Krolia sat in her chair staring out at the horizon, a half finished bow in her lap, waiting. Ever since Keith had left on his journey two months ago she had grown despondent, regretting her decision to help him leave with every passing day. She wished she could have kept him safe and sound in their little cabin, protected him from whatever mess he surely got involved in.

It forced her to remember those times back then, when she lived in the Galran web; just her and Culmar. It hurt to think of him most days. How brave he was, how passionate, how much Keith was like him. But mostly it hurt to think of how Culmar assuaged her fears and desires to leave when she was far into her pregnancy, mere weeks before he was executed.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, trying to ignore the tears that were threatening to fall. She listened to the sounds of the forest, felt the cool breeze that washed over her. After many sleepless nights of waiting for a hint of arrival outside the ship makers home, she had grown very sick then they and Hayalson had forced her to stay near home.

Colleen had made the trek up the mountain everyday to tend to her, and they had comforted each other over their missing children. But Colleen had a kind of rabid hope in her eyes, trusting her daughter to fix the horrid situation. Krolia had found it hard to be so optimistic. Although she would admit, being up in the mountains; it was easier not to get so overwhelmed with her fears. It was quiet up here.

She sat vigilant for a few hours more, ignoring when Hayalson came out and tried to bring her inside. She was only distracted when the winds picked up, it was an old but familiar sensation; that of dragons coming in for a landing. She glanced up in terror only to see two dragons, green and red, both nearly the size of her home. She scrambled away from her chair and ran for Hayalson's house, she didn't know why they were her for her but the only riders she knew of came from the Galran empire.

In her panic she tripped, but as she was getting up she heard familiar voices calling out.

"Mom! Mom it's just us!"

"Krolia wait!"

She turned around to see Keith and Shiro dismounting from the dragons, her boys were back home. They were dismounting from the great beasts, and she felt the beginning of angry frantic worry over that, but that didn't matter right now. She ran towards her son and gave him the biggest most bone-crushing hug that she could muster, then she reached out and pulled Shiro into it.

Then Hayalson was rushing out, brandishing a sword but swiftly abandoning it upon seeing the scene.


"Takashi, you're ok!"

"Well mostly." Krolia and Hayalson both gave Keith an alarmed look, then gasped when Shiro raised what was left of his right arm. "We lost a little something on the journey."

Krolia smacked Keith's arm.

"Jokes aside son I'm just so glad you're here, and alive." Hayalson pulled Shiro into a tight hug and Krolia felt warm and content for the first time in a while. Her family was whole, they were ok.

"Also boys, what's with the dragons?"

"It's a long story dad.."

"But before we tell it I have a gift for you mom." Krolia stares at her son questionly but lets him take her hands, she watches as he takes a deep breath and gasps when he speaks. "Keiitmaril."

Far on the edges of her thoughts Krolia can hear Hayalson reacting as well, Shiro quietly teaching him how to say it. But Krolia is still, then her hands start shaking uncontrollably and she's cupping her little boys face. Holding him close, as she sobs uncontrollably. She's lucky Keith just hugs her in return because her hands are shaking far to bad to sign anything, let alone how unbelievably happy she was.

Finally finally finally her son knew his name. Finally the others in the tribe could call him by his true name. Finally the one thing that made her feel like a terrible mother, that empty useless feeling of being unable to even teach her son his own name was gone. She was still sobbing as she hugged him, her little firebrand, but with one hand she motioned the other two closer. Till all four of them her embracing and rejoicing, she was surrounded by her love for the small family she had created.