Author's Note: There has been a good few of these lately and I thought, why not make one of my own? So here we are. If there isn't a cast member of RWBY watching, it's because they're either irrelevant or I simply don't like them. Btw, I don't like Sun.

The Multiverse will be of movies, TV shows and games in which Jaune replaces a certain character. The rest of the RWBY cast will be in them as well but not everyone will be replaced. I won't include scenes that do little for the plot.

This takes place after the breach in Vale.

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Ruby Rose will admit to anyone who asks that she tends to have the oddest of dreams at times. Dreams that revolve around Zwei growing to the size of a mountain, Grimm changing to the colour pink for some reason or her all time favourite, when cookies started to rain down from the sky. However, she's positive that her current dream beats them all in comparison. After all, why would she find herself in a theatre of sorts with the rest of her team, team (J)NPR, Ozpin, Ms. Goodwitch, uncle Qrow, Emerald, Roman and a few more people she doesn't recognize.

Odd, she doesn't even remember falling asleep.

"Where the hell are we?" asked Yang, looking around in confusion like everyone else. After making sure that Ruby is safe by her side, her eyes catch sight of a certain someone who she has been searching for, for most of her young life. "Mom?!"

"Sis?" muttered Qrow, blinking at the sight of seeing his rogue sister. He looks at the flask in his hand and sighs, believing that he has drunk too much again and is now hallucinating. Those moments always leave him with an annoying hangover in the morning.

"What on Remnant is going on?!" exclaimed Roman Torchwick who suddenly finds himself in a theatre room with several law-abiding Huntsmen and Huntresses, as well as those annoying brats who have been wrecking his plans for quite a while. Last he checked, he was taken prisoner by the Atlesian military after planting the breach in the centre of Vale. A glance to his right and he sees that Cinder is there with him and is equally as confused as he is. Unfortunately, those two followers of hers are by her side as well. Luckily, Neo is by his own side, although she's as perplexed as everyone else.

"Oz, got any ideas on where we are?" asked Ironwood, tensing up and surveying the theatre room. Behind them are rows of seats that one would find if going to the theatre but he can't see any exit by the wall behind them. In front of them looks to be a giant screen which looks time be turned off while on the sidewalls are white shelves with crystals of sorts on them.

"I'm not seeing any doors" muttered Glynda, making sure to watch out for her students. How on Remnant did she get from her office to this room without her even noticing?

"How odd" muttered Ozpin, still holding his coffee cup. He's positive that he was just in his office a second ago but now, he's trapped in what looks to be an odd theatre room. He also notices that he is without his weapon. He isn't completely defence-less without it but he would prefer to have it on him.

"I've never seen Dust crystals like these before" muttered Weiss who has moved to the left wall to gaze at the hundreds, if not thousands of crystals that are resting on the shelves. Being the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, Weiss has studied Dust and its properties for most of her life. There's rarely any sort of Dust she doesn't recognize or know of, so it's quite a surprise to her when she fails to recognize the crystals in front of her. From what she can see, there are only four types of crystals with a different range of colours that she hasn't seen on any other Dust crystal before. There are blue crystals that lack the usual cold temperature from Ice Dust, red crystals that lack the heat from Fire Dust and odd orange crystals in which she has never seen before. She notices that in some of the orange crystals, there is a light shade of blue or red in the centre of them. The fourth crystal is the oddest of them all. Weiss has seen and heard of many different types of Dust but she's sure that she hasn't ever heard of violet Dust before and yet, she can see several crystals that are coloured a deep shade of violet. She can only imagine what sort of element they hold.

"Look, there's more shelves behind them" pointed out Nora as she peeks in through the gap of a shelf. From what she can see, there are rows upon rows of more shelves behind the first with even more crystals! She actually can't see where they end. The same can be said when looking up as there doesn't seem to be an end of the shelves which fade in the shadows of the ceiling. She can only guess that there's an actual ceiling, only because there isn't any sign of a sun or moon up there.

Always the one to watch out for the hyper Huntress-in-training, Ren gently pulls Nora away from the crystals. If they are Dust crystals like he suspects, he doesn't want Nora anywhere near them. The last time she got free reign over Dust, she blew Jaune through a wall!

"Roman!" hissed Blake, noticing the criminal who has been aiding the White Fang for the past few months. She reaches over her shoulder for her weapon, only to grasp air. Her eyes widen when she doesn't feel Gambol Shroud on her back. "Gambol Shroud is missing!"

