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Lately, life has been nothing but depressing for Jaune Arc.

Just three hours ago, he attended the funeral of his late wife, Ruby Rose and is only now cleaning up his house after the last of the guests left so he can mourn in solitude.

Yang winces, knowing full well what losing a loved one can do to someones head. She doesn't know this personally, but she has witnessed her father become a wreck after the death of her mother, Summer and it took herself almost getting killed to knock him out of his funk. Even now, he hasn't been the same, but he tries for both her and Ruby.

Ruby frowns, hating to see Jaune's emotionless face as he cleans around their house. While liking the idea that they got married, even in a different universe, it's a lot different when she's dead in this one. She knows her dad misses her mom very much so she can somewhat understand what this world's version of Jaune is going through.

Picking up a dirty plate and glass, Jaune turns towards the door when he hears the doorbell go off. Dropping everything, he walks towards the doorway, wondering who could be at his door this late at night. Opening the front door to his large house in Patch, he sees a woman with a clipboard, standing in front of him with a dog kennel by her feet.

"Jaune Arc?" she asked.


She offers him the clipboard and a pen. "Sign here please."

Confused, Jaune obliges and signs the paper on the clipboard. Once signed, the woman takes back the clipboard and pen before leaving Jaune with the kennel.

With no idea why someone sent him a dog of all things, Jaune takes the kennel inside and places it on top of his coffee table. Noticing a letter on top of the kennel, he takes it and opens it to show a card in it, but stops when he sees a certain symbol on the front of the card.

A Red Rose.

Ruby's symbol.

"I have a feeling this is going to get sappy real fast" sighed Roman, taking out a cigar from his coat. Before he can stuff it into his mouth, Neo elbows him into the ribs, having the criminal drop it. "Ow!"

With shaking hands, Jaune slowly opens the letter and begins to read, imagining what Ruby would sound like when making the letter.

"Jaune, I'm sorry I can't be there for you, but you still need something, someone to love. So start with this, because the card doesn't count. I love you, Jaune. This illness has loomed over us for a long time and now that I found my peace, find yours. Until that day, your best friend, Ruby."

Crying halfway through reading the letter, Jaune struggles to control his emotions, but manages to stop the tears from leaking. Sniffling, Jaune opens the cage to reveal a Corgi puppy. Taking the puppy out of the kennel, Jaune looks over the dog before noticing a collar around its neck. He fumbles with its name-tag and chuckles. "Zwei, of course." She always did like that name.

"Uh~, what happened to all the fun action parts?" sighed Mercury, before crying out when Emerald slaps him across the back of his head. "Ow! Em, what did you do that... for...?" Mercury trails off when he sees Emerald sniffling with tears leaking down her cheeks. "Em?"

"Shut up, Mercury. Just... shut up" sniffled Emerald, trying, but failing in controlling her emotions. Emerald isn't the only one who's effected by the letter.

"When did my partner get so emotionally beautiful?" cried Weiss, wiping her tears with tissues that Spectre, thoughtfully conjures up for everyone who's crying.

"S-Shut up and hand me another tissue" bawled Ruby, reaching out for another tissue.

Two nights later, Jaune's woken up from his slumber after Zwei jumps off the bed while growling. Groggily, Jaune follows after Zwei, guessing that the dog just wants to go to the bathroom outside. For a puppy, Zwei is very smart.

However, after he climbs down the stairs of his house, he sees a pair of figures standing in the shadows of his living room. Before he can do something, a metal bat connects to the back of his skull, knocking Jaune to the floor in pain. As Jaune grabs the back of his head in pain, one of the assailants turns on his lamp, lighting the living room and showing that the four assailants are covering their faces with masks and hoods. Jaune bends forward when one of his attackers kicks him in the stomach while another swings his metal back down on Jaune's arm.

"Where are those fucking keys?" demanded one of assailants before kicking Jaune across the face, making him cry out in pain as blood leaks out from his nose and mouth.

"Amateurs" scoffed Mercury.

"Attacking him when his back is turned. How disgraceful" remarked Glynda in disgust.

Qrow shrugs his shoulder, showing how little he cares. "There's no honour among thieves." Beside Qrow, Ironwood nods, although reluctantly. Not because he doesn't agree with Qrow, but because he dislikes the fact he's agreeing with Qrow in the first place.

"Why does that voice sound so familiar?" thought Weiss, trying to place where she has heard the attacker's voice before.

Jaune's vision gets blurry with the only noises he can hear are the sounds of someone smashing his furniture and Zwei's barking.

"Shut that fucking dog up!"

