S1, E10: Childish Things

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I am an ordinary reporter for Catco media, but secretly, I fight any enemies of Supergirl that she can't handle to keep her safe. There a lot of aliens that escaped from Fort Rozz, an intergalactic prison- and I am the only one fast enough to stop them.

I am The Flash!


"Yes, Barry, you look handsome as well," Oliver deadpanned with a small smile as he shook Kara's hand. "Oliver Queen. It's a pleasure to meet you! Barry has told me a whole lot about you."

"All good things, I hope," Kara said as the three of them laughed. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Oliver."

"Don't start the party without me!" A fourth voice entered the mix as Felicity waved over to the group. She excitedly hugged Barry. "Oh, Barry, we feared the worst when you and Reverse-Flash disappeared, but I'm so happy to see that you're back, did he like wipe you out, or was it like one of the causal time paradoxes where"-

"Let's go inside," Oliver said a little forcibly, shooting Felicity a pointed look. "And enjoy our regular dinner with nothing out of the ordinary being discussed. You guys remember the story?"

"Yep!" Barry and Kara chirped.

"Um, before we dig in, I'd like to make an announcement," Nora said politely, standing up. She looked a bit nervous. "As you all may or may not know, I went back to school and got my doctorate. I've been interviewing with some companies, but I got an offer this morning that I'm likely going to accept!"

The table exploded in congratulatory statements, and Barry held his mom's hand and gave it a little squeeze. She smiled down at him. "It's a subdivision of the military at the moment, and they focus on manufacturing futuristic weapons."

Barry blinked to himself. His mother on Earth had never shown any interest in even going back to school, let alone working with weapons.

Maybe it would've happened as she got older, Barry reasoned. Or maybe it's just a small change in the timeline.

"What's it called, Auntie Nora?" Thea asked curiously.

"Black Hole," Nora replied excitedly. She looked at Barry. "Do you remember Iris, from when you were a kid? I think she works there, too. As for me, I'll be starting after the holidays."

A scream tore out of Jessies' throat. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she thrashed relentlessly against the bindings as Barry's hand glowed brilliantly against her chest.

After what felt like an eternity, Barry opened his eyes and pulled his hand away. Peering at her core, Barry had to do a double-take.

Rather than a light blue color, Jessie's core was multicolored. There was a fourth of it that was a light pink, a fourth that was pale blue, and the rest was white, like Barry's. Not only that, but her core was huge.

Even as a beginner, her core was already bigger than Leslie's!

Barry's eyes narrowed. Whether Jessie knew it or not, her parents had done a lot more to her than just taking her speed. Just who were her parents?

The darker realization was that whoever they were…did they experiment on their own child? Barry knew for a fact that naturally, it was only possible to tap into one force. He'd heard that from the Speed Force itself.

Pushing his macabre thoughts out of his head, Barry released the binds, and Jessie fell against him.

"D-did it work?" She gasped out, still breathing heavily against him. Her eyes were screwed shut.

"It did. Your Speed Force is back." Barry said, biting his lip. He wanted to tell her about the colors, but he didn't want to overwhelm her. But it was something she deserved to know.

"There's something else."

"That's when the Speed Force took you in, nurtured you, healed you, and pooped you out on the pavement of Earth-38." Henry took over the story. He shook his head with a smile. "Or so you thought. You see Barry, you don't go hurtling through space with an empty core and come out unscathed. The Speed Force took over your core, that's true. She got you on your feet, got you up and running. But, in space, you were exposed to a lot more than just the Speed Force. You would have never made it to her alone."

"I don't get this," Barry said, almost frantically. "What's going on?"

"You should've died the moment your body was exposed to such a speed, as your body didn't contain enough power for your Speed Force aura," Joe said plainly. He gestured between himself and Henry. "That's where we come in. You see, Barry, the Speed Force didn't get to you first. We did."


"That doesn't make sense," Nora said calmly. She gestured towards Barry. "I would've felt it in his system."

Joe smiled. Barry noted, with slight trepidation, that the gesture made him feel more confused than anything else. "Perhaps. Perhaps not. All we gave him was the ability to harness our forces, we didn't actually give him the forces themselves."

"Well, let's put it in simpler terms. Think of it as a chemical fire," Henry explained, nodding towards Barry. "When you light different chemicals on fire, what happens?"

"There are different colors," Barry answered instinctively. "And then the flames release the gaseous form of the chemical."