"So are Ember Cecila" replied Yang, having noticed them missing from her forearms. She has just been training with them so there should be no reason for why they're missing. Everyone begins to figure out that they're weaponry are missing and many are quickly annoyed over this revelation, except for Cinder and Ozpin as they don't need weaponry to be dangerous. A certain redhead with an odd love for her weapon is taking this revelation a lot worse than others.

"My baby!"

Pyrrha ignores Ruby's outburst and remains calm until she starts to look around the room and notices that a certain someone is missing. "Where's Jaune!?" she asked, worried for her partner and secret crush. Why is everyone from team JNPR here but not their leader?

"I wouldn't worry too much about Jaune Arc."

All eyes turn to the source of the new voice and what they see catches quite a few of them off guard. Floating in front of them is a mysterious figure in a black cloak, hovering a few feet in the air. He lacks any noticeable features since he cloak covers him from head-to-toe, hiding his features from them all. They can't even see his hands because the sleeves of his cloak are so long that they almost touch the floor when he drops his arms to his side. Several are unsettled over the man's lack of legs as he is floating in midair, lacking the required appendages.

Several of the professional Hunters, including Roman and Cinder tense up, due to not seeing the mysterious figure, even when he's directly in front of them all.

"I didn't even sense him" thought Ozpin, weary of the mysterious individual. Being almost a millennia old, he has mastered and perfected his skills as a Huntsman, including the ability to sense people. The fact that this person has somehow avoided his detection and appeared in front of everyone without their notice means that he is not someone to be trifled with.

"What do you mean? Where is Jaune and who are you?" demanded Pyrrha while glaring at the floating individual.

"Who's this Jaune fellow?" Roman whispered to Neo, only for his silent partner to shrug her shoulders.

Cinder narrows her eyes in distaste. One second, she's in her room at Beacon, preparing her plans with her subordinates and the next, she finds herself locked in a room with people she would prefer dead than alive. She would've liked to interrogate the mysterious figure but seeing as Ozpin and his group are here with her, she holds herself back. The last thing she needs is for Ozpin to realize that she holds half of the Fall Maiden's power.

The floating person's head tilts to the side while gazing at the redhead. This unnerves Pyrrha as she feels goosebumps tickle across her arms and legs from his gaze alone. Something is definitely not right with him but thankfully, he decides to answer her question. "My name is of little benefit to you. However, if you all require to call me by name, you may call me, Spectre. And for your first question, Jaune Arc and the rest of your universe are currently indisposed of at the moment."

Spectre turn around and waves a hidden hand towards the large screen which turns it on, showing Jaune Arc in one of the training rooms at Beacon, Crocea Mors at the ready. What catches everyone's attention is how he isn't moving at all. Lines appear across the screen and divides it into two dozen smaller screens which show scenes from all across Vale and Beacon, revealing the daily lives of everyone but just like Jaune, they aren't moving.

"I think you left the pause button on" pointed out Ruby.

"I don't think he paused the screen, Rubes" muttered Yang with wide eyes.

"He stopped time" gasped Raven in awe. She may possess the power of a Maiden but not even she can hope to accomplish such an... impossible feat!

"Correct" nodded Spectre.

Practically everyone stares at the screen and Spectre in awe, suspicion and even fear. Anyone who can stop the flow of time is definitely someone to watch out for. Spectre instructs them all to take a seat which they do, even if some of them are more reluctant to do so.

"Are you a god?" asked Nora with a wide and excited grin on her face. Who else can possibly have the awesome powers to stop time? She can't wait to tell Jaune when she gets back to Beacon.

"That's ridiculous" denied Weiss. She isn't much of a religious person but Weiss highly doubts that the person in front of them is an actual god. Gods are suppose to be beautiful, majestic and powerful. Not creepy and mysterious like the person in front of her.

Spectre raises his sleeves to his chin, taking a thinking pose. "I wouldn't exactly call myself a god."

Weiss turns to Nora with a triumphant smirk. "Told you."

"I'd see myself as something much bigger than a simple god."


"How so?" asked Ozpin, interested in what Spectre means by being bigger than a god. Before he split his magical powers and transferred them into the Maidens, Ozpin had been praised as a god once upon a time but back then, people were much more archaic than modern times. It was because of that praise and worship that made him move and live alone in seclusion for most of his life, only for the first generation of Maidens to convince him to leave his sad and lonely life. It was because of their kindness for him that he granted them his powers, making them four of most powerful individuals on Remnant.

Spectre raises his left arm towards the shelves of crystals by one wall. "There are beings with tremendous power in every universe. With their abilities to wipe out planets and cause mass genocide, they were unrivaled by many and given the prestigious title of gods. Afterwards, the weaker life forms began to either bow to or fear the gods of their universe."