"Stay away from Zwei!" cried Ruby, watching in actual anger as one of Jaune's attackers chase after Zwei in the living room. Zwei has done nothing wrong!

Jaune can only watch in pain as one of his attackers grabs the struggling Zwei before punching the puppy, silencing it.

Ruby cries out for her family's pet.

Weiss's perfect demeanor drops and she actually snarls at Jaune's assailants.

Beside Ruby, Yang's eyes turn blood red as her hair lights aflame, making the room slightly warmer from the heat of her Aura.

Blake glares at the four attackers in disgust. She has never liked Zwei, but the last thing she wants is for the dog to be killed. It's only worse because Zwei is actually a young puppy.

Jaune is kicked onto his back as one of the other assailants finds his car keys. As they begin to leave, one of the assailants hovers over Jaune's body, obviously grinning under that mask of his. Kneeling down and grabbing Jaune by his hair, the assailant pulls down his mask, revealing his identity to Jaune.

Jaune recognizes the burnt orange hair and arrogant smirk. It's the same young man he met at the Dust station who wanted to buy his car off of him, even after he said no.

"Cardin!" cried Team RWBY and NPR who immediately recognize the bully. They never thought they could hate the bully more than they already do but somehow, they manage to.

Cinder glances at Emerald who answers back. "Cardin Winchester, leader of Team CRDL. Average in both fighting skill and grades. Pyrrha Nikos defeated his team on her own during Combat Class."

"Ah~ yes, I remember now" nodded Cinder, having witnessed the Invincible Girl defeat a team of boys rather easily in one of the Combat Classes. From what she can recall, the team had no teamwork whatsoever and lackluster skills at best.

"Amateur" scoffed Roman with Neo nodding beside him. "Only a suicidal fool would show their face to the person they just robbed."

"Sleep tight, bitch."

The last thing Jaune sees before he blacks out is a fist.

An hour later, Jaune wakes up from unconsciousness and the first thing he sees is Zwei's corpse lying beside him. From the blood trail, it's obvious that the puppy dragged itself to him before eventually dying from his wounds.

Pushing himself up to a sitting position, Jaune carefully picks up Zwei and holds the puppy to his chest, trying to hold back the tears that threaten to leak out from his eyes.

Half an hour later and while still covered in his own blood, Jaune buries Zwei in his garden. By the time he's finished, it's six o'clock in the morning.

Entering his bedroom, Jaune turns off his ringing alarm clock and places Zwei's collar beside it. While he didn't have Zwei for long, he will always have something to remember him by.

Still in his bloody clothing, Jaune starts to scrub off the blood from the floorboards in his living room. While scrubbing off the blood, Jaune's rage grows as he thinks back to last night's events.

Four young punks broke into his home, beat him up, destroyed his furniture, stole his car and killed his dog.

The first four he couldn't care less about, but it's the latter that has made Jaune really angry.

They didn't just kill his dog.

They took away the last gift his deceased wife gave him.

They took away the last thing he had to remember Ruby by.

Having forgotten his task, Jaune slowly looks up with the only emotion present in those blue eyes of his being pure rage.

Ruby sniffles as she watches Jaune get angry. She can't help but find that very sweet and agrees wholeheartedly with what he's going to do next. She can tell by looking at him that he wants revenge and if she could, Ruby would jump through the screen and do so alongside with him.

Mercury can't help but get chills when she looks into the eyes of Jaune Arc. For some reason, he feels like this universe's version is a lot more different than the other ones. The only other person to make Mercury shiver like that is Cinder when she's mad, but somehow, it's even worse. "He's dangerous. Very dangerous."

Ozpin can relate to this universe's Jaune Arc. Back before they were at each other's throats, Ozpin and Salem loved each other very much and Ozpin believes that if he was in the same situation as Jaune, he would be angry as well. Angry enough to go after the men who have taken away everything, just as he's sure Jaune will do.

Driving his stolen car into one of his father's owned garages, Cardin laughs alongside his friends, Russel, Dove and Sky as he parks it inside, ignoring the various mechanics who are either fixing cars or tearing them apart for spare parts. "I think I'll keep this motherfucker" chuckled Cardin, walking over towards the man in charge of the garage. "Yo, Neptune! I want new numbers and clean papers."

Neptune sighs before turning away from the engine he's looking over to see the annoyance that is Cardin Winchester. If not for him working for the boy's father, Neptune would have punched the smug bastard a long time ago. Glancing at the car that Cardin obviously stole, Neptune does a double take to make sure his eyes aren't playing tricks on him. Realizing that they're not, Neptune walks over towards Cardin, hoping that Cardin at least killed the owner of the car he just stole. "Where did you get that car?"

