Kakashi Hatake had been regarded as a prodigy, a genius for the majority of his life. Many assumed that made him arrogant but he'd lost far too much in his life, failed too many times to ever buy into his own hype. He wasn't without pride, however, and his Yondaime chibi stomped all over it as if their roles were reversed. Currently, he was siping at some sake at the Rusty Kunai with some fellow Jounin. His debrief had been short, the Sandaime had been entirely too satisfied that his surrogate grandson managed to beat the bell test. Three generations previous hadn't managed it. Kakashi had even said as much. The Sandaime merely chuckled and agreed with the provisional promotion. It didn't affect much but if there were any major problems he could demote the other two.

"He would have gotten any of us," Kurenai said to the Copy Ninja. She could empathize, she'd fallen into one of Naruto's well crafted traps before. She was lucky the only witness had been Hinata. "Uzumaki-kun is a prodigy."

"So is the Uchiha, so was the Hyuuga last year. They still couldn't have beaten the bell test." Asuma observed and Kakashi shook his head at the man's shortsightedness. Even Kurenai had a bit of a scowl.

"Neither of them are masters at their craft, either. The name has lost meaning as everyone that can scribble a half decent explosive tag calls themselves Seal Masters but Naruto is the real thing. Sandaime-sama told me as much but I gave the kid time to plan and free rein over the field of battle. I assumed he wouldn't forgo a night's rest or have enough time in the morning to trap the place."

Kurenai assumed Naruto likely used shadow clones and hadn't sacrificed any sleep but if the blond hadn't revealed the technique yet she wouldn't out him. Besides, Kakashi would need to test their actual skills anyway. She smiled, wondering how many problems Naruto would give Kakashi. The notorious lazy Jounin was in for some interesting times.

After the test and the poor responses from his teammates the blond Uzumaki decided to walk around for a bit. He liked making plans while he walked. The training grounds weren't like the forests he'd play in as a child but they were close enough to give him a similar feel. Now that he was a recognized Seal Master it was time for him to pick a specialization or two. Being a master didn't mean he knew all there was to know, that was impossible. But he knew enough that no subfield should be beyond his grasp with dedication and he was at a sufficient level to truly contribute to the field, offer something unique.

From what his Oji-san gave him, his parents had pretty divergent interests though it also showed him in a strictly fuinjutsu fight his mom would paste his dad. Why did he think that? Surely the power of the Hiraishin could overcome anything she'd do, right? Wrong. His mom specialized in barriers. In, "I now control all around you fear me mortal" type barriers. She'd even had the designs for one that could neutralize space-time techniques. He was happy his Oji-san gave him their notes and work. They'd stored copies in the Hokage vault as they wanted the knowledge to live on and for future Hokage to gift those worthy with their knowledge.

Naruto would certainly learn from his parents, with his shadow clones he had no reason not to. But he wouldn't claim their areas as his primary specialization. While he was impressed, if not awed by his parents and what they could do, his Oji-san had always been his hero. And the longest serving Hokage always wanted to protect his people to the best of his ability. Naruto wanted that as well and the series of beads on his left wrist would be the foundation. He'd never give anyone but his closest friends and family those seals but he could build on them. Naruto wanted to be the first fuinjutsu systems specialist.

He wanted to eliminate the reliance on carrier pigeons, on paper files. On things that could be stole or interfered with. Instead, information would be access by chakra and or biometrics, the information only seen directly by those with access. Distress calls immediately relayed to the Hokage, amended orders sent back just as fast. It would revolutionize information storage and transmission. Infiltration and espionage would evolve as well. If it worked, Konoha would be safer.

The Uzumaki decided he'd start on the communication parts first. Some segments of it would be easy, a shared mass storage scroll that could transport items is something he's already done. It was a matter of perfecting seals that could project sound waves, internal thoughts, or displays that could transmit the written word that would be difficult. There was issues of formatting, stability and even range. It would not be fast, even as his Oji-san had doubled his maximum clone usage again but it would be worth it.

Naruto was so lost in thought he didn't realize he'd stumbled upon someone else's training grounds until he heard the booming voice.

"MOST YOUTHFUL NARUTO-KUN, GOODDAY!" the three genin of Maito Gai were surprised when the blond didn't even flinch but responded calmly.