Chills crawl up many spines in the room, many imagining what someone with bad intentions could do with that sort of power. Cinder can't help but feel a little bit jealous. Being a Maiden is one thing but having the power to destroy planets sounds too good to be true.

Nora has stars in her eyes, imagining how awesome it would be to have that much power. "I could break... so many legs" she muttered, giggling to herself while Ren sighs from the seat by her right.

"Unlike them, I am unrivaled by all. For there is no higher being than I. While many claim to be gods, all of them lack the necessary power to destroy or rebuild a universe on a whim" admitted Spectre, awing many by the power he holds. "Each crystal you see before you is only one of the infinite amount of universes that I watch over."

"So, you're telling us that each crystal here is actually a whole universe in itself?" asked Emerald in disbelief. How can an entire universe fit into such small containers?

"Correct. Each crystal holds a different universe with infinite possibilities. In other universes, there are creatures that are far more dangerous than any Grimm that can be found on your planet,..."

"Isn't that a wonderful thought" thought Mercury, dryly while imagining what could possibly be worse than the worldwide threat of Grimm.

"...people lack the protection of Aura..."

"Then how could humanity survive without Aura?" wondered Glynda, knowing that without Aura, humanity would have gone extinct years ago.

"...and Dust may not even exist."

"Impossible!" exclaimed Weiss, standing up from her seat. Fearing that her partner will insult the godlike entity, Ruby tries to pull her partner back down to her chair but Weiss shrugs the hand away. "Dust is the bloodline of Remnant. Without it, we couldn't power our vehicles, weapons or even the lights in our own homes."

Only the most experienced Huntsmen and Huntresses in the room can feel the slight increase of pressure in the room. It's so small that the students don't realize it's there but to some like Ozpin, Qrow, Raven and Cinder, they can surely feel it. "Ms. Schnee, I have learned a long time ago that nothing is impossible. What you say is impossible in your universe, it's possible in others."

Glynda can tell by a glance that Weiss is preparing to continue her tirade and preferring that this godlike figure doesn't kill one of her students in annoyance, she uses her Semblance to force the Schnee heiress back into her chair. A quick glare is plenty enough to silence her but Glynda can tell that her student isn't happy about it.

Qrow cracks his neck and sighs. "That's all well and good but why are we actually here? I hardly doubt you brought us all here to explain to us about Multiverses or whatnot."

Spectre chuckles, finding amusement in Qrow's question. "I've brought you all hear because you all play a big role for your universe's upcoming future. Either it be for good..." Spectre glances at team RWBY and (J)NPR. "...or the bad..." He glances at Cinder and her allies. "...or what's in between." This time, Spectre looks down at Ozpin and his allies. This has each of them wince and Qrow shrug in nonchalance.

Blake frowns while she looks around the audience, making sure to glare at Roman and his little sidekick. Roman puffs out a ring of smoke from the cigar in his mouth while Neo waves at the Faunus with a bloodthirsty smile on her face. Silently hissing at the pair, she looks to Spectre who was watching the interaction play out. "Where's Sun? Why isn't he here with us?" As annoying as her fellow Faunus can be, Sun has proven to be a skilled and helpful comrade in her fight against the White Fang. She would expect her fellow Faunus to be here with them.

"Yea and where's Neptune?" asked Weiss, folding her arms across her chest.

Spectre's shoulders moves in a shrug. "Neither Sun Wukong or Neptune Vasilias have any impact of importance in your universe's future. Therefore, I didn't bring them."

Blake's hidden ears flatten on top of her head. "Really?" she asked, having expected the monkey Faunus to be of some importance in the future. Does that mean that he doesn't help her against the White Fang in the future or does her plans fail in the end?

"Aww, does someone miss their boyfriend" cooed Yang while pinching her partner's cheek. She laughs when Blake slaps her hand away and glares.

Pyrrha frowns. "But what of Jaune?" she asked to the godlike figure.

Before Spectre can answer, Weiss interrupts him with a scoff. "As if that idiot has any say in the future, other than accidentally falling on his own sword."

"That child is starting to annoy me" thought Raven, wishing that she had her sword to cut down the heiress. She could use her Maiden powers but that would reveal to Ozpin that she is the Spring Maiden. That would only drag her back into that pointless war between him and Salem and that's the last thing she wants.

Nora glares at Weiss, thinking about the possibility of breaking the heiress's legs and getting away with it. Beside her, Ren is thinking about the possibility of sicking Nora on Weiss and getting away with it.

Pyrrha glares at the heiress, wondering if she even understands what she has. Ever since the start of the year, Jaune has only had eyes on Weiss, even though all the heiress does is belittle his efforts. Pyrrha has hoped that she managed to provide her leader a hint about her own affection for him but two weeks have passed since the dance and so far, nothing has changed. She fears that a confession in itself will be the only way to get through her crush's block of a head.