Weiss perks up when she sees Neptune make an appearance. None of the other universes showed him so it's a pleasant surprise to see him, even though it looks like he isn't a good guy in this universe.

"Does Neptune look scared to any of you guys?" asked Nora, tilting her head curiously.

"It appears like he recognizes the car or rather, who actually owns it" remarked Qrow, rolling his eyes. "Obviously, there's more to the kid than we've seen so far."

After five seconds of Cardin not answering, Neptune asks again, but sterner "I asked you where the hell did you get it?"

"Who gives a shit?" shrugged Cardin, obviously uncaring to Neptune's plight.

"Alright, get out of my shop. Get out right now" ordered Neptune, walking away from the dead man walking. The last thing he wants is to be near Cardin who doesn't even realize what he has done.

Neo looks very interested in where the conversation is going. From what it looks like, the Neptune character recognizes the car and who rightfully owns it. It also appears like he knows what will happen when the owner finds out. She guesses Jaune Arc must be pretty scary in this universe as well.

"Looks like our favourite little blonde has quite a reputation going" mentioned Roman, chuckling in excitement. Only one type of person gets such a fearful reputation in the criminal underworld.


Neptune turns around and glares at Cardin. "The owner of the car, did you kill him or what?"

"No, but we sure as hell fucked up his dog" chuckled Cardin.

Neptune starts to chuckle in amusement as well. "Fucked up his dog, that's what you did?"

"Yea" laughed Cardin.

"That's crazy" sighed Neptune before punching Cardin across the face. As Cardin falls to the floor with a sore jaw, Russel steps forward and brings a gun to Neptune's head. "Look at you. You're gonna come to my shop and pull a gun on me. That's great man" he smirked.

Dove steps to Russel's side and slowly lowers his friend's arm. As Cardin climbs back up to his feet with a bloody nose, Dove glares at the mechanic. "Viggo isn't going to like this."

"You don't know what Viggo likes or doesn't like" spat Neptune, ignoring Cardin's curses. "But I'll tell him what he understands." With all said and done, Neptune walks back to the engine, knowing that he won't be able to concentrate on it anymore. How can he concentrate knowing that Jaune Arc will be coming to his garage later for information.

Within the hour, Jaune Arc himself steps into Neptune's garage, much to the mechanic's expectation. Neptune is sitting on a stool beside one of his cars, drinking a glass of whiskey with another already waiting for Jaune.

"Kid didn't even change his shirt" pointed out Qrow, having a hard time ignoring the blood stain on Jaune's white shirt.

"He either doesn't care or he believes that there's no time to lose. I'm guessing it to be the latter" answered Ironwood, studying this world version of Jaune Arc. While he doesn't walk or stand like a soldier, he doesn't walk like a civilian either. "His steps are both silent and measured. Only one sort of people walks like that." Just from the way he walks, Ironwood figures out what type of man this universe's version of Jaune Arc is and it isn't good.

Ignoring the many frightened eyes watching him, Jaune steps forward and takes a seat in front of Neptune. "Is it here?"

Nervously gulping down the whiskey, Neptune fills Jaune's own glass. "It was." From the cold stare in Jaune's blue eyes, Neptune can tell the blonde isn't too thrilled with his response. "Cardin Winchester nicked it."

"Viggo's son" remarked Jaune, knowing the boy's father. After all, he use to work for the mob boss not too long ago. Does that deter him from killing Cardin? No, but it does mean that there's going to be an even bigger body pile than he expected.

"What are you going to do?" asked the mechanic, although he has a very good idea on what Jaune Arc is going to do.

Taking the glass of whiskey, Jaune downs the drink in one gulp before looking at Neptune. "I need a ride."

"He's a man on a mission" smirked Yang, feeling no sympathy to Team CRDL in the alternate universe. Nobody hurts Zwei, no matter which universe they live in.

"I almost feel sorry for them" answered Blake. Yang looks at her partner. "I said almost."

"Kill them all." Surprisingly, Weiss is the one who says that, but her teammates can understand why. Zwei is one of the very few creatures on Remnant that has managed to warm Weiss's cold heart so seeing him die like that has obviously angered the Schnee heiress.

"They're taking this very personally" deadpanned Ren, sensing a lot of Killing Intent coming off of everyone in Team RWBY. Somehow, their team leader's killer intent is almost double the size of the others, even Yang's. That's a scary thought in itself.

Hours later, Neptune is doing some paperwork in his office when his TeleScroll starts to ring. Knowing who is calling him, Neptune takes a moment before answering. "Neptune speaking."

