suited."

"Suited for what?" Barry asked before his eyes widened. "You want me to protect her."

Clark nodded. He shifted for a moment. "Barry, I don't show it often, but I care for my cousin. A lot. She's all I have left from Krypton, and if I were to lose her"-

"Clark, Clark. Don't worry." Barry assured with a grin. "I accept."

Clark breathed out a sigh of relief. He grinned at Barry. "Thanks, Bar, for everything. I haven't vented to someone like that in a while. And I know you don't want to use your powers, but if you have to, please…"

Barry nodded. "Don't worry. I've got your back."

Clark nodded, a grin forming on his face. "Thanks Barry. You're a good man."

"Always, Clark." Barry said with an identical grin on his face. "So, this job…."

Clark winced for a moment before pulling out a cell phone and dialing a number. There was a squeal on the other end of the phone that was so loud even Barry winced.

"Cat, baby," Clark began tentatively.

"This is Catco Worldwide Media." Barry was told by Clark as he led him through an exorbitantly fancy elevator. "An online and print empire built by my cousin's boss, Cat Grant. Cat has sort of an infatuation with me, so it was beyond easy to get you this job."

"Clark!" Barry heard someone screech as a 40 year old or so woman came running- or waddling, rather (high heels) - over to Clark. "Oh my god you look so handsome!"

Clark chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "Thanks, Cat. You're looking lovely as well."

"You just have that amazing Midwestern Cham. Are you still seeing that skank Lois?" Cat asked with a roll of her eyes and a scoff. "You know, this quarter, I beat her out for richest woman in media. I am the queen of media, Clark. Why not upgrade?"

Clark laughed nervously and slyly elbowed Barry, who jumped for a moment before stepping forward. "Hello, Ms. Grant, I'm Barry Allen, Clark's close friend."

She looked him up and down. "Mm. I can tell. You run with an excellent crowd, Mr. Allen. Shall I show you and Clark"- she said this with a sharp intake of breath and a flutter of her eyelashes-" to your office?"

"My office?" Barry asked in slight confusion before Clark shot him a grin.

"Of course, your office." Clark continued with a wide smile. "Where else would my friend go?"

"Exactly." Cat repeated, beginning to walk away. "Now, come."

She led him through the floor, and towards the back, where there was a small room with a view of the city. "Here you are, Reporter Allen."

Barry's eyebrows shot up. "Reporter?"

Clark laughed as he slapped his shoulder. "I just figured with your talents it'd be best."

His talents? Barry wondered. Oh, his speed. He realized that if he were ever running late on an article or couldn't get a picture, his speed would allow him to do his work in a moment.

Which, in turn, would allow him to focus on protecting Kara. Clark really had thought of everything.

"I think you may be right, Clark." Barry added with a grin.

Cat watched this whole interaction with a raised eyebrow. "Wow, you two really are good friends."

"That we are," Clark said. "Well, I better get back to work at the Daily Planet, please take care of my friend for me, Cat."

Clark left the room in a hurry. Barry noticed Kara get out of the elevator just after Clark left.

He must've flown, Barry realized. Why would he avoid Kara?

Cat grabbed his shoulder lightly. "Come. Today, I'll just show you around the place and all that. Tomorrow you'll actually begin working. Sound good?"

"Sounds wonderful, Ms. Grant. I could even start today if you'd like," Barry knew he was laying it on too thick, but he didn't really care. His new boss seemed to like that.

Cat smiled at him. "My, my. So eager. Maybe today I will just have you work with my assistant to learn the ins and outs of the company."

As Cat walked him towards her assistant, he almost laughed at the level of coincidence at play. On her assistant's desk, Barry clearly saw the name Kara Danvers.

Right now, she was currently in an argument with some other man right next to her desk.

"You know that you can't quantify emotions based on an algorithm?" The man seemed to be trying to explain to her. She didn't seem to be taking it very well, as she scoffed.

"Winn, you're IT, isn't your whole life based on algorithms?" She shot back, her back still turned to Barry.

"Yes, so if there was an algorithm for love I think that I would know about it." The man Barry identified as Winn scoffed. "It's just, like, you're gonna know when it hits you, Kara. It'll sweep you off your feet and be all wa-pow."

Cat rolled her eyes at Barry and cleared her throat. "Kerrah, I have a special assignment for you."

Kara turned around and looked at Cat, before turning and looking at Barry.

Barry's jaw opened a bit. Kara was, well perfect. She had bright blonde hair, and the bluest eyes Barry had ever seen. Aside from a small scar on her eyebrow, her face was clear and devoid of any pimples or discolorations.

Kara was staring back at him with a similar expression.

Kara thought Barry was one of the most handsome men she'd ever seen. He looked like someone straight out of one of the Cosmopolitan magazines her sister occasionally read.

"Wa-pow." She whispered to herself.

Cat cleared her throat. "If you two are done staring at each other, I'll explain what you're supposed to do, Kerrah."

Barry blinked before laughing awkwardly. "Oh, yeah, sorry I didn't mean to"-

"No, no, it's fine." Kara cut him off with nervous laughter. "I-I didn't mean to either..."

Cat rolled her eyes at the byplay. "Follow me to my office."

"I, uh, I'm Kara. Kara Danvers." Kara offered with a smile, nervously wringing her hands.