They aren't the only ones who find themselves annoyed as the Spectre suddenly launches himself at Weiss and stops in front of her face. Weiss's eyes widen as she stares into the endless darkness that hides the face of Spectre. She may not be able to see them but she can feel Spectre's eyes glaring a hole through her skull.

"You fail to realize Jaune Arc's importance to the Multiverse, Ms. Schnee" said Spectre and while his voice sounds calm and composed, they can all feel the power he is holding back. He floats back to his usual place, much to the relief of Weiss who drops to her seat in a cold sweat. "The reason for why Jaune Arc isn't here with us is because he is the sole person who can shape the future to any shape he wants. Bringing him here could have unfortunate and lasting consequences in your universe. That must be avoided at all cost."

"WHAT!?" Is the response of many in the room, Cinder's being the loudest.

"Really? Jaune's that important?" asked Pyrrha who smiles to Spectre's nod. She has always known that Jaune has a lot of potential in him. She just didn't think he had that much potential.

"While you all play a big part in shaping your world's future, Jaune Arc remains to be in the centre of it" answered Spectre, having many to think of the young Huntsman-in-training.

"Wow. Kid must got some serious talent" thought Qrow, taking a sip of his flask. He'd like to meet this kid when they get back to Beacon.

"Interesting. Looks like I'll need to keep a closer eye on Mr. Arc" thought Ozpin, sipping on his cup of coffee while happy that he decided to give the Arc heir a chance at Beacon, even after recognizing the boy's fake transcripts. Who knows, he could possibly be the key to defeating Salem, once and for all.

"Mr. Arc is the centre of our universe? I would've never guessed" thought Glynda. While Jaune's skill as a fighter has been growing over the past few months, he still remains as the weakest among her students. She can't imagine the thought of him somehow making an huge difference in the future.

"This Arc child could prove useful for the tribe" thought Raven, folding her arms across her chest. Anyone that can decide on the future of the entire planet must be strong. That strength can prove useful for her and the tribe.

"Jaune Arc. I'll have to inform Salem when I get the chance" thought Cinder, gaining an interest of the Arc child. Who knows, she might just be able to convince him to change his loyalties and work for herself.

"I knew fearless leader was awesome!" thought Nora who's almost jumping on her seat in excitement.

"Jaune can do that? COOL!" squealed Ruby, full of the same amount of excitement as Nora.

"This must be one bad joke" groaned Weiss, wondering what she has done to have her entire viewpoint fall apart. She refuses to believe that the same buffoon who has been asking her out on dates since the start of the year has any say in deciding the future of Remnant. If so, the world will end up in ruins!

Unknown to anyone, Spectre has been reading their minds and inwardly chuckles at what he hears. "For all your information, your universe isn't the only one in which Jaune Arc makes a lasting impression."

Ruby perks up at the sound of that while her partner grumbles beside her. "Really? How many?"

Spectre spreads his arms out and laughs. "ALL OF THEM!"

This time, nobody cries out in surprise, only silence as they grasp over the truth in Spectre's words. Ironwood is the first to shake himself out of his stupor and even then, there's disbelief in his voice. "So this Jaune Arc character is of big importance in every universe?"

"How is that possible?" muttered Roman. The master criminal is starting to have second thoughts on staying allied with Cinder. From what he understands of the Multiverse theory, every universe is different in some shape or form. So it speaks of his strength and prowess when this Jaune Arc person remains to be a person of interest in each universe. He doesn't even try to understand how that's possible.

"You're all here to witness Jaune Arc and how he shapes the universe around him, whither it be for the good or bad" said Spectre as he floats to the side of the large screen.

"Jaune, bad? Yeah right. I can't see that happening anytime soon" scoffed Yang with a chuckle. The last thing she imagines Jaune to be is evil in any shape or form. Is he bad at fighting? Yes. Is he bad at socializing? Almost as bad a Ruby. Is he bad at being a romantic? Definitely. But is he bad and evil? No way.

As he's facing away from them all, nobody sees a white light glint within the darkness of Spectre's hood. "Is that so?" muttered Spectre loud enough for everyone to hear. He turns around after the glint vanishes and nobody can see the smirk hidden under the hood of his cloak. "How about we put that to the test?"

All of a sudden, a red crystal from a shelf to everyone's right rises and floats towards the centre of the large screen before sinking into it. The metallic screen ripples like water before it returns to normal and a white light fills the entirety of the screen.

"Let me show you how bad Jaune Arc can really be."

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