"Precisely. So, tell me, Barry, if you had remnants of the Forever Force and the Life Force inside of your body and they met a heat based-primer, what would happen?"

"I guess they, too would ignite," Barry's eyes widened. The ramifications of such a process settled in Barry's mind. "I'd gain access to both forces."

"Correct," Joe complimented. "When you activated young Jessica's core, some of her energy flowed back into you. Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, does it not?"

"And when the energy flowed back into me, it activated my own powers," Barry finished, causing the two to nod. "How can my body handle that? Even using the Speed Force used to leave me close to death- shouldn't I be rotting away?"

"Well," Joe chuckled. "That's where I come in. Effective immediately, your body has regenerative capabilities on par with some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. That's more or less what the Life Force will do to you in the quantity you have. Think of it as a protective, semi-permeable layer between your body and the Speed Force from now on."

"So, what, it'll let in the Speed Force, but just negate the negative effects," Barry's jaw dropped. "That…wait, does that mean I can now use the full extent of my power without any drawbacks?"


"And the Forever Force?"

Henry cleared his throat. "Well, that's a bit different. I gave you the ability to manipulate time, in a broader sense. I understand that your abilities with the Speed Force give you this sort of ability already, correct?"

"Yeah. We call it Flashtime and it basically moves my body to a speed where the world stops. From there, I can still use my normal speed, too," Barry weighed in. "It lets me move faster than ever."

"I'm a bit more in-depth than that," Henry smiled. "You're a smart guy, so I'll give it to you in a slightly complicated way. Are you familiar with the idea of infinite mathematics?"

"Like, the fact that there's technically an infinite number of numbers between every number?" Barry wondered aloud, to which Henry nodded. Noting the slightly confused expression on Nora's face, he continued, "Basically, by that logic, there's an infinite possibility of numbers between zero and one, for example, if you wanted to be technical, you could never stop counting between 0 and 1. You'd have 0.00000000001, and then 0.0000000000000000001, and so on and so forth. You could do that an infinite number of times."

"My powers work kind of like that," Henry said, to which Barry's eyebrows shot toward his hairline.


"In a couple of different ways- there are three main ones that you'll derive the rest from, based on your emotional state," Henry held his hand out, and four orbs of color, white, red, blue, and purple floated around in his hand, twirling like a carousel. The carousel stopped on the white orb. "Step one: stopping. You can use this whenever you want, seeing as it's the neutral one. Like we were talking about earlier, in mathematics, no matter how many times someone divides a number it will never be reduced to zero. Instead, they will be left with fractional units so infinitesimal it would become immeasurable to their eye. The Forever Force brings this concept into reality, so anything that attempts to penetrate the infinitely divided space will slow down to the point of appearing to stop completely, and the person in question will move so slowly it'll seem like they've stopped moving."

The possibilities bloomed in Barry's mind, exploding into different ways he could use that in conjunction with the rest of his powers. "Wow…"

"Next, blue, or happiness" The carousel shifted, and the blue orb moved forward. "Blue is the offensive part of the Forever Force, which increases the energy output of the technique and generates the power to attract. Again, to appeal to your knowledgeable side, this version of the force brings the conceptual impossibility of negative distance into reality. This forces the surrounding space to try and fill in the gap by pulling violently toward the source of the aforementioned impossibility, creating the magnetic-like effect."

"Almost like a black hole," Barry tapped his chin a few times. "So theoretically, the Forever Force is faster than the speed of light?"

"Well, no. You're mixing speed with force. It isn't the fastest force, but it may as well be the strongest, and uses real science to augment its capabilities- namely, gravity. For an object escaping from a gravity well, that force causes the object to slow down. For light escaping from a gravity well, since the speed of light is constant, it doesn't slow down; instead, it loses energy, shifting toward longer wavelengths. For a black hole's gravity well, the light loses so much energy that it can't escape at all."

"So, it isn't really slowing anything down through speed- the Forever Force basically grants me control over gravity on the atomic sense," Barry simplified. "Which gives me the illusion of controlling speed."

"Precisely," Henry leaned back into his chair, sipping from his cup from before. "Anyone who is targeted directly with the blue orb will have their body implode and their limbs instantly crushed. On the flip side, you can use this power on yourself to move at an even high speed or use massive amounts of energy to generate a large field of attraction away from you."

Barry mirrored his father's actions, letting himself sink into the comfy couch. A small smile formed on his face at the sight in front of him. "If blue is the attraction on an atomic level, then I'm guessing red is repulsion?"

