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9. Clauses

Beric soon produced a contract that he placed in front of Ashara, and smiled widely at her. "I was having some doubts before, but now I'm sure. You'd be a terrific addition to the team, Ashara Mormont, and I want you to work with me."

He'd said 'with' and not 'for' and it was enough to make her feel faint. Not only was he offering her to job of her dreams – helping those in need, in her home-country, close to her father – but he also was admittedly showing her, as he had done several times since they had met, what a glorious boss he'd be.

Boss. She'd have to get used to that.

Anguy interrupted her contemplation of the contract a few minutes later to set a few sandwiches and two cups of coffee in front of them, and he left with a smirk on his lips. Outside the door, Ash heard Thoros shout something close to 'I won't stand for it' but she ignored it and him.

Beric let her read in peace, not once trying to pull her attention to him – although it was a few times, especially when she stared at him chewing at his sandwich at the window, his back – and buttocks, alright – on full display.

She had to admit that the whole prospect was just too appealing. Much too appealing. She knew several languages – seven, in fact – knew what people in need…need; knew how to approach those who had a more aggressive way of asking for help. All in all, she was born to be a social worker.

There was just one small problem.

"I can't sign this," she sighed, and Beric whirled around, shock painted all over his face.

"I…I'm sorry?"

Ash stood and smirked, enjoying this for a moment before she ended his torment. "There's this small clause here that I don't agree with." She grabbed the contract and cheekily faked studying it. "Page 11. It says 'No physical relationships will be allowed between employers and employees under threat of termination of contract for both parties involved'. Which means I can't take you to a date. Which I don't agree to. So I can't sign this."

Beric seemed stunned. He stared at her blankly, mouth opening and closing once or twice before he shook out of it and took a tentative step forward. "And what do you propose we do to…find a solution?"

Ash laughed loud and clear, launching the offending contract on the desk. "I'd like to volunteer instead. If you don't pay me to work for you, then there's no issue, is there?"

Another step forward. "You seem to have already thought about it."

"I seem to have completely underestimated your charm, Mister Dondarrion. Is that how you managed to secure five billions from Daenerys? By wooing her?"

He chuckled as he took one of her hands and cradled it to his chest. "Why the hell have we only met now, Ashara? Why couldn't we meet earlier?"

"Because earlier I was an idiot and you were probably still whole, meaning I would have had to compete with more beautiful women than me." Joking about his scars was a bit of a stretch, but honestly, they were way past that.

Beric was about to kiss her when the door opened and Thoros barged in, throwing a fit. "I knew it! I knew she was trouble the moment I saw her at the ball! Out, you, out! You know the rules!" He gestured at Ashara to leave, but she just laughed some more while Beric steered his friend out the room.

"She hasn't signed, you idiot." He closed the door and locked it, and while Ash was still laughing, he walked to her, gently framed her face, and promptly kissed her.

Something should be said about cheesy romance movies in which the protagonists fall stupidly in love after like two hours of knowing each other. In that particular moment, Ashara Mormont felt like the heroin of one of those cheap movies.

For better or for worse, she had fallen head over heels for Beric Dondarrion…and it had taken her one five-minute speech at a charity ball…