A/N: Okay, so this fic will have lots of drama. I hope you bear with me, and like this fic! I know it seems a little um, weird, but I hope you can give this a chance.

This fic borrows some elements from the books. They are:
1. Gen, LJ, Peter, John, etc were a squad when in middle school.
2. John Ambrose McLaren had wanted to ask Lara Jean to the Eight Grade Formal Dance.
3. Peter and John are best friends, kind of, and are the "it boys" of their grade, but LJ herself describes John as "less vain than Peter." He's shy, but eventually grows out of it.


When John Ambrose McLaren asked Lara Jean to the Eighth Grade Formal dance, Lara Jean said yes for two reasons:

One, she could possibly stop feeling butterflies in her stomach whenever she saw Peter Kavinsky. Two, she was starting to crush on John Ambrose McLaren, with his perfectly golden hair and that adorable stutter.

The unforeseen effect of her saying yes to John, was that Gen was suddenly being nice to her again. They were no best friends anymore (of course they weren't, not after the hell of the previous six months), but at least she didn't have to deal with Gen's icy glares that seemed to burn a hole in the back of her head. In fact, Gen was overly supportive of the "whole Lara Jean and John thing" and it was safe to say that they were friends, possibly acquaintances now.

And surprisingly, after the eighth grade formal, John had kissed Lara Jean goodnight and from then on, Lara Jean and John were together. As girlfriend and boyfriend.

Luckily, she had also stopped feeling butterflies in her stomach whenever she saw Peter Kavinsky, so that was good. She couldn't possibly go around crushing on her boyfriend's best friend, after all.

Peter Kavinsky, Genevieve Whittaker, John Ambrose McLaren, Lara Jean Song Covey and Christine Whittaker. A "squad", they called it. They did everything together.

It was all good.

Then came the summer before junior year began and the proverbial shit hit the fan. Real hard, because could many things go all wrong at once? Yes, they absolutely can.

A/N: Don't worry, this won't be too much of a slow burn. The crux about the letters remains the same - the letters, fake relationship, etc - except LJ and John are (were?) dating and LJ and Gen aren't "enemies". There'll be drama of course, and John Ambrose McLaren is only a recurring character.

Also, sorry about the length of this chapter. I know it's very short, but that's cuz it's prologue. Usually, my chapters are crazy long cuz um, I can't stop lmfao.

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To give a hint, the next chapter is called "Breakups in the Covey Household".

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