Standing on the balcony of one of the many skyscrapers that litter Vale, Viggo Winchester looks out into the city while talking to Neptune on his Scroll. "I heard you struck my son."

"Yes sir, I did."

"Then may I ask why?"

"Yea well, he stole Jaune Arc's car and... killed his dog."

Slowly, Viggo turns around and a nervous expression appears on his face. Whatever excuse he was expecting from Neptune for hitting his son, he didn't expect that! Now, he doesn't blame Neptune for hitting Cardin, seeing as his son has just done something very stupid and he probably doesn't even know it. "Oh."

"I can see the resemblance between him and Cardin" said Pyrrha, noting how Viggo has the same build as Cardin and the same hair colour, although his is starting to grey on the sides and unlike Cardin, he has the look of a man who has experienced many things in his life.

"I'm really interested on Jaune in this universe. What could he have done to get such a badass reputation?" said Nora, vibrating in excitement. "Maybe he broke someones legs?"

"I think he broke a lot than legs" thought Mercury, smirking in both amusement and excitement. Just as he has learned from watching the Soldier 76 version of Jaune, he hopes to learn more skills from this universe's Jaune Arc who is obviously a killer of sorts.

Two hours later, a smirking Cardin enters his father's suite, feeling very happy about getting his job done, as well as getting a new car. He'll be even more happy to hear about Neptune's punishment from his father's own mouth. Walking into the main room, Cardin sees his father standing behind his private bar while his second-in-command, Avi leans against the bar.

"How's your trip, kid?" asked Avi with a smile.

"We won't be hearing from them anytime soon. Or ever" stated Cardin, having eliminated an upcoming gang that tried to stretch their authority into Winchester's own.

"So they're a mob?" asked Qrow, quirking a brow. "I guess I can see why the kid's so cocky." Being a Huntsman, he has wiped out a few criminal gangs in his life so he knows the types. Smart, devious, but also arrogant. That arrogance of theirs is what usually fucks them up in the end.

"He's always cocky. He's just an arrogant thug in this universe" stated Blake, narrowing her eyes in distaste for Cardin. While he has stopped his bullying on Jaune, that doesn't mean Cardin has changed his ways and stopped his racist acts against Faunus.

Yang whistles over her partner's obvious disdain for Cardin, although she doesn't blame her. Cardin isn't exactly someone who anyone can get along with.

Preparing two glasses of vodka, Viggo steps up towards Cardin, making his son take a step back in nervousness when he notices his father's stern expression. Stopping, Viggo offers his son a glass before turning around to place his own back on the bar. As Viggo walks back towards Cardin who has already drank all the vodka, he looks at Cardin's jacket. "That's a nice jacket."


"Yea" nodded Viggo, placing one hand on Cardin's shoulder while looking over his shoulder at Avi. All of a sudden, Viggo digs his other fist into his son's stomach, making Cardin collapse to the floor and puke out the vodka he just drank.

Grabbing a cloth from the bar, Viggo throws it at his puking son. "Clean it up."

While confused and in a lot of pain, Cardin does as he's told and wipes away this vomit.

"Should I go?" asked Avi, finding the sudden change of demeanor in his boss uncomfortable. He doesn't want to be in the same room when Viggo is obviously pissed with his son.

"Stay" ordered Viggo, taking off his own jacket.

"That's a bit... harsh" said Ren, wincing from the punch. Such a punch wouldn't have winded his own universe's version of Cardin, but unlike him, this universe doesn't appear to have Aura.

"Oh~, Cardin messed up big time" giggled Nora, showing no sympathy for Cardin. "Jaune-Jaune is gonna break some legs~."

"Fortunately, I think Nora might be right" sighed Weiss. From what she can tell, Viggo Winchester is a powerful mob boss who has wealth and connections so it shouldn't take one man being wronged to scare him so much. Yet, knowing his son has wronged Jaune of all people has made him both angry and scared, meaning that Jaune is someone that even makes mob bosses scared.

"W-What d-did I do?" asked Cardin, still on his knees, cleaning his puke.

"You fucked up" answered Viggo, rolling up his sleeves.

"We did what you asked. No one saw shit" exclaimed Caridn, having no idea why his father is angry at him.

Rolling his eyes, Viggo grabs his son and pulls him back up to his feet. "I'm not talking about Vacuo."

"What then?" asked a sniffling Cardin. "You mean Neptune's? So I stole the fucking car!"

That's obviously not the right thing to say because Viggo punches Cardin in the stomach again, making Cardin fall to the floor once more.

"What the fuck, Viggo" said Avi, wanting to step out of the room.

