The year is 2018 and the girls are in their third year of High School.

"You guys wanna see it?" asked Konata to her two best friends. "I would, but it would get taken away and knowing you, you'd be devastated and probably jump off a bridge or something.." answered Kagami. "You know me so well, my waifu!" said Konata rubbing Kagami's shoulders. "But not too well to know that I'm not reading this giant book about wizards in this classroom!"

The blue-haired otaku pulled out a system with a screen in the middle of two red and blue controllers. "I present the new Nintendo Switch!" exclaimed Konata. Kagami and her shy sister, Tsukasa examined the system. Tsukasa touched the Switch and expected a bite. "Video games don't bite, Hirragi-san!" Konata informed her. "I... knew that." replied Tsukasa. The three friends later heard a cheerful "ohiyo!"

There was Miyuki in all of her beauty. Her glasses, pink hair and slightly humongous breasts. Konata's mouth had dropped to her heart's content as she walk towards her. "uhh Hey Miyuki-san!" she replied. "Hi Kona-chan." Miyuki replied in her normal happy attitude.

Miyuki Takara was the type of girl who'd never be angry at anyone. She never held any grudges to anyone aside from bullies or anything that's against her priorities. Konata knew she had something in store from the magnekko.

"What's that you got there?" Miyuki asked as she pointed at the Switch. "It's a Nintendo Switch, the newest console around!" Konata replied with a bit of a stutter. Kagami noticed the stutter and whispered to her twin.

"I think she's trying to impress Miyuki-san!" Kagami whispered to Tsukasa. "She's just trying to whisper, Onee-chan." the innocent twin replied. "She doesn't want it to be taken away, ya know." Kagami turned red, "Yeah, whatever." she said as she turned her head.

Nanyako, the girls' sensei, was filling some papers until she heard the sound of a coin. "Someone is playing Super * Odyssey!" she exclaimed. The whole class turned over and looked at Konata. The blue-haired girl started to sweat as she hid the Switch behind her back.

All of a sudden, Miyuki raised her hand. Konata and the shrine maidens looked awkwardly at their friend. "It was my phone, Sensei." she said. "My notification went off." Nanyako shook her head in disappointment.

"Takara-san, I'd expect something like this from Izumi, but not you." she told Miyuki. Nanyako got ahold of Miyuki's cellphone and put it in her drawer. "You'll have to get it for 15 yen or wait until the end of the Golden Week. I'm also afraid that school rules says I have to give you detention too." Miyuki looked down as if she was going to cry.

"yes, Sensei." answered Miyuki as Nanyako walked back to her desk. Konata was left in awe at what happened. "Y-You didn't have to do that, Miyuki-san." she said. "Oh, it was nothing Kona-chan! I was just being a friend and helping out!" replied Miyuki. Konata walked over to Miyuki and gave her a huge hug.

"Thank you, Miyuki-san. You're always there for me." Konata said as she held onto her. "Again, it was nothing!" Miyuki said rustling Konata's hair. "So, detention huh?" asked the blue-haired otaku. "I have it too." Miyuki looked at Konata and smiled. "At least I'll have you for company." she said as the school bell rung.

"You ready for detention?" Konata asked. "Yeah, let's go." replied Miyuki and she held Konata's hand and walked to the detention classroom. Konata became very red in th the face and snickered as Miyuki looked at her.

"Kona-chan, you alright?"

Ok that's the end of Chapter 1, I really love how it came out. It honestly felt like an actual LS episode.