Konata Izumi was an ordinary 11th grader at Ryoƍ High School. Most of the girls there had interests in video games, but this short-sized, blue-haired girl's life was FILLED with them, and that's what made some boys avoid her.

She wasn't weird, not at all. In fact, she had two best friends. Kagami, a 16-year old shrine maiden, who didn't mess around all too much and took school seriously. On the other hand Tsukasa, her young twin sister, was very naive and a bit too nice.. If you were too ask her for anything, she'd go all out of her way to do it for you!

Then there was Miyuki, the pink-haired beauty who was also one of Konata's best friend, but secretly to Konata, she was a love interest. She was everything Konata ever wanted from a man, but in an innocent girl's body! She was 16 also, which wasn't too much of a big deal since Konata was only a year older.

Either way, Konata held her breath for Miyuki almost everyday. Some even say Miyuki felt the same as everyday, Konata would always feel inside of her shirt for her breast size. If that isn't young love, then I don't know WHAT is!

Anyways, stay tuned to "iluvgirlswithglasses", a love story, right here! Trust me, it'll be great and everything a Konata X Miyuki fan would beg for!