"Hello, Gai-san." he then looked around. "Have I interrupted your training? If so, I apologize. Allow me to exit."

"Hold on, you're that kid!" Tenten shouted, surprising everyone as she rarely raised her voice.

"Oh, Tenten-san, hello." Naruto said with a small smile.

"Don't just say hello to me after what you did!" she yelled back.

"What did he do, Tenten?" Lee inquired, hoping it wasn't something unyouthful.

"He offered to have sex with me!" This confused the males of Team Gai.

"Once we reached sexual maturity. You're very pretty now, I imagine you'll be even more so in a few years. I didn't realize it was indelicate to offer until my friend, Hinata, told me it was. I apologize for the offense." Naruto said, and then giving a short bow.

"You apologize for the offense but not the offer?" Tenten asked in confusion.

"No, I'll still sleep with you once we're older. I'll just present it more appropriately in the future." He said with a nod. Hinata once remarked that it isn't always what you say but how you say it, presentation of an idea or sentiment matters and if done incorrectly people will overlook your intention.

Tenten could only stare at the little pervert in confusion. He was so honest and respectful about everything he said she felt odd getting overly mad about it. Besides, it was something of a compliment and he had intended on it being years in the future. She just couldn't wrap her head around all of his but she saw her sensei signing he'd talk to her about it later.

"You know my failure of a cousin?" Neji asked.

"Yes." the boy responded neutrally.

"So, you agree that she's a failure and will always be one."

"I would hope so." Naruto said. The boy looked confused at Naruto's words.

"You don't have to hope, it is her fate. The gifted and the failures are chosen at birth, though I am curious as to why you'd wish such a fate on her." Neji had no real opinion of the Uzumaki. He'd seen him around but never spoken to him feeling that anyone that chose to spend time with Hinata must be as useless as she but he'd heard the boy was favored by the Sandaime and even Hiashi-sama seemed to respect him so he was ambivalent.

"Failure in practice allows for growth. My Oji-san said you learn very little from always doing something correctly, innovation often emerges out of one learning from their mistakes. Besides, isn't the point of training to push past your limitations?"

"It doesn't matter how hard she tries, she will never amount to anything. It has been decided." Naruto considered the boy, his blue, emotionless eyes staring into the Hyuuga's own. Naruto was silent for several moments and then responded.

"This has no basis in empiricism." and then turned and walked away. Once Neji digested the blond's words he became red with anger but would have felt like a fool to yell at someone walking away from him. It was not what a proud Hyuuga would do. He promised to school the rookie on the ways of fate sometime soon.

"What the absolute hell?" spoke Lee, no youthfulness in his voice. He was too confused to be youthful. Never had he seen someone dismiss Neji like that, nor hit on Tenten. Who was that guy?

"That was Uzumaki Naruto-kun. Newly minted genin. He's had a difficult life and it resulted in him having a unique way of understanding things. From what I understand, Tenten-chan, he truly meant no offense."

"Maybe not but he's still a little pervert."

"Probably." Gai said with an unyouthful shrug.

Naruto gave no greater thought to his run in with Team Gai as he ran to the Shinobi Archives. The building was quite plan, looking like many other in the village. He entered the doors and traveled through the foyers until he reached a staircase. He traveled down into the bottoms of the building and traversed another hallway until he came to a set of double doors that were locked. A seal was located on the left side of the door frame, which Naruto put his hand on and pulsed his chakra. The doors opened and he was greeted by the resident archivist for the fuinjutsu section.

The room beyond the doors lead to several hallways, some only accessible by the archivist herself. The walls were eggshell and the lightning gave the feel of sterile hospital rooms.

"Good afternoon, Naruto-sama." Kaoru said. Kaoru was a middle aged woman of average height and build. She had black hair with streaks of gray strewn throughout. She wore a standard Chunin outfit of a blue shirt, green vest and blue pants. Her shoes were open toed with a slight heel. Officially, she was a career Chunin but she was actual a long serving ANBU that was selected to guard some of Konoha's most valuable knowledge instead of outright retiring.

Naruto squinted and turned his head to the side, he'd never been called 'sama' before. Only his Oji-san, Hinata, and Ayame-san called him kun so this was a bit confusing for the blond and Kaoru picked up on that.