"Barry Allen." Barry said as he returned her smile and followed her to Cat's office, where Cat was already sitting down behind her desk.

"Also, Kerrah, do something about the elevator. It's like a human petri-dish." Cat scoffed as she drank out of a latte that Kara placed.

"Human Petri dish?" Barry asked curiously.

"Yes," Cat said distastefully as she threw the latte in the trash after a sip. "The only reason I bought this building was because it had a private elevator. That way, I don't have to get soaked in cheap cologne every morning, getting to my office."

"Right, that makes sense." Barry said seriously, even though he was holding his laughter in.

Cat smiled at him warmly. "Look at you! Someone that finally understands. No wonder Clark Kent himself recommended you."

"C-Clark Kent?" Kara asked, now looking at Barry with a slightly suspicious look.

"Yes," Cat continued for him. "He's very close friends with Clark. I just had to hire him with that sort of recommendation."

"Oh, Ms. Grant." Barry said nervously. "You're going to make me blush."

Or get me hit with heat vision, He added mentally.

Cat smiled at him again. "Anyways, find out who used it, have them reprimanded, or bathed, I don't care which."

"Alright." Kara replied as she wrote something down in her notepad.

"Oh, I have a meeting with the board today at lunch, so cancel sushi with my mother. And since you're doing that, cancel my therapist. I won't be needing it if I'm not having lunch with my mother." Cat continued as she opened her laptop and began to type.

"Right. Sounds good." Kara said as she continued writing.

Cat looked up. "And, just show our new worker Mr. Allen around the city and such. You're coming in from...where?"

"Metropolis." Barry smoothly lied. "That's where I met Clark."

Cat nodded. "Ah, okay. So you're used to the city life. Now, ta ta, Mr. Allen, Kerrah. I have work to do."

Kara lead Barry out of the office as Poker Face started to play loudly.

"So, you know Clark Kent." Kara started awkwardly. "How, uh, how close are you?"

"We tell each other everything." Barry said.

"Everything?" Kara asked.

Barry gave a slight nod. "I know."

Kara sighed in relief. "Okay, can I just say, it's so nice to have another person that knows!"

Barry chuckled. "I'm glad you think so."

"Who's this?" The man Barry identified as Winn asked as they returned to Kara's desk.

"Barry Allen. He's our newest reporter." Kara introduced, holding Barry's arm.

If Barry was surprised by the contact, he didn't show any indication.

Winn, however, did. He raised an eyebrow at the contact and held his hand out. "I'm Winn. I'm sort of the I.T. guy around here."

"Barry," Barry said as he shook the offered hand. "I guess you and I will be working together a lot."

"Yes." Winn said before turning back to his screen. "I, uh, I have a lot of work to do. I'll talk to you guys later. Good luck on your date tonight, Kara."

Kara shrugged. "I don't really think I'm going to go, 82% or not. Alex is going to Geneva anyway. Do you maybe want to come by tonight, Barry? I could introduce you to my sister."

Barry thought about it for a moment. "Yeah, sure, I'd love to. I just need to move some stuff in so I'll be there as soon as possible."

"Great," Kara said as a smile formed on her face.

Barry pretended he couldn't feel Winn's glare boring into the side of his skull.

Barry was a little surprised with himself. He has no idea how long it had really been since he left his Earth, but he wasn't plagued by thoughts of Iris.

In fact, he didn't even think about her anymore. He was more concerned about his new life here.

"Barry," Kara waved her hand in front of his face. She smiled when he looked at her. "Jeez, you were spacing out."

"Sorry," Barry apologized.

"No problem," Kara laughed. Barry noted how beautiful her laugh sounded. "So like I asked, five times, what do you like for food?"

"Uh, I'm fine with anything." She looked at him with a suspicious expression again. "Really, I am. Don't worry about that."

"Great, here's the address." Kara said as she handed Barry a piece of paper. "Now, let's give you a tour of the office…"

Barry arrived in front of Kara's door and went to knock before he realized he didn't bring anything.

Well, maybe this one time, Barry reasoned as he disappeared in a burst of white lightning and reappeared in a moment with a bouquet of flowers and some chocolate.

Barry considered how cheesy it was, but tried to put those thoughts out of his head as he knocked on the door.

Also, Barry had noticed his newfound increase in speed, but decided to not pay it attention. It wasn't like he'd be using his speed too often.

"Oh, Barry, you're here before Alex!" Kara said as she opened the door.

"Oh, I can always come back"-

"No, no." Kara said with a smile. "Come on in. Welcome to my home, sweet, home."

"Right. These are for you." Barry said as he gave her the flowers and chocolate. "Just a little thank you for inviting me over."

"Wow," Kara said, her eyes widening. "You, uh, you got this for me?"

"Well, yeah," Barry said as he just noticed how close they were. He suddenly became very nervous. "You were just so nice to me today and invited me over and everything and I know you didn't have to but you did…I feel like I'm rambling. Am I rambling?"

Barry looked at Kara, who had a grin so wide it was in danger of splitting her face. "No...No. Thank you Barry, I love it."

Barry sighed in relief. Before he could say anything, another woman walked in.

"I have a conference in Geneva and I need to be on a plane in 2 hours." She said, fixing her jacket.

She paused for a moment, looking at Barry. "Who are you?"