Viggo points at his second-in-command. "You stay" he ordered, having Avi sigh and remain where he is beside the bar.

"I gotta say, I'm enjoying watching Cardin get his ass kicked" grinned Yang.

"Me too" Nora answered, grinning as well.

Pyrrha doesn't answer, but inwardly agrees with the two powerhouses. While usually kind to everyone, Pyrrha can't forget how Cardin bullied Jaune in the beginning of their first year.

Putting his jacket back on and preparing a drink, both Cardin and Avi wait for Viggo to explain his anger.

After preparing himself a strong drink, Viggo decides to ease both their curiosities. "It's not what you did, son that angers me so. It's who you did it to" he sighed.

Cardin looks at his father from the floor in confusion. "Who? That fucking nobody?"

Viggo looks down at his son with the most serious expression Cardin has ever seen on his face. "That. Fucking. Nobody. Is Jaune Arc."

Unknown to the Winchesters, Jaune is walking down to his basement with a sledgehammer in his hand.

Roman leans forward on his seat, looking very interested on watching the next few moments. "Now I'm interested." From the way Viggo speaks of Jaune Arc, he's a man to be much feared.

Neo grins as well, feeling her body shiver in excitement. Not even Roman has the type of reputation Jaune has in this universe, which means he isn't a simple thief. He's something a lot more dangerous and the thought of what he is brings a pleasurable shiver down her spine.

"He was once an associate of ours" explained Viggo after taking a sip of his drink. "We call him, Baba Yaga."

"Booba whatsa?" asked Nora, making Yang and Qrow snort.

"It's Mistralian" answered Pyrrha, being fluent in her own Kingdom's language. "It means bogeyman."

Cardin pushes himself to his feet, having recovered form his father's blows. "Bogeyman?"

"Well, Jaune wasn't exactly the Bogeyman" explained Viggo, looking very serious.

In his basement, Jaune throws the carpet aside and positions his sledgehammer in the centre of the floor.

"He was the one you sent to kill the fucking Bogeyman."

Mercury hums, looking forward to see how good of a killer this world's Jaune is.

"Vomit Boy has got some skills in this universe" whistled Yang, knowing that he must be good if he's earned himself a title like that.

"It appears like Mr. Arc is someone to be feared in this universe" said Ozpin, waiting to see Jaune's skills firsthand. So far, all he knows of Jaune in this universe is that he's likely a killer and a very good one at that, if everyone's reaction to Cardin's actions are anything to guess by.

Reeling the sledgehammer back, Jaune swings it and slams it down on the floor, cracking the concrete it's made from.

Cardin gulps, starting to see the situation he put himself in. "Oh."

"Jaune is a man of focus" said Viggo, stepping forward towards his son. "Commitment. Sheer will." Viggo glares down at his son. "Something you know very little about."

In his basement, Jaune continues to hit his sledgehammer against his basement floor, damaging the floor for every hit he makes.

"I once saw him kill three men in a bar..."

Mercury quirks a brow in little interest. "Is that it?" he asked, looking very unimpressed. He can kill three men in any bar without breaking a sweat.

"... with a pencil."

"Oh" muttered Mercury, looking very impressed now. None of his father's lessons ever taught him how to kill a man with a pencil of all things, let alone how to use it to kill three of them.

"With a fucking pencil!"

In his basement, Jaune shouts in both rage and grief as he thinks of Ruby and the last gift she gave him to help with the grief of losing her. She has always worried for the well being of others, even at the cost of her own health. That's one of the many reasons why he loves her so much. So knowing that the arrogant kid is still walking around after killing Ruby's final gift to him only angers him more and with his rage and grief increasing, so does his strength as he continues to pummel the concrete floor.

Ruby can feel tears leak from her eyes as she watches Jaune cry out in pain of her death. She wishes she can walk through the screen and comfort him, but all she can do is clench her fists and clinch her teeth, trying to ignore his painful cries.

Viggo walks back behind the bar and serves himself another drink. "Suddenly one day, he asked to leave. Over a woman of course" continued Viggo.

Jaune throws his sledgehammer aside and starts to dig through the rubble of what use to be his basement floor.

"So I made a deal with him. I gave him an impossible task. A job no one could have pulled off." Viggo takes a deep sip of his drink. "The bodies he buried that day laid a foundation of what we are now."

Jaune brushes the rubble and dust away, seeing the box he buried all those years ago. He did so to prove to himself that he would no longer enter that world.

"So they're only as powerful as they are now because of Jaune?" asked Blake.