"I call you 'sama' because Seal Masters are highly regarded in Konoha. This goes back to our alliance with the Uzumaki Clan and has only increased with their destruction. Many in the know will have great respect for what you've managed to accomplish, Naruto-sama."

"Oh. Um." He said but hesitated.


"I don't know, I normally ask my Oji-san about this stuff. I don't mind you calling me 'sama' but I also wouldn't mind you not calling me that. Does that make sense?"

"Hai. Some people aren't much for formality. It may be that. Or you may not feel you've earned the honorific. Both are possible. Do you have a preference for what I call you?" the archivist asked and Naruto gave it a moment to think.

"No, whatever you are comfortable with."

"I will keep that in mind, now what can I do for you today, Naruto-sama?"

"Oji-san said it would be ok for me to leave clones here to study and I would like to do that now."

"He has informed me of this, yes. What would you like for me to pull for you today?"

"Space-Time fuinjutsu."

"I will get right on that. There is a private room just down that hallway," Kaoru pointed to the hallway to her left, "and to the right. I will bring the materials right along."

"Thank you, Kaoru-san." His Oji-san had told him who would be helping him so there was no need for formal introductions. The archivist nodded and walked to the hallway behind her. Naruto summoned fifteen clones and had them go to the room as directed. He then made his way to exit. He had a few other things he wanted to do today and trusted his clones would be diligent in their pursuits. Naruto made his way up the stairwell, this time going up the second floor. He entered the door to what was the Genin part of the Shinobi archives. This exchange was much faster, he'd already put in his request for what he wanted.

While a part of Naruto wanted to learn more ninjutsu, only having one additional to the Academy three, he thought he should wait to see what his Sensei was going to teach the team. Hatake-sensei was the Copy Ninja, surely he'd leave them with a solid assortment of ninjutsu. However, there was one such jutsu that was necessary as he'd have to travel across the village at a moment's notice. That is why his Oji-san cleared him to learn the shunshin. When he was told he felt excited and told his Oji-san as much. The kind Hokage smiled and said young ninja often enjoy learning new jutsu, it was normal.

The second item was a book from Naori Uchiha called, Truth of Illusions. He'd read and reread Toka Senju's book and a few other guides available to academy students, though all were less helpful than the Senju's tome. He was hoping this book with further increase his knowledge of the illusionary arts and Yin release. Naruto reasoned that his information transmission seals would have to be good at utilizing Yin release as it was chakra formed, or coded, to deliver information. He'd done well thus far with his fuin beads but he would need to get better to do more.

There was also the reality that anyone the least bit chakra sensitive could tell he had a lot of it. He hadn't learned to repress it much, just enough to not alert the animals he hunted. But that would be his trick, if people felt his chakra they would never assume he could perform genjutsu and by the time they realized it it'd be too late. His Oji-san once said deception is a game of layers within levels. A shinobi should be slow to assume but quick to verify and Naruto Uzumaki would not be an average shinobi.

While Naruto had spent time with Yuhi-san during his joint training with Hinata, it felt wrong to lean on her expertise as she was contracted to aid Hinata, not him. He also had nothing to trade, or so he felt and wouldn't initiate a transaction on those terms. When he started taking missions he hoped to get a moment of her time then, when she was free.

He got his materials and left the building, intent on getting some lunch. He'd cracked open his book, reading as he walk. He'd managed to avoid most obstacles but, unfortunately, another distracted individual crossed his path and toppled over Naruto as she was moving quite fast. He was startled by being crashed into by a much taller person, the book pressed against his face so he couldn't see anything. Swiftly he was yanked up and back on his feet.

"Shit! Sorry, gaki, I didn't see you there." The woman said. Now that Naruto could see her, he didn't mind her being on top of him so much. She had purple hair, tied in a ponytail, a tan trench coat covering a mess shirt and orange skirt, held up by a blue belt. She was very appealing, though Naruto made sure not to say as much, however he didn't need to. Anko noticed him checking her out.

"Like what you see, gaki?"

"Yes. You're very appealing." He didn't offer it, she asked so he didn't go against Yuhi-san's advice.

"Aww, do you have a crush on Anko-chan? You're a little young for me, stud."