"This is Barry!" Kara said brightly as she grabbed his arm again. "He's Clark's friend, and he just started working at Catco with me. I figured since he was new in the city, I could invite him over and stuff. And Barry, this is Alex, my older sister."

Barry waved. "Nice to meet you."

Alex looked extremely surprised to see Barry there. "Uh, Kara, can I talk to you for a moment? Just a second."

"Uh, okay," Kara said. "Just make yourself at home, Barry. I'll be right back."

"Sounds good," Barry grinned as he walked over to the couch, where the TV was turned on to the news.

"Kara," Alex urged as she pulled her closer. "You told me you have a blind date that you needed to be ready for. Not some dinner with your boyfriend."

"He-I- we're not dating!" Kara stammered furiously. "I just forgot to tell you and then I got wound up in the excitement of it all and- I'm sorry."

Alex smiled at her sister softly. "Breathe, Kara. I'm going to get on my plane. Text me every detail from your date and I will call you when I'm back from Geneva."

"It's not a date," She whispered again. "And I will. Love you."

"Love you too." Alex smiled and left.

"Well, she decided to up and leave." Kara laughed nervously. "So, pizza?"

"Count me in. I eat a lot, and I eat it fast, so I hope you have a lot." Barry smirked as he stood up.

"Me too." Kara led him to her table where there were four boxes.

"Wow," Barry said as he opened one up. "Try to keep up."

Five minutes later, all of the pizza boxes were empty and both Kara and Barry were relaxing on the couch.

"How do you eat all of that and still look great?" Kara asked curiously.

"I could ask you the same thing," Barry shot back. "Well, I know the answer, so…"

Kara laughed. "Yeah, you do. You and Clark must be very close for him to have told you about that."

"That's what I'm told." Barry grinned. "And me, well I'm just a runner."

"You run marathons?" Kara asked.

"All kinds of them." Barry replied evasively.

"Wow that's- that's amazing. I have super powers and I'd still never put myself through that." Kara said, amazed.

Barry laughed slightly. "It's my way of putting my mark on the world, I guess."

Kara nodded, pulling her legs up on the couch and sitting up. "I went to work for Cat Grant because I thought working in a media company run by a powerful woman who actually shapes the way people think would be the way that I could make my mark. All I do is fetch coffee and cancel appointments."

"Well, things aren't all bad"- Barry began, but was cut off by Kara's head suddenly snapping up.

"Wait a second!" She yelled as she turned the volume on the TV up.

"If you're just joining us, shortly after take-off, National City Airlines, Flight 237 bound for Geneva, is experiencing some loss of altitude." The man said. "The pilot seems to be circling the city after apparent engine failure."

"Oh my god," Kara gasped as she stood up. "That's the plane Alex is on."

Barry stood up too. "Kara, do you remember how to fly?"

"I-I don't know. It's been years since I even tried." She stammered, beginning to pace. "Oh my god, Barry. Alex is going to"-

Barry grabbed her shoulders. "Kara, calm down. You can do this. You have the same powers he does. You can lift a bus, stop a bullet. And you can definitely save your sister."

"Y-you're right. I'll be right back, okay?" She said before she jumped out of the window.

Barry looked out to make sure she was flying when she shot by him with a shwoom noise.

"Definitely flying." He muttered to himself, before he zoomed out of the door and followed her to make sure she didn't over exert herself.

Barry gaped as he reached the plane and saw Kara underneath, holding it with so much force the metal around her hands was twisting.

This chick was strong.

But, Barry noticed, she was heading for a bridge. If that bridge took any damage at all, she'd be blamed for it, and based on what he knew of Kara, it'd ruin her night.

So, it was his mission to somehow make sure the plane went smoothly through the arch of the bridge.

Desperately wracking his brain for a solution, Barry realized he was going to have to try something he'd never tried before: he was going to phase the plane through the bridge.

Not wasting anytime, Barry shot forward and ran up the side of the closest building, and stopped as he reached the rooftop.

Taking a running start, he leapt off of the building.

"Gah!" Barry cried out as he crashed onto bottom wheel, barely hanging on.

Luckily for him, Kara was more towards the front, so she didn't even notice.

Ok, come on, Barry. He thought to himself as he began to vibrate.

The bridge drew closer and closer, and the plane began to vibrate in different parts, but never at once.

"Come on, come on," He whispered to himself as he vibrated even harder.

The plane finally began to vibrate completely, but Barry felt like his head was going to explode if he kept this up any longer.

He somehow managed to let the plane through the bridge, and then he stopped vibrating and let go of the tire.

He dropped to the ground and ran back to Kara's apartment as fast as he could.

He ran into the bathroom and stood in front of the sink, his vision swimming.

His phone rang.

Clark. It read.

He picked it up. "Hello?"

"I saw what you did on the news. I doubt anyone else will notice, but I did. Thanks, Barry." Clark said gratefully.

"No problem. I told you I had your back."

"You sure did." Clark replied. "I'll catch you later, but I just wanted to say thanks. If you ever need anything, I'm here."

"Thanks Clark," Barry said as he shut his phone off.

"Barry?" He heard Kara call as she touched down in her apartment.

He opened the door to the bathroom and smiled at her when he saw she was dripping wet. "Kara! How'd it go?"

