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Violet's initial reaction to Billie's announcement was to laugh. Even after all of the supernatural crap that had happened over the course of the past year, even after she had resigned herself to believe that nothing was impossible, the idea of her being chosen to give birth to the Antichrist- no, the female Antichrist, was fucking ridiculous.

All of a sudden, a lightning bolt of pain rippled its way across her abdomen. Violet gasped as the spasm seared its way through her body, causing her to contort into a fetal position. She felt as though she were composed of steel bars and the larger baby inside her were a prisoner trying to break free. And then just as soon as the pain had come upon her, it vanished before either Tate or Billie had time to react to the scene in front of them. The blonde grabbed her lover's hand and smiled weakly at him in order to prove that she was alright for the time being. Still, his remaining hand fluttered unsteadily around her fragile form, as if he were a conductor and the forces controlling her ravaged body were a symphony he had the ability to control. At long last, Violet met his other palm with her own and looked Tate straight in his haunted face.

"I'm fine, I promise... She's strong, that's all."

She then turned toward Billie, who had taken in this whole affair with absolutely no surprise whatsoever.

"What can I do?"

The medium, in spite of herself, gave out a slight chuckle.

"Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot that you have control over anymore, including your health and the health of your daughter. If the Devil's going to use a human womb for his spawn, he's going to want a little more bang for his buck, and that includes watching you suffer at the hands of his heir."

At this, the clairvoyant leaned in toward the damned pair of mere children in front of her.

"My advice? Kill yourself before the creature ever has the chance to see the light of day."

And with that, she turned on her heel and swiftly vanished out the bedroom door.


Later that night, Violet found herself staring at her semi-clothed figure in the mirror. She was in the process of getting ready for bed, a task that grew harder and harder with each passing day, and after pulling her maternity bra and underwear on she stopped for a second to look at herself, to really, truly look at herself.

She was hideous.

Her arms and legs, normally slender, had been reduced to fragile slivers of their former selves, hardly prime candidates for supporting the rest of her frame. Her collarbone and hipbones had decided to put themselves on full display, accompanied by the bones in her hands and feet, her elbows and knees. The bags under her eyes had developed into something far more cavernous then she had ever thought possible. And then there was her stomach. "Distended" was the only real way to describe it, as it was far from the perfectly round belly she had seen on other pregnant women. Her lack of body fat made it possible to see several limbs within the swollen mound; a hand at the top and a foot at the bottom making their presence known in the form of tiny lumps.

And yet, despite all of this, despite the monster she had rapidly evolved into, Violet felt a knot of pride within her. She had made it through her second trimester. She was still here, and so was "B", the little fighter within her. Still here and still fighting, despite being trapped underneath her much-bigger sister "A". If she could just make it a few more months... If she could just bring her little B to term, or just shy of that... Then all would be right. As for her larger daughter, she knew that it wasn't A's fault that she had been selected as a vessel of evil. Far from it. Just like her sister, A had been created out of love, love far beyond human comprehension, and that was something that even the Devil himself couldn't take away from her. Violet would bring A into this world. Not because she was particularly eager to witness the downfall of humanity at her own hands, but because deep down inside, she truly believed that B would be eventually be able to save A and the rest of the world. She placed her hands on her stomach and looked downward in a resolute fashion. After learning of the fate of her children, she decided to go with the set of names that would give them the best chance at starting their lives with purity and innocence on their sides.

"Adeline. Beatrice. I know we haven't met yet, but I already love you both more than you'll ever know. Just... try to hang in there, ok? It won't be that much longer now-"

Violet was hit with the same lightning flash of pain as earlier, only ten times as worse because it wasn't over in a moment. Instead, a fire of hurt lapped against her insides over and over and

oh my god ow ow OW make it stop dear god please this can't be happening now it's too early please make it stop make it STOP

The soon-to-not-be-the-youngest Harmon clawed her way from the floor to her bed, leaving behind her a trail of blood and fluid. She heard footsteps rapidly approaching and there was Tate and her mom, flanking her with equal amounts of panic in their eyes. Violet used her last remaining ounce of strength to whisper "I love you" to her other half and then drifted off into a sea of darkness.

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