"Crush? As in infatuation? Not currently, Anko-san. And as you said, our age differences would be untenable now. However, I do reach sexual maturity in roughly four years and from my understanding relationships with significant age gaps are not frowned upon under those conditions. Should I develop a 'crush' then it would follow I'd pursue you, if you desired as such."

Anko looked at the boy, wondering if he was serious or being funny. His face showed no signs of deception, he was almost too sincere but unaffected by her teasing. She was not used to this. Not at all.

"Four years is a lifetime for shinobi but I tell you what, if you grow up real nice and strong I'll consider it." Anko finished with a wink. She was not expecting the gaki to hold out his hand as if he wanted her to shake it.

"I believe those conditions are reasonable and feel we've reached an accord."

Anko took his hand, too off guard by the kid's manner. "Uh, sure." They ended the hand shake and started toward their respective destinations before the gaki called out again.

"Oh, could I draw you sometime?" Sketching had become another hobby. After reading so much about art he got tired of being passive. When he showed his Oji-san some of his earlier work, looking for criticism or tips to improve, he was provided with it. It was weird, his Oji-san had a small, crooked smile the entire time but wouldn't tell Naruto why.

"Trying to get me nude already?" Anko shot back.

"Only if you want but it can't be a mission. Oji-san was pretty explicit about that. Delayed my sexy jutsu because of it."

"Wha?... This exchange is starting to hurt my brain, gaki. I'll see you around about the art project, ok?"

"Sure. The name is Uzumaki Naruto, by the way."

"I know, gaki." She said and shunshin'd away.

Naruto wasn't surprised she knew, people tended to know who and what he was. Shrugging off the interaction, Naruto went to Ichiraku for lunch and indulged in several bowls of ramen of various types. Feeling sated and leaving a generous tip and sincere thanks, Naruto departed to his next destination, Yamanaka flowers. As he entered, he saw the clan head behind the counter.

"Good af- Uzumaki," he said tersely.

"Hello, Yamanaka-san. I am here to purchase a plant."

"Oh, trying to seduce someone else's daughter?"

"No, sir. I've not been giving any orders to seduce anyone. I'll likely be a Chunin before then."

Inoichi knew of Naruto's condition and had studied it for years. It was hard weighing that knowledge with his overprotective father instincts kicking in. What was worse is he didn't know if the kid was oblivious to why he'd be cross with him or just couldn't give a shit. The mental jutsu specialist was about to respond again but was stopped by another entering his shop.

"Hi, dad." Ino said her back to operator and patron as she'd opened the door with her back. When she turned to face her father she noticed the blond Uzumaki in attendance. "And hello, Naruto-kun." Inoichi frowned even more.

"Hello, Ino-san."

"San? You should call me Ino-chan, we're friends."

"We are?" Naruto said, turning his head to the side. He didn't think they were, they rarely spoke in class and never outside of it.

"Of course, silly." Ino, didn't mean a word of it. She often found the fellow blond, blunt and a little awkward. But Naruto's offer gave her a plan B in case she couldn't land Sasuke. Naruto just shrugged, not fully buying it but figured they could become friends in the future.

"Didn't you come here for a reason?" Inoichi questioned, rather rudely but Naruto paid it no mind, simply handing the man a slip of paper.

"I need that." Inochi took a look at the paper, nodded and then headed to the back where his inventory was located.

"What are you getting Naruto-kun?"

"A gift for Hinata."

"Oh, am I already that far behind?"

Naruto squinted at her in confusion. "I don't understand."

"Well, you're giving Hinata gifts, what about Ino-chan?"

"Oh, I just discovered we were friends today and I don't know what you like."

Naruto then thought about what his new "friend" might want. He was getting Hinata a gift because her clan didn't offer much in the way of praise or encouragement; it was just criticism or the lack thereof. Since Ino-chan wanted a gift in the similar spirit he was running down examples of times he's seen people be encouraging or offer praise and then he was struck with inspiration. Without a hitch, Naruto walked over to Ino and kissed her on the cheek.

"Congratulations on becoming a Genin, Ino-chan."

The Yamanaka Heiress was caught off guard, she'd been teasing the Uzumaki, though she realized he seemed to be immune. She didn't expect him to just raise the stakes of their little game. What was she supposed to say to that? Inoichi returned with the requested item, potted and ready for transport. Naruto paid and left, bidding both Yamanaka a good afternoon. Inoichi noticed Ino was quiet and slightly blushing.