"You got it, slugger," Henry grinned, raising his hand. The red orb danced on his fingertips, bathing the room in a soft glow. "Just reverse the feelings, and you get red."

"Purple, then?"

Henry's face grew serious. "Do not use purple unless you have no other choice. We call it hollow purple."

Barry hummed. "If red is attraction, and blue is repulsion…then…"

Henry snuffed out the orbs in his hand, still looking as serious as before. "Hollow purple is the fusion of both Red and Blue. It represents motion and reversal, a fusion of convergence and divergence that collides both infinities to generate an imaginary mass. The attack takes the target out of reality, instantly erasing everything the technique hits on the way there without exception."

There it was again. The universe deals in opposites, reversals. Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne. The positive and negative Speed Force. The red and blue techniques.

Okay, so at the end of the day, Barry would get some powerful new offensive tricks, insane regeneration, and two more forces that loved to imitate his parental figures.

Barry felt like celebrating for a moment, but he stopped himself. When in his entire life had he ever gotten good news that wasn't followed immediately after with some bad news?

"That can't be the only reason you're here," Barry said knowingly. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Not now, of all times."

"We've felt stirrings," Joe said, leaning forward in his seat. "Whispers, if you will. There's something big out there, Barry."

"You must continue training," Henry told him. "Continue improving. Keep your team ready, Flash."

"For what?"

The forces stared at each other for a moment and then spoke in one voice. "Crisis."


His childhood home faded to black, and he suddenly got the sensation of falling backward. Barry's stomach dropped as he went rocketing through the cosmos.

Barry gasped, returning back to the lab. Jessie looked on with concern as she removed the device from Barry's chest.

"Barry, you okay?" Jessie asked, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. "What happened?"

"I-I need a second," Barry said, still taking lungfuls of air in. He looked at the device warily-he'd have to make some serious adjustments to that thing before he used it again. "I think I just got powers from my two dads."


Barry walked into Kara's apartment and was instantly hugged by Kara. "I missed you, baby."

"I missed you, too," Barry said absentmindedly, as he rubbed Kara's back. The smell of holly hung around her, and Barry allowed himself to sink into her warmth.

"Whoa, whoa, what's wrong?" Kara whispered to him, leaning back a little and taking his face into her hands. "Your heart is going haywire. Talk to me, Barry."

"I had a conversation with the Speed Force," Barry said numbly. Kara's face had concern written all over it. "The galaxy is in danger, again."

"It's okay, Barry," Kara promised, seriously. She grabbed his face a little tighter. "We've gotten through it before, and we can again."

Barry nodded, not trusting his words for a moment. "Let's just relax for today."

"You don't have to tell me twice," Kara smiled softly at him, taking his hand. "Let's go take a nap."

Barry smiled, and went to follow her, when his door flung open.

"Bart?" Barry said, with a touch of annoyance as his doppelganger walked in. "What are you doing? In our apartment? Now, of all times?"

"I need your help," Bart said, panting. "There's another speedster."

"Another speedster?" Barry said incredulously. Didn't they fight Zoom a few weeks ago, if that? "It's been a few weeks, at best. How the hell do you have another speedster trying to kill you?"

"A few weeks?" Bart repeated, his eyebrows stitching together. "It's been a year."

Barry pinched the bridge of his nose, releasing a slow exhale. "I suppose time passes differently on different planes of existence. Why did you come to me?"

"I wouldn't if it wasn't this serious," Bart reminded, and Barry felt a pang of guilt for being snappy. "This specific one claims to be the god of speed, Savitar, and has white lightning."

That got Barry's attention. "White lightning? Like mine?"

Bart nodded grimly. "Yes. His goal, besides killing Iris, is to scatter his own remains through the Speed Force, to live forever."

"That…could be a problem," Barry said grudgingly, inwardly annoyed that his relaxation time with Kara was cut short. "If it's a problem directly with the Speed Force, it falls under my jurisdiction."

Suddenly, an idea began hatching in his brain. "So, you want me to come with you to your Earth?"

"Well, ideally…"

Barry turned to Kara, who was watching the conversation with rapt attention. "Want to come? Instead of cutting our vacation short, we can just take a small detour and come back."

Kara smiled excitedly. "I thought you'd never ask! Do I need to pack stuff?"