She ran to him excitedly. "It was incredible!"

Kara wrapped her arms around Barry hard while picking him up, and Barry felt his bones crack. She set him down with an apologetic grin. "Sorry."

"Don't worry I've been squeezed quite a bit in my day." Barry waved it off. "What a night this turned out to be for you, huh?"

"Yeah!" Kara said excitedly. "I had a ton of fun! It's been so long, I almost forgot how to fly. Well, not so much how, but more, more how it feels, like scared, but good scared. Like, like that moment right before you kiss someone for the first time. Wow, to think that tonight I originally had a date- not like a serious date, I'm not seeing anyone, but like a blind date. Am I rambling? I ramble when I get excited…"

Barry laughed at her worried expression. "Nah, you're fine. And I remember you and Winn arguing about that when I first walked over. You were 82% compatible."

"Yeah," Kara said with a huff. "I think I'm going to aim for 100% compatibility."

"I'm glad you are," Barry said as he smiled at her.

They both looked into each other's eyes for a moment too long.

"So uh,"-

"I don't"-

They both tried to speak at the same time, causing each other to laugh a bit.

"You go first. I didn't really have anything to say." Barry said.

"I was just going to say that n-now it's like I'm not sure what comes next. Or maybe I am sure and I'm just afraid of what it means." She said nervously. "Barry, I'm not sure if I can follow in my cousin's footsteps."

"I'll be here to help, anytime you need me." Barry said with a grin.

"What were you thinking?" Alex yelled as she opened the door to Kara's apartment. Seeing her sister soaked she scoffed. "You exposed yourself. You're out there now, Kara. Everyone will know about you and you can't take that back."

"I've always felt the need to help people, and tonight I finally got that chance." Kara said, stepping forward and glaring at Alex slightly. "I-I didn't travel 2,000 light-years just to be an assistant."

"What if people figure out who you are? What you are? It's just It's not safe for you to do anything like that. Ever." Alex said forcibly, gritting her teeth. "You're still young. Foolish. How would Eliza feel if you died? Or if I died cause of something stupid you did?"

"Oh," Kara said, her lip trembling. She wiped at her eyes for a moment. "I'm kind of tired, I-I just carried a plane on my back. You should go."

"I will. Don't say I didn't warn you." Alex said before leaving.

Barry looked at Kara, before stepping forward and hugging her tightly.

"It's okay," he whispered as she sobbed into his shoulder. "She'll come around."

Kara nodded into his chest and pulled away to look at him with a teary smile. "I'm sorry. I invited you over for a dinner and now I'm just mess and you had to see that and now you probably think I'm crazy and stuff"-

"Kara," Barry cut her off. He gave her a reassuring smile. "This has been the best night I've had in a long time." He said truthfully.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better," she said, lightly hitting his chest.

Which, after you took into account her strength, felt like a small rock hit Barry's chest, but he played it off.

"I'm not, I promise." Barry muttered. "My life hasn't been ideal lately. Thank you- for everything."

Kara didn't reply but just pulled Barry a little closer.

Barry checked the clock on the wall. "As much as I love being with you, it's nearly 2 in the morning and we have work tomorrow."

Kara nodded as she laughed. "I- thank you Barry. I really do appreciate it."

"Anything for you, Kara." Barry replied softly as he began to leave her apartment. "See you first thing tomorrow morning!"


As Kara entered work the next day, all anyone seemed to be talking about was her. Well, not that they knew that was her, but the point still remained.

"Good morning, National City. Our top story, the only story anyone's talking about." A man on the TV near Kara's desk said as she set her stuff down. "Who is the mystery flying woman who saved the plane?"

Cat scoffed as Kara entered her office. "The most incredible event in the history of National City and yet we have no exclusive of any kind."

"I could get started on one, if you'd like," Kara heard as Barry walked up next to her, instantly putting a smile on her face.

"That would be wonderful, Mr. Allen." Cat said, standing up. "We will feature her online and in the paper, but we need images, we need video, we need an interview, and exclusive content. Go, find this mystery girl!"

Barry nodded. "I will have my rough draft ready by tomorrow is that alright?"

Cat looked surprised for a moment. "That fast, Mr. Allen? By all means, if you have it done by then, send it in. Oh, also, go get me a lettuce wrap, Kerrah."

"On it, Ms. Grant." Kara nodded as she walked out with Barry.

"Hey, you." Winn said as Kara walked back to her desk. "How was the date last night?"

"Winn, I didn't go, remember?" Kara reminded. "But, something interesting did happen. Follow me to the roof?"

"Uh, sure, but- okay, okay. I'm coming." Winn said as Kara already began to take off towards the elevator.

Barry watched them go with a small smile. He wasn't going to tell Kara who to tell and who not to tell, as that was part of being a hero she'd figure it by herself.

Plus, having a tech savvy guy was always a boon to any team, Barry reasoned as a small pang of hurt went through him.

How was Cisco doing?

For that matter, how was everyone doing? Would Captain Singh accept whatever reason Joe gave for Barry's disappearance? Would Henry be okay with him gone?

As Barry began to wallow in his thoughts, Kara walked up to him and surprised him by bumping her hip with his. "Winn says we should get me a costume. Wanna come by and help?"