"He likely sent Jaune to kill powerful competitors of his" explained Weiss, knowing that it's something she would do if she was in Viggo's position. If she was gonna risk losing one of her most valuable assets, she would want something of similar value in exchange. "He likely thought Jaune wouldn't be capable of doing it so he would stay as an ally of his. Jaune actually completing his job probably surprised him more than anyone else."

Viggo steps to face his son once again. "And then, my son. A few days after his wife died, you steal his car and kill his fucking dog" exclaimed Viggo, turning away, but Cardin stops him.

"Father, I can make this right?" spoke Cardin, stepping forward.

"Oh? How do you plan that?" asked Viggo, obviously not believing his son has an actual plan. He highly doubts his son can even comprehend who he has actually pissed off, even after explaining everything about Jaune Arc to him.

"By finishing what I started."

This only angers Viggo who turns to his second-in-command. "Did he not hear a word I said?"

"Dad, I can do this! Please!" pleaded Cardin, but Viggo does something that surprises, but also horrified the young man.

Viggo hugs his son.

"Jaune will come for you" Viggo said into his son's ear. "And you will do nothing because you can do nothing. So get the fuck out of my sight" he ordered, pushing Cardin away who then runs out of the room, leaving Viggo alone with his second-in-command.

Many in the audience are shocked of Viggo's actions, especially the younger people in the audience.

"Did he just..." muttered Ren in shocked horror.

"He did" nodded Pyrrha in similar horror.

"That hug... it was like he was hugging his son goodbye" said Blake, having felt a chill crawl up her spine once she understood Viggo's reasons. "How scary is Jaune in this universe?"

Qrow shakes his head. "I wouldn't mind seeing if the kid's skills are as good as the rumors make him out to be."

Glynda won't admit it, but she's a bit curious as well. Viggo is obviously a powerful man with money, men and connections. Yet, Jaune's reputation is so great that none of that even matters, likely believing that Jaune will get Cardin, no matter what. "He's only one man. How dangerous can he truly be?"

Jaune opens the box he buried all those years ago, revealing his weapons on one side and a pile of gold coins on the other.

At the same time, Viggo opens his safe in the wall to retrieve his contact book which holds the names and TeleScroll numbers of every one of his clients and associates, including former ones. After finding the page with Jaune Arc's number, he calls, hoping to sort the whole mess out before it gets out of hand.

Jaune looks to the right to see his TeleScroll ringing. Unlike his regular Scroll, that TeleScroll is only used for people who has his work number. Knowing who it is, he walks over and answers the TeleScroll, placing it to his ear.

"Hello Jaune. I heard about your wife. Sorry, my condolences" said Viggo, waiting for Jaune to speak. Realizing he isn't going to, Viggo decides to continue. "It's um.. seemed to be faith or hazardous just bad fucking luck that caused our paths to cross once again... Jaune?" he spoke, swallowing a pile of saliva in his throat when Jaune doesn't speak. "Let us not resort to our baser instincts and handle this like civilized men and move o-" Viggo stops when he hears the call disconnect from the other side.

Placing his Scroll on the table, Viggo leans on it as he tries to come to terms with his current situation.

"What did he say?" asked Avi from his position on one of the two couches.


"Oh God" muttered Avi, realizing that they are now the target of Jaune fucking Arc. If it was any other assassin, they'd have nothing to worry about but Jaune Arc is a legend.

Gathering his wits, Viggo turns to his second-in-command. "Task a crew."

Actually surprised, but not one to ignore his boss's orders, he nods. "How many?"

"How many do you have?"

"He wants to task a crew?" wondered Nora, failing to realize what the mob boss means.

"By crew, he means a hit squad" piped in Mercury, looking forward to see how Jaune Arc reacts to the assassination attempt.

"Hit squad?" repeated Nora, tilting her head with the same goofy smile on her face.

Ren decides to be blunt with his partner. "He means Viggo is sending a team of people of assassinate Jaune."

Ten seconds pass as Nora blinks before she jumps out of her seat. "WHAT!" Nora's next intention is to pull her chair out of the floor and throw it at the screen, but with a flick of Spectre's hand, Nora appears back on her seat with chains wrapped around her to keep her in place. "Let me go! They're going to kill Jaune-Jaune."

"I'll let you go once you've calmed down. Until then, you can remain restrained" told Spectre before everyone returns their attention to the screen, ignoring how Nora is struggling to escape her restraints.

Knowing that he'll be expecting guests, Jaune decides to take a shower and prepare for their arrival.

"Just a little lower" whispered Yang, seeing only Jaune's upper body as he takes a shower.