"Go for it," Barry said, returning her smile as he quickly zoomed out of the room and returned with his own duffel bag full of clothes. A small vial was peeking out of his lab coat. "I should call Leslie before we go."

"Okay!" Kara said happily, running into their bedroom as Barry pulled out his cellphone and dialed Leslie's number.

"Hey, Les," Barry said, a few moments later.

"Bar, what's up?"

Barry spared a glance at Bart, who had taken a seat in their living room. His head was in his hands. "Something came up, and Kara and I are going to be spending some time on a different Earth while I deal with a rouge speedster. Technically speaking we should return back in a day or two because of the time difference, but in case we don't, just keep an eye out. Also, can you feed and take care of our dog?"

"Coolio. You need me to do anything with Jessie?" Leslie answered. There was a munching sound on the other end, and the Office theme song was just barely audible.

Yeah, Winston would be in good hands.

"Give her the basics, get her DEO certified, maybe get her a suit," Barry replied, listing off tasks. He didn't want to overload his apprentice on her day off. "And just keep the city safe. All stuff I know you can do."

"Works for me. Kick that speedster's ass."

"You know I will." The line went dead.

"Okay!" Kara said brightly, her own bag slung over her shoulder. "Let's get this show on the road!"

Bart nodded, standing up. "I can get us there."

Bart stood up and clicked a small button, and a blue-ish portal roared to life in front of them.

"A dimensional opener?" Barry said knowingly, examining the button-like device. "Not a bad design, either. I'm guessing Cisco made this?"

"Yeah," Bart said, shrugging. "I think he said he was modeling it off of his powers, or something."

There it was again. That gloomy attitude.

Barry frowned, putting a comforting hand on Bart's shoulder. "It's okay, man. Relax. I can handle this phony."

Bart nodded, still unconvinced. "We, er, have a way of talking to him. I told everyone to wait until I got you, though."

"Cool beans," Barry replied, unbothered. Even with the Speed Force alone, he would've felt comfortable fighting this unknown speedster, but with the addition of the two new ones, he was as relaxed as possible.

They stepped through the portal, and stepped out into a parallel version of what looked like S.T.A.R. Labs.

"The Speed Lab," Barry recognized as he placed his bag on the ground and looked around. "Not too shabby."

"Babe, you're back!" Barry heard, as an alternate version of Iris drew his attention to a small group of them, huddled into a corner. She looked more or less the same, with her black jacket and olive shirt combo.

She wrapped Barry in a hug, who could almost sense Kara getting incensed next to him.

"Ms. West," Barry pried her off, forcing her into a handshake. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm not your Barry, though…"

"Oh," Iris said in a small voice, her cheeks gaining a barely noticeable tint. She looked Barry up and down, and her eyes widened. "Oh…um, it's a pleasure to meet you…sir…"

"Barry is fine," Barry amended, looking past her to the group of people. He waved over. "Cisco, Cait, Joe, Wally, Wells. I don't know you, though."

"Julian," The unknown man said, if not a little briskly.

Cisco grinned, jogging over to Barry and shaking his hand. "Our Barry tells us you're like, some sort of crazy wizard dude."

Barry smiled pleasantly at Cisco, ignoring the excited way he was shaking his hand. "Scientist, but fair enough."

"You're the one that took out Zoom," Caitlin said, her voice gaining a hard edge. Barry leaned his head to the side, glancing at her.

"Took out?" Joe repeated, laughing loudly as he walked over to Barry, too. He clapped him on the shoulder. "Son, you have my eternal thanks for taking care of that…that…"

"Evil psycho?" Barry laughed indulgently. His confident demeanor lessened the somewhat stressful feeling that was going around the room.

"Yeah, that's how I'd put it," Joe smiled and clapped Barry on the shoulder. "Welcome to our Earth, son."

"Thanks, Joe," Barry grinned- Joe West was a marvel, no matter what Earth you went to. Well, except Earth-2 but that was beside the point.

Bart came out behind Barry, and he threw Iris a wayward glance- her blush was apparent.

"So," Barry got serious for a moment. "Tell me about this…god."

"Well, he appeared after, uh," Bart fumbled on his words for a bit. He nervously rubbed the back of his neck. "I traveled back in time to save our mom."

"Oh, boy," Barry pinched the bridge of his nose. He opened his mouth to say something but decided against it. Eventually, he continued, "Okay. Time-space continuum aside, continue."

