During Rehearsal, Ezra had an important announcement to make, "Okay everyone, listen up" he shouted, "This Saturday," "We'll be performing our show at Roy Preston's Music Camp"

"Roy Preston," Emma asked, "The magician?"

"I've seen him on TV" Payton replied, "He'd even had his own show, "Roy Preston's Party House"

"It was on while he was a magician," Ezra explained, "It got canceled in 2013 due to low ratings."

"Really?" Donna asked.

"Yeah" Payton answered, 'They wanted the newer and hipper magicians."

"That's a shame" Emma replied.

"I can't wait to go." Donna smiled.

Later at the Solo residents, they saw Groot practicing some magic with Baze, Chirrut, and MooRoo. "I Am Groot(Is this your card)" Groot asked Chirrut as he showed a 5 of Spades.

"Afraid not, young Groot," answered Chirrut.

"For a blind bird," Sydney said, "He sure can translate Groot."

"A strong dreamer in the force," Donna replied.

"I'm with you Donalie" replied Baze.

"I Am Groot(Is this your card?)" Groot asked as he showed an Ace of diamonds.

Chirrut pecked at it and nodded his head.

"Nice trick Groot," said Donna, "But you still have a lot to learn. Like pulling rabbits out of hats, sawing people in half, turning milk into confetti and making hankies appear."

"I Am Groot(I want to learn them.)" Baby Groot said.

"You'll learn them." Donna smiled, "But let's wait till we get to Roy Preston's Magic Camp."

After dinner, Donna was playing Do You Believe in Magic while learning some magic tricks she learned as a kid. She did a ring trick, a cup n ball trick, and a wand trick. Lea came in feeling happy, "I've seen you're trying to remember some old Rance Halloway tricks." she said.

"Mom!" she said, "You caught me practicing."

"It's nothing compared to The Force nor The Elements of Harmony." Lea replied, "And don't mind your father, he's at a late night funeral for a magician supplies shop owner from Ravenswood."

In the morning, they were enjoying some healthy oatmeal with cherries on it when Ben came down with a smile.

"I got some new Donna" Ben said as he took a sip of his coffee, "I'm coming with you to Preston's Magic Camp.

Donna and Groot felt embarrassed.