Mercury whistles in appreciation of the tattoo on the blonde's back which depicts a pair of hands together like as if the owner is praying while in the background, there is a glowing cross. Over the tattoo is a line of words in another language. "That's a sweet tattoo."

"What do the words say?" asked Emerald, having no clue on what the words mean.

Mercury shrugs, having no idea either. "Do I look like someone who's fluent in languages?"

"It's Mistralian" said Pyrrha, being fluent in the language since she lives there. "It means Fortune Favors the Bold."

After finishing his shower, Jaune gets dressed in his favoured attire of a black suit, dress shirt, tie and shoes. While Jaune straightens out his suit in front of his mirror, Viggo is sitting in front of an open fireplace with a glass of wine while singing an old tale song.

"Hurry fall asleep or The Bogeyman will come for you."

From outside Jaune's house, Viggo's squad of assassins are slowly trailing up towards the house. Each one is dressed exactly the same, adorning a black suit, white dress shirt, bulletproof vest and a black mask.

"From the swamp he will come..." Viggo leans forward and stares deeply into the fire. "...and TAKE the children that don't behave."

The assassins slowly make their way inside Jaune's home, ignoring the fact that the doors have been left unlocked for them. As they look around the house for their target, Viggo can be found smiling a sad smile.

"The Boogeyman" he finished, knowing that the men he sent to kill Jaune Arc are most likely dead and if not, they'll be dead soon enough. Still at least he can say he tried to do something to protect his son.

As three of the assassins look around for their target in the second floor, none of them notice the figure hiding in the shadows before it's too late.

Like a phantom, Jaune steps out of the shadows and fires a bullet into the first assassin's head with his pistol. Before the corpse can fall to the floor, Jaune has already shot the second assassin in the foot while grabbing his swinging arm and shooting the third the stomach before he can fire back. After shooting the second assassin in the chest and once in the face, Jaune turns and guns down the third assassin without mercy.

Seeing another assassin on the bottom floor, Jaune drops to his knees and shoot him in the forehead. Looking to his right, Jaune runs as another assassin fires at him from the bottom floor and jumps over the staircase before turning around to shoot the firing assassin in the leg. The assassin cries out in pain as he slides across the floor before Jaune places another bullet in his head.

"Kid's not messing around" whistled Qrow, appreciating Jaune's skills with a gun. Kid has some serious accuracy with that pistol of his.

Raven smirks, enjoying the sight of Jaune tearing his enemies apart. He isn't impossibly strong like the Lion's Sin of Pride Jaune or have the ferocity of the Snow Leopard Faunus Jaune, but she can see why he has earned his reputation.

"It's like watching an action movie!" cried out Nora with a wide grin, enjoying the violence.

Weiss rolls her eyes. "Yes, just that the blood and killing is real."

"You'd think they'd bring better guns if they wanted to kill Jaune" said Ruby, ignoring Weiss's sarcasm and wondering why the assassins only brought pistols with silencers on them. Wouldn't it be more efficient if they had better weapons or maybe even explosives to blow up the house altogether?

"They want to kill their target as quickly and quietly as possible" informed Mercury, knowing exactly what the team of assassins are trying to do.

"Too bad Jaune doesn't seem to care about being quiet" deadpanned Blake as she watches Jaune shoot assassin after assassin. Unlike the team of killers after his head, Jaune isn't using a silencer for his pistol, but she isn't sure if he's using that to his disadvantage or for his benefit.

Having reloaded his weapon, Jaune uses the reflection off a nearby window to watch two more assassins slowly make their way towards himself as he hides at the end of a bookshelf. Once they're close enough, he steps out of cover and shoots the closest one in the chest. As the assassin stumbles back as his vest absorbs the blow, Jaune jumps and latches onto him, using his weight to drop the man to the floor while at the same time, shooting the second assassin from the other side of the bookshelf.

Standing up, Jaune shoots the man below him in the head before firing at another nearby assassin who dives behind a wall. Jaune takes cover on the other side of the same wall with both killers waiting for their opponent to make the first move. Seconds pass by before both men move at the same time. The assassin turns and fires into the wall, hoping to hit his target on the other side. However, Jaune has already anticipated that and crouches to the floor while also shooting at the wall. While the assassin misses his target, Jaune manages to shoot the assassin in the chest twice.

The assassin catches himself before he can hit the floor and tries to shoot at his target, but Jaune grabs his arm to aim the gun away from himself and smacks the assassin across the side of his face with the butt of his pistol. Dropping backwards to the floor, Jaune uses his momentum to swings the assassin over him and through the glass window behind him. Quickly standing back up, Jaune reloads and fires a bullet into the assassin's head, just to make sure he's dead. Many amateurs have lost their lives after failing to make sure their enemies are truly dead.