"Ino-chan, what's wrong?"

"He kissed me." she whispered, absentmindedly so didn't notice her father get a murderous glint in his eye. Ino left the shop to go home planning to turn the tables on the crafty Uzumaki.

Naruto made his way to the Hyuuga compound, after making five clones to practice the shunshin. They ran back to training ground 3 and Naruto approached the large and ornate dwelling of his friend. The guards allowed him through, used to his presence. After several months of training together Hinata's progress and emerging confidence were not able to be denied, outside the religious zealot Naruto met today. When they realized the parties that were helping the heiress tap into her potential they became accommodating of her caretaker and partner. Some even questioned why it took two outsiders to have this effect and if Hiashi's, and their, methods were not as foolproof as they assumed.

Naruto waited in a general meeting area, a place they used to receive guests. It was paneled with rice paper, a very simple room. Hinata arrived, and greeted Naruto with a smile.

"Hello, Naruto-kun."

"Hello, Hinata." he said and smiled back. "I wanted to give you this as congratulations for passing Yuhi-san's test," Naruto said as he handed her a plant. "It's just like Ukki-san." he supplied afterward.

"It is, thank you Naruto-kun. I hope I can be as good to it as you are to Ukki-san." Hinata replied, having known about Naruto's plant/pet for awhile now. "Do you have time for a spar?"


"Ok, let me put this in my room and we can head over to the dojo." Hinata left for her room and returned several moments later sporting an ash gray training gi. The duo tracked over to an empty training room, one Hiashi had freed up for them whenever they wanted to train. After closing the sliding door, Naruto performed a series of hand seals and a seal on the floor lit up briefly. Hinata took her position and smiled, adopting the classic Gentle Fist stance. Naruto walked over toward her, stopping at roughly seven feet from the heiress. He got into his stance, his knees bent and feet not quite shoulder length apart. He was bent forward, slightly, at the waist and his hands were up. He was turned sideways to limit the targets.

The Uzumaki started to inch closer to Hinata, gradually closing the distance. Hinata chose not to give him the opportunity and charged forward, a palm thrust aimed toward his shoulder. Naruto slid his back foot behind him and bent backward as well while using his front hand to slap the blow away. He got it off course enough to dodge it and retaliated with a middle kick from his back leg. Hinata jumped back and Naruto's kick missed her entirely. Because his momentum wasn't that great, Naruto was able to stop the kick and replant his leg, instead of needing to fully follow through, and was able to get back on defense. It was fortunate as Hinata took the opportunity to go on the attack.

Hinata charged and dipped low, attempting to sweep Naruto's leg. The Uzumaki lifted his front leg, avoiding her sweep, and her next using her opposite leg. He couldn't dodge nor block the spinning back kick that hit him in the stomach, sending him sliding away from her. Hinata pressed on, planning to give Naruto no quarter. Naruto sent chakra to his index and ring fingers as well as his thumb creating a makeshift fulcrum with his right hand. Naruto spun and instinctively went for a double leg takedown. It surprised Hinata as he slipped under her planned offense and took her down.

Hinata and Naruto's sparring matches often devolved into grappling sessions. Hinata's striking ability, once her self-doubt was removed, was just very good and Naruto often selected to go to his advantage. This led to Hinata studying a grappling discipline herself, jiu jutsu and with her natural grace and flexibility she was very good at it. She closed the gap between her and Naruto as he'd managed to do the same with his stand up.

As such, Hinata was not overly concerned when she was taken down, having managed to avoid giving up the full mount position. Naruto slide into side mount, his body perpendicular to hers and grabbed her wrist. Even when on the floor, allowing a Hyuuga the full usage of their hands was a terrible mistake. Naruto was attempting to set up a kimura lock but had to roll off Hinata to avoid a knee to the side of his head. The Hyuuga heiress rolled over and returned to her feet, once again pressing the action.

Naruto stayed low as he ducked and dodged her palm thrusts and finger pokes. He saw a gap in her offense and raised up swiftly, attempting to clip her with his forearm. Hinata swayed backward, which left her unable to defend against his clinch or the knee to the body that followed. Taking advantage of her bending forward, Naruto attempted a fireman's carry as one arm went between her legs and he tried to shift her body weight over his back, around his shoulder blades.