"It splintered the timeline into one where our mom lived, and I never became the Flash. Wally became the Flash, and he basically did everything in my place."

"What made you change things back?" Barry asked curiously. A small smirk formed on his face. "I doubt it was out of your own goodwill."

"It's a long story," Bart said, crossing his arms. Barry laughed lightly, and Bart rolled his eyes. "I basically went back in time and stopped me from not listening to past me."

"So there were, what, three of you in there at a time?"

"Irrelevant," Bart huffed. "Things returned, well, mostly to normal for a while, but then eventually, all of the people who played different parts in Flashpoint started getting their memories and powers back," Bart said, looking around at the team, his gaze resting on Wally in particular. "We found out it was coming from some dude named Alchemy- we tracked him down to Julian, and worked out a way to communicate to Savitar through that. God, I thought Zoom would be the last of our speedster problems."

"I wouldn't hold your breath on that one. That reminds me," Barry warned, pulling a vial out of his lab pocket and tossing it to Bart. "That's a vial of my blood. I think you could benefit from having it."

"Benefit how?" Bart wondered aloud, holding the vial between his two fingertips with a confused look. "I get that you're faster than me, but I don't see how…"

"I'll show you. Brace yourself," Barry smiled, and a white aura flared to life around him again. Barry pushed a bit more energy into it, and hues of pink and blue seeped in, exploding outwards in arcs of lightning. Half of team flash was sent skidding across the Speed Lab, and the other half fell to their knees.

Just as Bart was about to activate his powers, Barry cut off his aura.

"It's a little deeper than that," Barry said obviously but gestured towards the vial again. "Like the rest of my powers, my regenerative capabilities are on a whole other level than yours, so an infusion of my blood should be able to save you, even on the brink of death. I wanted to give you that one just in case."

"Holy fuck," Wally just about summed up. "What the hell was that, man?"

"The Speed Force in its purest form," Barry replied, shrugging. "I have a bit of a different relationship with it than you do. That's how I took care of Zoom."

"So that's how you did it," Cisco said, a grin stretching across his face. He drummed his fingers against the desk he was sitting at in a victorious manner. "That's why he can't use any of his speed."

"In a nutshell," Barry said, reassuringly smiling at Kara, who was frowning at the mention of Zoom. "He basically was harnessing the opposite force, so I used that to my advantage."

"How?" Bart wondered, looking at Barry curiously.

"Well, I basically ripped his arm off and constructed Faraday's cage to destabilize both of the forces in our bodies. From there it was one-on-one and I beat the crap out of him and used a procedure I learned from the future to overload his body. I think he's living life in constant pain now, though, because the two opposing forces are duking it out in his body."

Pure silence reigned through the room.

"Man, that's just…"

"I take my job as the champion of the Speed Force seriously, Miss West," Barry said, taking a small amount of pleasure at how she winced when he referred to her like that. "And that's how I deal with threats to it."

"Thanks again for saving us from Zoom, though," Caitlin mumbled, speaking up after Barry's encounter with Iris.

Barry smiled at Caitlin. "You're quite welcome. Now, then, I can tell there's some tension in the room, so how's about we talk to this phony first?"

His words had a palliative effect on the team. Caitlin smiled nervously at him. "It's a theoretical procedure, but we've found a way to talk with him. Through Julian."

Barry nodded, in thought. "Okay. Start the conversation as if I'm not here, and I'll butt in once I hear enough. Sound good?"

Julian nodded, and gestured to Caitlin. He paused for a moment, looking behind Barry and staring at Bart. "Just to be clear, I've never liked you, Allen. Yeah. Having a little séance with your friends now is not going to help change that fact. You do know that?"

Barry raised an eyebrow. He opened his mouth to reprimand Julian, but Kara grabbed his arm in warning. Her warm lips pressed against his ear. "Don't. They obviously have some history."

Barry nodded, flashing her a smile which she returned with a peck on the cheek.

A moment later, Julian nodded. "Fine, I'll try it."

Caitlin clipped a band around Julian's head, and Barry instantly saw the influx of Speed Force energy around it. "Deep breaths. Okay?"

Speed Force energy? Barry thought to himself. He peered at Julian's core, which was beginning to shift colors at the influx of the blue matter.

Whoever this speedster was, he would be using Julian as a host, if only temporarily.

There was something familiar about this energy, too. Barry noted with no small amount of interest that the hue and thickness of the energy reminded him of a certain speedster he knew…

Barry took this moment, closing his eyes and shutting off all of the pathways in his own body, masking his core. Through the contact he had with Kara, he masked hers, too. It was experimentation time.