"I don't know how much help I'd be," Barry began, but he caught sight of Kara pouting at him slightly. "But I guess I'll come by."

"Yay! She yelled as she dragged him to her apartment.

A few minutes later, Winn gave her some clothes. "Okay, try them on."

Barry got ready to hold in his laughter. The first suit was never the best. He remembered his own one fondly, back on the airfield with the imposter Wells.

"So, how is it, huh? How does it fit?" Winn asked as he ate a slice of pizza.

"I'm not flying around saving people in this thing." Kara said as she walked back.

Barry's jaw dropped. It was basically just a bathing suit with longer sleeves and a slightly longer bottom.

It really showcased, well, everything.

Kara's face grew a little crimson as she caught Barry's stunned gaze.

"Barry, you're staring." Winn reprimanded.

"Sorry," Barry said, someone tearing his eyes away. "Nice abs, Danvers."

Kara grinned. "Watch yourself, Allen. I might just end up going super on you."

"Be my guest." Barry replied, smirking.

"Ok, sorry to interrupt this awkward flirty love thing," Winn interrupted. "But what do you think?"

"Yeah, no." Kara said. "I-I wouldn't even wear it to the beach."

"Okay, take 2." Winn said, giving her more clothes.

This time, she came out wearing a skirt and a blue long sleeve shirt. "Oh, oops." She said as she took of her glasses.

"Kara, you look really pretty without your glasses." Winn said.

Kara smiled. "Winn."

"Right- oh! So, uh to be a superhero you need a crime." Winn said as he walked over to his laptop. "I hacked into the NCPD. There's a car chase on the 112 freeway."

"I can do a car chase." Kara said confidently as she flew off.

"Look, man," Winn said after he was sure she was gone. "What do you think you're doing?"

"What do I think I'm doing?" Barry replied, confused.

"Yeah- I like Kara. Why can't you just let me"-

"Continuing failing?" Barry filled in. "I'm not here to seduce Kara. I'm here to be her friend and be there for her. Isn't that what you should be here for?"

"It is what I'm here for," Winn stressed. "I just- I want to be more than friends."

"Well, she doesn't." Barry said truthfully. "I can tell, and I got here yesterday. I need you to do me a favor."

Winn looked at him with a confused expression. "You need me to do you a favor?"

Barry nodded, sitting down across from Winn. "Without telling Kara, can you make another suit?"

"What kind of suit?" Winn asked, extremely suspicious.

"One with an aerodynamic design and a reinforced tri-polymer. That'll make it heat and abrasive resistant, so it should withstand moving at high-velocity speed. Like beyond Mach 7, easily." Barry said seriously. "Trust me on this. Completely black with a mask."

Winn gaped. "Barry, how do you even know about all of that? I thought you were a reporter."

"I am." Barry stated carefully. "Just, please, get me that? Now be quiet, she's coming back."

Kara flew back into the apartment, her skirt a little bit torn up. "This is fun."

Over the course of the next few days, Kara would go on to help solve a myriad of problems around National City.

As she flew in from her latest task, she looked at Winn. "This suit is going to bust."

"Ok, final suit. Also, a cape aids with aerodynamics, so..." Winn said with a smile as he handed her a bundle. "All right, the cape is made from a structured polymer composite."

"It'll be practically indestructible." Barry translated as he clipped a little chip on her shoulder. "That way we can talk and track you and your vitals. Just in case you need help."

"Thanks," Kara said gratefully. "I like this one."

"I do too," Winn interjected. "This one has the S for Super, just like your cousin."

"It's not an S." Barry replied, drinking from a cup of coffee. "It's her family coat of arms. The House of El, right?"

"Right." Kara said, smiling pleasantly. She did a twirl. "How do I look?"

"Perfect," Barry grinned.

"Ok, good," Kara said as Winn's radio popped up.

"Four-alarm fire at Gates and Igle." Came a dispatcher's voice.

"Ok, I'm off!" Kara said.

Winn and Barry stayed by, monitoring her location, when she suddenly groaned out in pain. "Guys… I don't feel so good…"

"Barry, look at her vitals!" Winn yelled, in alarm. "They're dropping."

"Winn, the suit, now." Barry said through gritted teeth.

Winn ran for a moment and came back with a matte black suit and a mask.

Barry zoomed into it, throwing his normal clothes on the couch. He carefully placed the mask over his face, leaving only his eyes available to see.

Winn gaped at him. "You- you just- you were here and then"-

"I know." Barry said, lightning running through his eyes. "I'm going to help Kara."

Barry couldn't remember the last time he ran this fast. Buildings began to blur together, and the world stood perfectly still as he zipped down National City.

He reached where Kara was, lying on the ground, in less than a minute.

Barry began vibrating his body and vocal cords as he saw some heavily armored people drop down from a helicopter.

Just like the Reverse Flash, Barry thought to himself sickeningly.

When an agent stepped forward, Barry did a double take. This agent was none other than Alex Danvers, Kara's sister.

Barry stooped low and picked Kara up. He glared at Alex, and she took a step back. "Who are you?"

"I am the Flash," Barry growled out, sounding uncannily like Zoom. "This girl is under my protection."

Alex raised a gun and fired.

Barry flashed forward and grabbed it out of the air, then rushed forward and ripped the magazines out of every agent's gun before throwing them behind him, all while holding onto Kara tightly.