Stepping into the kitchen, Jaune steps back as another assassin walks around the corner before he grapples with Jaune, trying to shoot him with his gun. As Jaune fights off the assassin, another one comes running around the corner, but Jaune quickly lodges a bullet into his chest before returning with his grappling match.

Managing to disarm him, Jaune lifts the assassin onto his shoulders and drops him on the kitchen table. Before the assassin can get himself off, Jaune punches him in the throat, causing the assassin to cough and struggle for breath.

Looking around for his gun, Jaune notices it lying a foot away from him, as well as the assassin he shot before running towards it. Managing to kick it away, Jaune begins a close combat fight with the man with each throwing blows and blocks before Jaune gets the upper hand and throwing the man over his shoulder. Once he's down, Jaune returns to the assassin on his kitchen table and drags him so that his head is the only thing not lying on it. Jaune lifts up his arm and drops it on the man's head which causes his neck to break, killing him instantly.

A second later, the second assassin swings at Jaune with a kitchen knife and he barely dodges the sharp blade in time. Grabbing the assassin's arm after the second swing, the men drag themselves into the hallway with both attempting to overpower the other.

Jaune overcomes the assassin by kicking his feet ouy from under him, giving Jaune the leverage of being on top. After trying to stab the assassin in the chest with his blade, Jaune pulls the masked man onto his back while pushing down on the knife. However, the assassin continues to struggle and push back against Jaune. Growing tired, Jaune hurries up the process by punching down at the knife which has it stab into the assassin ever so slightly. It's only when Jaune punches the knife down the third time does it stab down fully into the masked assassin, killing him.

"He's... very efficient" stated Roman, actually surprised to see such brutality when fighting. Unlike Neo who likes to toy with her victims, this universe's version of Jaune Arc made sure to kill his assassins quickly and efficiently. Not one of his moves were wasted and unlike the many fools Roman has to work with nowadays, this Jaune can predict his opponents next moves perfectly. It's actually quite impressive to watch.

Speaking of Neo, her grin has grown very wide across her face as a small blush slowly graces her cheeks.

"Even after all of that, he could still go out with that suit."

"Yang! We just saw Arc kill a lot of people and you're thinking about his suit" yelled Weiss, scandalized over Yang's brash comment.

"But it's true. He doesn't have a speck of blood or dust on it" stated Yang, pointing at Jaune in the screen.

Blake shakes her head. "I don't think she cares, Yang."

Taking a deep breath, Jaune looks up at his front door when he hears the doorbell ring. Not bothering to hide the body, Jaune slowly walks up towards the door, hiding his gun behind his back. Opening it, Jaune sees a familiar police officer standing in front of him.

"Evening Jaune" greeted the police officer.

"Evening Jimmy" Jaune greeted back. "Noise complaint?"

Jimmy slowly nods with a knowing look in his eyes. "Noise complaint" he confirmed. Noticing the dead body in the hallway, the police officer slowly takes his officer hat off. "You, uh.. working again?"

"No, I'm just sorting some stuff out" stated Jaune.

Nodding in understanding, Jimmy places his hat back on. "I'll leave you be then. Goodnight, Jaune."

Jaune nods at the retreating police officer. "Goodnight, Jimmy."

The screen fades as Jaune closes the door and looks at the corpse in his hallway.

Glynda blinks in surprise over the officer ignoring the dead body in Jaune's house. "He ignored the corpse in the house?"

Ozpin takes a sip from his coffee mug and sighs. "It seems like we are only now understanding the true skill of Mr. Arc."

James slowly nods, although it's obvious he is as shocked as Glynda. "If the police aren't willing to do anything against him, that must be a testament to his skills."

"We should get Jaune a suit" stated Pyrrha, ignoring the knowing smirk on Nora's face and the surprised one on Ren's. "For his own benefit, of course."

"And get him to grow a beard!" exclaimed Yang, having quite liked the well groomed and hardened Jaune in this universe. She wouldn't mind having someone who can kick ass and look good doing it alongside with her.

Pyrrha nods in agreement. "And have him grow a beard."

Roman pushes himself off his chair and stretches his arms upward. "Well, I guess I'll take a turn" he declared, walking to the shelves on his left and ignoring Team RWBY's glares. Humming to himself whole looking over the crystals, Roman decides to snatch a violet crystal. "Here ya go" he said, tossing the crystal to Spectre who levitates the crystal into the screen.


Next time...

"This set of armour which was used to seal in my immeasurable, irresistible power has now been broken."