Hinata recognized the attempt and rotated, instead using her legs to wrap around Naruto's neck from the back as the two rolled to the ground. Naruto got untangled from her legs and grabbed the kick that followed his exit. He then noticed, Hinata had toenail polish on. A deep blue, it looked nice. So distracted he almost didn't duck under the kick aimed at his head. He didn't expect Hinata to land on the leg that attempted to kick or for her to make another attempt, landing it in his chest. He was take off his feet and had a finger pointed to his temple before he could recover.

"I win." Hinata said with a smile. Naruto only nodded, the pain in his chest making it a tad difficult to breathe but it was subsiding fast enough. Both walked over to a side of the dojo, off the sparring mats, and took a seat. As was their ritual, both synced their fuin beads and began to rewatch their spar. The seal Naruto initially activated was a modification of the motion capture and Naruto found a way to relay the information to one of his fuin beads. Since Hinata had the same seal, they could see the same recording but only they could.

They would watch their spars and pick out their flaws as well as their improvements. Hinata noted Naruto needed to work on his footing more and he agreed. Hinata needed to work on managing opponents that shifted levels often, her assumptions being on people standing up right. They picked out other things as they neared the end and Hinata noticed something.

"Naruto-kun, what distracted you when you caught my kick?"

"Oh, your nail polish. Don't ever recall you wearing any. It looks nice on you."

"I don't normally, Kurenai-sensei and I went for a quick pedicure as celebration for becoming an official team."

"That was very nice of Yuhi-san."

"So was your plant, Naruto-kun. I really like it."

"Thanks. Hinata, I have a question," the heiress simply nodded and Naruto knew it was ok to continue, "well, when I was buying your gift today, Ino-chan came and said we were friends and I should call her chan. And before that, this woman and I accidentally ran into each other and she called herself chan. I don't really feel all that close to them, not like you so can I call you chan?" Hinata smiled at her friend's request. It was very Naruto-kun.

"Of course. I didn't know Ino-san and you were chummy."

"I didn't either, she just announced we were in her family's flower shop."

"Oh." Hinata said but resolved to have a talk with a certain Yamanaka about taking advantage of her best friend for whatever reason. "Would you like a second round?"

"Hai." The two returned to the mat and squared off, neither aware they were being observed.

It'd been a long day, the days were seemingly getting longer and longer for him. He hated still being in the chair, the weight of so many still on his shoulders. He'd contemplated how to get his wayward students to return, for one of them to take the chair. If he were twenty years younger he knew whom he'd groom for the position, a boy that had the will of fire almost in utter defiance of reality itself. He cracked a brief smile thinking about his favorite blond. He may not be his official student but Naruto had grown a lot from what little Hiruzen had managed to give him, soaking up every morsel of wisdom to the best of his ability.

He looked at his fuin beads, a marvel of fuinjutsu and imagination. The contraption had motivated him to start training again and he could see the difference. And to come from a child, to seamlessly blend other shinobi arts into his sealing. It was worthy of praise and while Naruto was proud Hiruzen got the impression he didn't really get how major his creation was. Hiruzen twisted a bead between his index finger and thumb.

Maybe… maybe this would be what brought them back. Jiraiya loved sealing, the chance to impart his knowledge to his godson and to see something legitimately new would stoke his curiosity. As for Tsunade, she'd be harder but not impossible. Could she turn down seeing a fully functioning auxiliary chakra system in practice? Her how her basic of basic diagnostic jutsu was applied in a way almost no one had considered? With the funds and bodies available for a real medical ninja program, the allure of an advancement of medical ninjutsu and fuinjutsu… she couldn't resist the siren call for long. He promised to get to work on his notices to recall them both in the morning. He was tired and wanted to spend some time with his other grandson.

Just as he was wrapping up he was alerted he had a visitor. He could tell by his assistant's tone it was Naruto and he was more than willing to make some time for the blond. The newly minted genin walked in and greeted Hiruzen with a, "Hi, Oji-san." as was usual and took a seat. Hiruzen greeted him back and waited.

"I have a couple of questions Oji-san, they should be pretty quick."

"Of course, Naruto-kun, how may I help?"

"How do you know if you're developing a sexual fetish?" Hiruzen could only palm his face and sigh. This boy couldn't be boring if he tried.

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