"You will find that I am not someone you want to try." Barry continued. "What do you want with her?"

Alex stepped forward, raising her hands. "Flash, I'm Agent Alex Danvers. I work for the DEO. The DEO monitors and protects Earth from extraterrestrial presence and/or invasion, and that woman in your hands is an alien."

"She hasn't harmed anyone," Barry said angrily. "What warrants shooting her?"

Alex pursed her lips. "Look, my director simply wants to meet her. I-I promise nothing will happen to her."

"Your retrieval says differently, Danvers." Barry pointed out. "If you want her that bad, you will allow me to come and I will hold her."

Alex sighed as she made a circling motion with her right hand and talked into a walkie-talkie. "All clear. Heading back now."

She climbed back up to the helicopter and it flew away.

Barry ran after the helicopter with Kara firmly in his arms.

As he entered the DEO, he noted that there were dozens of guards standing ready.

Kara stirred in his arms. "I feel...so weak…"

She blinked at his vibrating face. "Who are you? Why can't I move?"

"You can't move, Ms. Danvers, due to the fact that this room is emanating a low level of Kryptonite," A stocky black man said as he entered the room, decked out head to toe in black DEO gear. Barry noticed a pistol hanging loosely from his waist. "Radioactive mineral from your home planet. It weakens you. And, The Flash, you said? I don't believe we've had the pleasure. Director Henshaw. I am in charge of the DEO."

Barry inclined his head. "Director. I assume you have a reason for attempting to detain the woman in my arms?"

Hank exhaled slowly as he rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Let's get something straight, just for my benefit. This woman in your arms is what to you?"

"Yeah, what am I to you?" Kara asked, confused. She tried to move but was still too weak.

"She's under my protection," Barry said simply. "If anything were to happen to her under your jurisdiction, Henshaw, I won't hesitate to cripple your forces."

Hank's hand inched towards his pistol. "Is that a threat?"

"It's a promise." Barry clarified. He nodded towards Alex, "Ask Agent Danvers."

Kara gasped out as Alex stepped forward. "You-you liar!"

Alex frowned. "No, I-I just couldn't tell you. You have no idea how much it hurt to have to lie to you day in and day out."

"Right, instead, you just told me to deny who I really am." Kara shot back sarcastically.

"Flash," Hank interjected. "I believe it's time for us and Ms. Danvers to have a talk. You should leave."

Barry scoffed. "As if. Last time, you shot her with Kryptonite enhanced darts. I have no idea how much you have here, but it isn't very comforting."

Hank sighed, he went to say something, but Kara spoke first. "I-uh, Flash, it's okay. I can handle myself."

Barry looked down at her gleaming blue eyes and he resignedly nodded before setting her on her feet.

He glared at Hank, and zoomed right in front of him. "You do not want to make an enemy out of me, Henshaw."

Hank nodded slowly. "Understood. Now get out."

Barry ran back to Kara for a moment, and then ran out of the DEO.

"Barry!" Winn cried out as Barry returned back to Kara's apartment and collapsed.

Barry gasped out in pain as he suddenly felt like his chest was constricting. "W-what's happening to me?"

"You overexerted yourself. Vibrating like that for that long was causing your heart to go haywire." Winn explained, pulling up Barry's vitals. "This looks like it's the second night in a row you've pushed yourself past your limit. Your body doesn't like it."

"Ack," Barry breathed in pain as he changed out of his clothes. "Some department of the government called the DEO tried to kidnap Kara. I made sure to stay until she was safe."

"Thank you," Winn said, taking Barry's suit and folding it up. "You need to rest, man. Like, now."

Barry shook his head, his eyebrows scrunched together. "Winn, do you know how suspicious it'd look if there just happened to mysterious man who knew her name and helped and I just happened to be in pain after?"

"Suit yourself," Winn conceded as he got up. "She's coming back."

Kara dropped into her apartment angrily. "I-ugh!"

"What's going on?" Barry asked, hiding his wince in pain as he stood up to greet her. "We were worried sick."

Kara's expression softened as she saw Barry. "Oh, Barry, it- I've had a rough night. I got shot with some darts or something, and then I woke up in the arms of this guy who was like phasing in and out of existence, like, I couldn't even tell what color his eyes were"-

"Not that important right now," Winn interjected. "What happened after that?"

"I was so weak, and I remember him having superpowers- like this guy could run. Before I could even register what happened we were already at the DEO, a branch used to monitor aliens that my sister is a part of!" Kara yelled angrily, heaving.

"Kara, calm down," Barry said, trying to move closer to her.

"No! I can't calm down! My sister lied to me for years! And- and now they don't even want me out there!" Kara continued on her tirade, pulling her hair. "Worse, I don't even know who this Flash guy is and if he's even a good guy! God knows if he wanted to, he could take any of us down."

Winn and Barry made an awkward eye contact.

"Ugh!" Kara yelled for the last time. She just turned to Barry and hugged him.

That was bad timing.

Barry cried out in pain, and Kara immediately pulled back. "Barry, what's wrong?"

"I accidentally backed into the table," He choked out. "So my back hurts. You mind if I take off? I have to write this article and all."

"No, go ahead." Kara frowned, disappointed Barry was leaving so early. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yes you will. You did great today, by the way." Barry gave her a warm smile as he opened the door. "Goodnight, Kara Danvers."