Caitlin finished strapping Julian into the chair and turned the device on. "You're going to count backward from ten."

"Ten…" The device started beeping, and Julian's head slumped backward.

Cisco was the first one to speak. "T-That was quick. Okay, so, um, how long till this works?"

"Hello, Barry," Julian turned to Bart, not even a moment later, in a disembodied voice that made Kara grab Barry's arm a little tighter. "Long time, no see."

"Savitar," Bart growled.

"None of you are on your knees. It's a smart move to bow before a deity," Julian continued in the same raspy tone of voice, and Barry resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Bart's response was immediate. "You're not God."

"To be a god, you just have to make people believe you are."

"No one believes in you."

"You should, Iris. I hold the power of life and death over all of you.

"How do you know so much about us?"

"I know you, Caitlin. Cisco, Joe, Wally. The fake Wells," Julian spat bitterly, the veins in his neck becoming visible. "I know your fears and I know your weaknesses. I know you better than you know yourselves. I know your destinies. One shall betray you. One shall fall. One will suffer a fate far worse than death. This is the knowledge I have for you. About your everlasting damnation."

"Who are you?"

"I am the future, Flash."

Barry took a deep breath, releasing the hold he'd had on both his and Kara's energies, revealing himself to Savitar. Julian's head snapped towards Barry instantly.

"Trust me on this," Barry prefaced as reached forward, knocking Bart out cleanly with a chop to the neck. Everyone just stared at him, mouth slightly open.


"The god of speed, huh?" Barry repeated, casually. "Is that what you claim to be?"

"Yes, I am"-

"Barry Allen," Barry interrupted, enjoying the look of surprise that flitted across Julian's face. "You're a future Barry Allen."

Julian just stared at Barry, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion. "What…"

"Everything you said, your Speed Force, it's obvious," Barry shrugged, almost bored. "You're no god, and you definitely aren't giving prophecies. The way you talk about everyone, the way you push everyone's buttons…you're talking about the past…but you don't remember this, do you?"

Savitar was silent.

"As I thought," Barry sighed, squatting a bit to make eye contact with Savitar through Julian. "Interesting. How'd you manage to use this guy as a host?"

"I don't…know what you're talking about…"

"I see. I guess, then, I'll have to make you see reason," White lightning coursed through Barry's eyes, a small smile beginning to form. Barry's voice took on a hard edge. "How's about a deal, my lord, for your lowly servant? A one-on-one battle, winner takes all. If you defeat me, not only will I back off, but I'll also help you reach immortality. If I win, you teach me your host trick and I get to decide your fate."

Savitar must've regained his bearings. "Deal. A god does not concern himself with petty challenges, but for your cheek, I will see you"-

"Great," Barry cut him off with a smile. "I'll race you in ten minutes. Meet me at the Speed Lab."

Julian slumped forward, and the rest of Team Flash looked at Barry with incredulous looks on their faces.

"Barry, you have no idea what this dude is capable of," Wally warned, his eyes taking on a haunted look. "He…he…"

"Let me stop you right there," Barry said, calmly placing his hand on Wally's shoulder. "I'm as close to the god of the Speed Force as any being is ever going to get. Trust me, this is going to be a cakewalk."

"If you say so…"

AN: Well, well! Look who's back! I will be entirely honest, I don't know how much farther this story will go.

Right now, I'm gearing toward Crisis and that's truly it. This story is a relic of my past on this site, and while I don't hate it, I just don't know if I want to continue it for too much longer. Maybe if there's some major outcry or something, I'll reconsider it.

I wrote this story when I was a kid, and I modeled it after the Flash show. This means, well, there's weird humor, it's cliche, a little cringe. A feel-good story all around, with some complexities. Again, like the show itself.

I have a new story now, The Flip of a Coin, and it's doing rather well. It's also more representative of the author I am now and the kind of stories I want to tell. It's layered, complex, has a flawed and incomplete MC.

The way I'd always planned for this story to go was to have Barry become insanely OP, as you can tell. I don't know if I want to have a character like that.

Long story short, although it's good to be back, I might just be ending the story at what I consider a good point. Crisis, namely.

Think of it like your favorite show getting a little more budget to wrap things up. Again, things may change, and I may keep it going, but I doubt it. Hope you understand.