"Goodnight, Barry Allen." She whispered as the door closed.

"Supergirl?" Kara yelled the next morning as she walked into Cat's office, where Barry and Cat were speaking.

"Why, yes Kerrah, come on in." Cat said with an annoyed tone. "Mr. Allen and I weren't discussing anything important and private."

"I-I'm sorry but we can't just name her that!" Kara protested, a pout forming on her face.

"We didn't." Cat reminded with a condescending smirk.

"Right," Kara backpedaled. "It's just, uh, I don't want to minimize the importance of this."

Cat sighed. "I'm sorry, darling, I just can't hear you over the loud color of your cheap pants."

Barry let out a cough that sounded suspiciously like a laugh, before raising his hand. "If I may, Ms. Grant?"

"Yes, Mr. Allen?" Cat said, turning her attention on him.

"I have my first draft ready, with spaces indicating where the name of the hero should go, because I figured you would coin her with a name," Barry maneuvered, cutting Kara off before she could say anything else to get herself fired. "And I must say-you hit the nail on the head. If Twitter is any indicator, the name appears to be catching on."

Cat smiled smugly as she leaned back in her chair. "Why thank you, Mr. Allen. I admire your eagerness and capabilities. I will send this to the editors right away- did you get any pictures?"

"I didn't, originally," Barry said evasively. "Lucky for me, Kara has a teller friend that works at West National City Bank- the branch that was robbed. She got us this photo."

Barry handed Cat a photo of Kara in her Supergirl costume he'd taken as she was flying.

"Is this true Kerrah?" Cat asked, looking at Kara with a scrutinizing gaze.

"Right! Right, yes, I went there." Kara started. She stammered, "You know, it took me a while to park my car in the streets. The one-way streets are so confusing."

Barry cleared his throat. "Details aside, Kara convinced her source to allow us to use a photograph that she captured. I think it perfectly fits in with the article."

Cat made a hmm noise as she looked at the picture. "Good work, Mr. Allen, I see why Clark recommended you. And Kerrah- get some better perfume. I feel like I'm talking to a meek little clown."

"Yes, Ms. Grant," Barry said, practically dragging Kara out. "Let's get some coffee from the break room."

Kara nodded at him, her eyes narrowing. "Look Barry, I appreciate what you did in there but"-

"I know you're capable," Barry cut her off. "Is it wrong of me to want to just try to get her to treat you better?"

Kara's eyes widened. "I guess not."

"Ok," Barry grinned as he began to make himself some coffee.

"Agh!" Kara yelled, grabbing onto her ears.

Brain racing, Barry guessed that she was probably under a siege at a different frequency. If he wanted to expose his powers, he could manipulate the frequency around them both to create a sort of force field.

But he couldn't expose himself to Kara- not now.

Instead, he just wrapped his arms around her ears and pulled her in a somewhat awkward hug. She buried her head in chest.

A few moments later, she pulled away, her eyes wide. "Barry, someone named Vartox wants to fight me at National City's power plant. He said if I didn't, he'll destroy the entire city!"

Barry frowned. "That sounds dangerous. Do you think he's one of those aliens that escaped from the prison?"

"He has to be," Kara sighed. "I have to go."

Barry grabbed her arm lightly. "Kara, wait. You can't seriously be considering taking this guy on."

Kara looked at Barry with a hurt expression. "You really think I can't take an alien?"

"No, but what if there are more? What if he has Kryptonite, or a weapon that can harm you? What if you get hurt?" Barry said, listing off reasons. "You should call Alex and have her monitor you."

Kara scoffed, forcefully shaking free. "I thought you were different from everyone else- but you're not. You don't believe in me either." She said as she stormed off, presumably to go fight Vartox.

Barry wracked his brain to try to think of a better solution, or any solution at all, for that matter. Suddenly it him. He had a way to show Kara she was wrong and teach her a valuable lesson at the same time.

He was going to get beat up for Kara's benefit.

Barry ran out of Catco and towards the Power Plant as fast as he could. He prayed he got there in time.

As he reached the Power Plant, he ducked behind a metal heap as Vartox and Kara began to fight.

After a few moments of Kara getting utterly humiliated, Vartox picked her up by the beck and began to laugh. "Just because you wear that symbol on your chest doesn't mean you're him. Fighting him would be an honor. Fighting you is just exercise."

Kara struggled under his grip, and Vartox shook his head. "You actually think that you could stop me? That you'd be able to stop any of us?"

After watching Vartox battle, Barry quickly realized a way he could defeat him while still getting beat up in the process. It was risky at best, but it had to work- or else Barry would have to show off his powers.

Basically, Barry had noticed that Vartox was invulnerable. He had taken hits and hits from Kara without so much as flinching, much like Kara would if she was against a human.

Furthermore, the axe that Vartox was wielding seemed to be made out of a material not from this world- one that could harm Kara.

The plan was simple; Barry would go, charge Vartox, and then use his speed to knock the axe towards Kara. Kara would use the axe and split Vartox in half, or at least wound him enough for the DEO (Barry called them before he entered the plant) to detain him.

Barry got out from his hiding spot. "Hey, ugly! Pick on someone your own size."

Vartox dropped Kara with an amused grin. "What do we have here?"

Kara gasped and coughed, holding her throat. "Barry, no! Run!"

"Barry, huh? How quaint." Vartox chuckled as he leapt forward, zooming ahead and trying to punch Barry.

Barry easily dodged and used a little bit of speed to enhance his punch that stopped Vartox in his tracks. He slid under Vartox and unhooked the axe from his belt, tossing it to Kara.

He turned around and time slowed to the point where it seemed like Vartox's hand was barely moving. Barry sighed as he looked at Kara. She had to learn her consequences had actions.

Vartox's fist collided with Barry's face so hard he went skidding back. Barry grinned. "Come on, Vartox. You wanted to fight Superman but can't handle a measly human?

Vartox ran forward and kicked Barry in the leg, causing his to drop to a knee, before leaning and throwing a thunderous haymaker that echoed with a crack as it smashed into Barry's chest.

"Barry!" Kara cried, ready to rush in, but Barry raised a hand.

"The axe hurts him," He panted, blood running out of his mouth. "When you get a chance, take it. Kill him."

"Fat chance, punk." Vartox taunted, punching Barry in the face again. "You really think you should've interfered? I'm going to make you wish you were dead."

Kara got up slowly. "Barry, please, you don't have to do this."

"Yes I do." Barry said with a smile as he rushed Vartox again. Barry was becoming anxious, so he accidentally channeled too much speed in his punch, and Vartox groaned in pain as he got punched in the face.

Barry ran behind him and grabbed him. "Kara, now! Throw it as hard as you can!"

Kara yelled and chucked the axe and Vartox. It hit Vartox with so much force that it tore through him and continued its trail, embedding itself in Barry's right shoulder.

Vartox fell forward, a gaping hole in his body.

"Barry!" Kara yelled, flying towards him and kneeling.

"Hey, Kara." Barry said, his eyes screwing shut. Superpowers or not, that blade hurt!

"I-I'm so sorry. I should've listened to you. He was so strong, and I just wasn't ready, and now you're hurt, and god, please don't die! Even though you just got here I like you so much and I love being with you/ I'm so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Kara choked out, tears forming in her eyes. She leaned forward into Barry, and Barry felt his shirt get wet.

Barry touched Kara's shoulder with his left arm. "This hurts, but don't worry. I'm here for the long haul. And Kara- there has never been a time where I haven't believed in you. You're amazing, in every sense of the word. You give me hope. So please, don't feel bad. Live and learn right?"

Kara gave him a teary smile. "I- thank you. For everything."

Barry smiled as he leaned back and closed his eyes. "Hey, Kara?"

"Yes, Barry?"

"Nice throw."

They both started laughing obnoxiously as the DEO helicopters began to pull up to the power plant.

AN: Hey guys, this is sort of an idea I've been playing around with in my head for a long time. I thought it would be interesting to have a Barry/Kara story after I began watching Supergirl, so I decided to write one.

I read one Barry/Kara story called "Call me Kara" written by SpeedForce 1229. It's an amazing, and very well-written fic that I most definitely recommend if you're a fan of Barry/Kara.

I plan on making each chapter an "episode", so they will generally be around this length. It was definitely a new experience for me, writing this much, because I usually make my chapters 3k at most- this was nearly triple that. Therefore, I wanted to put out this pilot. I mean, if no one likes this story, why bother keeping it, right? Well, I'd probably keep it anyway, just because I myself love what I have in store for it, so…

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Also, I understand that some characters may seem OOC, and some things may seem to be too good to be true, like Zoom being destroyed, or Clark being able to get Barry a job just like that, but, this is a separate universe from the canon show, so anything is possible. Anything.

The last thing I want to address is Barry's speed. I have not read any of the Flash comics, and my knowledge doesn't extend beyond the show, so I did some of my own research, and my knowledge of the color of a speedster's lightning comes from the internet, so it is as follows:

"Brett Booth, a former Flash artist, tweeted, "The closer you go to light speed the color shifts. So red is the slowest. Blue and indigo are the fastest." This is called blue shift, in the form of speed force lightning. To further explain this, it's like the different colors of light our eyes can see. The visible spectrum. It varies in wavelengths and frequencies within the colors of light. For example, red has the lowest frequency and violet has the highest. Blue shift is basically a decrease in wavelength and increase in frequency from red to blue. Booth went on to say that the blue shifting of the Flash's lightning means that he's getting faster and further within the speed force."

Furthermore, "Rebirth Wally West possesses white lightning. This version of Wally is faster than the current version of Barry. He has a deeper connection to the speed force since he spent a lot of time there in recent comics, and utilities it to speed up time, like Ezra Miller's Flash in BvS when he gave Bruce that message. This goes along with saying that he's significantly faster than Barry. Also, after Godspeed stole other speedster's powers, he was faster than Barry, by having white lightning. Savitar has this color and he's faster than all the other speedsters. White lightning could also be all the colors combined, since white light is all the colors in the visual spectrum combined."

So, my intention was to give him a lot of speed, but at the same time, make him unlikely to use it. His little stint in "Color World" leads him to think that his speed only causes problems, so he'll likely only use it to protect Kara in some way, shape, or form.

That being said, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this story. If you liked it, please make sure to review and let me know, and I will get started on the next one right away!

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